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Kakariko Village

The Stolen Heirloom:

This is a secret shrine quest that will lead to a nice 50 damage sword. You will also get to fight a tough member of the Yiga Clan and learn more some extra lore. I have listed it at the top of the side-quest section because it is difficult to figure out without a guide. First the player must complete the Main Quest Find the Fairy Fountain. This means locked mementos will be complete as well. Next, complete all of Koko's cooking quest in Kakariko Village. Complete Flown the Coop which is the chiken or cucco quest as well. All of these are written below this section for further explanation. Next, complete Arrows of Burning heat from the woman at the Curious Archer shop. You can get all of this information from Impa's journal as well inside Impa's house. The journal basically details all the people Link will need to talk to or even complete a side quest to get the secret shrine too appear.

Finally complete the Firefly's Light sub-quest ( more detail below ). After all of the above quest are complete rest for the day and you can speak to the guards. They will say the heirloom has been stolen! Talk to paya and she will be so upset she needs Link to stay with her for the day. Lucky, Link the ladies man! Afterward, it will be 9:00 PM gametime and if you mess up the first time you can always wait until Night again. However, you want to try and follow the guard Dorian. I personally found him at the Orange Circle around 2:00 AM ( nighttime). If he is not there you may need to follow Paya and Olkin first or sleep until the next night.

If you do find Dorian, his story will be revealed and a Member of the Yiga Clan, a blade master will do battle with Link. This Yiga Blademaster can be tough so use a defense potion and have at least 5 hearts. The trick is that he is very easy to get a flurry attack or perfect dodge on. Just do a back flip before his attack and you should eventually beat him this way. If it is taking too long use a atttack power elixir. When the Yiga Clan member is defeated, more lore is revealed as well as the Secret Shrine, Rookee's Blessing. Head inside the shrine and you will receive a chest with the Edge of Duality as a free reward with no puzzle. Following that will be the spirit orb. Final note I forget to mention, you may have to do the Playtime with Cottia side quest as well. So if things aren't working out try that one as well, apologies.

Wild Horses: 

This quest is located once Link reaches the West Necluda Region of the game. You must first complete the four shrines in the Great Plateau and collect the paraglider to access this section of the game. To get to this side-quest or sub-quest follow the trail that leads to Kakariko Village. Along the trail and pass the Dueling Peaks you should run into the Dueling Peaks stable. You should talk to all the townsfolk here and even meet the first wandering Beetle merchant of the game. There is also another merchant that travels around this area selling the finest raw meats!

Talk to the two twin brothers that look like Talon from the stable in Ocarina of Time and you can race against his time. This is the side quest and it may take a few attempts. Read what the townsfolk say about horses and remember to practice this quest could take a few tries. Most importantly is that sometimes a horse appears very close to the stables. That is the horse you want to make it easier to complete the challenge. Overall however it is not that difficult and you will learn how to ride horses.

Once you have acquired a horse talk to the man that runs the stable and you can stock up to 5 horses. Apparently there are several stables across Hyrule that connect to each other and I guess you can call forth any previous horse to that new stable. You may also use down on the directional pad to whistle which will call your horse over to Link if it is near Link's vicinity. Finally you can control your horse by pressing ZL to lock-on to it and command it if the horse is stuck.

Please note that the game states about having other available companions. I may create a horse section right here in this guide if I feel it is necessary stay tuned daily. A few more things, the first is that spotted horses are easier to tame than straight colored horses. Straight or one colored horses are better in terms of speed and stamina yet once again harder to tame. The first time you attempt to ride a straight horse you must mash the L button as fast as possible to calm it down. Remember to use the L button to be nice to your horse only after giving it a command. This will increase Link's horse bond with the companion. The higher the bond the easier it is to control the horse.

Misko, The Great Bandit:

This quest can be acquired once you reach the Dueling stables past the dueling peaks in the West Necluda area. Go inside the stable and you should see two men talking about some kind of treasure. If you pay them 100 rupees they will give you some information and start the quest sequence. There will be no map marker just a hint after paying them. However it was simple enough to find for me.

All you have to do is head over the two bridges from the stables and head for the source of the river. The Source is the waterfall where the river starts. Head to that point and there is also a korok nearby under a gray rock. You can climb from the right side to the boulders blocking the cave entrance. Use some remote bombs and detonate when you are at a safe distance. Head inside the cave and open all the chest for some nice materials. Finally there is one more bombable wall in the back. Use a bomb on it and open the chest to reveal the awesome Flame Blade. Opening one chest will complete the quest but I surely would open them all including the final one for the sword.

The Priceless Maracas:

You can pick up this quest on the way to Kakariko Village if you take the northern road from the Dueling Peaks Stables. You may want to go on horseback but if your own foot there are several collectibles and items. Most importantly is the giant Korok called Hestu. This is the character all the other Koroks were talking about if you have been following the Korok Seed section of this guide. Basically, this is the guy that you give Korok seeds to. In exchange Hestu will increase either your shield, weapon, or bow equipment slots.

You must first get his Maracas though. They are located just north of Hestu and are pretty simple to get. Defeat the Bokoblins at the enemy campsite and than the skull chest #6 in this guide will unlock. Inside the skull chest are the Maracas key item. Bring the Maracas to Hestu and give him one korok seed to learn how to level up your inventory. Next, give him 2 more as the price increases each time apparently. Once you give him the last two the quest will be completed. Hestu will tell Link to meet him in the Korok Forest to the north of this area. We will delve more into this later if the quest continues for now it is complete. See the Korok Seed section for more information.

Koko Cooking Side-Quests: 

This is an easy quest that you can pick up only around noon during sunny weather. You will see a little girl named Koko outside the general goods shop in Kakariko Village. Talk to her and this quest will branch off into three more fetch quests. It is rather simple and you may already have some of the ingredients on you. Raw meat can be hunted from goats and many other creatures. Honey can be found near bee hives,shoot them with arrows from far away then shoot and kill the bees so they die or fly away. If you don't they will annoy you badly.

The recipes will be listed in the crafting section below so far now just know that they aren't too interesting. I felt they were pretty under powered as well so I will just list them once in the recipe section of this guide under crafting once again. Do this quest if you are a food fanatic or a completionist.

Playtime with Cottia:

Link can play a game of tag or hide and seek with Cottia. I choose to play tag just to make sure there wasn't a great reward. You will get a new dish/food item or better words for that would be recipe in this game so check it out. I have not tried hide and seek yet but if the reward changes I will keep everyone updated.

Arrows of Burning Heat: 

This is a very easy quest but it may be necessary to complete the secret blessing shrine quest near the great fairy fountain. Talk to the woman that likes Link at the curious quiver shop in Kakariko Village. Then go and shoot the 4 torches near the statue of the goddess. Return to the woman for your reward as well as her hitting on Link some more!

Flown the Coop: 

This quest is given by Cado in Kakariko village. He is one of the guards and has an interesting story with his family. He is father to Koko and Cottia and his wife has apparently passed away. If you see him by his house there will only be one cucoo in the pen. Talk to him to initiate the quest and travel around town looking for the missing 9 cucoo's. The first 8 are easy to find as they are all on the ground and if you just walk around the entire town you will find them. All of them are in town, but the last one had me getting angry. The last cucoo is on top of the enchanted armor shop house. Just climb up to it for the last cucoo and your reward will be quest completion as well as a purple rupee from Cado which equals 50 Rupees. As a side note Cado will mention how he is so glad his cucoo's have returned to him. His wife however has not and he walks away seemingly upset.

By Firefly's Light:

This is the annoying quest for me I couldn't figure out that I had to actually go inside one of the houses to find Lasli. Lasli is the woman that shouts people over to the enchanted armor shop. She is also in Impa's diary. However, there is no mention of where she lives or her name in the diary. She is revered to as the Lonely Shop girl. Well to make it simple just head to her house she lives with her Nanna as well. Nanna should be sleeping and you should have at least 5 firefly's with you. Release them all on Lasli and she will reward Link. Finally the big reward is that this quest will or should open up the Heirloom secret shrine quest. If it doesn't refer back to the previous missions. That includes the cucco quest below.

