The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Walkthrough & Guide: Shrines
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Great Plateau

Oman Au Shrine

Oman Au will be the first shrine many people encounter in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It is part of the main questline and you will find the Magnesis Rune here. It also holds the Magnesis Trial which is rather simple to complete. For a full walkthrough see the main quest walkthrough at the top of this guide. For now, I will just mention how to get through it quickly. I would like to note that these sections will be updated for Master Mode, which is going to be the harder difficulty setting. It will also be updated for a speed-run and possibly something else extra so keep checking this site daily.

Once again you first will need to put the Sheikah Slate into the stone to activate the Magnesis Rune. Once complete move the metal platforms on the floor to reveal a ladder. Take the ladder down to get to the opposite side of the gate. Move the metal block in the stone wall then head towards the drone enemy. Defeat the Guardian Scout enemy with one of the metal platforms by holding it high in the air. Once in the air release or cancel the Magnesis and have it crash done on the drones head. Afterward, move the next platform to form a bridge and finally use the Magnises Rune to open up the doors leading to the monk. The Monk will then give us our first spirit orb and we can keep the Magnesis Rune.

 Master Mode

In Master Mode the Guardian Scout enemy will be much tougher. It will probably kill Link if you attack it head-on. Be doubly sure to use the Metal Platform as your means of attack. Like stated in the walkthrough, being resourceful is your companion in Breath of the Wild's Master Mode difficulty.

Jah Baji Remote Bomb Trial

Ja Baji Shrine:
This might be the best second shrine to go too. Personally, for me, I just love the bombs from Zelda and the graphics for this rune just look awesome. To add to this subject they are extremely fun to use and come in two forms. To acquire the rune it is part of the main storyline but you can head to the last three shrines in any order. This shrine named Ja Baji is located at the very eastern end of the Great Plateau in an area called the Eastern Abbey on the world map.

Be sure to complete the trial and get used to using the bombs inside it. Remember they can damage Link if used incorrectly. There are two types and both can be detonated at will. Also remember you can acquire a Traveler's Claymore here which is a two-handed weapon. It has the same whirlwind attack as the wood cutter's ax but packs more power and a bit less durability. There is also an opal material to find in the treasure chest at the end of the trial.

Keh Namut Shrine

Keh Namut Shrine:
This was the 3rd shrine of the Great Plateau that I went to. You can find a Traveler's spear inside this area if you use the Cryonis to raise Link to a small alcove above. The shrine can be a long trek to find and you will need a Warm Doublet or at least a few spicy elixir procurement items. As a matter of fact, anything that can increase cold resistance time for link will help greatly for the journey. Most importantly once again is the Warm Doublet. See our armors section above on how to obtain the armor.

Owa Daim Shrine
Owa Daim Shrine:
Owa Daim Shrine can be found ontop of Mount Hylia which is the snowy area of the Great Plateau Region. There will be several bokoblin campsites along the way so come prepared with food. Most importantly have a Warm Doublet or at least some procurement items that can keep Link warm. Don't forget to grab the Iron Sledgehammer as well as the Traveler's shield once inside the shrine. Please see the items section and main walkthrough for more information.

Kakariko Village

Bosh Kala Shrine

Bosh Kala Shrine:
The Wind Guides you Shrine is located right before a bridge a little past Scout's Hill. It is located in the West Necluda Region of the game. It is also east of the Outpost Ruins. Use your Sheikah Shrine Sensor to help with the location. Once at the shrine head inside and notice there is no pedestal with a new ability or item. However, there are wind gust coming out of several vents in this trial. Use the Paraglider in the direction the wind is blowing to get across each section of the trial. When you see the treasure chest head to the opposite side of it and jump using the Paraglider to the chest from that point. The chest will contain a Soldier' Claymore. When you have looted the chest head back to the Monk and collect the spirit orb.

Where the water Guides

First you must access this shrine which is located right next to the Dueling Peaks Stable in the West Necluda Region. To access the shrine covered with spikes on the outside of it. Use the paraglider or Cryonis across the water. Once you are inside the shrine let the water guide you using Cryonis Rune mainly. Remember you can use Cryonis both vertically and horizontally. You can also shatter it when need be and form up to 3 ice blocks at one time.

The hardest part of the shrine is the rolling ball you must block it from the first platform and make it hit the second platform. So block the top platform with one Cyonis ice block. Next, block right under the top platform with a Cryonis ice block. Finally put a Cryonis ice block at the end of the bottom see-saw platform to extend its length so the giant ball can reach the hole at the end. Once it does this will open the way to the Shrines monk and the 6th Spirit Orb of this guide.

Talog Naegs Teaching Shrine

Taloh Naeg's Teaching Shrine is located right inside Kakariko Village. I would go to the shrine right after talking to Impa. It will teach the player about flurry attacks and parry attacks plus some extras that are very useful in combat. You can look these abilities over again if you check your ability list under system at the equipment menu in the game at anytime. You will also find the Eightfold blade here and the Shield of the Mind's Eye. Finally, the guardian drone here will drop a very nice looking guardian sword.

Timing is Critical

This trial is located right near the Dueling Peaks text on the world map. You might have to do some running and climbing to get there. Also, this dungeon is a little tricky as we have to use the Stasis ability along with precise timing. The first thing to know is you should use stasis on the switches not the moving platforms that will help a bunch. Next hard part would be getting the well worth it treasure chest that contains the Climber's bandana. To get he climber's bandana you must start from the previous switch and run quickly to the see-saw platform while it is raised near the Sheikah Treasure chest. After collecting your reward go for the spirit orb as it is pretty easy to acquire from here on out.


This shrine is located west of Kakariko at the very edge of the West Necluda Region. It is also called the Floret Sandbar and is covered in flowers. You will have to navigate through the flowers without stepping on them to get to the shrine. The shrine is pretty easy and has only two treasure chest with pretty bad rewards. I guess 5x ice arrows is decent enough. Just remember to use Cryonis to raise the first chest and the second chest is behind the Bombable wall. After you have acquired your treasures just go collect the easy to acquire spirit orb.

Shrine Quest #1:
In this area as mentioned above you will also have to avoid stepping on the flowers. It could be really annoying to do this and you may want to pick up the hearty radish along the way. There is also a few Chuchu's to worry about that you should lock-on attack with arrows. Finally, there is a huge blue chuchu near the radish. I don't know what happens if you kill him just yet but if it is anything worth noting I will update this section. This is also the first shrine quest I acquired. It really seems more like comic relief or Nintendo being Nintendo more than anything else. You might find it enjoyable but there is no other reward for completing it aside from whats inside the shrines and a cut-scene.

Twin Memories

This is a set of two shrines on both sides of the mountain tops of the Dueling Peaks. One is a bit lower than the other so I highly suggest climbing to the highest one first and then activating it with your Sheikah Slate. This should make it available for fast travel which is going to help save you tons of time. Of course I can also give you the solutions here and I will at the end of this segment. If you want to read on how to figure it out for yourself, the trick is to use both shrines. If you look at the ball setup in the lower shrine after activating the higher shrine save your game and write down the ball order. I say save your game just in case you forget the order. So basically the player has to remember the ball setup in one shrine and use it in the other. It is quite simple really but without knowing this stuff you can waste tons of time.

Here is the solution, make sure that you are looking at the Sheikah eyeball for this setup. Taking it from the bottom to the top it is 5,3,1,4,2. Once again that is from the bottom to the top with the left side being #1. That is the solution for the Venath Shrine. 2,4,2,1,5 is the Answer for the Vaneer shrine from the bottom to the top with left side starting first. The player should also check the pillars with the sheikah chest in each dungeon near the moving platforms. One of them contains an Eightfold Longblade Katana. The other one contains a Sheikah Serpentine Staff.

Toto Sah Apparatus Shrine is located behind a bombable wall near the river at the Hickalay Woods. Once you go inside there will be 3 apparatus puzzles. Use the motion controls to find the 1st chest which contains a shield of the mind's eye. Then make a quick path to get to the next puzzle. This shrine is much easier than the first apparatus shrine so don't worry too much. The 2nd part has you making a stairway and you don't have to be perfect like the ball apparatus puzzle. The 3rd part could be tricky because you must find the small key to open the door to the spirit orb. You must also make a path so flip the apparatus to get the key, then return and re-examine. Move the apparatus now so we can get across to the door. Once you open the door with the small key the monk will be inside with the spirit orb.

Rookees Blessing Shrine
Shrine Quest #3 - The Stolen Heirloom:
After completing the "Find the Great Fairy Fountain" Main Quest you may have noticed a small bridge that leads to a giant orange shining circle. Further more there is an orange ball that appears if it would fit in the hole of the circle right next to Impa. This is the Sheikah family heirloom. To solve the puzzle of the shrine the player must do one of many side-quests. First complete latter mentioned main quest. Next, be sure to read the journal inside Impa's house on the first floor. It will help guide you through the process.

For the side-quest The player should complete Flown the Coop. Which consist of finding the 9 cuccoo's. Cooking with Koko and all other quest related to it. Playtime with Cottia just to be safe do this one. Arrows of burning heat should also be completed. Finally, the hard side-quest is the firefly's at night which just leads the player to Nanna and Lasli's house. Hold 5x fireflies in your hand and release them near Lasli. When all of this is complete it will trigger in-game a new event.

Talk to the two guards near Impa's house and they will inform Link of the situation. Talk to paya and console her for the day as the family heirloom has been stolen. Finally when Nighttime arrives you can follow some townsfolks to see if anyone is suspicious. Lasli will be praying to her old mate that has passed away. Olkin will be up top scouting or taking a view of the moon. Finally, Dorian will be near the bridge and the orange puzzle is located. He appeared for me at this location around 2:30 AM. Also note, that you must complete all other mentioned quest to get to this point.

After a cut-scene you will do battle with a Yiga Blademaster. These guys seem tough but they only have a few attacks and their horizontal slash strike is easily perfectly dodged for a wide open flurry attack. The blade master doesn't even have much damage output. However an Iron shroom skewer could never hurt. Once the Yiga, Blademaster is finished go into the Shrine or activate it first. Link will be informed that the Trial is complete and he has already proven himself worthy. Inside the Sheikah treasure chest is the Edge of Duality. After grabbing this pretty powerful two-handed blade, take a picture of it for your collection. Finally collect the spirit orb!

Hateno Village

Trial of Passage
Shrine Quest #2 - The Cursed Statue:
First you will need to pick up the secret Shrine quest from the man that leaves in the nice wooden cabin at Fort Hateno. The road after ward leads to Hateno Village and the area is located at the start of the Mount Laynayru Region. Talk to him and read his diary at his log cabin and remember the marker may not appear right away. Try resetting the quest or even reloading your game. Teleporting is also an option. Once you get the marker to show up, go to the marker point but you must make a campfire and sleep until nighttime if it is not night already. Once you do walk to the statues and one of them will have eyes glowing purple. Shoot it in the left eye and the Trial of Passage shrine will rise from the ground. This will complete the Shrine Quest - The Cursed Statue.

The shrine itself is pretty simple and has two treasure chest. The first chest contains an amber and the second on the rotating platform contains a soldier's spear. Get both if you want or pass knowing this then just go through the puzzle using patience mainly. Your goal is to get higher up the rotating platforms then eventually run up the stair case to the top where the monk with the next spirit orb is located.

Three Boxes Shrine
This shrine is located behind the waterfall in between two areas at the border of the West Necluda Region. The Waterfall is in between Lanayru Bluff and the Phailian Highlands. It is also a bit northwest of the Peak of Awakening and directly north of Robred Dropoff. Note there is a small path that you can drop down on one side of the waterfall. Have your shrine locator on and it should buzz near the waterfall. Once it does paraglide off a higher area and get to the path. Behind the path is the Three Boxes Shrine.

This shrine has 3 Sheikah Treasure Chests which are considered to be the boxes. There is one on the moving platform. One in the water and one on a higher platform. Open them all and get a Zora sword as well as some more minor items. Next, move all three boxes on the switch. This will open the gate that reveals a large metallic block. Bring the block to the moving platform and ride up with it. When it goes up again get on top of the block. Finally, jump off the block to the monk for the spirit orb.

