The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Walkthrough & Guide: Treasure Chests
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Treasure Chests:

Outside Oman Au Shrine:
I found two treasure chest right outside the Oman Au shrine inside the small body of water. There are also some more metal crates around the area. Also, note a long metal rod that I am not sure of its use at the moment. To get the two treasure chest you will need the Magnesis Rune. Once you have acquired it from Oman Au Shrine's Trial you can use it to pick up both chests. One contains an Opal and the other contains an Amber, both of these are Material items. Treasure Chest #1 - #2

Eastern Abbey Bai Ju Shrine:

This treasure chest is located near what eventually becomes the bombs shrine. I apologize for forgetting the game name at the moment. It is near an inactive machine that Link can loot. There is also a small pond near the machine with some Hyrule Bass swimming around in it. The player should easily notice the Treasure chest here and if you have the Magnises Rune you can acquire it easily. I personally found an Amber in mine. This may be random or different to other players. Treasure Chest #3

South of the Temple of Time:
There is a body of water South of the Temple of time and you can see it over a hill from the first time we meet the Old Man after leaving the Shrine of Ressurection. If you look below and go to the area there is a bombable layer of boulders. You must have the remote bomb rune to break them. If you use the bombs here it will reveal an Opal inside the chest. Treasure Chest #4

The Temple of Time:
In the Great Plateau Region, you may have found the Temple of Time a bit early. Either way, there is a Treasure Chest in this area that contains a Traveler's Bow. Treasure Chest #5

Old Man's Cabin:
Take the 2nd wood cutter's ax from the inside of the Old Man's Cabin. Use it to cut down one of the trees to form a bridge to get to the other side of the mountain. You will need the remote bombs here to bomb the boulder wall. Inside the boulder wall will be a treasure chest containing some Fire Arrows x5. Treasure Chest #6

Bokoblin Camp near Old Man's Cabin:
Right near the old man's cabin is another Bokoblin campsite. After clearing the area, make sure to break the wood surrounding the small cave. Use remote bombs or the woodcutter's ax. Once inside beware of the beehive. You can shoot it down or sneak to avoid the bees and open the chest which reveals 5x Bomb Arrows. If the bees catch you they do little damage but it can stack over time. Shoot them with a few basic arrows to brush them away. Treasure Chest #7

Bokoblin Campsite near River of the Dead and Snowy Mountains:
Near the River of the Dead and pass some white or ice Chuchu enemies you should see green grass start to fill the game world again. In this area is a small Bokoblin camp. It has a tough enemy here with a very strong weapon called the Soldier's Broadsword. The Bokoblin is green so take him down first. When the area is cleared pick up the sword and shoot down the ropes holding the wooden path above. The wood should fall allowing Link to walk up to the two Treasure Chests. These both contain Opal and Amber material items. Treasure Chest #8-#9

In the water near Ken Namut Shrine ( CRYONIS ):
After getting the Cryonis rune use it to form a bridge towards the treasure chest in the water. Use the Cryonis underneath the chest to lift it up then jump to it. Open the chest to reveal its contents which consist of some Opal material. Treasure Chest #10

Trail to Owa Daim Shrine:
Along the trail to Owa Daim shrine you will encounter a few Bokoblin campsites. Defeat all the Bokoblins to get the treasure chests. They have small rewards such as a bundle of basic arrows and some cheaper materials. Treasure Chest #11 + #12 + #13

Outside Owa Daim Shrine:
Right outside the Owa Daim shrine and after acquiring the Stasis Rune you can use it on the large rock in this area. Use the stasis than attack the rock several times. Make sure the rock is pointing in front of Link. Once the Stasis kicks in the rock will be blasted and you will find the next treasure chest. Treasure Chest #14

Atop the Temple of Time:
You may be able to get this bow early if you climb the Temple before meeting the king. If not you should notice it during the main story. Just climb the temple of time and head left once on the roof. Inside will be a chest that contains the Soldier's Bow. Treasure Chest #15

Outpost Ruins West:
If you are exploring the West Necluda Region you will run into the Outpost Ruins. The second half is infested with Moblin's while the first half has Bokoblins and Stal Bokoblins at night. There may be the occasional blue Chuchu as well. Treasure Chest #16 is in this area inside one of the broken down structures. It contains a bundle of very useful 10x arrows. In this same area, if you continue searching through the ruins, each structure should have three more treasure chests for Treasure Chest #17-19 One of these chest contains a red rupee and another an amber. The Final chest is something common like a traveler's bow.