Hateno Village

The Weapon Connoisseur: 

First talk to Nebb a young child running around with his sibling near all the shops of the Hateno Village. Nebb will ask Link to fetch him a series of items. These can be very hard to find mainly due to the point you are at in the game at the time of the quest. You may also forget about the quest and miss out on some easy to locate weapons. In this case I will compose a small list of what you should hang onto and where to find them. These items with static locations are also mentioned at times in the equipment section of this guide.
  1. Traveler's Sword: This sword can be found near the smaller waterfall at Kakariko Village always.
  2. The Fire rod can be found off of Fire wizzrobe enemies, some are located right near the wasteland tower.
  3. Moblin clubs can be found off of moblins especially early on in the game.
  4. Duplex Bow's can be found always off of basic yiga footsoldiers that hunt Link.
  5. Windcleavers can be found off of Yiga Blademasters that hunt Link.
  6. Ancient Battle Axe+ can be found off of a Guardian Scout in a modest test of strength shrine. They respawn with every blood moon.
  7. Frostspears are pretty tough to locate, but later on in the game the Coliseum Ruins at Central Hyrule will have tons of enemies with them equipped.
  8. Ancient Short Sword, can finally be purchased at Robbie's tech lab in Akkala.
Once you have acquired all of the weapons, you will be rewarded in rupees for each weapon found. Once all are acquired Nebb will give Link a diamond. This will also complete the quest. If you read your Journal you get to see the sad but proud tale of what happened to Nebbs Grandfather. It is a good quest and I do recommend doing it if not for just the rewards but learning the static locations of several items.

Sunshroom Sensing: 

After acquiring the Sheikah Slate + you can talk to Symine at the Hateno research lab. To upgrade to Sheikah Slate you will need some ancient screws. These can be farmed off of guardians that are in-active. You can find tons of these at the Eastern Abbey and they do respawn with a blood moon. Once you have upgraded the slate talk to Symine and he will teach you about using the upgrade. First pick a Sunshroom outside the lab than take a picture of it. Finally, track it with the Sheikah Slate and paraglide to the location in the forest. Collect 3 more Sunshrooms then return to Symine to complete the quest. This quest is basically just a tutorial, however after completing it you can now purchase parts of the Hyrule Compendium. This means if you rather spend or farm rupees than taking pictures to complete the compendium you may or vice versa. I am pretty sure once a picture is bought or even recorded to the log you can't get duplicates.

One more interesting thing about this quest is if you read Purah's diary. It is lengthy but develops her great character more so. It even gives a few hints about how Link was put into the Shrine of Ressurection and what took place in-between the 100 years of his slumber. Afterward, if you talk to Purah she will know you read the diary and eliminate all of your Sheikah slate information as a cute 6 year old joke. Fortunately for Link she was only kidding. I got to admit though she got me!

Statue's Bargain:

This quest is located at Hateno Village and if you talk to one of the children I believe his name is Teebo he will lead you straight to the shrine and the sub-quest. Now this is a strange quest as we have never heard of any evil gods in Zelda so it had me quite intrigued. This statue seems to be a deity of bargains. The statue will charge you 20 rupees but you can transfer hearts or stamina vessels at will from this statue. Say you have 5 hearts and 1 extra stamina vessel. For 20 rupees you can change the vessel to a heart. This is great because you can balance what you need without restarting the entire game. Just think of a build in other games and this is how you reallocate or RESPEC your skills.

A Gift for my Beloved:

This quest is pretty simple especially if you like exploring and gathering, most specifically crickets. Talk to Manny who is a strange dude that seems to have bad luck with woman. He is hanging around near the Inn at Hateno Village. After talking to him talk to Prima but you must go behind the desk to ask her the secret question. Once you do she will tell you something random that she likes which is crickets. Go back to manny and he will ask Link to get him 100 crickets! Then he backs down to starting with only 10 crickets. Find or give him ten crickets if you already have them. Crickets are located all over this region. Once you have 10 hand them over to Manny for the quest completion and a Silver Rupee worth 100 Rupees.

The Hylian Homeowner: 

This quest can begin secretly if you talk to the builders in Hateno Village. First you must talk to the two workers for the tip they are near the model homes section of the village. They will then ask Link to talk to their boss Bolton who is wearing the pink pants and pink headband. When you talk to him, keep telling him you are interested in buying the house. He will say a crazy price for Link, around 50,000 Rupees! At first I believed him but if you stay ambitious and agree he will lower the price to 3,000 Rupees and 30 pieces of wood. This is when you should use your trusty wood cutter's axe and get chopping around town. It is pretty fun and quite easy to get 30 pieces of wood. You may run out of ax but due to the blood moon you can always head back to the shrine of ressurection or the old man's cabin for another 2x axes. They are also abundant in many other places in the World of Hyrule.

Once you have 30 pieces of wood all you need to do is get the Rupees now. Remember that bosses like Stone Talus and his brothers respawn after every blood moon. Stone Talus may be a chore to farm but you can acquire precious materials this way. With just a few farms of Stone Talus you should have enough rupees if you follow other sections of this guide. If not maybe you should wait on this quest for a bit. Go pay Bolton with the wood and rupees during the daytime only. Bolton will then setup your house with your first weapon rack. This is awesome but we want more right? Talk to Hudson at this point and he will tell you about a new job in another area of the game. We will get that one later, for now talk to Bolton again. He says he can furnish your house for 5,000 rupees. At this point I didn't have enough but we will be keeping everyone updated daily.

This is the 2nd and final update most likely for the Hylian Homeowner quest. Apparently Bolton claimed earlier that you needed 5,000 rupees to refurnish the house. Well that may be true as I returned with 5,000 rupees and I had the option to refurnish several things around the house. However, it only cost maybe 1,500 rupees to complete the quest and get everything Bolton has to offer. So go figure maybe I read something wrong earlier.

You will acquire 3 weapon racks, 3 shield racks, and 3 bow racks. You can acquire a bed to sleep in, but not a soft bed. Link can have a sign input outside that says "Link's House". Flowers and trees as well as lighting and that is about it. I kinda wish there was more to do with this quest. I still like keep my weapons on racks especially my favorite ones. I am a little bummed about the bed not having a bonus, but that may be a little too overpowered and make less use of rupees for say a spa treatment or the extra price for a soft bed. Overall it is still worth doing this quest for at least the mounts and racks alone.

The Sheep Rustlers: 

This is a very easy combat based side quest and even easier if you have Urbosa's Fury. Just talk to the woman near some of the stables in town. She should have an exclamation mark above her head and shouting how she is going to "get them all". Talk to her and head towards the Hateno Beach, there should be a very nice and easy marker point this time. Defeat all the monsters on the beach near the sheep then return to the woman. She will reward Link with 10 fresh bottles of milk.

The Hero's Cache:

This quest is located south of Kitano Bay which is south of Hateno Village. You can complete this quest easily so you may paraglide to the area from a mountain whenever you reach Hateno Village. There will be some pillars out of the water that you can reach by climbing, paragliding or using cryonis and climbing. There is a bird creature on top playing a strange organ. This is the first Rito creature I have come across in the game and I admit I like the new look of them in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It was quite charming to me at least. Moving on, this Rito is a bard and he will sing a song about the hero's cache. Once it is over the sidequest will initiate. This is very easy to find, just drop down to the rocks below and dig up the chest with Magnesis. Open the chest for a Gold Rupee that is worth 300 Rupees and you will complete the side-quest.

Slated for Upgrades:

This quest can be acquired after meeting Purrah at Hateno Village. However, it will take a while to complete and you may want to put it on the back burner. First you will need ancient shafts to upgrade your remote bombs. These are a bit more rare to find then springs and gears. You can find them off drone enemies in dungeons. Once upgraded the remote bombs will deal more power and take less time to recharge. The next upgrade is the Sheikah Sensor plus and that takes some Ancient Screws to upgrade. The Sheikah Sensor + is very useful as you can target any item that you have in your new Hyrule Compendium. When an item is targeted the Sheikah Sensor will begin to beep as if you were using the shrine sensor. So for example if you are looking for Hearty Durians the Sheikah Sensor will beep when they are close. The closer you get the more the beeping will sound off.