Apparatus Shrine
This shrine is located right in the heart of Hateno Village. So I walked in figuring it would be an easy one boy was I wrong. It took me almost an hour and gave me legit stress worse than my part time job which is actually far easier then this crap. But enough about me it's about you! There really is no trick to this puzzle other then practice makes perfect. I am sure later on there will be a trick to flip the ball in some easier way. Maybe even there is something that I am missing? For more it was just a pure grind until I got it. You can move the board that the ball rolls on in many directions with the wii u pad. Sometimes the ball can land closer to the end but overall it was best to be patient and get good at the mini-game. If you want the chest at the end you are going to have to move the platform so you can run to the opposite side and jump to reach it. At the end pick up the spirit orb from the monk.

Major Test of Strength
This shrine is located on a lone island south of Hateno Village. You are going to have to paraglide to the beach or the area where the Rito Kass is located. Afterward, start using cryonis or if you have a korok leaf you can use the boat to get to the island at the other end of the beach. However, beware the blue lizalfos swimming in the water. Also, I suggest being very prepared as this battle is tough.

Have some fairy's at least 3-4 of them just to get used to the fight. Then have some high powered weapons as well as attack enhancing elixir drinks. The drone can one shot you if you have less than 6 hearts as I only had 6 so it could be much more then that. The rewards are well worth it though. You will acquire the chest piece for the Climber set which is called the Climber Gear. You will also get Three max ++ Guardian Weapons. A Guardian Sword, Spear, and Axe. I will input these in a guardian weapons section above in the next update. They go up to +60 attack power and look very nice.

Tahno Oah Shrine Blessing
Shrine Quest #4: Secret of the Cedars
This quest is easy if you know the location. Southeast of Lanayru Range in the East Necluda Region. Sometimes also known as Mount Lanayru region or east of the dueling peaks. Southeast from the Lanayru Range text on the worldmap is a set of pine trees. If you zoom in all the way on the world map you may notice they are at sea level or below the mountain. Paraglide to the area, if you see pine trees below you are probably in the right spot. Bomb the bombable wall and inside will be the Tahno O'ah Shrine. Once inside just grab the Sheikah Treasure chest. It contains the climbers boots. Afterward, get the spirit orb, this is the 2nd blessing shrine of this guide.

Jitan Sami Shrine Spring of Wisdom
Shrine Quest #5: Spring of Wisdom
Link can get the tip to head towards this shrine from one of the villagers tending to the gardens at Hateno Village. From that point you can head all the way up Mount Laynayru. When you near the top there will be a cut-scene with the infected spirit dragon. This segment could be tough so before you go I really suggest heading to a general store or the curious quiver for some arrows. Bomb arrows would be an even better idea. Furthermore, if your bad with aiming like I am you should have a golden or Phernic bow. Finally, remember while your dropping down from a paraglide you can slow time while firing off an arrow. It eats tons of stamina so watch your stamina or you may fall to your death. However, it seems to be the most efficient way to shoot all the eyeballs off of the Dragon Spirit.

Once you have shot all of the eyeballs off of the Dragon Spirit Naydra you must deliver a final blow with one more arrow to her. This will free her spirit and you can get her scale. Drop her scale by holding it and place it in the water. This will open up the secret shrine and complete the quest. Be sure to activate the shrine and since it is a blessing shrine just grab the chest inside. The chest contains a nice Frost Spear and of course the spirit orb.

Meeza Lo Shrine Ancient Trifecta
Shrine Quest: The Crowned Beast

You should find this shrine in the Hateno region or East Necluda's Rabia Plains area. Listen for the sound of Kass playing music and once you spot Kass, talk to him. He will give you the quest as well as a riddle to solve it with. What you should do now is equip or eat gear to raise your stealth to level 3. Once your ready head off and mount a buck. To mount the buck hit "A" but remember to hit "L" right after mounting and hit it several times until the buck clams down. Finally, ride it over to the circle near Kass and the shrine will open.

This is not a blessing shrine but it is not too tough either. Use the large magnetic block and bring it to the switch on the left. The sole treasure chest contains a nice thunderblade. Know that every time Link uses stasis on the laser shooter it will make the platform move. Do this so you can get to the door with the monk and the spirit orb.

Gerudo Desert

The Whole Picture Shrine
This Shrine is located right outside the main Gerudo Village. You will see it if you are completing the main story. The Sheikah Chest inside has a thunderblade which is a really cool weapon. To complete the puzzle first use the small magnetic barrel on the left side and have it connect to the left most bulb. Use the giant metallic crate to finish the connection and the 2nd metallic barrel gate will open. From there it is rather simple just keep connecting the lines to each bulb to power up the gates. Be sure to get the chest as it is also magnetic and contains the powerful Thunderblade. Once again the name of the shrine is The Whole Picture.

The Dako Tah Shrine is located directly north of Kara Kara bazaar. It is on ground level of the mountains and there is an enemy camp full of mainly Lizalfos nearby. Once inside the shrine there will be a guardian around the corner to defeat. Shoot it with a more powerful bow and arrow such as the Lizal steel bow. The objective of this level is to move the platforms by utilizing the lone cube to power them. Do this on the first platform and ride over then bring the cube to the opposite side. Next you should be in a room with 4 metallic plates on the floor that seem to be movable by the magnesis rune. This is the trick section of the dungeon. those are pointless for not just completing the dungeon but also acquiring the two Sheikah Treasure Chests.

Continue through the shrine and light the paths to move the platforms with electricity. Please note there is an ancient core in the 2nd room or section of the dungeon. Take the ladder down. Note there are two ladders one on the left and one on the right side. Below is a Sheikah Treasure chest be sure to take it's contents which is once again a very useful Ancient Core. The final treasure chest can be tricky to get to. You will need to have good platforming skills for this one. Move the block so the treasure chest near the monk is visible using the Magnesis Rune. Let the platform that takes you to the monk for the spirit orb stop near the monk. Instead of getting off here, jump onto the blue "blocks" and than go to the Sheikah Chest. If done correctly you will gain another Radiant Shield. This is the 2nd Radiant Shield in this guide. Once you have acquired all the treasure chest and spoken to the monk, you will be teleported out of the dungeon.

Kay Noh Shrine Power of Electricity
The Kay Noh shrine is located right above the Gerudo Desert's region stable. It is right above the road or pathway on the map. Make sure your shrine sensor is turned on when you near the stable or especially if you are coming from the opposite side of the map. The shrine itself is rather simple, your going to place the electric balls into the circles to move the platforms. One of them has to be shot down from a rope. Finally, you want to match the left electrical puzzle with the right. This is after getting the small key. There are a few chest in here but nothing I noted worth while that we haven't acquired already. I lost some footage so I should have the contents if anyone is wondering soon or in my next play through.

Kema Zoos Shrine a Delayed Puzzle
Shrine Quest #6 - The Silent Swordswomen:
To complete this quest normally you would have to head to the first swordswomen statue. Follow that one until the next and eventually you will reach your destination despite being probably caught inside the sandstorm. Even if you have the marker on your map pinned and while riding a sand seal you can get lost. Just know the swordswomen point to the location one by one. Once you arrive at the shrine you will complete the shrine quest. However, this shrine is not a blessing shrine there is a puzzle involved.

The rewards for completing the shrine and collecting all treasure chest are pretty basic and you can find the moonlight scimitar in many locations in this game. The main objective of the shrine is to delay to ball at the start of the shrine so we can utilize it for the puzzles. You can then lift the ball near the treasure chest of the sheikah and drop in near the conduit to open the gate to the chest. From that point to finish the shrine all you have to do is move the ball to the conduit on the opposite side of the treasure chest. Let the electricity flow and the door will open. Your reward will be the next spirit orb.

On a final note, if you do not want to follow the swordswomen fully or you want a faster headstart. Use one of your five colored pins on the sheikah slate's world map. Pin the area that looks like a cave or dome on the world map to the left of the Karusa Valley text on the sheikah slate. This should help speed up the process of finding the shrine even if you are stuck in the sandstorm.

Jee Noh Shrine on the Move
This shrine is located to the north of the Seven Heroines Statues and shrine quest. There is an enemy campsite nearby and it is sitting up on a hill. It is also close to the road towards Gerudo Canyon. Once you find it head inside and shoot the ball with an arrow so it goes into the hole. Using stasis on the moving platform should make this easier. This will open the door. Head through the door and defeat the two drones across the room with arrows. Next, shoot the ball into the hole using stasis again. Finally, you will have to now move the ball through some lasers by picking it up. Let the blocks literally block the first laser then walk across. Put down the ball on the side safe spot and you can use magnesis for the bad chest item. Use stasis on the next laser then simply walk across with the ball again. Move nicely and let the final laser get blocked by the large blocks or stones and your done!

Korsch Ohu Shrine Blessing
Shrine Quest: The Seven Heroines
This quest is really hard without a guide. I have come up with a nice solution for everyone that should be easy even without watching a video. First know that there are 7 balls in total. One ball is located all the way on top of one of the statues. There is a ladder near a statue and you can climb up and access all the statues rather easily as well as the 7th ball. Be sure to use Magnesis on the ball and throw it down to the ground or you will have to climb up the ladders again. Some balls are also already inside the circles so be sure to gather them all first.

Notice a pause button symbol on the foot of one of the Statues. This is where we are going to start and this is very important. From the pause ball we are going to work counter clockwise. Once again we are working counter clockwise, which is the opposite of clockwise. Insert the pause ball into the slot where the pause ball foot symbol is. The next one is the purple ball which is shaped like a C, halfmoon, or also could resemble a fireball slightly. The curved green line is the next one it could look like the letter "I" in a dark forest green. After that is the two dots ball. Next is the circle,circle ball which is a gold circle with a circle in the middle or dot. Afterward, is the "V" shaped ball. Finally is the "full" fire ball looking ball that is an orange tinted color. So it goes like this:
  • Pause Ball
  • Purple Halfmoon Ball
  • "I" ball in green
  • 2 dot ball
  • Circle ring ball in gold
  • "V" ball in brown or bronze
  • Fire ball in orange
I hope this makes it much easier for everyone. Once completed the Shrine will rise from the ground. Just remember the "fireball" is on top of one of the statues and to go counter clockwise from the pause ball. Also, you can figure this out yourself but it would take sometime. All the symbols are located on all different parts of the 7 statues. So you would have to climb walls, ladders, etc to see them all. Don't forget you have to actually remember them when placing them in their slots or have to do it again. Once again this should help it is a solid method. Once inside the shrine you will receive the flame spear inside the sheikah chest. It is a free chest being a blessing shrine as well as a spirit orb.

Raqa Zunzos Shrine Blessing
Shrine Quest: The Undefeated Champ
Link can acquire this quest after defeating Thunderblight Ganon at the Vah Naboris divine beast dungeon. head west of Gerudo Town and talk to the two women there and initiate the shrine quest challenge. Link must ride a sand seal through the 7 goals and make it to the finish line before 1:30 seconds. I got this on my 3rd attempt and it is honestly pretty easy in that sense. Once you complete the race there will be a small cute ceremony cut-scene. After the scene place the ball into the hole and a shrine will rise from the ground.

Once inside this blessing shrine Link can open up the Sheikah Chest and receive another Radiant Shield which has 35 defense and looks pretty. Be sure to also acquire the spirit orb and then you can head out back to the Gerudo Desert.

Hawa Koth Shrine The Current Solution
This shrine is located right at the Great Fairy Fountain in the Gerudo Desert. Look for the Great Gerudo Skeleton text on the world map in the Gerudo Desert. Once you have found the location of the shrine go inside. The first part of the shrine just has Link placing the two magnetic blocks near the white stationary blocks using magnesis. Do this so they cause a current of electricity. Next there is a magnetic ball on a chain, position the ball to have the current flow again. There is a treasure chest of the Sheikah in the water, use magnesis to get it out for a small reward. Passing the ball for now, defeat the drone or drones on the bridge. Use the ball and bring it to the conduit on the upper right side of the dungeon. Walk through the new path for another Sheikah Chest. Next, hold the ball high so it does not hit the 4 conduits. Bring it to the ball drop point to open the next door.

