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The Magic Hag:

This is going to be a creative section on what I think should or could be added into a future open air Legend of Zelda Title. I would also like the readers to share their ideas with me. So please email me at I would love to hear your ideas and hopefully make original artwork around them.

Once again this is purely a creative section, these items are not in the game. I just think they are some cool ideas of my own and since this game has pretty much everything covered why not dream a little bit right? Thanks for viewing, if you enjoy shoot me an email once again with ideas or just to chat about games, I can add you to our discord when your bored. Don't forget to see the video guide below and subscribe. Finally, Welcome to the M.H.P.S. " The Magic Hags Potion Shop ".

Jar of BeesSticky Chu JellyRed Potion

Jar of Bees:
This is a rather amazingly interesting concept that I was drooling over in a game called Dragon Age Inquisition. If you haven't heard of that game or don't know what it is you might want to look into it. It had a really deep and amazing lore system and some very other interesting story mechanics. This item was one of the amazing ideas in the game that keep me interested. Basically and like the name implies, it is a Jar with bees inside. If you toss it at an enemy the bees would swarm the foe and deal damage overtime as well as distract the enemy.

I feel this would have been really amazing if used in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. We already have a throw mechanic in the game and knowing Nintendo's skills at control aspect in video games they could've pulled off a nice lob toss easily. Even if we didn't have the lob toss we could have still equipped this one as a weapon. Say it was a bottle and you can throw it like any other weapon in the game. Except it is a jar filled with honey and some bees. You hold the closed jar and throw it just like you would a normal weapon. The enemy if hit is swarmed by bees and they would take damage over time as well as be distracted for some nice bow shots for a short period of time, or until death.

Where dragon age failed is that they had this great idea in mind, with a poor combat and control system. Nintendo, who is excellent with control seemed to lack this idea. Strange because bees actually swarm enemies in the game if I am not mistaken. They at least can swarm Link for sure as it's happen to me plenty of times. Perhaps time constraints, but if someone "special" is reading this, maybe we can get something like this in the next Zelda game or amazingly sooner?

For lore sake, the Jar of Bees is sold by the Curios Magic Hag at the imaginary Magic Hag's potion shop, in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. DLC may consist of more items and once again remember this is completely my imagination. The jar of bees will last for a short period of time and can majorly distract enemies including Lynels. This leaves them vulnerable at a range for attacks with the bow and arrows. Beware, as if you get to close to melee certain enemies will be striking wildly with their weapons. This can cause Link to get hit in a panic attack by the enemy. The Bottle and Bees sell for 50 rupees each and you can carry as many as you can if you have the weapon slots to do so.

Sticky Chu Jelly Bombs:
These chu jelly bombs will stick to an enemies face and make them unable to see for a short duration. The coolest thing about the chu jelly bombs is that each of them have different effects depending on which type of chu chu jelly is used. For example, red chu chu jelly sticky bombs will not only stick to the opponents face and blind them, but also set them ablaze! This will deal burning damage over time and is very effective against Lynels and ice elemental based foes.

Ice chu jelly will leave a small aura of frost than can freeze nearby enemies for a short time. Green chu chu jelly will poison the targeted foe for a duration making their health drop to none lower than 1%. This will make finishing them off a breeze. Try experimenting with different types of chu chu jelly sticky bombs against various enemies and see the results. Remember you can craft or farm chu chu jelly and change it to the sticky variation by using monster extract in a cooking pot. Be warned as if the incorrect recipe is used results could be rather dangerous!

Classic Red Potion:
Wow, I never thought I would see the day that this item would be removed from the series. I guess we have so many "bottle" slots in Breath of the Wild as well as food and procurement items, that it was obviously unnecessary. It still would've been nice to be either able to craft this one at a cooking pot, or just get in somehow. The more quantity the better I say if the game's quality is already there. Which it surely is, as many would agree. Why not just keep adding more in this case. Two DLC's may just not be enough. If you want to stack some of these in Breath of the Wild, your going to either have to write to Nintendo or join me in make believe land for 20 Rupees a piece at the Magic Hags Potion Shop.