Finally, you will need 3 Ancient Cores to level up your stasis. Stasis + allows you to stop even enemies in time and it is rather useful and fun to use. Ancient Cores however can be very rare and I only have found 3. I found 2 in dungeons and 1 Ancient Core can be found in all four Divine Beast dungeons. There may be one or two in a shrine at the moment in this guide. I will be updating this when I find more static locations. Regardless once you have all the components and leveled up the runes the quest will be completed.

Gerudo Side Quests

An Ice Guy: 

This is a very simple quest that will net you some rupees quickly. You may need them for the main quest so I would advise doing it because it's fast and easy. If you already have cold darner insects on you go and make a potion with them by adding in some bokoblin horns or another monster part. Using the insects and a monster part will make a chilly elixir. Give the Elixir to the Rito that is very hot outside the Inn at Kala Kala Bazaar in the Gerudo Region. Once completed the quest will end as you have gained a purple rupee.

Tools of the Trade: 

You can acquire this quest after retrieving the Thunder Helm from the Clan Yiga hideout. Once you do there is a Gerudo Woman near the ring icon on the world map. This is the jeweler of the Gerudo Town. She needs ten flints to open up business again. If you do not have the flint, flint can be farmed off the Stone Talus boss at times. It is also found near mountains in the Great Plateau and Necluda regions. Some traveling merchants also sell flint so it shouldn't be too hard to get 10 of them. Once you have all the flint give them to the woman and the shop will open. She will sell various pieces of jewelry that offer elemental resistances. This is another awesome aspect of the game once again.

Know that jewelry also has a few interesting perks about it. You now have a use for all the ruby, diamonds and precious gem materials that you can find. Not only can we sell them for rupees but we now have the option of crafting jewelry with them so be careful not to sell them for rupees if you want that special jewelry accessory. Accessory items seem to be limited to the head of Link at the moment. You can not wear another headpiece item in this case. Finally, jewelry offers unique attribute bonuses that are mostly elemental. However, I have noticed that the diamond circlet actually cranks up your defense vs Guardian enemies and I found that very cool. They all also have a unique appearance so enjoy!

The Eighth Heroine:

This is a very long trek in the game but it has a nice reward so if you are interested read on. First you must be dressed in the Gerudo female attire. So if you have not reached that point in the main quest then wait until you do. Talk to Bozai as a female he is located right outside the Gerudo Town guarding gate. He will give you the Snow Boots to help you with this quest. However we must give the Snow Boots back after the quest. The Snow Boots will increase your walking and running speed in the snow. Once you have accepted the quest we must go to the Gerudo Highlands.

The Gerudo Highlands is directly north of Gerudo Desert. It may be unmarked on your map if you have not reached the tower yet. In that case first you must trek to the tower. The tower is north of the Clan Yiga Hideout. You should be able to see it even from the desert area right outside Gerudo Town. Be sure to place a Pin on it with the Sheikah Slate. Now it can get very hot in the daytime here so it would be wise to have the Gerudo set on for the heat resistance. However, it will get really cold later. It will get so cold that the warm doublet will become useless if you have one and you should!

If you need to stay warm and especially for a long journey like this you are going to need to cook some warming food and elixirs. One that comes to mind is spicy peppers. You can throw 5 of these inside a cooking pan for a pretty good warming meal. There are several meals and elixir's you can make to warm you up. However you will most likely need at least a mid-level warming boost I could be wrong but once again it is very cold atop the Gerudo Highlands and where the Statue of the Eighth Heroine is located precisely.

Once you are prepared head for that tower. Know that you must wrap around the tower and paraglide or you will run out of stamina when climbing up it. Look for the highest point on the mountains that you can paraglide to get on top of the tower. Once you have activated the tower it becomes much easier. There is a strange marking on the world map that looks like a spear-head or arrowhead. Some say it even looks like a triangle. However this exact location on the world map can only be seen at max zoom. Max zoom in on your map from the actual text that says Hemmar's Descent.

If you slowly scroll down from there you should find the arrow head. It is also almost like there are 2 arrowheads on the map and one is colored darker than the other. Regardless that is the location you need to pin point. It is a long run and once you get there be sure to take a picture of the torso of the statue. If there is an exclamation point over the statue while using your camera, then you did not get a good enough picture so double check. Final piece of advice for this quest is to save your game often manually. Once again save your game often manually. When you teleport back to Bozai he will reward you with the Sand Boots for keeps. However, you must return the snow boots.

The Forgotten Sword:

So I am sure you miss those snow boots by now. Let's try and get them back by talking to Bozai one more time after completing his initial eighth heroine quest. Talk to Bozai in the same area as a Gerudo woman. He will not give the snow boots to borrow for this mission. So you must bring some cold resistant potions or food items with you at level 2 or you will freeze and lose hearts. It is a long trek so use the Kara Kara bazaar's cooking pot if necessary or another.

The sword is located on a plateau guarded by a black moblin and there is also a golden hilt sword right in that location. It may be hard to actually see the sword, because it is so big you might mistake it for a boulder or mountain. Remember south of the Gerudo Summit text on the world map screen. On a 4-5 level plateau if that doesn't help see my video section below at the very end of this guide. Once you have taken a picture of the sword, fast travel back to Gerudo Town exterior and talk to Bozai he will give you his boots right off his feet. Kind of gross but these are the snow boots and they are cool. Now we get to keep them for good just wash them first.

The Medicinal Molduga: 

Talk to the woman near the two guards inside the city. She is on the right of the guard usually after noon. The woman needs the guys of a Molduga too make some medicine to save her husbands life. If you can get the Molduga guts you will be rewarded towards getting a very rare item as well as a bonus reward. To get too the Molduga go Southwest from gerudo town and head to North Dragon's Exile. It is before the sandstorm. Throw some bombs to alert the Molduga then get high on a rock to avoid it's attacks. This is the location of the Molduga. I have a strategy below but I would like to update them often with more creative strategies. Please stay tuned for updates daily and enjoy. Once you defeat the Molduga bring the guts back to the woman in town. At nights she sleeps at the spa but only accepts the guts in the daytime if I am correct.

First get up on the hill so Molduga can't hit Link then toss a bomb to make a ? mark appear above it's head. This will draw it's attention towards Link. Next wait for it to jump out of the sand and then bomb it with an explosive. Use remote bombs well timed or bomb arrows. It will then lie on the ground vulnerable for a few moments. This is when I like to use the under appreciated boomerang. A forked or tri lizal one is ideal here because they are common in this area. Remember that boomerangs deal double damage when Link throws them! If you get a critical hit it could be x3 or x4 damage but I am not sure on that one. Regardless with this method and some well timed attacks and catches Molduga will be dead as well as a more enjoyable battle. Molduga is located passed the electric lizalfos campsite of dragon bones. It is once again at North Dragon's Exile on the world map.

The Search For Barta:

This quest can be simple if you head straight too it after Molduga because it is close by. Just try getting out of the sandstorm or at least make sure your still heading towards your marker point. The location is some dragon bones on the map very southwest of gerudo town. It is the second great fairy fountain as well. Barta will be in this area so be sure to access to shrine even if you don't complete it to serve as a means of fast travel. Barta is at the bone head of the dragon dying from overheating. Give her a durian which can easily be purchased at the first merchant on the right when you enter Gerudo Town. Afterward, return to her captain at Gerudo Town for quest completion and your reward.

The Mystery Polluter:

First talk to Dalia you is standing in the corner of the town north of the jewelry shop on the map. Be sure to talk to her twice to activate the quest. Do this around noon time in the game. Next, climb the rooftops on the west or left side of the town. You should see some water flowing and hopefully some water melons in the water. There is a woman there eating water melons and polluting the water. Talk to her and she will tell you she will stop for 10 Wild berries. Collect the wild berries from the Gerudo Highlands and bring some cold resistant gear or potions. Once you have all ten wild berries give them to the woman then talk to Dalia to finish the quest. This will complete the Thunder Helm questline.

Gerudo Secret Club:

If you go to one of the brown doors on the side of town you may have been asked for a password. The password is GSC with a diamond logo at the end. This stands for Gerudo Secret Club. Once you are inside you can talk to the woman there who knows that you are a voe. This will give the quest and complete the quest once you are inside. The woman sells very strange black market items, but most importantly two new armor sets. The first is the male or voe gerudo clothing. This will help you last the heats of the desert in voe form. The second is the strange and interesting Radiant Set. This set glows in the dark and has other special abilities we will get into later on in this guide. Check the armors section. For now just know about this area. You will need lots of rupees for the Radiant set as well as Luminous Stones.