This part is tricky and I kind of got lucky from trial and error. Notice the magnetic block on the left side of the switch. You will have to use that to solve the puzzle. The goal is to get all 3 currents connected to flow the energy to the door with the gear inside for the final solution. Try and position the two magnetic blocks that are stuck together and have them block the middle and right conduits. If done correctly the door will open, this may take some practice. Once inside the gate, move the giant gear with magnesis to reveal the final Sheikah Treasure Chest. Finally, bring the gear back to the previous room and place it on the wall to get to the monk with the spirit orb.

Dila Maag Blessing Shrine
Shrine Quest: The Desert Labyrinth
Once you reach this area which is east of Gerudo Town. On the map it looks like an obvious patch of ruins or some kind of structure. The shrine quest will activate. This is the South Lomei Labyrinth once again east of Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert. You can use the tower to glide close enough too it and trek the rest of the way. The easiest way to solve this shrine quest is to come in from the top. You can also climb up the labyrinth at anytime but you may need some stamina potions or meals.

I also suggest that everyone check out the Lomei Labyrinth Map created by one of the users it is a great little map and the creator deserves some credit for the time it took to make, so be sure to check it out in the FAQ's section for this game. Once again you want to come from the top of the labyrinth. However, there are enemies and some gear items inside the labyrinth. I have found a few and looked up most of them and there really isn't anything too worth while for the moment. I will be updating this section with more information in the future. For now just use the map or the video playlist below you can even attempt to follow your marker point but overall it's not that difficult. Inside is a free blessing shrine with the Barbarian chest armor.

Misae Suma Shrine Blessing
Shrine Quest: The Perfect Drink

This shrine and it's shrine quest will start once you get near the shrine and talk to the woman leaning on the activation stone. It is located in the mid-western part of the Gerudo Desert. Try looking and marking it from higher ground. Once you locate the shrine and activate the quest, head back to Gerudo town and go to the "bar" area. Talk to the woman at the desk or bar and she will tell Link to get ice at the ice house for the drink. Go to the ice house which has a nice marker for us. Talk to the Gerudo Woman there and she will give Link the ice to start the quest.

Use a hasty potion or food item to speed up walking with the ice block. Beware the fire arrows of the Lizalfos and try and stay in the shade as often as possible. The higher the haste potion the better so don't be afraid to use one for this quest. Once you make it to the ruins end the woman will give you more information. Return to the Misae Suma shrine with the news and the Gerudo Woman will run back for her "perfect drink" at Gerudo Town's bar. Once inside the shrine know it is a blessing shrine and you will open the chest for a common stone as well as the spirit orb.

Suma Sahma Shrine Blessing
Shrine Quest: Secret of the Snowy Peaks
To enter this shrine you must go to the Mount Granjah location on the world map. This is east of the Gerudo Town and east of the Desert Labyrinth. Once you reach the mountain head for the top to get a good view. You should be able to see a cabin in the distance. Go to the cabin and read the book in the area. The book will give you the Shrine Quest in your main menu. To complete the quest you should bring a snowball to the water. Switch over to cryonis and place the snowball right near Link. With Cryonis aim underfoot so the ice block will lift both Link and the snowball. At that point pick up the snowball and hold it.

The goal is to aim for the ancient circle looking device with the snowball's shadow to cover it. This can be done around 4:30 game time. It may take a second attempt but just know the idea of the puzzle as well as the circles location. Once you complete the puzzle enter the shrine and inside will be a moonlight scimitar for the chest reward. Finally, take the spirit orb from the monk inside as well.

Tho Kayu Shrine Blessing
This shrine is located at the Toruma Dunes area on the world map of the Gerudo Desert region. I suggest having defeated Vah Nahboris as the sandstorms will be less frequent and probably not cover this entire area. You may see two strangely lit torches along the way standing off a plateau peak. In the distance this Molduga will appear and you can defeat it from the torches.

I suggest alerting the molduga with arrows as bombs don't travel as far. When it get's close bomb it and when it jumps hit it with a hard arrow shot or bomb arrow to make it fall to the ground. Follow up with attacks afterwards. The problem is there are only four places to stand in this area other than near the two torches so be careful. Afterwards, light all four torches around all the rocks in the area and the hidden shrine will rise from the ground. This shrine is not a shrine quest but it does not appear or sound off on the shrine radar, making it a secret shrine. Once inside take the item from the Sheikah chest which isn't nothing we haven't covered already. Finally, make sure to get the spirit orb and exit the shrine.

Lanayru Shrines
Neez Yohma Shrine
This shrine is located inside Zora's Domain. It would be incredibly hard to miss. Inside the shrine the puzzle involves a rolling ball. You must get the ball that glows at the top of the level into the hole at the bottom. The other balls will not work and beware of them as they fall down. They seem to stop after a period of time however. Use stasis on the big ball to knock it out of the hole. After wards use stasis to stop the ball before it falls over the hill. Finally, use stasis again to push it into the hole. If the last stasis fails to get the ball directly into the hole try one more. The treasure chest is also easy to acquire but it offers an opal item or something very common.

Rucco Maag Shrine
This shrine is the Five Flames shrine. Having fire arrows is probably necessary here, as I have not attempted the shrine without them. Know you can hit the switch with your weapon and it will go in several directions.

The goal is the light five flames like the name of the shrine suggests. I honestly don't know how I pulled it off but it didn't take very long. I just hit the switch a few times and every time i hit the switch i would launch fire arrows at the torches as a matter of deductive logic. Finally, to get the two treasure chest that rest above. Use fire arrows on the wood that holds them both and you will get some common rewards.

Soh Kofi Shrine
This shrine is located a bit north of Laynayru tower. You can access it easily after paragliding from the tower. It is on the northern side of the Inogo Bridge. This is a combat shrine and the lowest tier combat shrine so it is rather simple, especially at this point in the game. Defeat the guardian inside and you will gain some ancient parts, a guardian sword and guardian shield. Inside the treasure sheikah chest will be a common reward. Collect the spirit orb to finish the shrine.

Sheh Rata Shrine
This shrine is north of the Lanayru Wetlands on a small island. You should have some fire arrows or fire source to burn the bramble that surrounds that area to access the shrine. This is a tricky shrine. The reward is nice but once again I found it tricky to get the chest. You should mainly be aware that you can shoot the crystal with an arrow to activate the water sequence. I did not realize this and wasted valuable time.

Here is how to get all the chest. First lower the water and get the chest right near the shrine entrance on the right side of the water. Next raise the water up and form an ice bridge to the yellow crystal. At the crystal take out your remote mine bombs, the square ones and place it on the ground right next to the crystal. Next swim over to the second section while the water is raised and look for the magnetic barrel. Use magnesis and line up the barrel with the switch underneath the water. Head back to the main room and rotate the level again. When you do quickly head back to the magnetic barrel section while the water is still raised. Next, the water should drop completely and the barrel should hit the switch. This will open the door to the spirit orb. Do not get the orb yet, because we want the chest above.

To get the 2nd chest, explode the bomb we left earlier at the crystal by hitting the "L" button with the bombs as rune of choice. This will raise the water again. Now use cryonis on the water to form a raised platform so we can access the the treasure chest. Inside is an excellent Giant Boomerang! When this is all finished you can complete the level by collecting the spirit orb.

Dagah Keek Shrine
Shrine Quest: The Cermonial Song
This quest is easy to pick up at Laruta right near Miphas statue inside Zora's Domain. However to complete the quest you will need the lightscale or ceremonial trident. To make that you need one diamond, 5 flint and one zora spear. The problem may be finding the zora spear right? However, there is one right here on the 2nd level of Zora's Domain. Walk up the stairs and take out magnesis and use it on the left pool of water. You should see a pink glowing item. This is the zora spear, pick it up with magnesis and give it to Dento below to craft the Lightscale Trident.

Once you have the Trident be sure to open your shrine quest menu and have this quest selected. It will show exact location of the shrine. Once you are at the location which is a waterfall you should see the shrine platform. Swim up the waterfall with the Zora armor then paraglide to line yourself up with the shrine platform. Get close enough to the ground so you don't take damage when landing and drive the Lightscale Trident into the shrine platform. This will make the shrine appear and we can acquire the spirit orb as well as a common sheikah chest item.

Kaya Wan Shrine
This shrine is located at the Wetland Stable location. The wetland stable could be slightly difficult to find. It is at the border of the Lanayru region. West of the Lanayru wetlands directly. The shrine itself is located right near the stable and should be easily visible at that point. Once inside you will have to use Cryonis to manipulate through the shrine. Know that you can use cryonis diagonally on the waterfalls. Do this for the first segment, at the next segment use cryonis to lift the treasure chest. On the third segment lift the gate with cryonis for the final chest, then use cryonis to get to one of the platforms and paraglide to the spirit orb monk.

Daka Tuss Shrine
The Daka Tuss Shrine is located in the Lanayru Wetlands on the world map. It is on one of the southern islands and should be visible at any point while you are traveling through the wetlands. The object of this shrine is to scoop just one of the ancient balls into the box to the left so it rolls into a hole. The hole will activate the door. The scoop mechanism is located in the water, use magnesis to get it and when done with room #1 bring it to the next room. For the next room you must be much quicker. The box is on the right but only opens when the button in the water is down. Use the scooper and drop it on the button or switch. Once it is down quickly change to magnesis and scoop one of the balls. Very quickly try and angle the ball into the box so it goes into the hole. If done correctly the water will lower which reveals the next path to the spirit orb. The treasure chest is located in the first room. It is only accessible after lowering the water in the second room.

Kah Mael Shrine
Kah Mael Shrine is located on Tingel Island, which is very east of the entire map of Hyrule. It is best traveled too by the Akkala tower. However, you can use the Zora Domain shrine and exit Zora domain to get there. It will be longer but you don't have to activate Akkala shrine this way. The island will be infested with octorocs a few moblins and worse enemies like guardian flying drones. Save your Urbosa's fury if the drones give Link too much trouble. Try and clear out the octorok's for their materials and drops as well as the moblins. Best to just avoid the sentries for now until we have more ancient arrows. Your going to want to move or knock away the giant stone on the floor in the middle of the island. Use stasis or stasis+ on the object and hit it with any weapon 3x's minimum. Once completed it should fly off and reveal the shrine and a hole. Drop down the hole and you can access the shrine. Activate the shrine and enter.

This shrine is confusing at first, but it is actually quite simple once you know what to do. Use the magnetic barrel to raise the left platform. Make sure you get to it once raised. Overhead near the right platform should be a wooden beam and a large metallic square above it. Take the metallic square off the wood. Once you do this drop the square and get rid of the magnetic barrel. Stand on the right platform which should be low to the ground. Take the metallic cube and raise it high above the left or raised platform. Drop it while it is high but make sure it lands on the platform. This will propel link into the air. Paraglide to the chest first, then you can paraglide to the spirit orb.

Shai Yota Shrine
Shrine Quest: Master of Wind

This shrine is located near the Horron Lagoon which is in between the Lanayru Great Spring while not zoomed in too much on the world map. Better location is south east of Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Tower region of the game. To make things much easier here, bring bomb arrows. If you don't it may take a while as he will need to learn the directions of the wind. In that case throw the bombs into the breakable boulders utilizing the wind until there is enough current. Once there is enough wind current take the paraglidger to the glowing circle on the ground. If done correctly the Shai Yota Blessing shrine will appear. Step inside and obtain a very nice great flameblade. That is the first of this guide and then collect the spirit orb.