Beetle RuneTeleport Rune
Beetle Rune:
It would be nice to have this back, especially for being one of my all-time favorite Zelda items. We could have it fully upgraded, perhaps even with the Jet beetle enhancement. Except to make it not so over powered, possibly a fuel meter even would be a cool idea with a recharge time or cool-down ratio. The beetle would be able to pick up rupees, objects, bombs and the like and even drop them down on enemies. It could be attached as a 7th rune, controlled with Nintendo motion controls on WiiU and Nintendo Switch.

The beetle is an ancient Sheikah mini-guardian scout prototype. It was used by the Legendary Hero 10,000 years ago. This era's hero again known as Link will enjoy the company of this little drone. The beetle will cost a hefty price of 10,000 rupees to download to the Sheikah Slate. However, it is well worth it and can be used in various ways on many of the games interactions and items. It can even be used to summon a cube or ball bomb, switch over to the Hook Beetle and drop that same bomb over a Moblin's big fat head!

Teleportation Rune:
I asked the board what they would like to see if a new rune was ever added. Someone mentioned a teleportation rune. At first I thought it wouldn't fit the game and might be going too far. I figured we already had the town warp or shrine warp ability through the Sheikah Slate. However, on second thought this is something too work with. After Final Fantasy XV had the warp strike, and we should know how SquareEnix is not the best control programmers in the world. I feel this could be implemented well in a future open-air Zelda title.

Let's step back from a full blown teleport skill and look at a gamer like Overwatch with the Tracer characters "blink" ability. It is a short range burst teleportation skill and is amazingly fun to use. That is one example of how it could have been done. We can elaborate and stretch upon the idea and think of FFXV. In Final Fantasy XV the warp strike was a huge mechanic if not the biggest gameplay mechanic in the game's combat system. Would it be a bad idea to even add this ability to the latter mentioned blink or make it stand alone, except done in all of Nintendo's majestic majesty?

Finally, the full blown Diablo 2 LoD sorceress teleport ability. You can travel the entire map very quickly with this. The major problem would be the game probably crashing. Not only that it would eliminate the exploration factor in my opinion. It would make it a completely different game and is way better suited for a game with RNG or random number generated maps such as the diablo series. It's nice to think about but I think many people would agree it's just too big of an idea.

The teleportation rune in The Legend Of Zelda, Breath of the Wild can be purchased at the Magic Hag's Potion Shop for a hefty price of yet again 10,000 green rupees. Start saving them now and you will have the ability to Blink and Strike your foes up too 3 times before the cool-down begins! Remember that this is a rune item, however it has a much longer cool-down of up too 2 minutes before being able to use the stored blinks/teleports again.

Radio Rune

Radio Rune:
For the small price of only 200 rupees Link can have access to changeable music during you're exploration and journeys of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The radio rune itself cost 200 rupees, however there are all types of music that can be found throughout the world of Hyrule. Ancient Sheikah manuscript with music pages on them are scattered across the world. Some are still very much in-tact and can even be purchased from certain merchants. Some ancient manuscripts of music will be rewarded as side-quest rewards or even given to Link by certain koroks. There are over 80 musical manuscripts to find and enjoy in make believe Zelda breath of the wild, can you get them all?

Molduga HelmetMagic Armor
Molduga Helmets:
These precious helmets are beautiful in design and grace. For the price of 800 rupees each you can dawn a Molduga Helmet which gives Link a few extra passive abilities. For one, you gain Molduga Sense, which allows Link to not only defeat a Molduga in one hit, but it also yields more rewards after killing a Molduga. Molduga's of the Gerudo Desert Region, mainly drop 1-2 treasure chest. With this helmet equipped they can drop up to four chest as well as triple the basic drops and rewards. This can include even precious ores, Molduga fins, and Molduga guts in excess.

