The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Walkthrough & Guide: Easter Eggs & Extras
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Easter Eggs/Extras:

Classic Zelda References:

Moat from Twilight Princess:
Near the game's first shrine is a strange moat that is filled with green fish during a certain time of the day. The moat seems to lead directly into Hyrule castle except at a much larger distance than the previous Zelda game ( TP ). I have not looked deep under the waters of this moat to see if there is a larger connection. It does look extremely similar to the same moat find on the game Twilight Princess. This is just a small little Easter Egg I thought I would share in this guide. Many more to come so stay tuned.

Ending from Skyward Sword and Goddess Hylia Statue:

If you beat Skyward Sword or even played the game. This Easter Egg should be really obvious once you reach the Temple of Time in the breath of the wild. If you notice there are two graves on the left and right of the Statue of the Goddess. If you remember the ending scene this may be where Link and Zelda stand at the end of Skyward Sword. A very emotional scene and sweet Zelda ending. Perhaps the two are not the same as they are in Breath of the Wild but I do believe it is a huge reference to Skyward Sword. Also, the statue of the Goddess looks exactly Identical to the Statue of the Goddess from Skyloft in Zelda: Skyward Sword as well. In Breath of the Wild this area will allow Link to trade in Spirit Orbs for Heart Containers or Stamina upgrades.

Beautiful Scenery:

Lover's Peak Sunrise:
If you head to the top of ebon mountain you may notice it is shaped like a broken heart. Regardless of whether there is a quest here later or not it has one of the best views in the game. Try setting a campfire and watching the sunrise and set or even witness the blood moon event from the top of the mountain. Ebon mountain is a bit south of Hateno Village you may want to carry some energizing shrooms or elixir's for climbing.

Hot springs:

Mount Rozudo:
South of Mount Rozudo there is a hot spring with a circle of lily pads. You can jump or dive into the pads for a korok. The interesting thing here is that this hot spring will heal Link overtime while swimming or standing inside it. This reminds me of the hot springs in Zelda: Twilight Princess as well as several other healing waters in other Zelda titles. i just found it quite an interesting or fun spot on the map.

People are saying the map is empty but, I really think they are crazy! Sure there are tons of Korok seeds and there could've been some caves or more creative items other than seeds. In my opinion though these people are dead wrong! They are entitled to their opinion as am I and the world of Breath of the Wild is the most advanced open world game to date by far with a large amount of things to do if not much more.

Clutch Farming Spots:

Luminous Stones:
Near the south of Mount Rozudo's text on the world map is an angel shaped forest if you look at it fully zoomed in. To the right of that forest mainly are a bunch of semi-caves that all have Luminous crystal or stone deposits around them. It is an excellent place to farm Luminous stones the best I have come across thus far.

Hearty Bass:
South of the Firliy Plateau is a small pool of water. Check you're sheikah slate for this, if you're still having trouble search for hearty bass in my video guide. Regardless, in this area is once again a small pool of 5-7 bass. I am not sure the respawn times but I think it's pretty fair or even quick. It will be constant after every bloodmoon for sure. This is a great way to farm Hearty Bass to not only level up the Zora Armor, but to cook in heart filled meals as well.

Mini Games:

Hateno Deer Hunting:
If you have done the sheep rustlers side-quest go to that area and talk to the man near the stable. He will inform you of the deer situation and ask you to hunt some deer. You must bring your own arrows with you for this mini-game and I am not sure of the full reward, but I do know you get some rupees. The more deer you defeat the more rupees you can earn classic Zelda style.

Ridgeland Tower Paragliding:
Atop the Ridgeland Tower you will find a strange man that seems a bit odd at first. After speaking with him a bit he will offer the paragliding mini-game for a small price of course. The object is to paraglide as far as you can without touching the ground. The game will restart Link at the tower after each attempt has completed. I traveled in the direction the man was pointing for over 700 meters or "M". This apparently completes the challenge as you will get a silver rupee for it worth 100 rupees. There may be a way to get more than a silver though I have not attempted it just yet.