Missing In Action: 

This quest can be picked up at the dueling peaks stable. There is a character with an exclamation point above his head muttering about losing his friends. Talk to the man and the quest will reveal on your side quest selection screen. For the most part the marker will lead you into the right direction. However, there are many bokoblins along the path and it will have Link on tight folds going up part of the huge Gerudo Canyon. If you fall you will die so try and save once in a while and also come prepared. A good weapon of choice here is a spear due to it's reach. Having a large amount of arrows and being a bit sneaky is also nice but you may just want some defense too. This makes the Soldiers set a good choice as well.

Walk the tight folds saving each of the man's 4 friends. Once you have freed and located all of them you can return back to the man at the Gerudo Stables. He will thank link so much and give him some joyful wisdom as well as a gold rupee which is worth 300 rupees.

A Good Sized Horse:

This quest can be picked up along the road from the missing in action quest. The road leads backs towards the Gerudo Stables. You will see a man named Lyle and he will ask you to get him a horse because he has lost his. He needs a horse that is the right size. You should go for one of the spotted horses right near the dueling peaks stable in this case. Register the horse at dueling peaks if you have not already. Next fast travel to the Gerudo Stable and take the registered horse. Ride the horse all the way back to Lyle at the marker point. Lock on to him and talk to him while on the horse and offer him your horse. You will complete the quest and gain 300 rupees.

Rushroom Rush! 

Rushroom's can be found all over mountain sides in just about every region in the game. The man at the Gerudo Canyon Stable wants 55 of these in exchange for a precious diamond. If you find 55 of them return to the man and the diamond treasure chest will spawn behind the stable in this location. Afterwards, he will buy rushroom's for double the price only in quantities of 55. This is a nice trade off especially if you are looking to max out your rupees.

Zora Domain Side Quests

Lynel Safari: 

You can pick up this quest after completing the Vah Ruta dungeon. Talk to Laflat or something similar in the upper east section of Zora's Domain. She will ask Link to get a picture of a red maned Lynel. You can not use your Hyrule Compendium for this quest it must be an actually picture saved to your album. In this case your best bet is to head back to the Mount Ploymus by taking the waterfalls. Take a picture of the Lynel from afar and defeat it if you must. Returning with the picture to Laflat will reward Link with the Zora's Greaves.

Zora Stone Monuments:

This is a really tough and long quest and it is a challenge to explain in text. Check my video playlist and search up the title I would appreciate it. For those that want the text I will do that as well. First talk to the man near the Monument located in Zora's domain he is right on the 2nd level underneath the King. Read the monument to get the first one. This character will give you 9 more hints at random every time you speak with him. These hints will give you the name of the location on the map, not the exact location.

I started with Upper Zorana you should have the Zora armor in full equipped as well as some energizing elixir's and food items. Your doing this so you can climb mountains and just beat the whole quest quicker. After Upper Zorana head towards Mount Polymus where we fought the red maned Lynel earlier. Be sure to stamp these locations as you complete them, it is an easier way of knowing you got them already. From Mount Polymus you can head towards the Zora bridge and than work your way around in a circle. The zora also claims there is a treasure near one of these monuments and I am pretty sure it just leads to the Zora Helmet.

From this point it can still be annoying but know that they all are around the road south of Zora's Domain. The 4th Stone Monument if going counter clockwise is located between Ralis Pond and Ruto Lake. The 5th is near the Oren Bridge. The 6th is located south of Zobodon Highlands. The 7th is located near Luto's Crossing. The 8th is located right by Ruto's Mountain. Rutala Dam area holds the 9th stone monument and finally the 10th will be at Ruto Lake section right near Zora's Domain center. After acquiring them all head back to the Zora at the yellow marker. He will give you a precious diamond as a reward and also once again this quest will hint towards getting the Zora Helmet. Finally if your stuck and don't want to watch a video or use this guide he will give hints if you talk to him as a reminder. He also gives a counter of the monuments left.

Diving is beauty:

There is a Zora looking down a waterfall on the 2nd level of Zora's Domain. Talk to him and he will ask Link to dive into the water with the Zora armor equipped do so. Then swim back up to him with the armor on and he will give Link 5x Fleet Lotus seeds as a reward for his graceful diving.

Wife Washed Away: 

This quest will bring Link all the way to lake Hylia if you follow the Hylia river all the way down. To save time for the readers just know to head south of the Great Plateau. You can do this by going to the Bridge Of Hylia where the yellow dragon farosh usually lingers. Afterward, head east and look for a group of islands. You should see a female blue zora in the area. Once you talk to her she will be encouraged to head home and will leave Link 5 Staminoka Bass. You will also complete the quest.

Frog Catching:

This is a very easy quest as all you need is to have located five hot-footed frogs. Those are the green ones and they are really common. You can even purchase them off merchants and if you don't have any just head to beetle at the dueling peaks stable or the Gerudo Canyon stable. Once you have them all give them too the Zora kid in the blue. However, I only found the zora kid roaming around on a rainy day at around noon time. If you can't get the kid to appear for the quest wait until it rains by sleeping nearby at the inn. You will be rewarded with an amnorath defensive crafting item.

Special Delivery:

This is a decently tough quest. Remember you must follow the letter the entire way and can't reload a previous save if you have messed up. Be sure to bomb the first barricade before the letter is even close because you can destroy the letter and have to start over. At one point there will be a fork in the water and your going to have to pick up the letter and bring it to the next point where it can float again. Octorocks and lizalfos are also a problem. Be sure to take them all out with arrows, ice arrows work better than most here for me at least.

The quest location is located near Zora's Domain a bit south of it at the Bank of Wishes on the world map. Talk to finley to start the quest. The road is long once again and don't forget the final barricade at the giant skull fishhead which is also a Lizalfos enemy campsite. Be sure to blow up the barrels with a bomb arrow or a good thrown remote or ball bomb. If you don't the letter will be stuck and your going to most likely have to start from scratch. It is an annoying quest and it has a most controversial ending. The reward is 300 rupees or a gold rupee.

Giant of Ralis Pond: 

This is pretty simple if you have killed Hinox enemies before. Head to Ralis pond which is located a bit south-west of Zora's Domain on the world map. The only problem I came across in this fight was that this was the first Hinox that had trees around him so he can throw them and swing them at my face. I also had a problem because I wanted to use the Meteor Rod with a huge attack boost on him.

That was a mistake due to all the grass and things in the area that can catch on fire. Overall though it is still very simple if you have arrows. If you don't be sure to stock up at Curios Quiver in Kakariko Village or of course the Hateno arrow shop. Zora's Domain has a few as well if you like cold ones. Just blast the Hinox in his eye than finish it off anyway you would like. Return to the Zora Torfeau on the 2nd level of Zora's domain for your reward.

Luminous Stone Gathering:

This quest should be easy enough to obtain and to complete. There is a Zora near the main entrance of the village. Talk to him and he will need 10 Luminous stones at once. The cool thing about this quest is you will be rewarded with two diamonds the first time you give the man ten of these stones. After completing it if you return to him with 10 more luminous stones he will give you another diamond. You can continue to trade your Luminous stones for diamonds here as often as you would like. On a final note, that completes all of the Zora's domain quest. There may be some more in the Laynayru Region. Don't forget we still have all the Laynayru shrines to cover as well. If there are more in this region I will add them so stay tuned daily for updates.

Riverbed Reward:

This quest is actually at the wetland stable. It seems to be the only quest there and it's rather simple. Talk to the man near the riverbed to initiate the quest. Afterward, just pull the very noticeable treasure chest out of the water with magnesis. When you open it the contents should be a royal broadsword. Afterward, be sure to talk to the man again whose name is Izra to complete the quest.

Death Mountain Side Quests

The Jewel Trade:

A Fairly simple quest that you can pick up at Goron City. Remember to take your fire proof elixir's if it is your first time entering Goron City. Please see the main walkthrough if you don't wish to waste tons of procurement items. Afterward you can start this section of side or sub-quests. There will be a sole Gerudo Woman walking around inside Goron city around noontime. If you talk to her she will ask that Link retrieves 10 Amber stones for her. In exchange the Gerudo Woman will offer Link 200 more rupees that the average selling price of 300. This means we can get 500 rupees as a reward.

