The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Complete Walkthrough
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Main Walkthrough


You will start off the game in an odd chamber. This is a Sheikah shrine called the Shrine of Resurrection. Unlike previous Zelda games, there is not much of an introduction. This is a huge plus in my opinion. It leaves the player to wonder what is going on and it gives more reason to explore. Also, it allows us to delve right into the fun of the game. From awakening in the Shrine of Resurrection Link can find two treasure chests. Open them both for the Old Shirt and the Worn Trousers. Be sure to equip them and get used to the amazing new controls. Link can finally jump! This has never been in a Legend of Zelda game other than the Adventure of Link. Of course, we had the auto-jump but this is an actual Mario jump. On a slight side joke Adventure of Link doesn't count anyway :)

Once Link has left the shrine you can explore a little bit. The game autosaves and you can also manually save. There are tons of controls that all work amazing! It might take a little bit of getting used to, so mess around with them outside the shrine. More become available as you progress through the game. You can pick up some Tree branches around this area. These can be used as weapons or to light fires. A little bit down the road is where you should head towards the glowing yellow marker. Down that road, you will see an old man. Right behind him is a torch be sure to listen to the Old Man and pick up the torch behind him. When you are done you can head towards the marker and start the first quest of the Main Questline.

Master Mode Notes - Henceforth will be noted simply as "Master Notes", throughout the guide.

Upon awakening in the shrine there is absolutely no difference in the games mechanics until you get outside. Just a fair warning it gets tough! You will have to use all the knowledge you have acquired and all your combat skills as well as playing the game to it's full potential. Whatever you learned or thought was unnecessary in Normal Mode, will probably apply to Master Mode.

A few examples would be, sneakstrikes, shield parrying, flurry attacks, and perfect dodges. Setting weapons and enemies on fire, using your surroundings to damage enemies. Planning attacks are an integral part of Master Mode and of course cooking and hunting to Survive. Your skills will be tested and if you are truly a fan of not just this game, but the entire Legend of Zelda franchise, this mode is for you. So if you want to "Git Gud" pick up some Hylian Shrooms and head over to your next best friend, The First Blue Bokoblin!

Follow the Sheikah Slate:

On your way to the marker, you may notice an Axe carved inside a tree trunk. Be sure to pick it up and possibly equip it. It has a low attack power at 3 but it can do various other things. It can cut trees, into logs that can become wood for campfires. You can charge your attack to do a Whirlwind motion move. You may move while Whirl Winding and yes it's awesome. This item can also be used for combat, albeit lower attack power and a bit slow swinging. At the moment I am pretty sure that both this item and the Torch does break.

When you have the axe you may run into some Bokoblin enemies. We will analyze the enemies later and below in this guides Bestiary section. For now, we will make for the marker with the Sheikah Tablet. Once at the marker point insert your Sheikah tablet into the stone. Watch the cut-scene as the tower rises from the ground. Continuing watching then make your way down the tower. You may have to rotate the camera a little bit. Fall down piece by piece do not jump directly off the tower. When you get to the ground again, the Old Man will appear with a paraglide. This will complete the first main quest and open up the next.

Master Notes

I mentioned above to prepare for the worst, and your first enemy is just that. A nasty Blue Bokoblin will show us players just how tough Nintendo games can be, and the increase of difficulty in Master Mode. These guys have tons of Hit Points and with little power to even no weapons at this point or runes its tough. You can sneak pass this one and even run directly for the marker. Just watch your Stamina Meter and dodge attacks when necessary.

If you want to gear up a bit, which you probably should do, as well as get used to harder combat, use a Sneakstrike on this Blue Bokoblin. You can then run up the Hill near the old man and rinse and repeat. You can even roll the boulder all the way from the top down into the Blue Bokoblin. Like I mentioned before there is always an Option. I feel Nintendo truly planned the game ahead for this mode with the utmost level of integrity.

The Isolated Plateau:

Remember the new blue glowing icon on your map which will be the tower. It is in the great plateau and a bit North-East from its text on the Sheikah Tablet's world map. You may explore a bit at this point however I did not. I made my way directly to the first shrine which is Oman Au and the Magnesis Trial. If you are lost remember the tower and look where the Old Man is facing. You can swim across the old moat which may be a Twilight Princess Easter Egg. You can lose hearts if you run out of stamina while swimming in the water. Be quick and jump from the high point or use the longer path from the land to the shrine. I will cover the shrines here and in another section below.

Magnesis Trial
Once you use the Sheikah Stone to enter the shrine the trial will begin. It is rather simple but I will still walk everyone through for the sake of newer players. First, use the stone on the sconce to gain the Magnesis Rune. This is an awesome rune that is basically a magnet. Rune's have become what used to be tools in former Zelda games. The magnet is very similar to the awesome Magnetic Gloves which was a classic Zelda item only seen many years ago on a Gameboy Zelda title. The Magnesis Rune in this game can lift metal objects to create bridges, crush enemies, and even pull treasure chest out of the water. I am sure there are many other uses for the Rune. We will get into a full analysis later on in this guide. Please see more below daily and check the video guide for updates daily as well.

For the trial, once you acquire the Magnesis Rune use it on the two metal platforms in the center of the room. The left sided metal platform should reveal a ladder. Use the ladder and go down, then head to the opposite side of the gate. Use the Magnesis Rune again to pull the metal block out of the wall. There should be a strange drone here. You should use the large long metal platform to crush the drone. Just place it high in the air then let it go with cancel option. Once the drone is defeated make a bridge with the next metal platform to cross the second gap. Finally, open the two metal doors with the Magnesis Rune. Once complete you will acquire your first Spirit Orb. You may now leave the area after watching a short cut-scene.

The Old Man will appear yet again and instruct you to visit a few more shrines before he gives up his paraglider. Before venturing forth, use the Magnesis Rune on the two treasure chest that lies under the water right near Oman Au Shrine. The first one contains an Opal and the second an Amber. For the next segment of this quest, you may be a bit lost like I was. But if you remember the Old Man said to meet him at the tower earlier. Fast travel to the starting tower using the Sheikah Slate.

Talk to the Old Man and he will instruct the player on pins. You can use my video playlist below to see them in video format or listen up. The first pin is south of the tower at the Eastern Abbey location on the map. The second pin should be near the River of the Dead. Finally, the last pin is located south of the river of the dead. Use your scope with the Sheikah Slate and look for Shrines identical to the Oman Au shrine. However, just make sure you stay in the vicinity or Great Plateau Region of the game.

 Master Notes

After Activating the Sheikah Tower, all towers are then activated and you will drop down from the Great Plateau Tower and meet the Old Man again. Heading directly across the small moat, you will encounter your first group of Octo Air Platforms. These are Octo Balloons that hold up enemies on wooden beams in the air. This gives them a huge advantage in combat. For now we want to avoid them. Head for the Oman Au shrine and pick up the EX Treasure Chest, then activate the shrine and enter it.

Inside the Shrine Solve the puzzle like normal, ( refer to the above section or shrine section if still lost ). The problem in Master Mode will be the Guardian Scout Enemy. Use the Metal Block with Magnesis from left to right and slam the Metal Block into the Guardian Scout. This will either kill it, or knock it off the ledge into the water. Either way you are safe to complete the puzzle, collecting the Spirit Orb will refill your Heart Meter.

Remote Bomb Trial
I headed to the Ja Baji Bomb shrine secondly after the mandatory Oman Au Shrine. It is located to the east of the Shrine of Resurrection in the Eastern Abbey Location on the map. There will be several machine enemies here. Some are dormant and if you search them you can end up with a few ancient parts. There is also the #3 Treasure chest in this guide located near a small pool of water. The pool also has some Hyrule Bass in it. Be sure to stock up on a few and save at least one for a bit later in this walkthrough. When you are done farming head for the Shrine by dodging the machine enemies and climbing the walls. Do not bother fighting the machines at this point they are way too difficult.

Once you are inside the shrine head to the pedestal to gain the very awesome Remote bombs. They come in mine variation or basic Zelda round variation. I will delve deeper into an analysis of this rune later on in this guide in our runes section. For now, we must use them in the trial to get used to them a bit. Note that there are two shrine or Sheikah type treasure chests in this shrine. One of them is earlier in the Trial and contains a Traveler's Claymore. The other contains an opal or an amber I apologize for forgetting. Just be sure to know this if you want to collect everything.

To solve the puzzle here use the bombs on anything breakable in the area. Where we have the pushing platforms drop a round bomb down the tube and then detonate it at the right time into the breakables. Afterward, jump onto the platform and let it shoot Link across or you can alternatively use the ladder. Finally, bomb the last door and talk to the Monk Ja Baji to get the Spirit Orb.

 Master Notes

Getting to Ja Baji Shrine can be rather simple to get to from Oman Au Shrine. Just stay along the northern edge of the cliff on the Great Plateau. Use your marker and get to the Stationer Guardian. From that point just climb the wall from behind, enter and activate the shrine. Be sure to see the rest of this guide for details on the puzzles inside. Most importantly be sure to pick up the Traveler's Claymore near the bombable wall inside the tunnel of this Shrine, it's going to be very useful.