Gerudo Highlands Shrines
Sasa Kai Shrine
Sign of the Shadow Shrine Quest:

Talk to Kass at the top of Gerudo Tower to get this shrine quest to pop up. Next float over to the platform to the right of Kass in the distance. You should take out your Sheikah Slate too find it and pin it for an easier travel. Once at this shrine platform you may want to have wood and flint because you need to wait until 3:00 PM game time too shoot the sun. Wait until noon if your off time and than wait another 3-4 minutes real time until it's 3PM game time! Once you do that the shrine will make a strange sound and the sun will appear obviously. Shoot at the sun with the bow and arrows and the shrine will rise from the ground. Inside this shrine is a modest test of strength, defeat the drone inside and earn the frost blade in the treasure chest afterward.

Sho Dantu Shrine
Sho Dantu shrine is located north of the Gerudo Tower. Paraglide until you see a plateau with a strange rock that has an engraving on it. Once you read the engraving place a Luminous stone on the pedestal. Luminous stones should be right off the ore deposits in this area. Hold and place the luminous stone on the shrine pedestal to activate and rise the shrine. This is the two bombs shrine. You will have to use both your bombs to navigate through the shrine.

For the first puzzle place a bomb on the moving platform and detonate a regular bomb when it is shot into the air. This will open the first door. In the next room there is a crystal switch behind the pillar, drop a bomb there a remote bomb to be exact. Know that you can detonate either bomb and leave a bomb by just switching runes. They will not disappear and this is how you complete the shrine. Place a regular bomb on the moving platform. Switch to remote bomb to raise the platform then switch back to round bombs and detonate while it is in the air. This will solve the second room's puzzle.

Finally, put a remote bomb on the right moving pillar and let it drop into the cage where the crystal is located. Next throw a round bomb into the left moving platform. At the same time quickly run to the pillars that raise when the crystal has been exploded on. Explode the round bomb in the air to raise the platforms with Link on top of them. Finally destroy the remote bomb to open the door and get the spirit orb.

Joolo Nah Shrine
Shrine Quest - Test of Will:

For this shrine quest it is actually very simple as long as you have one of the voe or vai desert sets for the first round. For the 2nd round your going to need a ton of hearts and food or simply the Flame Proof Elixirs. To get the elixir travel to the East Akkala stable and purchase them from the woman named Gaile there. It gives flame resistance for up to 6 minutes plus. Complete both the trials and the shrine will appear. This area can be noticed by a circle of rocks on the map when zoomed in and you may see the gorons below. It is to the north east of the Gerudo Tower.

Once inside is an apparatus dungeon, and I hate these. First move the remote or joycon until all the electricity hits all the conduits this will open the next door. Next make the wind blow on all four propellers. You will have to stand on the switch for the final one. Finally, Have some fire arrows to help with this one as it is rather tough without them. You must have all 5 torches lit at the same time. Position the remote or apparatus so it is angled and the sconces do not hit the water at all. Then shoot fire arrows to open the door and collect the spirit orb.

Keeha Yoog Shrine
Shrine Quest - ?

There is a shrine quest for this shrine but you pick it up in Tabantha region. You do not need it to complete and raise the shrine. Look at your map of the gerudo highlands and right smack in the middle of the text on the world map is a circular peak. Take the circular peak into consideration and go north east of it, mark it with a pin. Travel to that point and it could take a long time so bring your climbers gear. The area is also east of the Statuette of the Eight Heroine. Once you get to the area you will see a huge Circular structure with lightning bolts. Simply shoot it with a shock arrow in the middle to raise the shrine. Once the shrine is raised go inside and get the Blessing which is a diamond inside the Sheikah Treasure Chest.

Kema Kossasa Shrine
This shrine is located at the foot of mountain Ahgat but the foot is right in the center of the mountain. The foot of the mountain means one of the lowest points of the mountain. Once again foot and center. Moving on it will be another long trek. It would be wise to have your climber's gear at least upgraded to level 2. This will give not only a speed boost when climbing with the entire set but also a stamina boost when jumping. When you reach the shrine go inside and deal with a major test of strength. Bring bomb arrows, full recovery meals with yellow hearts and powerful weaponry. The reward will be some guardian ++ weapons off of the guardian scout that is defeated as well as silver rupee.

Kuh Takkar Shrine
This shrine is located right at the Laparoh Mesa of the Gerudo Highlands. It shouldn't be too hard to find and you may need some fire arrows to melt the giant ice-block this shrine will be located in. Go inside and you will have to carry an ice-block without it melting from the heat of the flames. Don't worry as it doesn't melt too fast. To solve the puzzle carry it and know that you can throw the ice block. When you see the metal cube use it to get the treasure chest by stopping the flames with it. Next throw the cube of ice pass the flames that lead to the spirit orb. This gets the cube out of the way then you can use the metallic block to manipulate it over links head. This will cover him from the flames and then you can walk by back to the ice cube. Once you are through pick up the cube and the door will open leading to the monk with the spirit orb.

Death Mountain Shrines
Moa Keet Shrine
This shrine is located at the Foothill stable in the Eldin or death mountain region. Head inside and there will be a bunch of stone and metallic balls going down ramps. Use stasis on the first set to cross by. Next if you take the path on the right and use stasis again you can get the treasure chest with a royal broadsword inside. Finally use that metallic ball as a barricade and push the 3 ball slope with it. This will allow link to get to the Spirit Orb monk and complete the shrine.

Shae Mosah Shrine
In Goron City this shrine is located a little bit on the mountain tops. It is pretty simple to find if you are in Goron City with your shrine sensor activated. Before you head inside, bring some fire arrows with you to make your life easier. Burn the first set of leaves to reveal a barrel and place it on the switch to open the first door. Grab the chest in the next room by burning the next set of leaves for a Stone Smasher weapon.

Next make your way through the guardian scouts by wiping them out with your weaponry. Make your way up and burn the leaves to reveal a small metallic ball. Head to the opposite side of the ball and hit the switch. The ball will fall into a windmill type object and open the next door. Remember to get the chest in this area because you will need the small key to get to the shrine's monk. Use the small key on the middle door. Burn one more set of leaves to reveal the final barrel and place it on the switch that leads to the spirit orb.

Daqa Koh Shrine
This shrine is located directly north of the Gorko Lake in the Death Mountain Region. This is a very simple shrine to complete and get the spirit orb. The sheikah chest reward is also passable which is a silver rupee worth 100 rupees. All you honestly have to do is stand on the platform and get stasis ready. Use stasis while the platform is in mid-air and Link is on the crystal platform. The gate should remain open while the platform with the crystal has been stasis formed. From that point just paraglide into the monk area with the spirit orb.

Kayra Mah Shrine
Shrine Quest: A Brother's Roast

This shrine is located inside the Gorko Tunnel on the world map in the Death Mountain Region. Go to the Gorko Tunnel and you will meet a Goron inside. Talk to the Goron and the shrine quest will begin. Head directly straight from the tunnel and keep going until you see the Rock Roasts sitting at a dead end. Link must walk back with the rock roast through a bunch of moblins, red chuchus and falling boulders. Have Urbosa's fury ready or some attack increasing elixirs and food. You don't have to kill all the enemies but it may make your life easier. Once you get back to the Goron with the Rock Roast enjoy the cut--scene and completion of the Shrine Quest.

This is another easy shrine to complete. Basically try not to go on either left or the right sides of the steep path/hill. After a few tries you should be able to make it too the shrine if you stay in the middle lane. Bring some food just in-case you run too low on health by getting hit. There is a treasure chest that we can paraglide too once near the shrine on the right side if you turn around. This does not complete all the chest apparently, but I couldn't find the second chest. I did some research and it seems many other websites have not found it either. I will update this section when the chest contents are located if there are any.

Gorae Torr Shrine
Shrine Quest: Gut Check Challenge

If you beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania, head to that way point via fast travel. Paraglide around the Divine Beast so you don't get sent back to the checkpoint. Be sure to pin-point the circular water area on the map, north of the Divine Beast. This is Gut Check Rock and atop it will be another Goron with a Shrine quest. Once you land atop the giant rock, talk to the Goron and pay him 20 rupees to start the shrine quest. Bring and equip your Climber's gear as well as some stamina potions if needed. There is a cooking pot right in this area and remember one endura shroom will completely refill your stamina gauge. It will in addition add to the yellow extra stamina bar/meter. This is a very useful recipe.

Link, must than climb the mountain in less than 3 minutes all the while collecting 100 rupees. This could be tough without the climber's gear and the stamina enhancing procurement items you have been warned! Otherwise it is very easy and I completed it on my first try. Once you complete it you can activate the shrine to serve as a way point. Once in the shrine it is a blessing shrine. Inside the Sheikah Chest is a much anticipated Great Frost Blade!

Qua Raym Shrine
This shrine is located directly south of the southern mine. It is sitting on a bed pool of lava and Link will have to use magnesis to form a bridge of metal to get too the shrine. Once inside Link must balance out the two platforms so he can get across. This is not too difficult but getting the chest may be a little more troublesome. To get the chest you must first acquire the small key. To do this shoot the wooden crate with a fire arrow or use normal arrows and go through the torch. This should burn the crate and lower the platform. Run over to the right platform and open the sheikah treasure chest for the small key. You can complete the shrine at this point.

If you want the treasure chest, take out all 3 metallic blocks and form a bridge to get to the other set of platforms. Use them to balance the weight so Link can get to the next platform. Continue doing this until the treasure chest is opened. Finally you can do this same thing to get to the spirit orb and exit the dungeon. Don't worry too much about the spikes. However, if you wish to not take damage your going to have to be pretty quick.

Tah Muhl Shrine
The shrine can be a little difficult to find while playing. It is kind of buried between two mountains and it be hard to see it unless you were coming from the air. Even then it can still be a slight challenge. It is north of Trilby Valley on the world map directly. Once you are inside I hope you have fire arrows to make these dungeons a very easy one. If not your going to have to utilize the torches and literally pass the flame on to burn the leaves and light other torches. One note is getting the small key, you should burn the leaves and or crate inside the cage. The small key will be revealed and Link can lift it using magnesis over the gate into his hands. Thus opening the door and getting the sheikah treasure chest. Once you are done talk to the monk and complete the shrine for the spirit orb.

Sah Dahja Shrine
Paraglide from the Akkala Tower and head directly west back over to the Eldin Region. Once you get near the lake or the Cephia Lake. You should be able to softly land and head into this shrine. This was the easiest shrine for me to complete in the entire region of Eldin if you don't count the blessing shrines. Just make sure to bring some fire arrows if your having trouble and blast away. If not the process may take a little bit longer but still nothing to worry about too much. Don't forget the spirit orb at the end of the shrine and then exit.

Shora Hah Shrine
This shrine is located near Lake Darunia at Death Mountain. It can be tricky to locate and your going to have to use the mine cart to get here. Locate the mine cart which is east of the Giant Crab on the world map. Inside the crab is the shrine and above it is a korok seed for extra reference. Use magnesis to line the mine cart on the tracks and jump on. Use stasis and hit the head of the cart 2-3 times. Do this so you don't break your weapons durability too much. Make sure you are aiming towards the crab as well. Next, you should see the shrine so hop off the cart and head into it.

This is a very long shrine called Blue Flame. Regular fire arrows will not work on the sconces here. Know that you will have to line up your bow and arrow with the blue flame sconces many times. Do this throughout the shrine to light up each of the other sconces with the blue flame. There are also at least 3-4 sheikah treasure chest in this shrine. None of the items have not already been covered that you will find in the sheikah treasure chests, so pass them if you would like too for now. You might find a bundle of 10x Ice Arrows though and saving rupees is rather useful for something as popular as ice arrows. The final puzzle involves Link lighting a torch with a blue flame. Once the torch is lit do a spin attack on all the torch sconces to open the gate that leads to the spirit orb.