Nit Bits:

Feeding Animals:
Link can feed horses by just holding apples near the horse's mouth. Each apple eaten will increase your bond with that particular horse. If Link feeds a dog raw meat or apples, the dog will sniff out a treasure for Link. Follow the dog to the treasure and then usually use magnesis to pull it out of the ground.

Stub Your Toe!
Link can stub his toe when opening treasure chest in this game. Simply take off all your armor and start with the basic shorts that we woke up in at the Shrine of Resurrection. If you open a chest with no boots or pants on, Link will hold his foot in pain for a few moments.

Great Fairy Fountains:

These great fountains have been found in many Zelda titles and have become a huge staple of enhancing a certain mechanic or aspect of all the Zelda titles. In Breath of the Wild, Great Fariy's can increase your armors attributes and defenses. When a full set of armor is completed and ranked up to star rank #2, it will gain a set bonus. Note, this does not go for every set of armor in the game.

The first great fairy you will most likely encounter is right near one of the Shrines closest to Kakariko Village. Set that one as a pin-point and if you go to it you can farm some fairy's there. You can also find a few Blupees wandering around for some extra rupees. There will be an abundance of silent shrooms in this location and even some silent princess flowers. These should help you increase your stealth when cooked at a cooking pot. Note, the more great fairies that Link gives rupees too the more upgrades Link can acquire with each piece of armor. Once another great fairy has been released all of the Great Fairies will be upgraded in power. This means you can go too any Great Fairy in the game and you will get your upgrade choices.

The second great fairy I ran into is located in the Gerudo Desert near the Hawa Koth shrine. This is also the location of the Great dragon skeleton in the desert and it is rather simple to find. You will find an abundance of safflina growth in this area and at least 3-4 small fairies that you can bottle up if interested and sneaky enough. Beware of the heat in the day and the cold at night or you will lose hearts. Beware once again and prepare before coming here if your on a low or no damage run.

The third great fairy is located south of Tarrey Town in the Akkala region. You will find an abundance of Armoranth plant here as well as some smaller fairies for keeping in your inventory. Don't forget you can use a small Fairy to help Link cook meals. If you do, Link can create fairy tonics or usually a bonus effect to the created meal. Crafting is very interesting in this game and has it's perks as well as rewards. Please see the crafting section for more information daily.

The Horse God:

This was an amazing little feature I found way to late in the game. There is actually what many people consider to be the 5th great fairy. However, this is also technically the Horse God Malayna. Malayna will revive any horse that has died for Link. You must first give the horse god, 1,000 rupees to revive her from her enclosure. Once you do you can revive horses at anytime that have met the afterlife.

This once again is a very cool little easter egg, and the Horse God is very different in appearance compared to the great fairies of the game. The Horse God is located right near Horse God Lake and the Horse God Bridge. These locations are very close to the Faron sea and the region of interest is the Lake Hylia Tower region. Be sure to check this awesome perk of the game out, if you have not already. It is one of the biggest surprises to me. It's so cool it actually hurts that the internet ruined this secret for many a Zelda fans with major spoilers.

Epona's Song:
Did you hear Epona's song is mixed in with the great fairy theme from breath of the wild right here at the Horse God's fountain. Crank up the volume a little bit and you should be able to hear it as you walk around the fountain. This is the same song played at the Lon Lon ranch in the legend of zelda Ocarina of Time. Be sure to check it out, as a bonus there are some orange endura shrooms located behind the Horse Fairy's Fountain, enjoy that as well!


Dragons are located at a few major points in the game. These are apparently the spirit dragons of the Goddesses. Nayru is the first one that I have encountered and Nayru can be found near Mount Lanayru's snowy peaks or mountain tops. When you go to attack these beast it could be dangerous in various ways. Come prepared and know that it depends where you hit the beast for which item will drop. Nayru is best attacked using the slow-time function after paragliding. You can slow-time by releasing your paraglide and holding the ZL or ZR button. More information to come stay tuned.