Stasis Trial
Once again we will be going through the snowy mountain pass so have your Warm Doublet ready. Instead of taking the right path, pass the ice Chuchu's we are going to head left towards the last marker and up Mount Hylia.

There will be several Bokoblin campsites along the way and several treasure chests to loot as well. Come prepared with food and don't forget to fight some enemies if even to stock up on weaponry. Knowing this you should just continue up the mountain until you can see the shrine in the distance. Once you can see the shrine drop down or climb down the mountain and drop off near its entrance. Head inside the shrine and ignore the giant boulder outside of it for now.

Once inside the shrine use the Sheikah Pedestal to gain the Stasis Rune. The Stasis Rune will allow Link to stop certain objects that move in time. It can also store energy from attacks that are indicated with an arrow. For example hitting a giant ball that has been affected by Stasis will reveal a yellow arrow. The more you hit the ball the stronger the after effect will be. The after effect will release the ball in the direction of the arrow. It seems pretty confusing at first and it does have a small learning curve but you will get used to it. Know this and stop the first gear at the correct time to form a bridge. Cross the bridge and then stay on the side of the ball so it can't roll into Link. From the side angle turn the camera towards the ball when it rolls down and quickly hit the Stasis command. If done correctly Link will have enough room to run up the slope with the ball being frozen in time.

Do the above a second time to get the Sheikah treasure chest which contains a very nice Traveler's Shield. Go back down and beware the ball crushing link. This time head left to the only unexplored area left in the shrine. There will be an Iron Sledge Hammer sitting on the wall. Be sure to take it as it is good for this situation. Use stasis on the gray ball and then attack it with the Iron Sledgehammer. Take note of the yellow arrow and release the stasis. This will launch the ball in the direction it was hit or where the arrow has indicated. Finally, if done correctly make your way for the Monk to get the 3rd Spirit Orb. After this is complete and you leave the shrine make sure to get the chest outside of it by using Stasis on the boulder.

 Master Notes

Lynel enemies are at the Great Plateau right at the start of Master Mode. We have no chance at killing them efficiently enough at the moment so stay far away, run past them after they turn around and start walking. The next problem is the Blue Bokoblin enemy camp, with two Blue Bokoblins.

Be sure not to alert the lynel, and you can shoot the Courser Bee Honeycomb on the tree. If you shoot it with an arrow they will chase into both Bokoblins. The bokoblins will run away and if done correctly you can even acquire their weapons as loot, without having to do battle. Does it get any better, other than having a girlfriend in real life? I wouldn't know thus... Breath of the Wild ....

Continue past the Bokoblins and the Lynel. Head towards the Old Man's Cabin. Get the Korok on top of the cabin and collect some Stamina Shrooms. Do some hunting here as well. There are some birds, lizards, and some Summerwing Butterflies. Inspect the cabin and then cook some meals to keep warm for the fourth shrine. * I may have mentioned Keh Namut as the third shrine to progress to. It seems the game has a strange unmentioned Linear Path to playthrough, as I replay the game a second time on Master Mode. There may be a few chronological mistakes in the Original Walkthrough in this case.*

When you have done some hunting and cooking, chop down the tree with the Woodcutter Axe and cross the gap. You can defeat the two Bokoblins by knocking them off the cliff with arrows or bombs. You may also climb the rock that leads up the mountain and drop bombs down from below. This may take longer and is a bit cheap, but effective. When the two Blue Bokoblins have met the afterlife, throw a bomb at the breakable wall and loot 5x Fire Arrows.

After acquiring the 5x Fire Arrows, we should also have picked up a bow by now. One of the Bokoblins has one at the nearest camp if you missed one. Defeat the first Blue Bokoblin that sounds the horn on top of the short wood watch tower. Kill him before he alarms the others and take his bow and arrows. This spot is tough and I died several times, however the fire arrows are your friend. Use them on the Blue Bokoblins to weaken them a bit.

Bomb the wooden barricade with Cube Bombs or Round Bombs to reveal another bee hive. Alternatively you can and should do this before attacking the next three Bokoblins head on. The bees will once again chase the Blue Bokoblins away after shooting the hive with an arrow. Afterward, you can pick up the Treasure Chest for a massive reward in 5x Bomb Arrows! Just one well timed or aimed shot from Even the Traveler's bow will destroy the opposition here. Clean up the little Hit Points they have and head back to where we found the 5x Fire arrows.

I mentioned a small rock ledge from before, head to that rock after crossing the log bridge we cut earlier. From there you can Climb all the way to the next shrine. Use the rocks to rest and refill your stamina one at a time. Do not use the jump command, have patience and climb slowly eventually you will reach the shrine. Inside the shrine complete the puzzle and make sure to get the Iron Sledgehammer and the Traveler's Shield.

Cryonis Trial
Next up we will take on the Cryonis Trial at Keh Namut Shrine. The shrine is located near the River of the Dead. You will or at least should have the Warm Doublet. If you don't have the warm doublet you will need to craft some potions to keep link warm. The other option is running through the snow area very fast and lighting campfires along the way. Although I have not tested this out and it may not work. Just take my advice, for now, to save you a headache and get the Warm Doublet. See the armors section for more information.

You will also need to have the Magnesis Rune as far as I know to get to this shrine. Everyone should have the Magnesis rune at this point so let's carry on. On the map, you may notice a waterfall area. Head to that section near the river of the dead. There will be a magnetic metallic structure in this area that Link can use with Magnesis to form a bridge. Do so and jump across the area to the next side. You will then have to head up the rest of the snowy mountain. Defeat the small Goblin camp right before the shrine than enter into the shrine.

Once inside the shrine acquire the Cryonis Rune from the Sheikah pedestal. This is a somewhat fun rune that can only be used on water to turn it into an ice block. You can use it far or right underneath Link. It can lift gates and several other objects like Treasure Chests. First, use the Cryonis to build a wall you can climb up and jump to get to the next part of the Trial. Next up, use the Cryonis underneath the large gate to lift the gate to enter the area with the drone enemy. Kill the drone enemy with basic weaponry than take the treasure chest in the alcove on the left-hand side using the Cryonis Rune. Finally, use the Cryonis Rune on the see-saw positioned metallic object to lift Link high enough to get to the Monk with the 3rd spirit orb of this guide. Once you are done leave the area and don't forget to access the Treasure Chest outside with Cryonis for more practice.

The Old Man will appear at this point and instruct you to meet him at the Temple of Time. Go to the Temple of Time which is closest to the Shrine of Ressurection. Once at the temple you can pray to the Goddess and be rewarded with either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. Afterward, the Old Man will call for Link. Climb up the top of the temple and run left on its rooftops to the Old Man. He will explain some of the story at this point and this will finally complete the second quest of the main questline. Note the player may attempt to end the game here. However, for the first run of this guide, I will be completing everything so we will start with the game suggested quest next.

 Master Notes

You should fast travel back to the Shrine of Resurrection from the Owa Daim Shrine. You may also want to use the cooking pot at the Old Man's cabin if you forgot to prepare with some Cold Resistant meals and elixir's. When you are ready to go, were going to head directly for that marker pin, towards the River of the Dead. Do not head into the cold areas just yet or you will have to use an Elixir or Warmth Meal. Instead hook around the warmer mountain until you see the broken bridge that we must use Magnesis on to form a path.

There will be a Blue Bokoblin here on an Air Raft. He will be alone so you can shoot regular arrows at him or throw a well timed rolling bomb to knock him off the Air Raft. You can also use an arrow to shoot one of the Octo-Balloons and he will fall into the freezing water. Forget about the chest that drops off the Air-Raft for now and run quickly up the the Keh Namut Shrine, by circling around the mountain. Complete the Shrine and its puzzles, be sure to get the treasure chests here as we will need everything we can get.

After completing the shrine you can let your quest update after meeting the Old Man again. We now should fast travel back to the Shrine of Resurrection and then make way to the Temple of Time. There may be a few Bokoblins or Stal Bokoblins here, you can defeat them with the equipment we have or run away. Most importantly get to the back of the Temple and begin a soft climb up the Temple of Time conserving your Stamina Wheel. Talk to the Old Man, get the Paraglider, and open the Treasure Chest for the Soldier's Bow.

From this point we can literally do whatever we would like. However for the sake of an interesting and entertaining Walkthrough, I suggest sticking to my Linear Path for Master Mode. We will be going for 100% and that includes collecting Korok Seeds. However, this is really tough to do, as many know. You also only need around 440 seeds to max out your inventory which is very important, especially in Master Mode. In this case feel free to skip some thing that don't interest the player or yourself.

Please go to the following sections of this Strategy Guide:

When you have completed the above objectives, or feel you want to move on head to the Kakariko Village section of this Walkthrough. Be aware that other sections of this guide will have Master Notes as well, so stay tuned for updates and most importantly enjoy the game and guide!