Sadly, the Molduga Helmet will break after the vicious battle with a Molduga as the in-game lore states. Basically, it will shatter immediately after a Molduga is defeated. You will have to return to the Magic Hag's Potion Shop and purchase another Molduga Helmet to equip. Fortunately you may buy up to four of these helmets at a time. They restock every few real-time hours or in-game days and nights passing. Ideally you would want to purchase four, because there are four Molduga's in the game. This means you can hunt them all in one run, then pick up four more helmets for a farm later on.

Magic Armor:
It's quite a pain to me that this armor wasn't included at all in any variation in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I loved it so much especially in Twilight Princess. It also made a nice little cameo in the Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. I think there is one other game I am missing maybe two more for a spin-off Zelda. However, those two games had great Magic Armor items and they come to mind greatly.

At the Magic Hag's Potion Shop, The Magic Armor is immensely Expensive, but it comes adorned with the armor, the boots, and the magic helmet. This set is a Treasured Prize of the King of Hyrule, It is a curios of the Kings passed down through the generations and is now a legendary rare curios that the Magic Hag has kept safe, for a price of course.

The Magic Armor, will make Link invulnerable, however each time Link is hit he will lose rupees. This can add up rather quickly and be a big hole in your rupee wallet. Use it when you are feeling rich or feeling most feared by the notorious enemies of the game. The Magic armor is brilliant in art and design and is one of the most extravagant pieces of armor in not only the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, but in the entire Legend of Zelda series.

Magic LampBug Net
Magic Lamp:
The Magic Lamp is the alternative too using the Torch in dark lit areas of the game. There are also a few additional perks while using the magic lamp. For one you can change the glow color of the lamp if you head to the Dye Shop at Hateno Village. Talk to the owner of the store in that area, when you have the Lamp in your inventory. The dye shop owner will tell Link of a new experimental bulb dye he is creating. It will take link 10 fireflies and some of the basic monster parts to dye your Lamp's bulb color. Link can change the color of the Lamp to just about any color of dye that is found for armors in the game.

The Magic Lamp cost 3,000 rupees and can not break. You can lose your lamp if you happen to throw it so be careful or you will have to purchase another Magic Lamp. The item can not melt ice blocks or anything that is cold, like a torch or fire arrow can. The base structure of this lamp is special in design, made from an ancient material possibly before the events 10,000 years ago. Knowing the nature of the Magic Hag, perhaps it is just a link to the past.

Bug Net:
I was talking about having this item and a fishing rod on with some people. The few I did talk too said it was unnecessary, that may be true but what if we had the option? The option as I stated before never hurt anyone, it just takes a bit extra work. Say we had the bug net with a nice new WiiU/Switch control scheme. There are tons of bugs, critters, etc in this game too catch right? So why not use the Bug Net too catch them?

The Bug net could yield double the rewards per catch, rather then just one. You could make it a breakable item like the torch and it uses a different animation outside of battle. Of course we can also go the unbreakable route and make it a rune. I feel that wouldn't stop anyone from using it over there bear hands though. Best idea would be to make it breakable in the weapon inventory slot. It takes up a slot this way, so if you don't have one handy you are out of luck on double items.

I also think it would be cool if they limited the amount of places you can get the Bug Net in. For example it can be in only 1-2 locations and respawns only after a blood moon event. Once again this is just speculation and future ideas for the next Zelda game or perhaps more DLC for Zelda - Breath of the Wild?

Nightwing BoomerangThe Boko HookShot

Nightwing Boomerang:
This is a rare and dark boomerang made from the fur and skins of the keese bat-like enemies found all throughout the land of Hyrule. This weapon has a pretty high durability rating and has a somewhat low attack power at only 17. However, the weapon shines as it can restore hearts with each hit of the boomerang. This effect only works at nighttime and can stack with certain special armors. Try using it with the Dark Link armor set for an extra bonus. You can purchase this item from the magic hag's potion shop. This is a fake item once again and is in no way connected with the real game. I would like it too be, and if you have a weapon creation to list here, let me know! I will attempt to make a story and artwork behind it, unless you have some yourself of course.