As for the amber, these are fairly simple enough to farm across any stone or ore deposit in the game. Amber is the most common of all the ores in the game. If you do not wish to fast travel or venture out too far, you can also just look around the Southern Mine and even the outskirts of Goron city for ore deposits. Goron City is abundant in rare ores however, amber is ever as abundant.

After the trade, you have formed a merchant's oath with the Gerudo Woman. She will randomly select an ore such as Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amber, and possibly diamonds. If you choose to trade with her you will have to exchange in only forms of 10. The Gerudo woman will purchase these ore's from Link at a higher amount than any of the average shop keepers in the entire game. The catch is you must have 10 at a time and the return isn't the best for your time perhaps.

Fireproof Lizard Round-Up:

For this quest Link and the player of course, may want to do it before entering Goron city. I have it listed here in this order for organization. The reason is that if you are short on time or don't like selling or even farming for Rupees. Link can get a free piece of the Flame Breaker armor set. This would save some valuable time as well as the possibility of skipping the entire foothill stable segment where Link needs to purchase Fire Proof elixirs. This would save valuable time in a future possible 100% clear game speed run. This is all just in theory as in my opinion the game is way to new too have a really solid speed run just yet. However, I do believe we can start to speculate. Final note, no damage will be very tough without getting the elixir's this would even include the new hard mode coming and if you were going for a no heart upgrade or 3 heart challenge.

To initiate this quest Link must make it to the Southern Mine which is directly South of the Goron City. At the Southern Mine, you may see a Hylian. This Hylian is wearing a strange caged helmet which will later be revealed as the Flame Breaker helm. Talk to the man as he will have an exclamation point above his character avatar. Agree to help him and the quest will go to the Adventure Log.

This is a fairly easy quest that was implied to help the player's get through death mountain. Mainly because many players including myself may have missed the idea of going to Foothill Stable first and talking to the woman named Gaile. Remember to catch the lizards you must either be crouched and quickly grab them with the appropriate action button. Alternatively, Link can eat some sneaky food or even drink down a sneaky elixir. This would save you a bit of time if you are in a hurry. Once you have acquired at least 10 Fireproof Lizards. Return to the Hylian man in the cage helmet. He will reward Link with a piece of Flame Breaker chest armor. You may sell this if you have a double.

Finally, to upgrade the Flame Braker set in full, you must have a good amount of Fire Proof Lizards. This is most likely the best spot to farm fireproof lizards in the game. They are also abundant all over Death Mountain and of course Goron City. Once your Flame Breaker Armor reaches rank #2 you will become Fireproof. This makes you immune to Most fire attacks and surely all natural fire hazards.

Road To Respect: 

This quest will have a marker after talking to the Goron right near the blacksmith. The blacksmith wakes up around noontime and you should see a huge gray old Goron smacking some metal with a blacksmith's hammer. Right below his area will be the Goron you should talk to and talking with him will initiate the next quest, "Road to Respect". Once you talk to the Goron he will tell Link a short tale of how he would like to defeat the Igneo Talus of Darunia Lake. He can't do it himself so he will ask Link to go in his stead. When you accept there will be a marker and it should be easy enough to locate, however there are a few tips and tricks.

Firstly if you remember the main quest, you would remember the cannons. Roll a bomb into the cannons then hit the lever with a weapon of your choice. You can detonate the bombs anytime you would like, this makes aiming the cannon simple and easy. Do this action to talk out as many Lizalfos enemies as you can! They shoot flaming arrows that pack tons of damage from thier strengthened Lizalfos Bows. Ice arrows can also be your friend here.

Make your way around the area, back to the cave where we found Yunobo. Get to the highest point and travel for the marker. Note, this was my method of completing the quest. Alternatively, the player or Link may also climb several mountains to get around. That may waste way too much time and food/procurement items so I like this method better. Once you hit the marker get ready for a very tough talus.

This stone or Igneous Talus will not do too much damage when he throws fire at link with both arms. That would be only if you are equipped with a Two Star Flamebreaker Set. If not you may be in for more trouble. Truly come prepared as fireproof lizards will once again rank up your Flamebreaker Set and they are easy to acquire. Most importantly, or most dangerously is the Igneous Talus' body slam attack. It is still absolutely devastating and even more so when he is in fire or Igneous Talus form. It can obliterate around 10 hearts if not more or less. The good thing is the Talus stone is on his head and he is easy to climb. Once again it is only safe to climb this Talus with the Flamebreaker Set. There is a small time when the Igneous Talus will completely cool down. An Ice Arrow to the body can possibly help with that, but I am not 100% positive. Regardless that would be the best time to attack this particular Stone Talus or Igneous Talus.

When you have defeated the Igneous Talus, you can fast travel back to the Goron City shrine. Return towards the blacksmith and report of your news to the Goron that has given Link the task of defeating the Stone Talus. Report that you have defeated the monstrosity and the Goron will reward Link with 100 Rupees as well as completion of the quest.

Death Mountains Secret:

If Link heads to the Goron Hot Spring which is directly south of the Goron City and the Southern Mine. You can notice it by the light blue water on the shiekah slate's world map. He will see run into a small Goron around noon time. This younger child Goron is gurgling in the water of the hot spring. The gurgling makes the child Goron rather difficult to understand. However, he is implying that he has hid a treasure between eldin bridge and this area on the world map. After talking to the goron the quest will initiate.

Place a marker in between the Eldin Bridge and the Goron Hot Spring. You are going to be looking for a cone shaped mountain. This cone shaped mountain has a bombable layer of brown boulders on one of it's sides. Bomb it with either a roll or remote bomb. This will reveal a trust Drillshaft weapon which is the first of this guide. The drillshaft is low in power but it is one of the few ones that are in the game if the only one that I have encountered statically. Once you have acquired the weapon you can return to the young Goron at the Goron Hot Spring. He will reward Link by allowing him to keep the treasure as well as completing the quest.

Akkala Region Side Quests

A Shady Customer:

This quest can be accessed early in the game. However I do suggest waiting until beating at least 1-2 dungeons as Akkala area can be a little tough. First get to the Akkala Region Tower and activate it. From that point head to the Northeast a bit and along the road you should run into the East Akkala stables. At that point there will be a man named Hoz who is wearing a worn or darkened soldier's helmet. He is also carrying around a large halberd spear. Talk to Hoz and he will start the quest with the task of finding Kilton. If you have been to the research Lab you may have been tipped off to Kilton's whereabouts.

Kilton will be located Northwest of the Akkala Ancient Tech Laboratory. There is a large skull on the map and Kilton will be located inside that skull on the left eye island only at nighttime. You may want a Thunderhelm just in case lightning is a problem for you. You should also make sure to have at least some wood and flint to pass by the time if you don't make it too the Island at nighttime. Finally, if it starts raining you may be stuck waiting so try and venture out at a good time to link all the information together.

When you meet Kilton he will talk for a bit and introduce himself as well as his shop. He will not open up shop here on this night. You must find Kilton at one of the games major towns/cities at night only. A Good location is right near Zora's Domain at the Dagah Keek shrine location. Kilton should be visible right from the shrine and within a very close walking distance from it as well. At this point be sure to take a picture of Kilton with the Sheikah Camera. When you have a good photo with exclamation point, take the picture. Once complete return to Hoz at the East Akkala Stables and show him the picture to be rewarded with 100 rupees and quest completion.

Robbie's Research: 

This is really a quest that starts in Hateno village, specifically at the Hateno Tech Lab. However, it ends up going all the way to Akkala Region and I feel it fits better in this section of the guide. To get to Akkala you should head to the Akkala Tower from Zora's Domain. Travel north and be sure to pin point the tower with the sheikah slate. Make your way to the tower and activate it to see the regions map. Next head north along the path/road until you reach the Akkala stable. Activate the shrine near the stable to serve as a way point. Next keep heading north along the road and you will run into the research lab.