Kakariko Village

 Seek Out Impa:

Link, will have to make a very far trek to Kakariko Village. It is in the second region of the game all the way to the North East part of the region. The best way to get there is to follow the road. However, I highly suggest activating the Dueling Peaks tower as a Waypoint and means of fast travel. Also as you make your way along the road you will run into the Dueling Peaks Stables. If you would like you can complete two side-quests here rather quickly. The most important side quest is the horse taming quest. If you get a horse you can travel faster. Since this game is huge this is a good idea. I suggest doing this quest for a bit to learn how to ride horses and then ride the horse to Kakariko following the path. Just remember to activate that Dueling Peaks Tower Waypoint as well.

When you arrive at Kakariko Village there is some stuff you would like to do. However, this stuff is covered in various sections of this guide so be sure to read them all. Most Importantly is completing the 3rd quest of the main questline for now. So just head to Impa's house which is shown on the marker. Impa will unfold more of the story to Link, It actually gets very interesting as we progress Calamity Ganon seems very powerful!

You may also have the Blood Moon Sequence pop up sometime after talking to Impa. The Blood Moon seems very intriguing to me and may play a large role in the story later on. You will see a cut-scene with Zelda the first time the Blood Moon sequence activates. The Blood Moon will bring all dead monsters back to life. Yes they die if you killed them in the Overworld already. Also all weapons found in the Overworld will respawn in the same locations we found them in. This probably does not count for Treasure and Skull Chest items. However it is a great in-game mechanic to farm weapons that you may have broken or lost.

After learning about the Blood Moon and talking to Impa the Mainquest will have another branch off. We now have the Destroy Ganon part of the quest which we are saving for later. After that there are Four new markers that will appear that probably are dungeon related. I also suspect that those Four markers will branch off into other quests and sub quests. Finally, we have the next game suggested quest which is the direction I will be heading in next for the walkthrough section stay tuned daily once again I am going for 100% completion status in this guide.

Locked Mementos:

So, it's easy enough to get to the village via just following the marker point. After that however you must do a chore for Purrah to get things moving again. We have to light all the blue torches from the blue flame and then bring them to the furnace outside the research station. This was actually quite annoying for me but know that there is a torch sitting right inside the research station. It is laying right near the exit back outside so be sure to pick it up and save yourself the trouble.

Once you have the torch the marker points directly to the blue flame. Light it with the torch and just run to each lamp all the way back to the research stations furnace. Once you light the furnace you will activate the next part of the quest and the camera rune. The camera allows link to take pictures of pretty much anything in the game. This results in the missing information on our sheikah slate to be a compendium or collection of many things in the game. It is rather huge and I love this stuff so I will be going for 100% completion of that to assist or compliment this strategy guide. Afterwards, we must talk to Impa to complete the locked mementos quest. Know that a bunch of other side or sub-quests will open up at this point and they will be filled out below in the sub-quest section

Captured Memories:

The game will have us return to Impa to complete the locked mementos quest. Know that this quest is important to the story as the plot begins to unfold. Apparently what we are doing during this main quest is basically gaining enough power to defeat Calamity Ganon. Remember Destroy Ganon quest is always available, it is up to you when you would like to do battle with him. Captured Memories should be held off on in this case mainly because the memories are scattered all over the entire map. What I will do is update this section every time I find a new memory and let you all know the rewards and details as well as locations of the Memories. The first memory will reward the player with the Champion's Tunic which is the chest guard shown in many cut scenes and trailers of Breath of the Wild.

 Memory #1:

Subdued Ceremony is one of the easiest memories too locate. However, it is near tons of stationary and remote guardians inside the heart of Central Hyrule region. If you look at the map you should notice a circular body of water due south of the Hyrule Castle. This is the sacred grounds ruins, where the memory takes place before the return of the calamity one-hundred years ago. Zelda in this memory will appoint Link as her knight and the chosen hero. The four other champions seem to be most uninterested especially Revali of the Rito tribe. Daruk of the Gorons implied the idea and Zelda's lack of faith seems to show slightly here.

 Memory #2:

Revali's Flap can be acquired as part of the main story line. It is a main memory so it won't count towards your objective memory count. Just head to Rito village and complete the main quest as you normally would. This should be a very easy one and a little bit of a back story on the perhaps over confident Revali. It is a nice cut-scene though but he can annoy me just a little bit with all of that flap.

 Memory #3:

Lake Kolomo of the Central Hyrule Region will hold this memory. It could be a little tough to find, so be sure to get a better idea on you're sheikah slate. A little note would be near a rock that spearheads out of the surface of the ground. Right near that levered rock should be the memory. The memory is called Resolve and Greif and isn't the most interesting of memories but it does develop Zelda's character a bit, even in easier times.

 Memory #4:

Daruk's Mettle is a main-quest memory that you will acquire shortly after nearing or reaching the Goron City for the first time. If you complete the Divine Beast Vah Rudania and its dungeon you will receive this memory along the way. It shows the brave and proud champion of the Gorons Daruk. It gives some backstory on his relationship with the "little guy" he calls Link. It's a pretty cute memory and I would watch these all in entirety if not twice, before beating the game. They get more interesting as they go along and if you complete the entire main quest before fighting Ganon, you will see a very excellent and helpful end-game cut scene.

 Memory #5:

This memory is called Zelda's Resentment. Zelda will express great anger and frustration towards Link in this memory/recall. To acquire it you will have to go to the Tabantha Region. One of the shrines near the ruins will have the memory very close to it. Stand on the glowing light to recall the memory and then record it and watch it anytime in your Sheikah Quest-Log.

 Memory #6:

This memory can be located by progressing through the main story of the game. After retrieving the thunder helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout and right before going to the Vah Naboris Dungeon. That is when you will receive this somewhat mandatory memory. It is a cute one and I love the way Zelda sounds in it. Once again I would like to point out that this is the best Link and Zelda art appearances in my opinion.

 Memory #7:

This memory is located in the Gerudo Desert area of the game. First I suggest going to the Great Plateau and using the most western shrine in that region. From that shrines mountain go and scout out the Tower and then pin it with the Sheikah Slate. Afterwards, you can paraglide to the mountain to get close. Stay away from the hot areas and try and stick to the main path. Save your game after landing and after any fight you get into. Also it would be nice to bring some fairy's along with you just to be safe. Small Fairy's can be found at the great fairy fountain as well as the top of Ebon Peak near the broken heart shaped water pool as well as several other locations.

Once you hit the tower it is downhill from here because we have the travel waypoint. Now we can paraglide towards Gerudo Town and the Kala Kala Bazaar is in this location. Go to Kara Kara and smack in the middle of the area if the memory that Link can recall. It is a good one so I don't want to spoil it. It is called "Blades of the Yiga".

 Memory #8: 

This memory is called Premonition. It is located in the Eldin or Death Mountain Region of the game. It is on a high rock west of the Goronobi Lava Lake. It could be a long trek too get to it. Once you recall the memory you will see Zelda tending to Link's wounds. There are hordes of dead beasts including even Lynels. We can only speculate that Link has slayed all of them with Zelda by his side. Zelda however, believes this is a dark omen sign that Calamity Ganon is returning sooner than expected.

 Memory #9:

Located at the Ridgeland Region, near the crescent moon shaped pool of water. This is directly Northwest of Central Hyrule and Hyrule Castle. Once you arrive at the area be sure to get close enough too the glowing recall location. When you recall the memory you will enjoy a nice calm scene and some back lore on the Silent Princess Flowers.

 Memory #10:

This memory can be acquired once you head to Zora's Domain and begin the quest for the main storyline dealing with the four divine beast. After talking to the king and reaching zora's domain you will be instructed to go to the statue of Mipha. During this scene you will regain another main story memory of Mipha's healing of Link.

 Memory #11:

This memory is the picture with the 2 headstone statues near a small cave. It is located near the Hills of Baumer in the West Necluda Region of the game. There is also a Korok in this location. If you have been following my guides or videos you might have already found it. If not head to the area at the Hills of Baumer now and the Memory will only activate after the Locked Mementos main quest has been completed. The memory is quite interesting and can be viewed again via the memory list on the main menu at anytime. If you return to Impa with the memory she will reward link with the Champion's Tunic.

 Memory #12:

Father and Daughter was a really tricky and difficult memory for me to locate. It is actually located inside the Hyrule Castle. You're going to have to wait until the Hyrule three dimensional map shows up, which makes it a bit harder too locate at least for me. For now, know it is on the west end of the castle exterior. You should see a pool of water that looks like the ruins of a fountain. Now from that point if you look up too the rook to the west you may see the memory glowing on a bridged platform if you used revali's gale. Revali's gale can help but it rains often here so you should probably take the stairs. The stairs lead to princess Zelda's room and across the platform is the memory and the study.

However, know that it is located in the area right near princess Zelda's room. I was in this location and still passed the memory several times. In this case use revali's gale from Zelda's room too get to the platform. Directly across that platform is Princess Zelda's Study. This should help everyone get the memory and it's a pretty good one too boot!