Another quick note, You can hit a dragon on it's body which will result in a scale falling. You can only do this once per game-day or per dragon spawn for that gameday. You may want to be camping or making fires often if you are planning to farm dragon parts. This can also be useful if looking for star-fragments. If you shoot a dragon such as Farosh inside it's mouth you will get the Fang of Farosh. These also make great ingredients inside elixir's and other useful food recipes. Note it is more difficult to hit the Horn or Fang of a dragon. The next most difficult would be hitting it's claws, while coming in at last would be getting a scale. This is due to the massive size of the dragons. So In a nut-shell you will have to farm the Horn, fang, scale, and claws of all three of these Divine Creatures. This is not a huge mechanic of the game, it is only necessary if you wish to fully upgrade your armors to the maximum. One more reason to do this would be to make really amazing cooking recipes. I recommend dragon hunting for hardcore players or very serious fans of the game.

The spirit of lightning, the dragon Farosh is usually found gliding around the Lake Hylia bridge and inside and out of the Lake Hylia itself. You can camp here to have him respawn and in my opinion he seems to be the easiest Dragon to at least locate. I am having trouble hitting his horn and mouth for the fangs. Claws and scales are easy enough to come by. You really should get a high vantage point to farm Farosh, or at least have some Revali's Gale divine power.




Mounts are a nice specialty in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Horses are the most common of mounts and can range in various sizes, and colors. Horses can be found in the wild and you must tame or soothe them to be able to ride them. Once soothed you can ride the horse, however, most normal horses must be bonded with. To raise you're horses bond you can feed it some food items like apples. You can also give it a pat on the back when it obeys a command. You can notice you're horse has been soothed correctly by a faint sound and some pink particles around the horse.

You can also change the mane, color, bridle, and saddle of you're horse if you head to a stable with one of the horse feeders. I couldn't find a stable that had a feeder for a long time. Finally, I found a stable that would allow the customization of our horse. Go to the South Akkala Stable. Talk to the woman feeding the horses, only while on you're horse. She will then ask if you like to customize you're horse. I am pretty sure you can only hold one bridle and saddle at a time. However, there are several bridles and saddles in the game to find. You can also change the color of you're horses mane and body, but only if you are at Maximum Bond with you're horse.

Sand Seals:
These Sand seals are a completely different ride than he basic horse. They fly through the desert sands, by traveling shortly underneath the sand. They will pull Link along with them via a rope and you can make them move pretty fast. Link, will have to have a shield to ride a Sand Seal as a mount. They can also be found in the wild of the Gerudo deserts, or you can ride one at the local Sand Seal shop in the Gerudo Town.

Note there is a psychic sand seal that can tell Link's fortune in the Gerudo Town. It is Riju's personal sand seal. It's kind of cute but just an extra easter egg. It will tell you're fortune somewhat honestly depending on you're progress in the story. There are also several Mini-Games around the Sand Seal and even a shrine quest or two, so be sure to check out riding them it's pretty fun even after doing the Sand Seal story segment.

Lord of The Mountain
Lord of the Mountain:

This is just quite an amazing little idea put into the game. It's very charming and a pleasure to have this easter egg in the game. The Lord of the Mountain has a bit of interesting Lore behind it as well. It can be found if you see a huge glowing sea green aura around one of the mountains in the Ridgeland which is Northeast of the Gerudo Highlands. Travel there via paragliding, from the Gerudo Highlands. Go to the shrine nearest to the aura that you should pin on you're sheikah slate. Once at the area you will see literally tons of wild Blupees and tons of pink herons. The music also changes in this area and the whole feel of this little mountainous island is quite beautiful and charming.