Boko Hookshot:
♣ Written By: Lucidious83, Special thanks to Wiiking96 - ♣

If the hookshot was in this game, I feel like it should be implemented in a much more manual, multipurpose way to allow for a lot of interesting possibilities with the open world. I think we're thinking too small by thinking of it as only a tool for climbing things faster. This is how I would implement this rune. Once you shoot the hookshot and attach it to something, it doesn't automatically retract to move you to that spot. Instead, the chain connects and then stays there until you act. From here, you have a few options:
  • Press R again to instantly retract the entire chain, zipping you to your destination.
  • Press the Up Arrow directional button, to slowly retract the chain.
  • Press the Down Arrow directional button, to slowly extend the chain.
  • Use the analog stick to move around while the chain is extended.
  • Press A on a new target in range of you, to attach your end of the chain to a new target.
Each of these things seem simple, but give you incredible versatility with the open world design. For example, you could hookshot a ledge above you, then jump off a cliff while the chain is still retracted, allowing you to swing from it like a rope. Or, you could hookshot a ledge at your feet, then slowly extend the chain as you use it to descend a steep drop, and get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy below. Or you could hookshot an explosive barrel, then attach the other end of the chain to an enemy, and then press R to instantly retract the chain to have the enemy and the barrel collide with each other. Or you can just instantly retract the chain after hooking to a surface, and use it like the classic Hookshot to get around.

To balance this rune, it would have a cooldown timer, similarly to Bomb/Stasis (but a bit longer). And when used to retract while Link is attached, it will also consume stamina as if you did a climbing jump.The puzzle, environmental, and combat applications of a rune like this would be amazing. Electric puzzles where you link a metal object with a distant electrified object to create a current through the entire chain. Puzzles that have you chaining a boulder to a ceiling, then stasis the hanging boulder so you can build up energy to swing it into a wall to collapse it.

Tether an enemy to a horse and then spook the horse so it drags the enemy helplessly. Stasis a boulder and build up energy, then chain an enemy to it right before it launches and see them fly. Hook on to a dragon and let it take you for a ride as you swing from it all around Hyrule. Tether yourself to a Molduga for some xtreme seal surfing. Oh, and as far climbing goes, remember that you can't even USE runes while climbing or in the air. So unless you can find a ledge to securely stand on after each use of the hookshot, it's not going to replace climbing at all.

- Lucidious89 relayed by wiiking96. My notes, I would just like to see this item as a weapon possibly breakable like the boomerang? that would limit the op potential maybe?...

Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield:
Please remember these items are not in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. These are just what if ideas created by either myself or other users around the web. Mainly by myself and I have taken the input of ideas from others to make things more well-rounded. For this one, people like the idea of storing elemental or magical attacks inside the mirror shield. Perhaps afterwards, releasing some kind of stored magical energy. Perhaps the stored magical energy could be fire for example, if we stored enough fire. Another good example would be lightning.

I think these are some good ideas and I am also happy that we have the Ancient Shield which acts similar to the mirror shield in a sense. However, it is not the same item. The mirror shield has been in several Zelda games and is/was an important item to many players including myself. I am a bit griped it's not in this game especially since we have so many shield options at our disposal.

The good news is, they may be adding in this item for real, with the future DLC #2 pack. I just have some idea that Nintendo may listen to their fans on this one and bring this awesome item back. If so I would like to see it have an interesting perk, like it did in the previous Zelda games. Except maybe more befitting or at least beneficial to the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game. For example we could reflect maybe the light from the sun or even moon to light dark areas. Maybe we can use sunlight with the mirror shield to blind enemies for a few moments and then follow up with attacks. It would also be nice if this item was indestructible or at least repairable similar to the Hylian shield and the Thunder Helmet.

In conclusion, I am pretty sure I am not the only one that would love to see the Mirror Shield return in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. In my opinion it could come with DLC pack #2 and if not that, you can probably bet your bottom tail spin that it will be in the next installment of the game, or else that is. ( Joking :P ).

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