 Memory #13:

The Slumbering Power memory can be acquire at the Spring of Power which is located a bit east of the Akkala Tower in the Akkala region of the game. You will definitely find this area easily if you are going around collecting side-quests and completing all of the akkala shrines specifically. Once at the spring recall the memory and you will see Zelda praying to the Goddess and it almost seems like she has given up hope without an answer. Link will be in the background with his body turned around from Zelda for her privacy and the memory will eventually fade out.

 Memory #14:

To Mount Lanayru is a pretty easy memory to locate if you have been to the Ridgeland Region often enough. It is right by the famed silver horse statue that is in the pictures on the sheikah slate. This memory let's the players know of Zelda's age and future birthday. It also gives an idea of just how wise Zelda is for her age, and possibly that this era's Link is not too far behind or in-front of Zelda in age.

 Memory #15:

East of the Laynayru Promenade is the Laynayru East Gate. If you follow that road you should eventually run into a blue Lynel. Upon it's exit is the memory go there to recall it. This is a good memory and I love the way the story can be told by just exploring. This is fanboy of me but Nintendo mad love. Had to say it the game is still amazing going on week #4 with over 125 hours legitimately clocked in.

 Memory #16:

Directly west of the wetland stable is the Hylia River text on the map. Directly west of that text on the Sheikah Slate is the forest area and the memory "despair" location. Go to the area to recall the memory. This is one of the best memories in the game for me at least. It makes you want to see just what happened to Link 100 years ago. I am wondering even know, how did the battle with whomever go down? How bad were Link's wounds? Is there footage showing how he got to the Shrine of Resurrection? Well, apparently all of these questions will be answered soon enough. Possibly once the game or I have completed all the memories. As a side note, the story is well done, and the memories are a great idea!

 Memory #17:

This is the best memory in the game and it is the memory that finally reveals what has happened too Link 100 years ago. It also brings all the other memories closer together. Finally, it reveals something really special that many Zelda fans should know and love. I will give a hint as it relates to Zelda's slumbering powers and has something too do with three triangles! If that was too much I apologize, but surely watch this one.

Too acquire the final memory, talk to Impa at Kakariko village after obtaining all of the other memories. She will show a picture on the wall of Ash Swamp, near Fort Hateno where all those in-active guardians are laying. Be sure and just in-case too take a picture with the Camera Rune on the sheikah slate of the picture that Impa shows Link. Go too that area in the ash swamp, which is right near the Dueling Peaks stable. It is simple enough to find and I can only pin-point you ladies and gentlemen any closer with a video. Recall the memory and enjoy, also if this didn't get you to want to fight Ganon, then I don't know what will!

 Memory # 18:

This memory can be acquired once Link reaches the Great Hyrule Forest area in the Woodland Region of the game. You will have to travel through the Lost Woods and once you acquire the master sword the memory will be recorded into Link's main-quest log. It is another nice little scene as all the memories are so be sure to acquire this one at least and for sure on your first play-through of the game.

Find the Fairy Fountain:

This quest will become available after completing Locked Mementos. You will need the camera rune for this quest and have to talk to the Old Man artist hanging around in Kakariko village at this point. His name is Papariko or something similar so go talk to him. This is also a branch off quest that is still considered part of the main quest for reasons unknown to me at the moment. It is quite simple as well so follow Papariko to the marker point than head a bit deeper into the woods. You should see a venus fly trap that is huge or some huge green plant. Go up to it and examine the plant then meet the first Great Fairy Cotera.

This is another surprise after giving Cotera 100 Rupees she can upgrade your armors! This is really awesome because not only do they become more powerful, they also have star ratings and if they reach level two star rating you can get a mighty set bonus when wearing a complete set of the correct gear. Also don't forget you can dye armors at the dye shop in Hateno Village which is very cool and new age gaming as well. Once you are done, take a picture of the great fairy fountain and show it to Papariko in exchange for some information and completion of this quest.

The Four Divine Beasts:

Gerudo Desert

 Forbidden City Entry:

This is part of the main questline if you head towards Gerudo Valley first. Gerudo Valley is directly west of the Great Plateau. Teleport to the western most shrine at the Great Plateau then take out the Sheikah Slate. Scan the area until you see the tower and pin it so we have a marker point. Paraglide as far as you can towards the tower, if you have energizing potions or food it will help a bunch. Save your game once you land and possible equip some climber's gear or hasty procurement items if you want to be fast. Once you reach the tower build an ice bridge with Cryonis but watch out for the wind gusts as they can knock Link off into the poisonous swamp waters. Climb to the top of the tower and activate it, then you can paraglide again towards the marker which is the Gerudo City.

Near the city you will reach the Kala Kala bazaar as you are landing. You will also see a cutscene of the first Divine Beast it's pretty awesome. Also, be sure to get memory #7 while you are in this area and save your game, rest and shop if you would like. The goal after this is to head to Gerudo City but we can't get in because we are male. Talk to the man near the Gerudo City Shrine and he will tell you of a Woman wearing Hylian clothing. The hint is not the best one but if you head back to Kala Kala the inn keeper gives the full tip. The "woman" is on the roof of the inn at Kala Kala Bazaar. So head outside climb up the ladder then tell her shes beautiful. She will make Link a set of Gerudo clothing that makes Link look like a woman. This will allow us to sneak into the Gerudo City as well as offer low-level heat resistance so we can traverse the deserts much easier.

 Yiga Clan Hideout:Yiga Clan Hideout:

This level could be difficult and know that it is too hard to fight all the Yiga clan members so you must sneak by them. First run up the stairs and grab the two bananas by the Gerudo woman in the cell. We are going to use these to distract the guards. If you fail you must die and the game will restart you at this point. The first guard is easy to dodge and you don't even have to use bananas. Wait until he turns down the cube and is out of your sight. Quickly paraglide but stay towards the wall then you can walk by to the next segment. For this part you want to stay behind the tall block. Know that you can't drop the bananas while you are in sneak mode. In this case stand close to the shorter blocks while stand behind the tall blocks. Hit down on the D-PAD to launch them far and the guard will come running at the bananas. At this point walk around and get by him to the next segment.

At this point you should take the ladder that leads to many bananas and a treasure chest with some material gem inside. There are several other items to loot here but we can come back for those later. After getting the bananas stay up top this area and look down at the guards from above. You can drop bananas from up here do so on the left guard. When he is attracted to the bananas quickly jump and paraglide to the ladder on the left or western side. Now you should be above all the guards. Walk to the treasure chest in the middle if you would like to acquire it's contents. Finally the final guard is blocking the door throw some bananas again from up top. This will make him move towards them and you can paraglide to the center of the hideout.

Inside the center of the hideout be sure to loot the bow and whatever arrows you can. Loot the treasure chest as well with some Magnesis and then you can equip a new set of armor with more defense. Once done use Magnesis on the hidden wall in the room it will be glowing if you have Magnesis in use. Go through and get ready for the first story based boss battle vs Master Kohga.

 Master Kohga:

Master Kohga was really simple for me, I don't think I even took any damage on my first time through. However, you do want to beat him fast especially later on when people start speed running the game. That is why I will analyze the battle in the boss or bestiary section below. For now just know that you want his ball to drop on his head for tons of damage. You can afterward, follow up with sword strikes and he has three easy phases.

The First phase consist of yoga having a blue shield and the metallic eyeball hovering over his head. I believe you can use Magnesis on it however, since I had arrows I just jumped around him and fired off an arrow when the shield was down. This results in the ball dropping on his head and then following up with Link's sword attacks. Phase two will have two rotating balls and Master Kohga will be hovering above the pit in the room. Once again if you have arrows shoot him in the face or body at the precise time so the ball drops on his head. Do this until phase #3. For phase #3 use Magnesis against Master Kohga's Magnesis. Control the ball and once again just drop it on his head. This will bring you to a cut-scene where Master Kohga will swear the Yiga clan will hunt you down forever.

Afterward, pick up the treasure chest which has the amazing look and awesome Thunder Helm. I am really angry that we can't use it or at least wear it as Link. However, I haven't beaten the whole Vah Naboris Dungeon just yet so maybe! After picking up the Thunder Helm you can return back to the area to loot what you have missed or you can just teleport back to the shrine nearest to Gerudo Town. Go upstairs and talk to the Gerudo Cheif and give her the Thunder Helm. Next up is the Divine Beast!

Divine Beast Vah Naboris:

This is actually a little difficult. If you have 6 hearts filled you should be able to survive his lightning strike attack at least with the Soldier's Set fully equipped with a one star rating. I also prepared some foods and I did need it mainly because I got him down on my first attempt. It will get easier as you go along and the player most likely will always get another restocking of Bomb Arrows. The Gerudo Chief will give Link 20 bombs arrows prior to the fight and protection from the thunder helmet. It is a really fun segment but I still wish we could actually wear and use the Helmet it's too cool!