Link will need to light a blue flame yet again and bring it all the way back to the research lab. However, this time around it will be raining often. This will extinguish the fire from your torch making it harder to run through this. You will have a map marker for the blue flames location. There will be lamps along the way to serve as mini-checkpoints. Best thing to do is have the torch from the tech lab nearby or another from earlier. Try and be quick but if it starts raining and you do not want to wait, just fast travel to the previous stable and sleep. Check the whether at the bottom hand corner of the screen and try and finish when there is no rain coming.

Once you eventually bring the flame back to the tech lab, a few things will open up. First you can complete the quest. If you are interested in Robbie and his wife's back story read his very long diary or journal on his desk. Next, you will be able to purchase ancient items and weapons/arrows from the robot Cherry. This is a huge farming part of the game and opens up being able to hunt down Guardians with ease. You can craft tons of ancient items here and even get the full ancient armor set. This is one of the better quest in the game and I suggest everyone go for it on your first run or at least eventually. You would probably avoid this one in a speed run and maybe even one life or no damage if applicable.

From the Ground Up:

Once again this quest will start in Hateno Village. However, you must start the Hylian Homeowner sub-quest and possibly complete it. The quest will not trigger unless Hudson leaves Hateno Village. Afterward, you should eventually reach Akkala. Head to the akkala tower first than take the long road that leads to the stable with a nearby shrine. Activate the shrine there to serve as a nice fast travel for this side-quest. Next head back to the Akkala Tower. There will be a large round area on the map near a lake or even called a lake. Fly over to that area using the paraglider. Once you arrive you will see Hudson again, talk to him to initiate the series of quest.

This is an amazingly fun quest too do and one of if not the best side-quest in the game right now for me. It has a nice back story, gets cute, and is rather emotional at times. There are also plenty of nice rewards for each segment of the quest. When you talk to Hudson and get started, Link will need several bundles of wood. Link, will need well over 100 bundles of wood in total to complete this side-quest so get chopping. Don't sell your wood if you are reading this now and make sure to chop some along the way during this quest. Give the bundles of wood to Hudson so he can build home for the future residents. First he will tell Link to find a Goron with the last name son in it.

To find the Goron, named Greyson, head to the Southern Mine, south of Goron City. There is a large and small goron with son at the end of there names. Around night-time talk to the Goron sitting by the cooking pot at the Southern Mine. Tell him of Tarrey Town and he will talk off with a short cut-scene. Return to Tarrey Town to find Greyson and Pelison working. Pelison is Greyson's younger brother and will now sell all types of the ores in the game at his shop for a price. This includes even precious diamonds for around 2,000 Rupees.

Return to Hudson and offer him more wood. Next, you will need to head to the Kara Kara Bazaar. Talk to the woman to the right of the Inn at noon-time. Her name is Rhondson and she is looking for love and to offer her artisan abilities somewhere else. Tell her of Tarrey Town then you can return to the town and she will be selling the Gerudo Voe Set at her newly opened armor shop. This is an alternative to buying the set at the Gerudo Secret Club. Rhondson will also give Link a hint of her future love life and this leads us to the next part of the quest.

After giving Hudson even more wood, go to Rito Village and speak with Fyson who is a Rito that wants to leave the nest and be free from his annoying mother. This Rito will sell arrows upon your return to tarrey town. In-fact he sells a huge abundance of every arrow in the game with the exception of Ancient Arrows. He also sells them in nice bundles so you can stock up quite quickly.

For the last recruitment or close to it, you must recruit the priest of the Zora's Domain. He is located on the second floor of the domain and is looking into the small water pool where the zora spear respawn is located. Talk to the Zora priest and tell him of Tarrey Town. After the cut-scene and your return to the town, the Priest has adorned the statue of the goddess Hylia in all it's beauty! He also has opened up a very comforting inn right here inside Tarrey Town. Talk to Hudson again and he will tell you of the great news. Hudson has asked Rhondson to marry him and she has agreed apparently. One final chore request from Hudson is to tell Bolson and Karson of the wedding. In this case head back to Bolson Construction Company at Hateno village. It is located right near the cooking pot and Link's home if you purchased it during the Hylian Homeowner quest.

Finally, return to Tarrey Town and talk to Hudson to have the wedding begin. You will enjoy a great cut-scene and now a cooking pot will also be available inside the town. Talk to Hudson one last time after this and he will give Link 3x Diamonds to complete the quest. There may be some other secrets in this town as well and I will add them here if possible or somewhere else in this guide. Once again a very nice, creative and most rewarding sub-quest that is well worth doing.

Hobbies of the Rich:

You must first have had to completed the From the Ground Up quest in it's entirety to start this quest. Talk to the man sitting near the edge of the cliff in Tarrey Town. He will give Link a few rupees to start the quest. Next the man will instruct Link to head to the Torrin Wetland and defeat two of the guardians there. You may want to wear a Diamond Circlet if you are looking to save some of your procurement items or hearts. Guardians can be pretty tough and the diamond circlet will increase defense against guardians. There will also be tons of in-active guardians to farm in this area. This could be useful if you are planning on getting some ancient weaponry or the armor set from the akkala technology lab.

On that note, you may want to equip some ancient arrows to take out two of the guardians with ease. The choice is yours however you would like as Torrin Wetland is not too far west of Tarrey Town. You can also get there very easily if you take the Akkala Tower and float using your paraglider to the area or location. Once there just defeat the two guardians than return to the man in Tarrey Town for the rest of your rupee reward and completion of the quest.

Little Sister's Big Request:

This quest can be tough if you don't know where to find electric darners. On a side note, they only come out during lightning storms. Regular storms may be a possibility but I ended up just taking the easy route so I apologize for not knowing if you are wondering about that. All you have to do to get all the darners and most specifically the electric darner is head to the Riverside Stable. The riverside stable is easy to find and is right on the very edge of the central hyrule region. Go to the stable and purchase these items from beetle. When you are done return to the girls at the south akkala stable which is different from the east akkala stable but still in the same region. Once you talk to them all several times you will receive some rupees as well as complete the quest.

A Parent's Love:

To complete this quest your going to need Tabantha Wheat, Monster extract, goat butter, and cane sugar. All of these ingredients are rather simple to find. All of the ingredients except for the monster extract are easily located at the general store in the Rito Village. Make sure to buy them in abundance or all of them in-case you mess up the cooking for a strange reason. The monster extract can be purchased off of Kilton at the fang and bone. Complete the shady customer sidequest as well as all of tarrey town to initiate this quest.

Only at nighttime you should go to the widow of the house to the right of the Tarrey Town in. Be sure to listen in with the appropriate action button and he will hear the situation. There will be little information as well as no marker. You must bake a cake using the little knowledge we have from the parents of the child. Light the cooking pot near Bolson and his co-worker and use the ingredients mentioned above and only use one of each. This should create a monster cake, once you have it bring it to the girls mother. Talk to them a few more times to complete the quest and this will complete all Akkala Sub-quests, Congratulations!

Tabantha Frontier Region Side Quests

Curry for what ails you:

This is a rather simple quest that you can acquire by talking to the man named Lester at the Rito Stable. Lester will be sitting by the cooking pot and when you talk to him he will ask Link for some Goron Spice. Head to the goron city general store and be sure to equip some fire resistant armor. Buy all the goron spice that you can in one go and return to Lester. He will also teach Link some curry recipes if you are paying attention. Finally he will reward Link and also trade him some Hylian Rice for Goron spice through-out the entire game.

The apple of my eye:

An easy quest that you can acquire by finding Juney sitting atop the Rito village. Juney is a woman that is here on her honeymoon with her Husband Jogo. She is pretty upset and wants some baked apples. If you give her one baked apple she will reward Link with 100 or a silver rupee. This will also complete the quest, however for every 10 baked apples you give the woman she will reward Link with 70 rupees. For 50 baked apples she will reward Link with 500 rupees. To craft baked apples you can set up a campfire even right near the quest. Just hold five at a time and drop them right near the campfire. Once they are "baked" pick them up so they don't burn quickly.

The spark of romance:

The spark of romance quest is a bit tricky to find or at least was for me. Jogo or Jugo I apologies for getting his name wrong. Jogo will be located inside the Rito Village inn area at least during the day-time. Talk to him and give him some flint to complete the quest. However, just like his wife Juney you can give him up to 50 Flint's for 500 rupees. 10 Flints will give you 70 rupees. Well at least they have something else in-common aside from being needy.