Akkala Shrines
Tu Kahloh Shrine
This shrine is located to the north east part of the Akkala Region. There is a big Island and it is called Lomei Labyrinth Island. This area is especially easier if you have Revali's Gale. What you want to do is climb towards the gate entrance to the shrine. Head to the left side of that entrance and drop down the hole. From there just follow the one path and it will lead you into the shrine. The shrine is easy because it is a blessing shrine and it will also hold the Barbarian Helmet inside the blessing sheikah treasure chest. You can acquire all three pieces of the Barbarian Armor Set if you go too all of the labyrinths of Lomei. However, you can alternatively purchase them for a ton a rupees if you have completed the Tarrey Town quest and talk to the secret vendor there.

Katosa Aug Shrine
The shrine is located at the East Akkala Stable inside the Akkala Region of the game. It is very near the stable so you should find it with ease. You may also might have been using it or should've been using it as a nice travel way-point as of now. Either way, head inside the shrine for another wii motion control apparatus dungeon. This one is much easier than the first one we encountered and the treasure chest may be more difficult but didn't make me go crazy!

The idea is to swing the pendulum like a putter if you have ever played Golf before. It is actually pretty fun and rewarding to hit the ball literally into the hole just like a game of Golf. Completing the first apparatus will lead to the spirit orb easily enough. However the 2nd apparatus is a bit more difficult. Link, will have to control the pendulum on an angle and get enough force to hit the ball into the hole this time. You can reset the ball and apparatus at anytime. The treasure chest is worth it in my opinion as it contains a great frost blade.

When you are done equip your new icy friend and head back to the spirit orb monk. Acquire the spirit orb and double-check to make sure the sheikah treasure chest icon is on your map. This let's us know that we collected all treasure chest inside the shrine. Once complete Link can heal up and exit the area/shrine.

Tutsuwa Nima Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Spring Of Power:

This one could be tough or at least very long. Your going to have to head to the Eldin Great Skeleton area which is very north of Death Mountain and shoot the body of the dragon Dinraal. You can wait by setting up campfire until the Dinraal dragon appears. He moves quite frequently so you may have to sleep several nights. Once you see him, be sure to shoot his body and not his head. Shooting the body only will result in the Dinraal Scale dropping. You only get one of these each time, so save this one for the quest and head to the spring of power with it.

At the spring of power which is close to the Akkala Tower and is a visible circular small body of water on the sheikah map use the scale. There is also a memory here to note that is easy to locate once inside the area. Importantly as well, is right behind the leaves are two flight guardians that could be difficult. They also could be useful to farm for guardian parts as guardians can be somewhat rare to find especially when waiting for them to respawn with every blood moon.

Once Link drops the Dinraal scale into the water right near the Goddess statuette, the shrine will be revealed after a cut-scene behind the goddess statuette. Go inside and you will be blessed with a blessing shrine and a flame spear in the treasure chest. Enjoy and also collect your spirit orb on the way outside. When finished return to the overworld of Hyrule.

Kenai Shakah Shrine
This shrine is hard to find even with a video! Listen up, I highly suggest you watch any video, most specifically my playlist at the bottom of this guide. If not you will probably waste an hour if not much more. You may get lucky and notice the boulders across Ulria Grotto, but if you don't which they are very hard to see by the way, you will waste time. What you want to do once you find the boulders is paraglide and switch to the rolling bomb rune. From that point drop a bomb as you are paragliding and explode it on the boulders. You may take damage but at least the deed is complete. From that point you can drown in the water and be back on top of the mountain. From there glide inside the what is now a cave and go too the shrine and activate it. Easily enough however, once inside there is just a minor test of strength shrine which should be simple at this point in the game for us all.

Zunai Kai Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Skull's Eye:

This shrine is located in the Akkala Region. It is on the left eye of the skull which sits upon a huge thin mountain. You may have to climb it, so bring tons of stamina and enduring elixir's or food items. You should also have the climber's gear as well as Robbie's Research side-quest completed. Finally, you can alternatively travel from the Death Mountain Shrine closest to the Skull's Eye. Paraglide from that point and climbing the lone mountain will save you some procurement items. Once inside it is a blessing shrine, so just open up the chest and collect the spirit orb to complete the area.

Ritaag Zumo Shrine
Shrine Quest - Into The Vortex:

To start this shrine you should head to the swirling peninsula on the Akkala region world map which is a bit to the east. It's pretty easy to locate. From that point though you want to head to a ruined area with a small body of water on the world map. You should see a stone in the ground, read it to activate the shrine quest. The heirloom like ball is in this location. Pick it up and Link must walk the entire swirling peninsula and bring it to the hole in the middle. Once this is done place the ball in the center and the shrine will rise up from the ground. Beware of all the enemies here as there are tons of them.

This is also a good place to farm for Mon and collect more monster parts obviously. Have a full set of Urbosa's fury and preferably the Soldier's gear while walking, or some other high defense armors. You can use a tough mushroom but I suggest something with haste. Hot-footed frogs and swift carrots can make a haste elixir and also a food item so try and use those at a cooking pot if you like the speed increase. To complete the shrine it is easy as it is another blessing shrine. Get the treasure chest than collect your spirit orb and continue to exit the shrine area.

Dah Hesho Shrine
This shrine is located at the east akkala stable, and it is very easy to find if your in the area. The shrine is also simple to complete even early on in the game. It is just a minor test of strength shrine. Come prepared if you don't have many hearts and defeat the guardian scout inside. Head to the treasure chest and open it for a reward, then go ahead and collect the next spirit orb.

Za Kasho Shrine
This shrine is also located at Akkala region, however it is located at the south Akkala stable. Head to the stable and you should eventually run into the shrine nearby. The shrine can be a little difficult as it is another apparatus shrine. There is not too much I can explain here about tilting the controller, but you may be used to the Apparatus shrines by now and they sometimes can be tough. The final puzzle will be controlling the Apparatus to put 3 balls into each slot. It is a bit annoying, but the first Apparatus shrine we completed in this guide was much more difficult. In conclusion. you won't have too much trouble here. When you are finished collect the spirit orb and we have completed all Akkala Region shrines!

Tabantha Region Shrines
Akh Vaquot Shrine
This shrine is easy to locate as it is right in the middle or heart of the Rito Village. Once you go inside the shrine appears as if it will be really tough. However, it is a quite simple puzzle that is really just trial and error based. You can pick up a treasure chest if you head around the corner and shoot an arrow at a lone propeller and a crystal. When you head back to the main puzzle, the goal is to have all the propellers blowing at the same time. Once this has been accomplished the door to the spirit orb will open.

As stated above, this is trial and error even if you make a mistake just be sure to rotate the camera so you can see which direction you need the particular propeller to be blowing in. Like I said, if you have a little patience it's easy enough. For the second treasure chest I actually skipped it. It's probably a reward we already have and for that I apologize. Once you are done, head through the newly opened door and collect the spirit orb than exit the shrine area.

Bareed Naag Shrine
Shrine Quest: Ancient Rito Song

After completing the Vah Medoh dungeon main-quest. Talk to a Rito named Bedoli, she should be on one of the platforms at the Rito Village. She will tell you a bit about the Ancient Rito Song or something similar. Once you have the shrine quest you should update it by talking to her sister also found in the Rito Village. Select a few obvious options from the conversation and than the shrine quest should update.

The shrine is located directly south of the Rito town and you should be able to see the circular platform in the distance, especially with the sheikah scope. Head to that point via the paraglider, and wait until 12:30 noontime. If you want you should rest at an inn until noon before this point, or just make a campfire. Once you have waiting until 12:30 daytime shoot an area of fire into the center of the platform and the shrine will rise from the ground.

Once inside the shrine, the cannon will need to be activated. Drop a rolling bomb into the hole of the cannon and fire it. This will activate some moving platforms that you must shoot another bomb through too hit the center switch that will reveal the monk and the spirit orb. Do this action, than if you would like complete the next cannon puzzle for another sheikah treasure chest on a bit more challenging puzzle. Once you have completed the sheikah treasure chest puzzle, go to the monk and collect the spirit orb.

Kah Okeo Shrine
This is one of the longest shrines in the game. Your going to need a korok leaf and it will spawn in a chest at the start of the dungeon, so don't worry too much about that. What I would worry about is if you happened to drop your Korok leaf and have to go farm another one, for one insane reason or another. This shrine is long and it is the biggest shrine I have encountered thus far. Your going to have to use the Korok Leaf and the paraglider often.

There are also some barrels that can be used to break some of the boulder walls here. I didn't use them but there is a gold rupee worth 300 rupees for completing one of those puzzles. As for the spike area with the balloon platform, this is the most annoying part of the dungeon, but know when you complete it you will have to break another bombable wall to advance if you didn't use the barrel correctly like I did. In this case if you mess up bombing the wall with the paraglider, just drop down to your death. You will respawn right near the updraft, rather than having to complete the balloon platform segment over and over again.

It is a pretty tough shrine, although it is not very confusing, just a bit challenging in the sense of the shrines obstacles. If this guide didn't help much, please check out a video below where I have completed all the Tabantha Region Shrines in one long play video. You can also check for Inferno's or Sokkus descriptions on this one. Once you near the monk be sure to collect your spirit orb and exit the shrine to save your game.

Sha Warvo Shrine
This shrine is very easy to find if you completed the Vah Medoh dungeon or main story quest. It is located near where we found Teba at the Flight Range area. Go to the shrine, activate it and head inside for a wind updraft puzzle. The first few segments are rather simple, just ride the updrafts with the paraglider and defeat the guardian scouts along the way. The final part if tougher, because the final updraft is hidden around the corner of one of the walls. Just know this, after you climb the ladder and seem to be stuck, paraglide around the next nearest wall and you should see a hole for access to the next updraft. Use this updraft than collect the spirit orb from the monk.

Tena Kosah Shrine
This shrine is easy enough to locate in the Tabantha Regions, Ancient Columns area. It is very south east of the Tabantha Region. There is also one of the games several memories located in this area, so it shouldn't be too hard for most players to locate easily. Activate the shrine and head inside for a Major Test of Strength. Simply defeat the guardian inside with some Shock arrows.

I found this to be a nice method vs these guardians. Equip Shock arrows and fire to stun them or shock them. It should almost always stun them for a few seconds. Follow up with something that strikes quick, like a one-handed sword or a spear with pretty good damage output. Finally rinse and repeat switch back to bow and arrow shots as fast as possible. A Mighty potion +3 attack power would make this even more effective. When you are done pick up the Spirit Orb from the monk and exit the shrine.

Voo Lota Shrine
Recital At Warblers Nest:

Talk to Amali atop one of the platforms at the Rito Village and finding her daughter near the Warbler's nest not too far from here will activate and complete a side-quest. It will also activate a shrine quest once you talk to Amali's daughter. You must than find her four other siblings to complete the shrine quest and activate the shrine.

You can find Kotts, near one of the small pools of water that are around the Rito Village area. Talk to Kotts and also note that you can catch some Hearty Salmon here that will also help you complete this shrine quest particularly. Next you can find Notts singing atop one of the lower peaks at the center of Rito Village. Notts is sitting on a ledge where the huge stone of the village lies, there is a Korok Seed right above her. Be sure to listen to her singing if you are lost it will help you find her location.

Cree is easily found at the Rito Village General store, the slippery falcon. Know, that all the ingredients for Ganeli's Salmon Menuirre dish will be given to you by the siblings. It consist of Goat Butter, Tabantha Wheat, and Hearty Salmon. One of each will do, then head to Ganeli the green little Rito bird near the cooking pot. Cook up the kid's dish and hand it over. Once this is completed talk to Ganeli and the shrine quest will update.

Head back over too the warbler's nest and make sure to have a Korok Leaf. You must hit the hole of the 5 statues too make music notes. This can be done simply by trial and error or you could see the video segment below. Also note that each statue has a number being held by "fingers" too help the player get less confused.

The shrine itself, is a bit easier than the previous long updrafting shrine. It is much smaller and at this point you shouldn't have too much trouble with it. The hard part is getting to it, finding all the birds and than the trial and error Korok Leaf segment. If your still have trouble, let me know I will update this section. There is a flame blade in one of the sheikah treasure chest here that I recall acquiring. Can't have enough of those so get it, then progress onward and collect the monk's spirit orb. This will complete all Tabantha Region Shrines!