Anyway, later on people will be doing no damage runs of this segment and I will get into that a bit later on as we progress through this guide. For now just bomb arrows at the obvious glowing areas of Vah Naboris which are its feet. Get used to the sand seal and remember you can press B button to get off the seal and quickly run to the thunder helm for protection. The seal will not run away. Also be sure to not choose to cancel the fight as it pops up way too often in this battle. If you do you will most likely have to start the scene over. Overall though it isn't as hard as the Yiga Clan Hideout. Once you take down Vah Naboris literally you can enter inside of it and start the first dungeon albeit 60+ hours into the game for me at least.

Vah Naboris Dungeon
From the start of the dungeon kill the drone and be sure to pick up the guardian spear that it leaves behind. Next head straight then up the platform and kill the eye ball in the right corner. There are not many enemies in this dungeon but there are a few so be careful, especially of the guardians that wield battle axes. You should be in the center room or main room at this point. Notice a treasure chest in the far distance and run to it. This is the only chest I found worth while in the entire dungeon. It contains an ancient core which is used for upgrading the remote bombs so you should acquire it if your interested.

To get the treasure chest use stasis on it, next shoot the rope with the bow and arrows. Finally and quickly use magnesis on it right before the stasis timer goes out to snatch it. Carefully afterward bring it to the platform. You do not want to drop it below after actually catching it. Also this may take a few attempts to get the timing down so practice is needed possibly. Afterwards get out of the areas and turn around once back in the main room and head towards the marker and up to acquire the map. The whole object of this dungeon after acquiring the map is to get the 5 terminals activated. They all show up as orange markers on the Divine Beast map. However, this is still a really tough dungeon.

Here is my route, and if you are still confused use my video playlist below and search for this dungeon in it. I like to get on top of the rotational circle that is closest to the camel or divine beasts head. Make sure you get on top of it because there is the first terminal here. If you are not your going to have to make your way back up. The terminal will show if you have a full closed circuit with the green circuit on the ceiling. From that point activate the first terminal. After activating the terminal we now have to go across the opposite side. Do not move the rotational circles at this point. If you fall you got to get back up but you will get confused at this point if following this guide. In that case resetting a previously saved game is an option.

You should see circuits and what seem to be large magnetic breakers that you can move with magnesis. Line them all up except for the final one that actually raises and lowers the huge platform. While the circuit is broken use stasis on the last breaker and then hit it once with any weapon. Quickly run across the platform and stand behind the pillar so it raises Link up. Now we have a whole new path to take! Take out the large eyeball and then continue on the new path.

In this section we can get 2 more terminals as the level is honestly much easier from here on out. Be sure to shoot all the eyeballs in this area if you are having trouble. Note to absolutely not jump to the ground towards the divine beast head until we activate the next 2 terminals. There will be two magnetic balls here that each go on two pillars. There is also a moving platform that must be activated by a lug wrench type mechanism. Note the lug wrench mechanism is not the one on lower ground towards the camels head. Once again do not make that jump until the two terminals are activated here.

Use the 2 magnetic balls, one is found on a ledge near the first rising platform. The next is found by riding the 2nd rising platform and then taking the moving platform to a room with the next ball. Bring both the magnetic balls to the lowest floors in this area. Once you have them both put them on top of the two pedestals and the gate will open. Now we can activate terminal number 2. Terminal number three should be easy at this point if you were paying attention. Take a look at the map and there will be one orange marker or dot on one of the "humps" of the camels back. Just take the rising platform in this area to that hump and if you shot all the eyeballs like explained before it will be accessible.

Finally, we can now jump down towards the head of the camel from this area for the 4th Terminal. Use the lug wrench mechanism and know both directional pushes will move both current switches or poles. Line up the first and second pole together. Another platform will come down, ride it up to the 4th terminal. Finally head back to the rotational circle room. Look for the last orange dot or marker and go to it from the outer ring area of the camel. There should be a drone there if you did not kill it yet, most likely with a battle axe so be careful. Line Link up with the marker and just rotate this circle until you can go inside. Step inside and then rotate 90 degrees again and then activate the final terminal. Finally rotate yourself out, but on a side note if your stuck here be sure to look up before entering the exact area with the orange dot. You want to make sure that the Terminal is there or you could be at the wrong side of the map.

When you are done with all 5 terminals just head to the main control which is at the very core or center of the room. This is easy enough and shortly after will be the boss battle. I will be covering that shortly in this walkthrough and more in-depth in the bestiary section. I also will be updating this wakthrough for the dungeons right here in this section. Stay tuned for my next run which will be a speed-run of the dungeon since no damage really is not a big deal until the boss. Thanks again everyone we still have a long, long way to go!

Thunderblight Ganon
Thunderblight Ganon was the first major boss or dungeon boss that I took on in the game. He is very fast and killed me several times. It would be a little difficult to go for a no damage here. Speed running will also be covered a bit later on in the month. For now since he is tough I will just get into defeating him normally. First of all he can be flurry attacked. This is if you dodge his speed warps final strike, I like to dodge it with a back flip. Hopefully you have a nice powered up weapon for this fight. If you don't and your lacking power try some mighty food or mighty elixirs. If they still doesn't work you should farm some higher powered weapons.

Iron shrooms for defense are also a good option as well as anything that gives heart recovery. In fact having more hearts is always better. You might want to consider sleeping at the spa when you are ready for this battle. You could also eat some foot that gives a heart bonus. Big hearty radishes come to mind when cooked. Finally for your armor setup I would say the Topaz earrings are a must have for Thunderblight Ganons most obvious electric damage. I forgot to put them on a few times and he could pretty much one shot me with his electrical attacks.

Thunderblight ganon basically has two phases. The first is the warp strike and the thunderbolt projectiles. After he is down on his luck or health he will start making conduits that are magnetic in the area. It could be tough to get him at this point. So for phase one you are basically just attacking to break his shield. Best option is either farming, and consuming good foods. The other option is getting good with the flurry attack to break his defenses and lower his health. The 2nd phase consist of bringing the conduit when struck with lighting to Thunderblight Ganon. This will cause him to take some damage more then several of Link's attacks. It could be a little challenging but nothing too crazy don't forget to use the magnesis on the conduits. When you are done, you can enjoy some good story scenes as well as earn Vah Naboris, Urbosa's Fury, which is very awesome.

Zoras Domain

 Reach Zora's Domain:

After getting to Zora's Domain without the quest popping up I later guessed there is an alternate route to take from what I have. I may have missed something that I can pick up in my second play through. For now follow me from the point we left off at the Gerudo Desert sticking with the main quest line. I would l like the readers and those actually playing the game at my pace to save this dungeon for the order I have given it in. The reason is many people are saying the boss battle is tough and I found it to be quite easy. No damage or speed running the boss is another story but the base battle was cake.

To reach Zora's Domain you should first get to the Lanayru Tower. Prepare before hand with tons of food items. Bring some good weapons as there will be a big pack of enemies with an Ice rod wizzrobe. Those little rock or baby stone talus enemies can smash Link when frozen dealing a large amount of damage. In this case I would equip nice defense with the Soldier's set. The alternative is the Sheikah Set but you would have to be good at sneaking and be mainly moving at night to avoid enemies. Either way you look at it you can just run straight through to the tower. Once at the tower look for the road that follows up to Zora's Domain or the marker point. It is still a long way from the tower but at least we have the check point now. Once at the tower glide as far as you can and follow that path to the Zora's Domain. Once you speak to the King you may get and will complete this quest.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta:

Before actually fighting or heading to the Elephant divine beast dungeon Vah Ruta. Link must gain 20 shock arrows. To do this just ride the waterfalls all the way up to the Lynel on Mount Polymus. If you want the Lynel strategy I used see the bestiary section below as they could be pretty tough. Quickly if you have been following this guide. Remember we now have Urbosa's Fury attack. Use it 3 times and the Lynel should be nearly dead. Just be sure to let it recharge for the dungeons boss battle. Once you have 20 shock arrows head back to the marker and then go to the divine beast of the Zora's.

I was very confused with this battle at first or scenario. I love the music I think the prince has a ton of character and I especially enjoy the healing gracefulness of Mipha. In fact the entire Zora city is rather interesting. Moving on from that I was confused as to how to stop the ice blocks. It seemed I was going in circles for a while which you may be too. The trick is to use Cryonis on the ice blocks and then use Shatter. This was a very big surprise to me and I felt rewarded when I figured it out. It also is fun to use while riding on the back of the prince. Plus it takes some skill and sharp gaming reflexes to shatter all the ice blocks without taking damage.

Once a round of ice blocks has gone down the price will take Link to the waterfall. Make sure the Zora armor is equipped which allows Link to go up the waterfall near the Divine beast. From that point you will be paragliding. Hit "B" to begin to fall but as long as you are near the target point and hold "ZR" you will slow down time in mid-air. This allows us tons of time to shoot the divine beast with a shock arrow. You must do this on all four sides of the divine beast. If you go up the wrong waterfall try paragliding to the opposite side with a target left. The second round if ice blocks could be tougher. There are more ice blocks, some are spiked, and they come at Link faster. There are also more of them then the first two rounds of the battle. However, the tactic is exactly the same. Shatter with Cryonis, ride up the water fall, cancel paraglide, then shock arrow the target.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Compared to the previous dungeon this one is a total cakewalk. You only have to worry about moving the trunk up and down. Although it has many positions it is still rather simple. Start off the dungeon and defeat the drone inside then take out your Cryonis Rune. Use the Cryonis on the gate to raise it from the water below. Next, head inside the area and use the Sheikah Slate to acquire the divine beast dungeon map. Get used to the controls of the Divine Beast and study the map for a bit to get a feel for the level.