Outpost Ruins East:
After exploring the western side of the Outpost Ruins I headed east. There will be several large Moblin enemies here. You can sneak attack them easily for a one shot kill. This is made even easier if you are using the Sheikah Stealth armor set which increases your stealth abilities. In this area near one of the ruined castles and inside is Treasure Chest #20 which is a 10x bundle of arrows.

Bokoblin Campsite West of Scout's Hill:
West of Scout's Hill you may see a bridge that leads to the next region. You may also see this giant yellow dragon like beast. We will save that for later. For now, clear out the bokoblin camp. One of the bokoblins will or should have a Soldier's shield on them. If you clear out the entire area and head up the top of the camp you can get the next treasure chest #21 which contains 5x Ice Arrows.

West Necluda, River south of Proxim Bridge:
You may notice a circle of strange rocks south of Proxim Bridge. I am not sure what those do at the moment but there is also a treasure chest in the water over here. Use Cryonis to form ice blocks so you can get closer to the chest. When close enough lift the chest with Cryonis and jump to it. Open the chest to reveal some materials. Treasure Chest #22

Proxim Bridge Bokoblin Camp:
If you cross Proxim Bridge you should meet a man that talks about the end of the world! Talk to him and learn a few things about the story then move on pass the bridge. You should see a campfire to the right that you may use for food. Directly ahead from that campfire is a Bokoblin campsite however, it does not have a skull chest here. It does have a regular chest that contains some arrows be sure to open it for Treasure Chest #23.

Hickaly wood and Baumer Hills, West Necluda Region:
There is one treasure chest in the Hickalay wood near the traveling merchants camp. You are going to need cryonis and use it on the water to acquire the chest. The next one is down the river from where all the Lizalfos are located. Both chest contain a small note worthy material such as opal. Treasure Chest #24-#25

Skull Treasure Chest
Skull Chest #1:There is a Bokoblin base camp near a small pond directly north of the first tower in the game. This is in the Great Plateau area of the game. If you defeat all of the Bokoblins in this area the Skull Chest will unlock with the traditional Zelda tone. Inside should be a Traveler Sword unless the chest contents are random per playthrough.

Skull Chest #2:
There will be a large Skull Head Bokoblin camp a bit North of the Eastern Abbey in the Great Plateau Region of the game. You may notice some explosives inside of it as well as the camp being covered with Bokoblin enemies. If you defeat all of the Bokoblins the Skull Chest will become available to open and it reveals 5x Fire Arrows inside.

Skull Chest #3:
Near the Old Man's Cabin is a Bokoblin camp that can be tough. Come prepared with some procurement items and take the Bokoblins on. You can use the beehive in your favor. Although it is quite tough because you first must break the wooden barrier. Once completed inside the skull chest is an awesome high damage throwing spear!

Skull Chest #4:
At the Great Plateau area if you head to the Forest of Spirits section of that region you will find another Bokoblin camp. Defeat all of the Bokoblins at the camp and you will acquire some materials.

Skull Chest #5:
This skull chest is located right smack in the middle of Hopper Pond in the Great Plateau Region. Defeat all of the Bokoblins at the campsite and the Skull Chest will open. Inside should reveal a small treasure such as 5x Arrows or a sellable material.

Skull Chest #6:
This chest is located on the way to Kakariko Village. It is a necessary part of the Priceless Maracas Sub-Quest for Hestu. Defeat the Bokoblins at the campsite and than collect the skull chest and return to Hestu for your rewards.

Skull Chest #7:
This chest is located at a Bokoblin campsite which is near the dueling peaks and a small part of the river. It's also on the way to the Dueling Peaks Stables so it is pretty easy to find but can be overlooked. It's worth going here because for me it was my first Boomerang weapon. The boomerang is cool so you might want to check this one out.

Skull Chest #8:
Up in the mountains near the Mable Ridge text on the world map at West Necluda Region will be a Bokoblin campsite. Defeat all the Bokoblins enemies and you will acquire a small reward in this skull chest #8.

Skull Chest #9:
This chest is located at the bokoblin campsite on the beach near the Hills of Baumer in West Necluda Region. It is also near the bombable boulder cave. Defeat all the bokoblins at the campsite to unlock the chest which is a minor reward.

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