Woodland Region Shrines
Daag Chokah Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Lost Pilgrimage: ( Korok Trials )

The Korok Trials can only be initiated after you have pulled the Master Sword from it's sleeping place. Talk to Chio the yellow faced Korok near the korok storehouse. He will start the questline. The first part is simple as the markers appear on the map. Follow in any order you wish too each korok. I personally started with the sneaking quest which was the Korok too the south, I could be mistaken!

You should know, that you will have to stick too the paths, or you can get lost in the lost woods and have to restart from the beginning of the Korok Village. Once you reach the first Korok too the south, he will instruct Link too follow his friend without getting noticed. This is very annoying, because even if you reach the end of the level and get caught you must start from the beginning all over again!

There are three tricks that I can tell you, possibly four. First wear you're obvious Sheikah Set of armor. Next, stay crouched and keep a very nice distance. Stay as far away from the Korok as possible while still keeping him in sight. Once he reaches the broken tree, keep your distance as some tree branches will fall down and it will make the Korok frightened a bit. Eventually you will reach the halfway point and go through a hollow log. At this point stay and wait at the end of the log, until the Korok says he thinks that he sees a ghost.

Once the Korok states the ghost comment, he will walk back a good amount and this can cause you too get caught if you were following too closely, restarting the quest. If you can get past that part, it's simple enough from that point. Make you're way too the shrine, once the Korok says he is done and such, you can approach him freely and activate the shrine. The Shrine is a blessing Shrine. The reward inside will be an ancient core.

Kuhn Sidajjis Shrine
Shrine Quest - Trial Of Second Sight ( Korok Trials )

Next up is the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest, talk to the korok named Zooki too initiate the shrine quest at the 2nd furthest yellow marker in the Korok village. This one is easier than the first trial, but is still pretty tough. I found the twisty puzzle at the end rewarding enough though. What you want to do is look for the iron inside the mouths of all the trees. There are about 6 iron balls in total. You may have to stretch out a bit with some trial and error fails. Once you see the two torches lit along the way you are in the right direction.

Head to the two lit torches and defeat the enemies that are probably stal-enemies. Use bombs remote, than roll too finish them off. Next, pick up the rusty shield and drop it in the mouth of the tree as instructed. Finally, here is the twisted part that I enjoyed! The tree is referring to the actual treasure chest that just appeared, so put that chest in the mouth of the next tree after riding the raft too it. This will open the way too the next shrine which is a blessing shrine and complete the shrine quest. Inside the reward is a Giant Ancient Core.

Maag Halan Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Test of Wood: ( Korok Trials )

This was the easiest of all the korok trials for me. If you have revali's gale you can fly over all the enemies very easily. If not you can run through pretty easily as well. You might want to bring some fire arrows along the way for the crates near the start of the trial. However, beware that you're weapons are made of wood and if they burn they will be destroyed. This will restart the trial from the beginning if any single one of them are destroyed. Once you make it too the shrine, you will receive a blessing, inside the chest is another Ancient Core. Finally, you can now talk to Chio at the Korok village. He will offer Link, three hearty truffles for completing the trials. This will complete the Korok Trials sub-quest.

Keo Ruug Shrine
The Keo Ruug Shrine is located right inside the Korok Village of the Great Hyrule Forest region of the game. Head inside and you will have to solve a ball puzzle. Apparently you must use the constellations on the wall. However, i had nigh enough patience for it at the time, so I just used Sokkus super awesome guide right here on gamefaqs! Thanks to Sokkus for the help. I am not going to use his map, but I will encourage you readers to check out his guide as well. It is very useful as I have been using it too.

To solve the first puzzle, place one of the four balls on the far left in the first row. Place the second ball in the middle left slot in the 3rd row. On the opposite side, place the ball in the 5th row on the middle right slot. Finally, place the next ball in the 4th row on the far right slot. Once again feel free to use Sokkus picture guide for the puzzle here on This will solve the puzzle that leads too the spirit orb and the monk. However, let's get that pesky treasure chest as well.

For the treasure chest door to open, you must go back to the previous room after solving the above puzzle. Next move the ball on the left up one slot too the 2nd row on the far left side. After, move the other ball up one slot too the 4th row on the middle left side. On the opposite side of the puzzle, move the previous ball too the right so that it is in the far right slot of the 5th or "top" row. Move the final ball too the left so it is in the 4th row on the middle right. This should solve both puzzles and inside will be a decent reward. Sokkus states this is a knight's claymore, I honestly forgot what I found here, so it probably wasn't too great.

Ketoh Wawai Shrine
Shrine Quest - Shrouded Shrine:

This quest is a bit tough so you may want to see my video guide and search up the quest at the bottom of this document. You can get kind of lucky if you run around like a mad person, but I will try and help you folks from doing so. First, know that the location of this shrine is at the Thyphlo Ruins which is north of the Korok Village. This is once again all the Great Hyrule Forest region and it's shrines. You probably will have too go from Hebra Tower and travel very far too the western bridge on the map that is near the Thyphlo Ruins. This is because we can not travel through the lost woods without warping back to it's starting points.

Once you reach the ruins the shrine quest will begin. Make sure to use one of the many torches in this area and light as many bird statues as you can for light. The objective is to get too the Hinox that is located somewhere near the center of this rather large area. There is a star fragment in one of the chest as well as some other decent items you might be interested in. These can be tough too find in the darkness so the choice is yours too find them or not.

Once you reach the Hinox, you must defeat it to get the shrine ball from the beast. The shrine ball will give off a good amount of light for this area. Pick it up and the glowing shrine platform should not be very far from the ball and the Hinox. Place the shrine ball inside the platform and the shrine will rise from the ground. This is a blessing shrine and you will receive an ancient core inside the Sheikah Treasure chest as well as another spirit orb from the blessing monk.

Rona Kachta Shrine
This shrine is rather simple to find if you look for the Forgotten Temple on you're world map in the Great Hyrule Forest region. The run too the shrine is tough though. This is not because of puzzles but it is infested with around 10 stationary guardians. Use you're ancient armor and have some ancient arrows too make this run easier. The diamond circlet can also help if you do not have the full ancient armor set. You can also try too just run through with some hasty elixir or food item, but you may still take damage. Hopefully you will have Mipha's Grace up as well. Regardless, it's still straight forward and when you get too the shrine it is a blessing with a great flameblade inside.

Mirro Shaz Shrine
This shrine is the Tempered Power shrine. It is located right near the woodland stable. This shrine can be pretty tough so you may want to listen up. First, always remember to check my video playlist below if you are having too much trouble. Just type in the shrine name in my playlist search engine on youtube. For the shrine, you should pick up the sledge hammer inside the sheikah treasure chest. Once you do, equip it and know that you can spin whirlwind attack to charge you're stasis strikes on the ball faster.

Know that too get the final sheikah treasure chest of this dungeon is tough, so you should make a manual save. The game will autosave after you open each sheikah treasure chest. This saves us tons of trouble if you lose or lost all you're weapons due to them breaking while trying to get the ball into the hole.

For the first ball puzzle, you want to aim directly straight ahead after using stasis on the ball. Do not move the ball from it's platform. Hit it 5 times exactly with the iron sledge hammer. Different weapons have different power types so make sure to use the sledge hammer to make things easier. If you hit the ball 5 times down the pipe it should fly off into the hole. For the 2nd puzzle it is very simple. Use stasis on the stone block and just hit it as many times as you can, the stronger the better. This will propel the wall too form a slanted path for link to cross. This will lead too the spirit orb monk and the shrine. You can choose to complete the shrine right here.

If you want the final treasure chest which holds a giant ancient core, follow this tactic. This is in my video playlist on youtube, however thanks too steve b on youtube for his video. I was leaving the ball on it's rightful platform to no avail. Although I still think it is possible to leave the ball on the base platform and have success, steve b's method is much easier. Pick up the ball and place it behind the platform, on the left side of the cut in the raised floor. In other words, try and line up the ball behind it's platform so you will not hit the weird walls in the water ahead of it. This is hard too explain so once more, try and line up the ball so if you hit it with full force turning the stasis arrow red, the ball will fly straight. This should shoot it into the hole and reveal the sheikah chest. Once again if there are problems watch the video, or just email me no worries at all!

Monya Toma Shrine
This shrine is located near or on Salari hill. There is also the crescent shaped moon lake a bit south of this shrine. This shrine is called the Drawing Parabolas shrine. I have no idea what that means in comparison to the shrines puzzle, but it's not very difficult. All you have to do is launch yourself across each launcher and there are three in total. Do this until you reach the shrine with the spirit orb. If you want the treasure chest which contains a thunderblade, then you will have to mess around with the blue crystal. Use it too rotate the platform so that you can paraglide and land too the sheikah treasure chest. Once completed you can exit the shrine and this will complete all of the woodland region shrines.

Hebra Region Shrines

Qaza Tokki Shrine
Shrine Quest - Trial on the Cliff:

This shrine is located at the North Lomei Labyrinth which is in the Hebra Region. You should notice a big odd looking square on the map. If you have been too the other labyrinths you will notice this one with ease from the world map. Travel to the destination and you will have to solve a small maze too get through too the levels shrine. Use our video playlist below and type in Qaza Tokki shrine on the playlist if you are having trouble with the location. Once you make it too the shrine you will be rewarded with the final piece of the Barbarian Armor set which is the leggings. Talk you're spirit orb and exit the level. Know also, that there are several enemies in this labyrinth or maze. There are also some treasure chest with rewards that my be worth you're while and time.

Dunba Taag Shrine
Dunba Taag Shrine is located in the middle of Tanagar Canyon on the ground floor. You can glide there with the glider from the Hebra Tower by heading northwest. Once inside the shrine you will have to solve some stasis ball puzzles. Manipulate the ball so it rolls into the first switch until it turns blue. This will open the door too the next area. If you hit the barrels through the stone blocks by using stasis on them, you can acquire a falcon bow. There will also be a switch with a large ball in another area. Make sure not too knock the ball above you with stasis or you may have to restart the shrine if you want the sheikah treasure chest.

If you can pull off getting the ball on the large platform like switch, you will be rewarded with a Great Thunderblade inside the chest. Finally, do the barrels again on the opposite side to open the door to the spirit orb monk. Collect you're spirit orb and exit the shrine.

Gee Harah Shrine
Gee Harah shrine is kind of tough too access. You will have to roll a snowball down the side of the mountain near the Kopeeki Drifts. The shrine is behind a stone door. Locate the store door by heading southwest of the Kopeeki Drifts text on the world map. Climb up from that area and there will be about 8 snowballs. Use the snowballs and try throwing them down one of the four lanes. Use the second lane if counting from the left side. The snow ball should build up and hit the stone door, this will grant Link access too the shrine.

Once inside the shrine it is rather simple, Hit the rope that holds the large balls. Do this on the first one with the Bow and arrows and it will land on the large hammer head switch too open a door. The next one is the same idea and will reward link with a treasure chest. Finally, the last ball is on two ropes. Shoot them both down, then position the ball behind the hammer head switch, between the two sconces. Use stasis and power up a strong enough shot to propel the ball hard enough into the switch. This will open the gate too the monk with the next spirit orb.

Goma Asaagh Shrine
From the Hebra Tower, travel northwest and place a marker at the Hebra Peaks. You should find a campfire and several large ice blocks in the area. Use fire arrows or a torch and firewood to melt the ice. Make a big enough path for Link too fit through or remove all the ice. Head into the shrine and get ready for a Major Test of strength versus a Guardian Scout. If you complete the shrine you will be rewarded with guardian weapons from the scout. Inside the sheikah treasure chest is a royal claymore.

Hia Miu Shrine
This shrine is located at the very Northwestern part of the Hyrule World map in the Hebra region. It is a pretty long trek and you may want to bring the snowquill armor or some cold resistant gear or procurement items. Inside is a major test of strength vs a guardian scout enemy. These guys are well known enough by now too be pretty difficult. Come prepared and remember you can not use you're divine powers inside a shrine. Once the enemy is defeated you can collect all of it's nice ++ guardian weapon drops. Finally collect the blessing reward inside the Sheikah Chest, which is a sapphire gem. Complete the shrine by collecting the spirit orb at the monk.