Leave the map room and you may notice a crank on the wall. Use Magnesis on the crank and rotate it clockwise several times. Do this until the platform is raised that contains the first terminal. Use the terminal then head to the center room. You may notice two large gears here one is spinning and the larger one is not. Go to the smaller gear and use Cryonis where the water is spewing out from. Make sure to time it correctly to be able to hit the terminal inside the gear. Once you have activated the 2nd terminal be sure to shatter the ice to let the water flow again. As the gear begins to turn hit the map screen and position the trunk of the Divine Beast so water flows and moves the larger or 2nd gear.

While both gears are moving take the first gear to the second and then paraglide across to the drone on the upper floor of the dungeon. Defeat the drone then be sure to step on the switch. The switch will release a waterfall that we can use as a shortcut mainly due to the Zora Armor. This will be useful if you fall off the trunk in the next segment of the dungeon. Take the room straight down past the previously killed drone. You will be on the trunk of the Divine Beast. Position the trunk in the middle then run as high as you can go. Next, position the trunk even higher and shoot the eyeball near the Sheikah treasure chest. Once you do that, stay on that portion of the trunk and then move the trunk via the Sheikah Slate's map screen. As the trunk begins to move paraglide to the water spout of the elephant on it's trunk. Keep moving the trunk at this point until you can access the next terminal. Do not fall off or you will waste tons of time.

From the 3rd terminal paraglide towards the two eyeballs and land. Try and find the area with the fire on the floor and then paraglide to that section of the dungeon. If you miss this paraglide it will waste tons of time so be sure to make it as we follow this route. Once at the fire, position the trunk again until water shoots down from the hole above onto the fire to extinguish it. At this point you can now activate the 4th terminal.

Finally, head back to the center room and the 2nd gear. We must use stasis two times here. Once for the terminal and next for the ancient core. Know that when the ball is blue in the slot the gate to the terminal will open. However, you must time it so the terminal is above Link not below him. Other wise you will jump into painful spikes. Once this is done we can complete the level. For the ancient core activate the "top" of the two stones with the Sheikah Chest in-between them. Once this is done be quick while it is in stasis and open the chest for the ancient core. Anymore help needed just ask by my email contact or see the video section at the very end of this guide. Finally head back to the room we started in and the main terminal is in a huge arena. Once you activate that terminal you will begin the next boss fight.

Waterblight Ganon
People are saying this fight is tough but I am guessing that may be because this is the first boss battle they encountered. I really suggest following my guide and completing Thunderblight gannon first at least for now until we get into speed runs and other types of runs. Urbosa's fury will annihilate this guy easy and all you really have to do is shoot him in the eye with a bow and arrow from afar. A Triple shot bow like the Lynel bow works even better because it is easier to target the eye due to the obvious three arrows.

Phase #2 can be harder because of the water and of course no damage and speed running this guy may be the toughest one but lets just beat him for now. In phase #2 just stay on the block furthers away and fire arrows. It seems to take too much time to actually swim to him or he will annihilate you if you are on the same block as him. If your out of arrows your in trouble and should probably go buy some in town.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with this boss battle. The reward at the end seems decent but I just don't like the design of the enemy in general mainly because he looks so similar to the previous boss. I get this is crucial to the story, but I feel Nintendo wasn't at the top of there game for not only this dungeon but this boss especially. The games dungeons are ok but pale in comparison to that of the classic style Zelda games and it truly shows here. Don't get me wrong it is still fun and I love the game all the way but the game shines in other areas much more.

Death Mountain

 Entering Goron City:

I was confused on how to get through the heat and flames of Death Mountain without taking any damage. I decided to just run through for my first attempt and wasted tons of procurement items. I knew there was a better way around this so I did a little bit of research on the web. I have to give credit to here as they had the best explanation for the predicament.

First you should activate the Eldin Tower. This is more easily activated from the Laynayru area near Zora's Domain. It will be a pretty long trek regardless so be prepared with procurement items. Recovery hearts and extra yellow heart meals are going to be very useful. Once you activate the eldin tower you can then travel to the shrine near Cephia Lake. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that shrine becomes available after activating the Eldin Tower. This would Nintendo's way of telling the player there is another option for getting through death mountain.

Once you are near Cephia Lake's shrine you should hear the stable music. This is the Foothill Stable and there is a woman there named Gaile. Talk to Gaile and she will sell you Heat resistant Elixir's for around 60 rupees each. If you buy all three you can get them for 150 rupees. I suggest buying all three just to be safe. If you are low on rupees sell at the beetle shop nearby or only buy one or two. You will have 6:10 minutes and ten seconds per elixir. From this point you can fast travel back to the Eldin tower.

Now we are pretty good enough to run through Death Mountain all the way to the Goron City. Try staying along the road as much as possible. Remember not to take another food item with a buff or you will lose the flame resistance. Once you make it to the Southern Mine you can do a side-quest that can net you a piece of the flame breaker armor. It only takes one piece of the awesome flame breaker armor to be fire resistant. However, for the sake of order in this guide and because it is not necessary at the moment we will skip that part. I will add it in the side-quests or sub-quest section later for everyone. Once you make it to Goron city which is not far from here immediately buy the flame breaker armor. Even one piece will save Link from the harsh fires of Death Mountain.

 Young Descendant - Yunobo:

Talk with the Elder at the yellow marker. He will tell us of the youth Goron Yunobo. Apparently Yunobo went looking for some Goron painkillers and never returned. However, he is crucial to getting to Vah Rudania. Agree to help Blupo the Elder of the Gorons and the quest marker will change and move. This next section is very combat heavy you can use the cannons to help Link out, but it's still pretty tough you may want to rank up your Flamebreaker Armor or use some tough elixir or food so your defense is higher.

The cannons are easy enough to be aimed and shot. Put a rolling bomb inside the hole and then just hit the level with any weapon. You can choose to detonate the cannon or bomb at anytime even while it is rotating. This can help get more precise shots, which is useful in this tough area. Ice arrows will also help Link out a bunch because they can one shot some of the fire-breath Lizalfols that horde the area. There is also a shrine towards the end of the level but I missed it for now and apologize. All shrines will be covered at the bottom of this guide.

The main objective here is to get to the yellow marker. It will be hard without doing the above and clearing out the enemies first so once again save often and be prepared. Yunobo will be asking for help from inside a layer of rocks. The only way to break through the rocks and free Yunobo is with the cannon. Read above if you don't know how to work one, but it is rather easy because Blupo can do it. Use the cannon on the rocks and Link will free Yunobo. Loot the area of all the goodies and treasure chests than fast travel back to the shrine in Goron City.

Finally, you can collect your reward from Blupo, but we still need to enter Vah Rudania. Link will gain a memory at this point which shows of the Champion Goron Garuk and their friendship 100 years ago. It also shows Garuk's power which seems to be one in the same with that of his descendant Yunobo. When you are done we must set out for the Divine beast. You may want to take a break at this point because this is the hardest or at least longest Divine beast segment I have come across so far. It can be fun but also tough especially without a guide so relax and we will be back!

 Divine Beast Vah Rudania:

This segment of the game was very tough for me. It is going to be a challenge later for speed runners in particular. The object is to whistle to have Yunobo follow Link around. The problem is that there are guardian sentries all over the place and if Link gets caught lava will rain down on both of you. If Yunobo get's caught the same thing will happen. Also, Yunobo will retreat to his previous location before the last Guardian Sentry.

There is a way to beat this area fairly simple. As a matter of fact there are several ways you can go about it. Number one and one that I should've realized earlier was to use Urbosa's fury on the sentries that give the player the most trouble. This is a kind of cheese tactic but it will work if you can't take it anymore. It should take 2 Urbosa's fury to take down a sentry. I suggest saving it for when you really need it. If your out of charges, then let it recharge and put the controller down for a bit.

The true way of beating the level is to climb above the sentries and use magnesis on the metallic crates. The problem is that it's not so easy. The last set of Guardian Drones have wind currents gusting from beneath the mountain. These wind currents seem to blow away my crates at times. You can use them to your advantage and there are about 7-8 crates. However, they may take a while to respawn. You can also use stasis to freeze the Gurdian Drones for a little bit. It may work in a pinch but the stasis needs to be upgraded to plus mode. Also, it just doesn't freeze the Guardian Drones long enough. With a combination of all three of these tactics you should be able to make it through the area. Remember you must shoot Vah Rudania three times with the cannon. I will have a better tactic for this part of the game later on for now this one should get everybody by. Once again don't forget having Urbosa's Fury activated.