Find Kheel:

This quest is pretty simple, but it will lead into a few shrine quests. We are not going to cover the shrine quest in this section so let's just complete the sub-quest. It will have a yellow marker to make things even easier. First, talk to Amali right outside the shrine that is located in the Rito Village. This can only be done after completing the Vah Medoh dungeon. Amali will tell you Kheel is missing and she might have flown too the marker area. Amali is correct and once you find Kheel return to Amali for a silver rupee with the new information and news of her safety.

Face the Frost Talus:

I saved this quest for last, being that I like to fight the talus enemies. The quest is pretty simple enough, but it is a long trek all the way to the Hebra Mountain region of the game. Bring some cold resistance gear and some food/procurement items. There will be a marker for the area as well as some wind currents to ride up to the location faster. The Frost Talus is located exactly inside Coldsnap Hollow. The Frost Talus can freeze Link, so I recommend getting fire arrows earlier or before heading to the monster. Use the fire arrows to cool it down and than climb it's back and attack the crystal too defeat it.

If you are having trouble or are out of Fire arrows, try using either a meteor or fire rod to melt the ice around the Frost Talus. You can also use your Urbosa's Fury technique to take down the beast. If all else fails and your out of any means of fire. You can try the original under the arm swipe tactics and attempt too hit the crystals with arrows. This may be more wasteful than anything else so your best bet would be just too stock up on some fire arrows. You can find several at many towns in the game. Kakariko Village's Curious Quiver shop comes to mind simply enough for fire arrows. Once the Talus is defeated return to Gesane who is at the Rito Stable location where we started the quest. He will reward Link with 100 rupees as well as this completes all of the Tabantha Frontier Sub-Quests.

Woodland Region Side Quests

 The Freezing Rod:

This side-quest could be tough if you mistaken the fact, that you only need either one blizzard rod, or one ice rod. Secondly, if you know the location of either or, that will make things much less complicated. If you are looking for an ice rod too complete this quest quickly, simply head to the Foothill stable near Eldin Region. Head a bit south from this point near Cephla Lake area to the east. If you go a bit south of the shrine right near the stable you should easily spot the Blizzrobe. He will be by some wooden house ruins and is easy to take out. This Blizzrobe will always drop an ice rod so it becomes a static location after each blood moon event.

Kula, the korok will give Link this side-quest. She is located to the left of the storehouse inside the deku tree outside of the storehouse. She can be a little confusing to spot as there are so many koroks here. Another tip would be that she is located to the left of the Yellow face Korok that offers the Korok trials to Link. Once you have the ice rod show it too Kula and this will complete the sub-quest.

Legendary Rabbit Trial:

The Blupee can be found easily at the Tal'oh Naeg Shrine. This is located right near Kakariko Village. Head to the shrine at nighttime and wear the sheikah suit or take some stealth elixir's or food items. Use sneak mode to double the stealth effect and follow the consistent bluepee that spawns here just about always. Make sure to take a picture of the Blupee with the camera rune and note the exclamation point. You're Hyrule Compendium shot will not count, so save the actual picture and bring it back to Peeps the Korok. Peeps is inside the korok storehouse at nighttime. Peeps is also located right outside the storehouse during light hours. Show peeps the picture to complete the quest.

Riddles of Hyrule:

This quest is easy if you are starting it late game. First find the Korok that will initiate the quest on a small alcove high up on the Great Deku Tree. Once located, you will need to offer five items, one at a time. The Korok will give some riddles to help Link figure out what materials are too be offered. The first is simple, an apple. These are found just about everywhere in the game. The next is a Fortified Pumpkin, which can be purchased from Olkin at Kakariko village. Go near his pumpkin field and buy one for 20 Rupees.

The third material is a sun shroom, which can be found in various places in the game. One of which is near the side-quest from Hateno Village ancient tech laboratory. Remember when we first received the camera? Head to that location and you can find a large abundance of Sun Shrooms there. The name of the quest is Sun Shroom sensing and the area is located over the mountain from the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

The fourth material, is a voltfin trout. This one is hard to come by and I am pretty sure it is unavailable at Zora's Domain. You can farm one or two of these at the Hebra Plunge, which is a very far way off. Thanks to Caticulated's video on for the video information. I have not found another good static location for the voltfin trout yet and I apologize for that. If you have one and didn't start this quest yet hang onto them as they are very rare.

Finally, the Lynel Hoof can be farmed off of any Lynel enemy. Head to the Colisseum in Central Hyrule as a Lynel will always spawn in that location after a blood moon event. There are also several more Lynel spawn locations, mentioned in this guide. See the bestiary section here and check for the Lynels, there is a large amount of information there. Once you offer the Lynel Hoof the quest will soon complete and you will receive a precious diamond as you're reward.

Leviathan Bones:

You can pick up this quest only at the Serenne Stable that is Southeast of the Hebra Tower. This is still considered the Woodland region, it is just much easier to get too the stable from Hebra's Tower. Once at the stable, you should see three men chatting in the daytime. Talk to them to initiate the quest. The hardest part of this quest is definitely the Hebra Leviathan bones.

Near the Hebra North Summit text on the world map, you should see a very small pool of water if fully zoomed in to the slight southeast. If you go too the pool of water you should use Cryonis and place two pillars of ice on the water together. Please, save you're game before going to the snowball up the small mountain east of the small pool of water. Make sure to locate the snowball and pick it up. Throw it down the hill so it rolls over the two Cryonis ice pillars and hits the gate below, breaking it and granting Link entrance too the ice cavern. Inside the ice cavern, simply take a picture of the Leviathan's bones.

The next two Leviathan bones are easy, especially if you have completed the desert and Eldin Region areas of the game. Go to the North of Eldin and it may not be visible text on the map if you have not been too this area yet. Once you get there, Great Eldin Skeleton or something similar should pop up on the screen. If you are lost please see my video playlist at the very end of this guide and type in " Korok Seed Trials" in my search engine.

Finally, you can head to the Hawa Koth Shrine which is right near the Great Fairy in the Gerudo Desert Region. This is also the Gerudo Great Skeleton. Be sure to take a picture of it only when the exclamation mark is showing or it will not count. Once you have all three pictures return too the men at the Serenne Stable. They will reward Link with 300 rupees or a gold rupee.

Balloon Flight:

This is a very simple quest, however, the kid to initiate the quest with may be a little sneaky to find. First, know that he is a small kid so he could be hard to see behind the three barrels at the Woodland Stable. Talk too the kid and he will simply ask to make the barrels fly with an octo balloon. To acquire an octo balloon, Link must defeat and loot an octorock enemy. These are the octopus looking creatures that spit rocks at Link, during his travels. They can be very annoying so you probably have a balloon or more right now. Simply hold the octo balloon near the barrel and attach it. The barrel will float up into the air. The kid will be happy and share his dreams with Link! He will also reward you with an amazing star fragment and complete the quest.

The Korok Trials:

The Korok Trials can only be initiated after you have pulled the Master Sword from it's sleeping place. Talk to Chio the yellow faced Korok near the korok storehouse. He will start the questline. The first part is simple as the markers appear on the map. Follow in any order you wish too each korok. I personally started with the sneaking quest which was the Korok too the south, I could be mistaken!

You should know, that you will have to stick too the paths, or you can get lost in the lost woods and have to restart from the beginning of the Korok Village. Once you reach the first Korok too the south, he will instruct Link too follow his friend without getting noticed. This is very annoying, because even if you reach the end of the level and get caught you must start from the beginning all over again!

There are three tricks that I can tell you, possibly four. First wear you're obvious Sheikah Set of armor. Next, stay crouched and keep a very nice distance. Stay as far away from the Korok as possible while still keeping him in sight. Once he reaches the broken tree, keep your distance as some tree branches will fall down and it will make the Korok frightened a bit. Eventually you will reach the halfway point and go through a hollow log. At this point stay and wait at the end of the log, until the Korok says he thinks that he sees a ghost.

Once the Korok states the ghost comment, he will walk back a good amount and this can cause you too get caught if you were following too closely, restarting the quest. If you can get past that part, it's simple enough from that point. Make you're way too the shrine, once the Korok says he is done and such, you can approach him freely and activate the shrine. The Shrine is a blessing Shrine. The reward inside will be an ancient core.