Lanno Kooh Shrine
Lanno Kooh shrine can be located at the waters source of the Hebra Plunge area on the world map of Hyrule. The waters are freezing cold in this area, and if you are doing a no damage attempt run it could get tricky. You're going to want to climb around the inside of the cave so you don't hit the water and take damage. Bring the climber's gear with you and equip it. It may also be helpful too have some endura or energizing elixir's or procurement/food items with you for you're stamina meter. Once you make you're way near the shrine, beware of the Stalizalfos enemies that may pop out near the shrine during nighttime. There is also a korok seed under the boulder right near the shrine. Head inside the shrine for an easy blessing with a gold rupee, worth 300 rupees as you're reward.

Maka Rah Shrine
Maka Rah shrine is very difficult to find, especially on you're own time. Please if my text or sokkus text guide does not help you, seek the video guide below. Type in the Four Hebra shrines in the search engine on the playlist or my channel. It will be the third shrine completed in that video and shows the exact location. If you want too just read my description here then read on!

This shrine is located near Lake Kilsey. Lake Kilsey is a rather large lake that is located to the Northwest of the Rito Village inside the Tabantha region. A better description of the shrines location, would be that you should look at the entire lake on the map. Notice the brown spots on the map, those are docks. There will be three of them on the map, possibly four. You want to be near the docks on the southern side of the lake. If you find a group of boulders, you can blow them up and there will be a wind gust, this helps you know you are near the location.

What I did different than sokkus was come from the opposite side of the wind vent at the docks on Lake Kilsey. Set a pin-point with you're sheikah slate on the docks. However, come at that pin point from the North East. If you are gliding pretty high into the air you may see some torches and another cave. Go into that cave, then notice another gust of wind. Paraglide and drop the paraglider to fall down safely. Head through the small body of water and this will eventually lead too some ice-chuchu's and the Maka Rah Shrine. It is pretty tough too explain but with my videos and this text guide, you will make it.

Once inside the shrine, you will need you're bow too shoot an arrow and light the other sconce for a flame. You can alternatively use the torch here if you have one. Next, defeat the four guardian scouts and then use cryonis to pick up the sheikah treasure chest. Eventually you can use cryonis on the opposite side of the chest and step on that switch to reveal another door. Use magnesis in the next area to grab the treasure chest with an ancient core inside once you open it. Continue onward too the final puzzle, which will be a rolling spikey ball that is huge and metallic coming down at Link. Be careful as this spike ball can do large amounts of damage and kill Link.

The trick here is too use Magnesis very quickly on the ball while it is far enough away from Link after it drops down. Quickly grab it then bring it overhead and on the opposite side of Link. Drop it down then quickly run across the slanted shrine hill too the monk with the spirit orb. Collect the spirit orb and then return too the surface.

Mozo Shenno Shrine
Shrine Quest: A bird in the mountains:

Pick up this shrine quest if you would like from Molli inside the Rito Village, at one of it's flight pads. You don't have too talk too Molli to complete both the shrine it's quest. It does help to use as a hint, because the cave this shrine is hidden in is shaped like a bird's eye, thus a bird in the mountains shrine quest.

The best advice I could give in text form here is too travel too the Hebra tower. This is directly east of the Biron Snowfield, where the shrine is located. If you stay high in the mountains and glide from Hebra, utilizing revali's gale often enough, you should see the bird's eye. You should also see the shrine easily when coming from the east and Hebra's Tower. You will not see the shrine at all if you come from the west of the Biron Snowfield. This is usually the problem and the cause of many players getting lost while seeking the Mozo Shenno Shrine.

Once you reach the shrine, activate it and get ready for another major test of strength. Use the shock arrows and a quick shot bow if you have one. A falcon bow is one of the fastest firing bows in the game. This goes double if it has a quick shot ability. These are amazing against major and modest guardian scouts. It would even be great for taking no damage vs minor scouts. The reason being that guardian scouts can be stunned by electricity. This leaves them open to a succession of several attacks, before you have too back off.

The problem is you will need plenty of shock arrows if you are planning on taking on guardian scouts. You can buy them at various shops, most abundantly in Tarrey Town off the Rito salesmen, if you completed the "from the ground up" side-quest. Lynel's later in the game also drop shock arrows and the gerudo region is quite abundant in them if you find an electric Lizalfos campsite. Once you have completed the battle, pick up the guardian ++ weapons and collect the spirit orb from the monk.

Rin Oyaa Shrine
Rin Oyaa shrine is easy to locate if you have found the snowfield stables in the Hebra region of the game. Once at the stables which is too far east of Hebra go inside to begin the shrine. There will be several vents that blow gusts of wind out too apparently move the ball. I just walked with the ball and went directly too the hole. I placed the ball in the hole and watched the platform move. The platform will not go up and down automatically. In this case, I used the metal crate and placed it, using magnesis near the balls hole. I then placed the ball behind the crate and went back too the rising platform.

At the rising platform I stood there and used magnesis on the metal crate, I pushed the ball into the hole using the metal crate. This made the platform rise up with Link on it. The monk awaits for you at this point and you can collect a spirit orb as you're reward. Note that the treasure chest in this area is an ancient core.

Rok Uwog Shrine
Look at the world map of the Hebra region specifically and look for the Pikada Stonegrove. This is the area that has what I can explain as "mushroom" capped ice mountains. In this area there is a pretty visible shrine, which is the Rok Uwog shrine. Inside is the power of reach shrine trial, so let's get too it.

The power of reach will start you off with some leaves on walls that can be burnt. Burn the leaves by either using fire arrows, or by shooting an arrow through the flame lit sconce of fire. Either way you do it, proceed to the next area and you will only need the large metal crate for the sheikah treasure chest. You should see a gate with two barrels ontop of a sheikah switch on the floor. The power of reach for me was using a square remote bomb and dropping it near the gate. Explode the bomb and it should move the two barrels off of the switch.

Head into the next room via the gate we just opened and turn right too get the chest on a small set of stairs. This chest contains the small key. If you exit the area from the ladder here, there i another sheikah chest outside. Grab and open the contents of the chest if you would like, proceed too the small key door. Open the door and this will lead to the monk with you're spirit orb as a reward.

Sha Gehma Shrine
Sha Gehma shrine is pretty far in the Northern Part of the Tabantha snowfields of the Hebra region. It is close to the northern edge of the entire world of Hyrule. However, being a long trek it is still very noticeable especially coming from the hebra mountain heights that lay southwest of the shrine. Once you locate it, head to the shrine and get ready for the shift and lock puzzle.

You should notice a treasure chest with a huge metal crate on the top of it. Walk up the slanted walkways and then notice two moving platforms. Raise the metal crate with magnesis and let it fall on top of the two moving sheikah platforms. Immediately after use stasis on the metal crate. Quickly again, drop or glide down to the treasure chest of the sheikah that contains the small key. Use the small key on the door and this will lead to the completion of the shrine. Collect you're spirit orb from the monk then exit the area.

Shada Naw Shrine
If you have been to Selmie's spot on the world map you may have already encountered this shrine. It is on the mountain top north of Coldsnap hollow. Selmie will also offer a mini-game of shield surfing for Link if you are interested. Furthermore, there is a cooking pot inside her comfortable cabin as well as a bed.

There will be several vents that blow gusts of wind out too apparently move the ball. I just walked with the ball and went directly too the hole. I placed the ball in the hole and watched the platform move. The platform will not go up and down automatically. In this case, I used the metal crate and placed it, using magnesis near the balls hole. I then placed the ball behind the crate and went back too the rising platform.

At the rising platform I stood there and used magnesis on the metal crate, I pushed the ball into the hole using the metal crate. This made the platform rise up with Link on it. The monk awaits for you at this point and you can collect a spirit orb as you're reward. Note that the treasure chest in this area is an great frostblade.

To Quomo Shrine
This is a blessing shrine located inside of the cave at the hebra regions, hebra north summit location. Once you find it head inside for a quick,nice and easy blessing shrine. Once you have collected the item in the sheikah chest, head to the spirit monk and collect you're spirit orb.

Ridgeland Region Shrines
Maag Norah Shrine
Maag No'rah shrine is a blessing shrine, but it can be a little hard to locate. First, know that it is near Lindor's Brow area of the Ridgeland Region. It is also behind a bombable pile of rocks and there is furthermore an enemy camp nearby. If you are having too much trouble please refer to the video guide at the bottom of this page. Type in maag norah shrine in the youtube search bar. You will have to look down the side of the cliff to locate the bombable wall. Once you locate the shrine, activate and complete the blessing for a silver rupee that is worth 100 rupees. Exit the shrine after you collect the spirit orb from the shrines monk.

Muah Rokee Shrine
Shrine Quest: Under a Red Moon:

Mijah Rokee shrine is pretty tough but with a few awesome tips the crew of amazing underpaid writers here at gamefaqs can make it easy for you! First the location of the shrine will be atop the highest and largest stone mushroom thing inside Washa's bluff area of the Ridgelands. Talk to Kass the Rito playing the accordion atop the mushroom. This will initiate the shrine quest, Under a Red Moon.

To make things really easy, I suggest either being very alert the next time there is a blood moon and quickly teleport to the nearest shrine, then run to the platform near Kass. Alternatively, you can just leave your game on until the blood moon appears. Do this, by just leaving your controller idle and plugged in if you must. Take a break, go out get something to eat and the shrine should appear. When it does it will save your game, even if the system goes off.

This is a better idea, because making campfire's and waiting at them does not work. You will only get a blood moon once a certain amount of real gameplay time has passed. Once again you can camp it out all day and night long. It will actually take longer for a blood moon to appear in this case, possibly because game time may stop ticking during save time.

Finally, you must also be standing on the platform with no armor, weapons,bows,shields, etc. Yup just stand on the platform with Link in the shorts we woke up in at the start of the game. This should help everyone to not only save time, but not pull their hair out of the top of their heads as well. Inside the shrine is a simple modest test of strength. Defeat the guardian scout on the inside, pick up all of the scouts drops then continue to the sheikah treasure chest. Inside the chest will be a nice one-handed frostblade!

Mogg Latan Shrine
Moog latan shrine is located near the Satori Mountains Peak. Inside the shrine will be the Synced Swing puzzle. I had a bit of confusion with this when I first started. I tried to use stasis on the chains and platforms, but simply just Use magnesis. If you get stuck, drop into the pit below and you will respawn back at the nearest starting point/checkpoint. Use magnesis to swing each platform and then eventually the large metallic spiked ball and chain obstacles. You can do this to collect a few treasure chest as well as lead to the monk and the next spirit orb. Once you have collected the orb by talking to the monk, exit the shrine.

Shae Loya Shrine
Shae Loya shrine, is easily located at the Tabantha Bridge Stables area of the Ridgeland region of the game. Head towards the shrine nearest the stables and enter for the "aim for the moment" shrine. You want to have arrows and a bow for this shrine and just stand on the platform near the shrines entrance. Use stasis on the ball while it is leaping into the air. Shoot it about 4-5 times with any bow and it should drop into the hole. This will activate the rising platform and if you ride it up and look to your left you will see an orange crystal.

Shoot the orange crystal, utilizing the slow-motion bow feature and this will open the way to the monk with the spirit orb. If you want the treasure chest of the sheikah, then look towards the upper left side of the room. There is a chest on some wooden beams and ropes. Shoot the two ropes with any bow and arrow combination. The chest will fall to the ground and inside will be a Falcon Bow! After this complete the shrine by going back to the monk and acquiring the spirit orb. Once complete, exit the shrine then the area.