Once you hit Vah Rudania three times with the cannon you are done and can finally enter inside the Divine Beast. That was the hardest segment of the game for me at least. The whole battle scene before acquiring or saving Yunobo and then the Vah Rudania segment with the drones. Maybe I was tired but it took me about 3 hours for all of that and a bunch of fairy's that saved my life quite a few times. All in all though it was still pretty fun. I must say Death Mountain has to be my most favorite area too venture through in the game. The Flamebreaker armor is just plain awesome as well. Finally, Goron city is one of the most charming areas in the game thus far. In fact, Nintendo did an amazing job on all the villages in this game. I haven't found one town just yet that was a bore, on week #4 and about 150 hours into the game still no signs of boredom I am amazed!

Vah Rudania

 Divine Beast Vah Rudania Dungeon:

This is a pretty easy dungeon, actually the easiest thus far in my opinion. The Divine Beast only has two notches and can be turned 90 degrees on both notch only once. This makes it much easier than the very tough Vah Nahboris dungeon which had tons of possibilities to test out. A few more notes would be to stock up on arrows before you enter the dungeon. Do not have a wooden bow. Make sure to bring a torch as well, there is a torch and some arrows inside the treasure chests in the dungeon very early. I still think it's nice to be prepared before hand though.

When you start the dungeon we once again have to get the map. The problem is that it's very dark inside at the moment. You should notice some blue flames around the area. This is why I suggested having a torch early, use your torch and ignite it for some better visibility. If you don't have the torch it is in the chest directly ahead of the blue flames. Since it's dark this is hard to describe but it's rather simple. Just light the next sconce for the blue flame with the torch. It will be located on the right side of the dungeon. The next sconce will be on the left side on the next room. Take out the guardian scout inside and relight your torch on the previous blue flame sconce. When lit and the area is cleared light the sconce on the left side. This leads to the map room. Activate the map and the lights will turn back on.

Metallic Doors - Terminal #1: You should notice some large metallic doors once you activate the dungeon map. Know that you could ignite normal arrows with a blue flame for a few seconds. Do this with your bow and arrow equipped and stand near the blue torch and wait until your basic arrow is lit blue. Shoot the arrow at the brown/red leaves above the metallic door with the huge wooden bar. This will burn the wooden bar off the door and than we can use magnesis. Use the magnesis and hit the D-PAD in the correct direction to open the door. Run inside and activate the first terminal.

Arrows through the hole - Terminal #2: Ignite the regular arrow on the blue flame again. There is a small hole in a doorway that you can shoot the arrow through. It is located to the right of the previous metallic doors. Shoot the arrow through the hole to light the next blue flame which will open the door. Inside there is a metal block to the left of the confusing fire. Look up when you are on the left side of the room and you should see some more red/brown leaves. Know you can burn this with either a blue flame or even fire arrows if you want to use them. I suggest saving the fire arrows and just lighting your bow and arrow with the blue flame again. Shoot the bow and arrows at the leaves to ignite them. This will make the metallic large block drop down. Rotate the room 90 degrees so the Salamander is tilted. Afterward, place the block near the fire so it literally covers the flames so Link can cross to the next side. Rotate another 90 degrees to activate the next terminal. Finally, rotate 90 degrees again to have the salamander back on all fours.

The easy terminal - Terminal #3: This terminal is pretty simple but I do suggest doing it in the order I am showing here in this walkthrough. It makes things run smoother and a bit faster. Once you exit the previous room from terminal #2 you should rotate the salamander 90 degrees again so it is on its side. Make sure you can get to the 2nd level of the salamander. look for the terminal in the distance it should be located closer to the head of the divine beast. Once you see it, quickly jump and paraglide over too it. You should have enough leverage to be able to make it relatively easy. Once you are there activate the terminal than jump back across near the blue flame.

The ball terminal - Terminal #4: From terminal #3 light the torch again. Don't worry about the torch going out, you will only lose the blue flame if you put the torch away. Make your way up the railings with the torch out. Make your way to the outside of the salamander. Be closer to it's head when you are on the outside of the divine beast. Follow the railing and you should see a sconce for a blue flame. Use the torch on the sconce to ignite the sconce and the ball will appear. At this point rotate the salamander 90 degrees and head back down to the first floor while doing this. Make your way to the end of the railing and you should see a place holder for the ball. Right near this is a metallic block. Rotate 90 degrees again and than lift the block up with magnesis and wait for the ball to come down. Once the ball is down it will drop into the hole as long as the block is lifted. Finally rotate again after or before activating the terminal to get out. Just don't forget to activate the terminal, you shouldn't because that is what we came here for.

Final Terminal - Terminal #5: The only thing important to note about this terminal is too make sure to take out the two malice eyes on both sides of the terminal. Get a good look at your map it is on the spine or back of the divine beast. Once again shoot the malice at both sides than go for the terminal. Stand near the blue fire and rotate, this might hurt your head and make you dizzy a bit as It did for me. But I guess this is the only or fastest way to do this. Basically once you see the terminal you can't access it unless you rotate 90 degrees again. The problem is you can fall this way, so just be patient and tilt the controller just enough to be able to walk to the terminal while the beast is rotating. Once again probably not th easiest way to solve the puzzle, but it is a good route and pretty fast. The main terminal is located right below so be sure to flip the divine beast to it's normal position save your game and activate the main terminal.

Fireblight Ganon

 Fireblight Ganon:

This battle is very easy at this point in the game. Mainly because we have so many hearts to spare and tons of weapons at our disposal. On top of that the tactic to beating this guy is pretty simple as well. His sword strikes can be tough but if you shoot him in the eye with a bow and arrow shot he will go down for a bit. You can dodge his sword strike and go in for a flurry attack, but it's much safer to keep your distance as you need to time it well and his sword packs a punch.

Phase #2 seems tough at first but all you really need to do is throw a regular bomb while Fireblight Ganon is absorbing the energy fields around him. When the bomb is thrown be sure to detonate it just in time so you hit Fireblight Ganon and not Link himself. This will do damage to Fireblight and possibly knock him down. While he is down I would just follow up with powerful bow and arrow attacks. No damage might be a bit tougher but speed runners probably won't have much of a problem especially at this point in the game. Being that fireblight ganon is so easy he may be the potentially best choice for first dungeon boss to take on in a speed run or even one life run.

Rito Village Vah Medoh

 Four Divine Beast, Vah Medoh:

First your going to have to travel to Rito Village and talk to the elder. Rito village is easy to find via the marker on the Northwest part of the map in the Tabantha Region. First activate the regional tower then fly or glide over to the village. Near the top of the village is a shrine that can serve as a nice waypoint for Link. Activate the shrine than go down the stairs and pick up the entire rito set. Upgrade the snowquill armor set which is the rito set too level two via any great fairy. This will give Link resistance to cold all over the game as well as an Unfreezable perk.

Talk to the elder and he will instruct you too talk to Teba. Teba is not at the marker in the Rito Village. His wife is though, so talk to her and than pick up the next main story memory which is Memory #2. From that point you can head over to the flight pad and than paraglide towards the marker. A Short way from the next mountain is the flight platform and Teba will be in this location. Talk to Teba and accept all of his requests. You will start a very easy mini-game that has Link shoot five targets using the slow-motion function with the Bow and arrows in hand. Shoot only five of the many and easy targets within the time limit to acquire the falcon bow. This is a quick shot bow of the Rito. After proving you are worthy to Teba you will now have to enter the divine beast challenge.

This one is pretty easy to accomplish and is very similar to the easy training we just completed. Shoot all four of the guardian cannons to be able to board the Divine beast. To do this know that you can regain stamina by letting go and re-opening the paraglider. Use the slow motion function for your bow and arrows and use bomb arrows that were given to Link by Teba to take out all the cannons. The only thing to worry about is being locked onto by one of the cannons. This is very easily avoided by lowering and raising your altitude with the X or other in-game appropriate button. Once all four cannons are down you can enter the divine beast.

Vah Medoh is very easy to figure out for the most part and only one Terminal really gave me any trouble. It can only be tilted 3 ways in one form so it is just about as simple as Vah Rudania. Use the tilt to your advantage to gain some extra height at times in this dungeon. Know that the last terminal is in a small aclove and you should probably be outside the beast to get into that aclove too activate it. It was the hardest one to get for me and I had to look up a video. I still have it on my playlist if you see the video section at the end of this guide. I also included the Windblight ganon battle and it's aftermath.

Windblight Ganon
Watch the video if you would like and search using Vah Medoh dungoen last terminal. That should help you locate it better if you decide to check out my playlist. Once completed you can access the main terminal on the body of Vah Medoh and get ready for an easy battle at this point vs Windblight Ganon. These bosses are very bad compared to many other Zelda games. We are missing a huge Zelda piece of formula in this game. It is still very awesome and new-age but I just wish it had more Zelda implementation. Maybe I am just crazy though?