Next up is the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest, talk to the korok named Zooki too initiate the shrine quest at the 2nd furthest yellow marker in the Korok village. This one is easier than the first trial, but is still pretty tough. I found the twisty puzzle at the end rewarding enough though. What you want to do is look for the iron inside the mouths of all the trees. There are about 6 iron balls in total. You may have to stretch out a bit with some trial and error fails. Once you see the two torches lit along the way you are in the right direction.

Head to the two lit torches and defeat the enemies that are probably stal-enemies. Use bombs remote, than roll too finish them off. Next, pick up the rusty shield and drop it in the mouth of the tree as instructed. Finally, here is the twisted part that I enjoyed! The tree is referring to the actual treasure chest that just appeared, so put that chest in the mouth of the next tree after riding the raft too it. This will open the way too the next shrine which is a blessing shrine and complete the shrine quest. Inside the reward is a Giant Ancient Core.

This was the easiest of all the korok trials for me. If you have revali's gale you can fly over all the enemies very easily. If not you can run through pretty easily as well. You might want to bring some fire arrows along the way for the crates near the start of the trial. However, beware that you're weapons are made of wood and if they burn they will be destroyed. This will restart the trial from the beginning if any single one of them are destroyed. Once you make it too the shrine, you will receive a blessing, inside the chest is another Ancient Core. Finally, you can now talk to Chio at the Korok village. He will offer Link, three hearty truffles for completing the trials. This will complete the Korok Trials sub-quest.

Hebra Region Side Quests

Stalhorse Pictured: 

You can pick up the lone Hebra Region quest at the snowfield stable. Talk too the women who is usually inside the right corner of the stable. She will ask Link to get a picture of a stalhorse and hint that they can be found towards the north. At nighttime head too the two skull camps to the north of the snowfield stable. Clear out some of the enemies for an easier time, but make sure too have the camera rune out. Take a picture of the Stal Bokoblin on the stalhorse and make sure you see the exclamation point. Once completed head back too the woman with the picture to complete the quest.

Ridgeland Region Sub Quests
 A Gift for the Great Fairy:
This is an easy quest if you already located the great fairy. You are going to have to complete the quest if you want 100% completion rate. To do this go to the Tabantha Bridge Stables and talk to a man there named Toren. The Tabantha Bridge Stables is located at the Northwestern area of the Ridgelands Region. If you have not found the great fairy fountain, head to it near the Tabantha Great Bridge. There are a bunch of sky patrolling guardians near the fountain. You can clear these guys out or just run by them towards the Great Fairy fountain.

You will also need a large number of rupees if this is your last great fairy that you will awaken. It may take up to 3,000 rupees to awaken this great fairy. Once you have paid the rupees to the great fairy, return to Toren at the Tabantha Bridge Stables. He will then let you keep the 500 rupees he lent you. This will complete the side-quest as well as activate another great fairy.

Lake Hylia Region Sub Quests

Hunt for the Giant Horse: 

This quest is actually rather difficult. The first difficult part is actually finding the NPC that gives the sidequest. There is a location called Mounted Archery Camp. This area is south of Lake Hylia and south west of the Lake Tower. It is near the end of the road if you are looking on the world map. The location is also rather small, try looking for smoke from it's cooking pot in the sky. There is also a bokoblin camp somewhat close to this area.

Once you find the location, speak to the NPC with the exclamation marker above their head. They will instruct you to find the giant horse. The giant horse is located near the Taobag Grasslands which is northwest of this location. Be sure to take a picture of the horse for your Hyrule Compendium or you may forget to for later and have to purchase the picture at Hateno Tech Laboratory. Also, note that this area is very dry in appearance and has weird trees. You should notice the horse due to it's size and it being surrounded by several smaller horses.

Use the shiekah armor set to sneak up on the Giant Horse. It will take a large amount of stamina to soothe the creature! Make sure to have some stamina food or elixirs or at least near maximum the amount of stamina. This means have your stamina meter upgraded to the maximum. Keep mashing the "L" button and the horse will be soothed. You can now ride it but it has has no indications on how many times you can make the Giant Horse go faster. You can still soothe it to increase your bond however.

The next problem is the route to actually getting back to the NPC to complete the quest. I got stuck here and took a long way back and eventually went down a mountain side, through the bokoblin camp I mentioned earlier. This is possibly, but perhaps it is not the best route. I apologize but you can do what I did. Just head down the mountains and keep tapping the "A" button. The horse will eventually run down a mountain side or at least fall down one. Avoid enemies or the horse may knock Link off and you will have to mount it again. Your reward will be a silver rupee and of course the Giant Horse. Note, this is one of the better side-quest in the game.

The Horseback Hoodlums:

This quest is much easier than the quest with the Giant Horse. Head to the stable that is located in the Lake Hylia Region. Talk to the NPC in the area with the exclamation point on their head. They will instruct you to defeat some bokoblins that are destroying the areas near the stable. This is very easy to complete, just have a few weapons on you specifically arrows to knock the bokoblins off their horses. There will be a total of five bokoblins on horseback. Defeat all the bokoblins than return to the NPC near the horse feed. The NPC will reward you with quest completion as well as an awesome Endura Carrot!

Faron Region Sub Quest

 A Gift of Nightshade:

A Gift of Nightshade is a pretty simple fetch quest to accomplish. The hard part may be finding the Lurelin Village in the Faron Region. Also the NPC Wabbin is near the heart-shaped lake a bit south of the Lurelin village. Once you find the town and Wabbin speak with him to initiate the quest. Nightshade is found pretty commonly near the Great Fairy Fountain in or at Kakariko village area in the Necluda Region. There are plenty near the great fairy fountain as well as on the mountain tops surrounding the area. Once you have at least one return it to Wabbin for your reward, which will be some rupees.

Sunken Treasure: 

There is another NPC at the Lurelin village docks named Rozel. Talk to him and select the "about the ocean" option. This will initiate a side-quest for collecting some treasure chest. On the world map there are three small triangle shaped islands, the treasures are located in this area which is a bit south-east of Rozel and Lurelin village itself. Collect all the treasures from the chest then you can return to Rozel. Rozel will complete the side-quest, but you will also gain a nice thunderblade from the treasure chest. You will also gain several ores or gems for digging up those treasures!

Take Back the Sea:

Speak with the next NPC of Lurelin Village whose name is Sebasto. Sebasto will tell you of bokoblins at a campsite south east of the village wreaking some havoc. This is a simple combat side-quest. Head to the designated area and clear out the bokoblins at their campsite. There may also be some extra enemies along the way, such as Lizalfos. There may also be a moblin or two at the camp so bring some extra procurement ( healing ) items just to be safe. Once you have cleared out the area return to Sebasto to complete the quest and earn a reward as well which will be 100 rupees or a silver rupee.

What's For Dinner?:

Another NPC named Kiana will also be at the Lurelin village. This is an easy cooking material fetch quest and by this point in the game you should easily know where to get the materials. You will need some goat butter, which can be purchased at many shops in the villages of breath of the wild. Hateno village comes to mind simply. There is also a hearty blueshell snail which is a bit rare, but can be found sneaking along fresh water areas often and lakes. Think Lanayru region and Zora's domain. Once you have both ingredients deliver them to the woman Kiana and she will reward you with quest completion as well as a nice 100 rupees worth of one silver rupee!

Thunder Magnet:

Thunder Magnet is a nice little quest with one of the best side-quest rewards in the game, so be sure to do this one! You can get the awesome armor set piece of the Rubber Helmet. It is shaped like a rare Zelda type fish, such as the wind fish or even reminds me a bit of Jabu Jabu. It is really awesome looking. To get the item you must head to the lakeside stable which is located south east of the Faron Region. This is right near the Floria Bridge, listen for stable music is you are a bit lost.

Once at the stable, talk to the woman feeding the horses around noontime. She will tell you her story and if you look up at the top of the horse head of the lakeside stable there is an axe sitting on the head of the horse. Climb up to this area when it is not raining nor a lightning storm. Remove the axe then show it to the woman. She will reward Link with quest completion as well as the Rubber Helmet for the rubber armor set.

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