The Lord of the Mountain will be in the water surrounded by blupees. Be very quiet while in the area or it will run off. Take some stealthy elixir's or wear the Sheikah Armor Set in entirety to boost your stealth advantage. Note, to also be sure to take a picture of the Lord of the Mountain to get it into you're Hyrule Compendium. If you don't you may miss you're chance and have to purchase it from the Akkala Hateno Tech lab. That is if you forget to come back here next time the Mystic Creature is around.

The aura and lore of the creature is very Legend of Zelda like. Apparently through the lore's statements, this creature was or is the reincarnation of one of the great 6 sages of old. It now protects the animals of the land and it is a blessing to witness. Although that is not the full exact lore, be sure to read the full statement as it makes seeing the Mythical Creature all the more worth while.

To ride the Lord of the Mountain is also a joy. It's speed gallop has 5 levels, but they regenerate faster than you can mash the button! It flies with grace and has six mystical eyes that offer great control while riding down the mountain. The creature however, must be soothed before you can tame it too ride. Be sure to mash that soothe button and also have at least 3 full stamina replenishing items. Try cooking a few endura shrooms for this, then eating them. You can pause to eat while taming the mount. Once tamed he is all yours for a short but memorable while. Know, that you can not register this wonderful creature, but that's part of the beauty of the Lord of the Mountain. One of my favorite segments in the game.

Giant Horse:
There is a location called Mounted Archery Camp. This area is south of Lake Hylia and south west of the Lake Tower. It is near the end of the road if you are looking on the world map. The location is also rather small, try looking for smoke from it's cooking pot in the sky. There is also a bokoblin camp somewhat close to this area.

Once you find the location, speak to the NPC with the exclamation marker above their head. They will instruct you to find the giant horse. The giant horse is located near the Taobag Grasslands which is northwest of this location. Be sure to take a picture of the horse for your Hyrule Compendium or you may forget to for later and have to purchase the picture at Hateno Tech Laboratory. Also, note that this area is very dry in appearance and has weird trees. You should notice the horse due to it's size and it being surrounded by several smaller horses.

Use the shiekah armor set to sneak up on the Giant Horse. It will take a large amount of stamina to soothe the creature! Make sure to have some stamina food or elixirs or at least near maximum the amount of stamina. This means have your stamina meter upgraded to the maximum. Keep mashing the "L" button and the horse will be soothed. You can now ride it but it has has no indications on how many times you can make the Giant Horse go faster. You can still soothe it to increase your bond however.

The next problem is the route to actually getting back to the NPC to complete the quest. I got stuck here and took a long way back and eventually went down a mountain side, through the bokoblin camp I mentioned earlier. This is possibly, but perhaps it is not the best route. I apologize but you can do what I did. Just head down the mountains and keep tapping the "A" button. The horse will eventually run down a mountain side or at least fall down one. Avoid enemies or the horse may knock Link off and you will have to mount it again. Your reward will be a silver rupee and of course the Giant Horse. Note, this is one of the better side-quest in the game.

Royal Horse:

Around the Web:

First time I encountered a Lynel By: Thunder_Godz
It was a red lynel, the first divine beast I fought was the zora one. I had 6 hearts because i rushed through shrines and thought to myself "why sneak around, I got this", cut forward about 20 minutes later and 7 continues. I put on my stealth armor, gather the shock arrows and never come back to that god forsaken hill again. Cut forward 20 hours of gameplay, and this is the second time I encounter a lynel. It had a white mane, not red. Almost s*** my pants. Proceed to use an ancient arrow, as I was in hyrule castle farming guardian parts. That's when I learned ancient arrows destroy loot.

I keep exploring hyrule castle, and I see meet another lynel. However i'm half health and miphas grace has 4 minutes left on cooldown. With two fairies left, I proceed to spend the next 4 minutes stalling and dodging. occasionally furry swiping with the master sword. and by god I killed the beast. The first lynel I killed, and it wasn't even red. Proceeded to fast travel to zora's domain and kill the red beast with the sword of it's kin.

God I love this game!

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