Moving on, we can use bomb arrows to stun this guy and that is probably the best way to beat it. It will also start shooting tornadoes at Link as well as some homing missiles or something similar in phase two. Bring some procurement items and anything that can full recovery Link as well as increase maximum hearts. It should be really easy regardless as this is the last divine beast of the guide. When you are done enjoy a few cut-scenes. We will also acquire the next divine power that is very useful for exploring and Korok Seed hunting. Finally talk to the elder to complete the quest than we can talk to Impa in the next segment which should fully complete the Four Divine Beast and give us the next Main Quest.

The Heroes Sword

 The Hero's Sword:

This Main-Quest may not be necessary to complete the entire game. It is still considered a main-quest however. To activate the quest you will need to Travel pretty far and on a long journey so bring procurement items. There will be tons of Guardian enemies along the way, one of which is extremely nasty and dangerous. Equip or acquire the Diamond Circlet from Gerudo town and boost up either defense with some tough mushrooms or some hasty elixir's for better running speed. Also, the entire Ancient Armor set will help and than you can just use a hasty elixir because you will have better defense overall against guardians.

The goal is to get to the woodland tower which is where the Korok forest is located. You will be able to glide to the path that leads to the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods can not be paraglided too. You will have to take the main road to the east of the Woodland Tower to start the entire segment. The screen will turn white and restart Link at his previous location if it is done incorrectly.

Once at the Lost Woods, I did not find it too difficult to reach the Korok Forest and the master sword. Basically all you have to do is follow the few torches one by one. You can also light your torch and than at the torch waypoint just head north until you reach the Korok village. It is pretty simple and if your having too much trouble, drop me an email or check out the video playlist at the bottom of this walkthrough/guide.

Once you reach the Korok Village the master sword will be in the center of the village. You will need thirteen hearts to be able to pull out the master sword and not die. You can acquire this heart amount from collecting spirit orbs. I am almost 99% sure that food items that grant Link extra hearts will not work at all, so you must complete the shrines and use spirit orbs at the Goddess statues. Also, if you want to exchange some of your stamina meter or heart meter, head to the Cursed Statue at Hateno Village.

Before and after pulling the sword you may want to explore the Korok Village a bit. Check out the shroom shop especially. Don't forget that Hestu is here and you can trade in your Korok seeds for extra bow/weapon/shield slots with the seeds. There will also be a few side-quest here that we will pick up later on in the game. Finally, don't forget that you will acquire memory #18 when pulling the master sword and yes the deku tree is here!

Hyrule Castle

 Destroy Ganon:

I love what they did with Hyrule Castle here. I feel all the dungeons should have been like this too an extent. It's especially nice that you can leave the area at anytime and end up back outside the ruins. You can also simply paraglide off a ledge and glide back too the main map. The interior and exterior design of the dungeon/area is also wonderful. I would've liked the dungeons of the Divine Beasts too be more like this. It also be even sweeter too add a more atmospheric tone too the dungeons in future new Open Air Zelda titles. For example if we are on a Volcano, why can't the dungeon be of fire nature. Rather than, the overused guardian/machine type stuff we received. Once again, great job by Nintendo on Hyrule Castle it's excellent, huge, and fun to explore with many rewards.

You can head straight up too the Sanctum and fight Calamity Ganon here. You can also explore a bit, which I recommend doing, either now or later. I really recommend having the full Guardian Armor set, a diamond circlet just in case and more. You should also have several ancient arrows, an ancient bow and maybe more than one ancient shield. All of these items will help against the many guardians in the area. Remember the Ancient shield reflects guardian beams right back at guardians while just holding the block button.

You can collect the royal guards weapons in Hyrule Castle, they are scattered over several areas in the Castle. There are also and finally, normal enemies such as Lizalfos littered through out this massive dungeon. There are tons of areas too explore as well. Princess Zelda's study, Princess Zelda's Room, and the Lock Up are good locations too check out. I will be listing all the note worthy stuff in the various sections of this guide so please check them out for further details on Hyrule Castle.

The 12th memory can be found near princess Zelda's room and study. Zelda also has two journals in these locations, one in the study and one in her room. They are pretty interesting reads on the lore of the game for those interested. There is a Stalnox which is the skeletal variation of a Hinox in the Lockup area of the castle. This is located in a dungeon of the castle on the lower eastern wing of the Hyrule Castle. Defeat the Stalnox and a treasure chest will become available. Inside that chest is the Hylian Shield, the best shield in the game bar none and a total classic.

The area is littered with tons of treasure chests. These chest often have great rewards, including Scales of the Dragons. It also may have shards and other dragon parts. You can also find an abundance of the very useful and powerful bomb arrows in treasure chest here. They are also fun to locate and find, some behind bombable walls like the classic Zelda titles. You can also turn on you're shiekah sensor to locate the treasure chest here if you have the Sheikah Sensor +. It is rather useful and a fun way to go exploring rather than just sticking to the basic shrine function.

In knowing all of this and once again the fact that we will cover this stuff in-depth in future sections of this Strategy Guide. Let's head to the sanctum and get ready for none other than the final battle with Calamity Ganon. I suggest you have tons of procurement items, the ancient items I suggested from earlier and once again procurement/food items to restore health. Have at least a Mipha's Grace stacked and ready to go. Have all the divine beast defeated as well for an easier time with the first battle with this Calamity Ganon.

Calamity Ganon

If it is you're first time facing off against the Calamity Ganon, then you should come prepared. Calamity Ganon is very tough and seems to have 2-3 phases. First, if you have all the divine beast freed you will enjoy a very thrilling and emotional cut scene. In this scene the four champions will aid Link vs the Calamity Ganon. It is a rather highly emotional scene and not only is the scene enjoyable, Calamity Ganon will take a devastating blow. If you have all four Champions and Divine Beasts freed, Calamity Ganon will lose a full half of his health bar. This should make Calamity Ganon go directly into phase #2. For other runs, such as speed runs or no damage runs, I will update those later on below, specifically in our bestiary section of this guide.

Next up, you should have a Mipha's grace and Daruk's protection will also help. Actually all the Champion Divine Powers will help, with the exclusion of Revali's Gale being the least potent. Even Urbosa's Fury can dish out some nice damage vs the Calamity. Also as preparation, take tons of gold/yellow heart restoring items. Having the maser sword is a huge plus for a constant 60 damage per-hit as it will be glowing against Calamity Ganon and his aura or malice. Next, tons of food items and either attack or defensive boosts. I would go with defensive boosts if it is you're first time vs Ganon.

Finally, for the tactics, in Phase #2 Calamity Ganon will be invulnerable at times through-out the battle. When Calamity Ganon is glowing gold he is invulnerable. Try shooting the blue parts on Ganon, or waiting until he is no longer glowing. You can also ride the air gusts of wind and use a focus shot with some arrows to do some nice damage to Calamity Ganon. All in all with the preparation above you should still land-slide him. However, this does not mean it isn't a tough fight, because it is one of the toughest in the entire series. It's just that we are so prepared. If it's too easy try no damage, or speed runs to enhance the challenge. Overall it is quite the amazing Final Boss battle in the sense of gameplay. Stay tuned for updates on the speed run and no damage run once again below thank you.

Darkbeast Ganon
Darkbeast Ganon returns in a full final battle utilizing the Bow of Light, horseback and some more breath of the wild mechanics. Sadly, I found this too be very simple compared to the very tactical Calamity Ganon boss fight. Zelda will be speaking too Link often in this segment and eventually pass over the new Bow of Light. Perhaps the Bow of Light will become a future staple in the Legend of Zelda series, they seem too be making a big deal of it.

All you have to do is shoot the huge golden circles that have the mark of the Triforce on them with the infinite arrows of the 100 damage light arrow shooting, bow of light. You can not keep the Bow of Light after the battle, although many are attempting too do so through glitches. Like stated beforehand this is a rather simple battle especially if you are prepared and have a Miphas Grace, just in case.

After you deal the final blow on Darkbeast Ganon, you can watch the ending cut scene. The Destroy Ganon quest will complete. When the credits show up you can skip them and get one more final and very Zelda like emotional scene. Overall the story came together rather well. Zelda and Link's relationship is much more intact but somehow I wasn't as emotional at the end as most Zelda games. Zelda herself is the most beautiful she has ever been in the series, topping the cuteness of her in Skyward Sword. I rather not spoil the ending for everyone but it is interesting and leaves the door open for more content and the future of Zelda.

With all that being said, Congratulations and Thanks to all of the readers and my friends! Most importantly the readers, I say thank you again. I wouldn't be doing this without you guys paying attention even if it isn't many. I love too game and this has been my favorite guide to create thus far. I say I still love doing games even more-so when people are interested. I hope I can do the DLC contents for this game and hopefully reach a dream goal of 1000KB perhaps+ on this amazing game.

There is plenty more for me too do and several ways too play this game. With DLC coming up I think I may be able to reach that goal, if I stick with it. Show some support by sending a donation, please leave a note. Ultimately my ideas and enjoyment of this game being told too you ladies and gentlemen means the most to me. I just want you all to enjoy gaming as much as I do, as much as I love it and as much as it made me happy. Thanks again and stay tuned for more! Live and Legit ---- I am the Supercodebreak!

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