Shem Dagoze Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Two Rings:

You may have noticed a bunch of odd stones with holes or rings in them near the Satori Mountain. If you hear some music nearby, it is again our friend Kass. Speak to Kass the Rito and he will give some hints in riddles to solve the shrine quest. This is rather simple, just shoot an arrow between two of rings of stone. I found a good spot to the southeast of Kass the Rito if you are looking directly at him. The shrine will rise once you complete the shrine quest.

Moving in Parallel is the name of this shrines obstacle. It is relatively simple, step on the switch and this will move the platforms. Time them both correctly so each of the shrine balls go appropriately into each of the holes and turn them lighted to blue. Once complete this will open up the way to the monk with the spirit orb. Note there is a thunderblade in a recess on a small platform. You will have to glide to it if you want to collect it inside the sheikah treasure chest.

Toh Yahsa Shrine
Shrine Quest - Trial of Thunder:

This is one of my favorite shrine quest in the game. It leads to a cool item and I love the rain and thunder animations in the game. Yes, I know rain can be annoying but it also gives such more immersion to an already very immersive game. The trial of thunder can be a little confusing as well. You want to locate the four multi-colored shrine orbs/balls and place them into each appropriate circles hole. One is located right near the circle so place that one in first. The green ball/orb is located atop the green circle, climb it quickly and place it into the orbs container.

The last two can be tough as they are located within the eye of the storm. Save revali's gale for this segment and if you don't have the gale it's going to be more annoying climbing the area mainly due to the annoying rain. If you can grab the orb, walk with it and then use stasis on one of the areas that appear to have a good shot for it. Hit the orb until it reaches the center area then go and get the next orb. Repeat this process then make your way back into the center area of the Trial of Thunder. Place the remaining two orbs in the appropriate slots and the shrine will rise from the ground.

Buried Secrets is the name of this shrine, and be absolutely sure to get the rubber armor here! It is located in one of the sheikah chest right near the starting area of the shrine. Make doubly sure to use the bombs and blow up the cracking rocks to acquire the Rubber Armor! Afterwards, continue just blowing up everything using circle and remote bombs. This shrine is rather simple and fun! Once you are done, blowing up the shrine head to the monk and collect the next spirit orb.

Zalta Wa Shrine
Zalta Wa shrine is pretty simple to locate if you head to the Breach of Demise right in the Ridgeland region of the game. Once you locate the shrine, activate it and head inside. The name of this shrines puzzle is called Two Orbs Guide You. What you want to do is use your bow and stasis here. Use stasis on the first ball that is sitting atop the ledge or pillar. Then shoot it with a bow and arrow a few times.

Pick up the ball where it was knocked off and stand on the switch near the entrance of the shrine. Throw the ball into the circles hole and another ball will appear behind the gate. Use that ball and throw it into the other circle. Finally, hit the crystal switch and glide up to the now moving platform. This stairway/platform will lead to the monk with the spirit orb. The sheikah treasure chest is also easily located if you jump from the moving platform on the right-hand side. Congratulations on completing all of the Ridgeland region shrines!

Lake Hylia Region Shrines

Ishto Soh Shrine
Bravery's grasp shrine is located at the very western edge of the Lake tower region. Oseria Plains is your marking spot, so head to that area and you should find this shrine. The shrine seems really confusing at first, but think of the hint in the name of the shrine. Bravery's Grasp intends to have the player simply grab the mechanism that is shooting the laser. Once you pick up the laser shooting mechanism, put it on the moving sheikah platform. From that point just head up the steps as they trigger on and off until you get to the monk with the spirit orb.

Kao Makagh Shrine
South of the Highland stable this is an easy to locate shrine. It is actually another simple puzzle inside the shrine as well. Simply first open up the first set of metal doors using the magnesis rune. Walk around the area and look for some steps. To your left you should see some breakable bomb rocks. Explode them with any type of bomb and pick up the shiekah treasure chest behind the area. Next go back up the steps and this time use magnesis on the left side of the metal doors. The left door panel will come off and this reveals a means of passage for Link.

Place the metal object on a rising slant to make a small rising bridge for Link to cross. Do this and then climb up the rocks near the next treasure chest of the sheikah. Open up the chest for a small reward of opal. Next, paraglide to the platform where the monk is located with the next spirit orb. Collect the orb and exit the shrine and get ready for the next one.

Pumaag Nitae Shrine
This one is located near or along the road of the Pagos Woods, which is once again inside the Lake Tower region. The shrine puzzle is another battle and this one is only a minor test of strength. This should be really easy at this point in the game if you have been following this walkthrough/strategy guide. Simply defeat the guardian scout using any means necessary. Collect the rewards if you wish, then head to the sheikah treasure chest. Open it up and it should reveal a prize, a boomerang of wood if I remember.

Shae Katha Shrine
Shrine Quest - The Serpents Jaws:

Serpents Jaws is easy enough to locate at the Spring Of Courage. What you want to do, is head northeast from the Pagos Woods where we picked up the shrine quest from Kass the singing Rito. Look for Dracozu Lake on the map and be sure to mark it with a pin marker. This area is also the spring of courage. Now, you will need a scale of Farosh to open up this shrine. Farosh hangs out around Lake Hylia shrine almost always. Head there and shoot any part of his body for a scale. When you have the scale make your way for the spring of courage.

Some problems here would be running into tons of Lizalfos that shoot lightning arrows at Link. There are also several moblins, and it may be difficult to run through without taking damage. I suggest for low heart runs or no-damage runs take your time and stock up on plenty of arrows. Full recovery food items that grant extra hearts are also nice. Once you make it through in any way that you have chosen, drop the Farosh scale into the water. This will open up the shrine. The shrine is a simple blessing shrine with a reward inside the sheikah treasure chest. Your reward will be a thunderspear in a treasure chest and also the spirit orb from the monk.

Shoqa Tatone Shrine
Shrine Quest - Guardian Slideshow:
The location is Puffer Beach on the world map of Hyrule at the Lake Tower region. Head to puffer beach and mark it with a pin just to play it safe. From the text on puffer beach, head north and look for a woman and a cooking pot. She will also be close or hugging an ancient orb. Talk to her to initiate the shrine quest. She will only give the orb to Link if he can acquire three photos, one of each type of Guardian.

First you will need a picture of a guardian stalker, these are the main guardians with legs, they are commonly found in the Central Hyrule Region of the game. The next is the Skywatchers, these types can be found north of the Great fairy fountain at the Tabantha Region of the game. Finally, guardian scouts are found inside the test of strength shrines throughout the game. These do respawn with every single blood moon event. Be sure to see the exclamation point before you snap the picture of all three just to be safe. Once you have three pictures return to the NPC at Puffer Beach. She will then give Link the orb.

Place the orb inside it's hole to have the next shrine open up. This is another modest test of strength shrine. This should once again be simple at this point in the game, if you have been following this walkthrough. Defeat the guardian scout using whatever means you would like, then open the sheikah treasure chest for a Royal Broadsword. See the monk and collect the spirit orb than we can exit the shrine.

YA Naga Shrine
Shatter the Heavens shrine is located right in the middle of the huge Lake Hylia. It may seem a bit hidden at first, but use your sheikah shrine sensor and look for an island that is rather large within the lake. Head to that island then drop down into the hole which covers the shrine from plain sight. Once inside the shrine you will be using both the remote bombs as well as the ball bombs. Place a remote bomb on the top of the giant gray stone. Next switch to roll bombs and roll one into the hole.

Step back at this point and get an excellent view of the ceiling, we have to break the rocks up top with the remote cube bomb. All the while setting the rock into the air with the basic rolling or ball bomb. First detonate the ball bomb, then quickly switch to the cube bomb and at the right time quickly explode it. This should shatter the rocks over head or in the "heavens". Next place a rolling bomb in the hole again, but this time stand on the gray boulder and propel Link above. This will lead to another area with a sheikah treasure chest on the left or right side on a platform. The spirit orb is ahead and easy to locate. However, if you want the chest you may have to launch yourself up via the bomb burst again.

Faron Region Shrines

Qukah Nata Shrine
Shrine Quest - Song of Storms:
First find Kass near Carloa Lake which is east of the Lake Floria Bridge at the Faron Region. Kass wil give Link and the player a tip on how to find the next shrine. You may notice an odd stone or form of earth near kass. Kass will even show Link this while telling his tale on the accordion. All you have to do is wear a metal item and stand near the rock or up top of it. Wearing the Thunder Helmet will help to negate damage here. Let the lightning strike Link and the shrine will open up. Head inside for the blessing and the reward will be the Rubber Tights.

Muwo Jeem Shrine
This shrine is located near Hateno Village but it is on the border of another region. I will give the full location when that region is discovered. It is battle shrine so you will have to fight a guardian drone here and it is moderately difficult. Bring some procurement items as well as arrows and a decent weapon. Practice your flurry attacks and if you need to farm fairy's at the fountains do so. You will acquire some guardian + items here. Mainly the guardian axe+ and the guardian shield+. The reward in the Sheikah chest is nothing too noteworthy and I recall it being a knight's bow. After a bloodmoon you can revisit this shrine to battle the guardian inside and farm the weapons again and again.

Yah Rin Shrine
Yah rin shrine is located right on a small mountain inside the Lurelin Village. The puzzle inside the shrine can be a little confusing. You will have to drag the metal box around often. Don't forget to get the metal sheikah chest for the small key. Also remember you can use the sheikah treasure chest on the platforms. Inside the second treasure chest is a Knight's Broadsword. If you use trial and error like I did you will eventually figure out the puzzle. Link will need to have the metal block on the upper right platform. However, you must be able to raise the left upper platform to get to it. This will eventually lead to the monk and the orb, as well as completion of this shrine.

Kah Yah Shrine
Shrine Quest - A Fragmented Monument:
Plamorae Ruins is a hidden location on the world map near the Plamorae Beach area. There will be two orange pedestals in this area and an NPC. Talk to the NPC and this will initiate a camera picture talking shrine quest. This is pretty tough because the fragmented stones are kind of hard to see. I suggest waiting until nighttime because they do glow a little bit. The first one is directly and shortly east of the two orange pedestals. There is a small recess in the cliff and it is laying on the ground in front of two plam trees. Be sure to take a picture of it while the exclamation point is up.

The second monument is located near a "circle" of water and some rock to the west of the orange pedestals. It will be laying on some side near that area. Look at your world map and you should see the disoriented circle of water. The final monument is located at the very end of the swirling peninsula. There is a lone boulder here with a Korok seed underneath it. There is also a lone palm tree. Right at the base of the palm tree is the third and final fragmented monument. One you have all the monuments kneel down at any of the two pedestals by crouching. The NPC will join link on the opposite pedestal and the shrine will rise from the sand.

Inside the shrine is a rather simple, quick thinking puzzle. There are 4 barrels on each side of the shrine. Do not break them or you will most likely have to restart the shrine. Go to the left side and take a barrel. Put the barrel on the moving platforms left side. Let it pass the first barrier. Next, crouch through the middle barrier with the barrel. Finally, quickly pick up the barrel and move to the right a bit, then place the barrel on the switch. This will open the gate for the small key that leads to the monk with the spirit orb.

Korgu Chideh Shrine
Shrine Quest - Stranded On Eventide Island:

Eventide Island is one of the most talked about surprises and shrine quests in the game. It is really fun, as you will lose all your gear at the start of the shrine. The location is in Faron Region on the island all the way west of the tower. All you have to do is paraglide to the island to initiate the shrine quest. Once the quest begins know you can get your gear back at it's completion in entirety so don't worry too much!

I really suggest coming to this island with all your divine powers. Urbosa's Fury is great for the enemies and that goes double for the Hinox. Mipha's Grace is an excellent back up to keep Link alive just to be safe. Daruk's Protection is even a help, although the least of importance. Finally, Revali's gale will make navigating the area much easier. Don't forget after completing the shrine there is a para gliding mini-game with Mimo the Rito.

The island is pretty small so you should find the orbs easily. The only confusion I had was placing the first orb into the socket that was laying in the water. What I ended up doing was tossing the ball near the pedestal and then swimming to the orb holder myself. Next, I used cryonis to lift the ball then jumped on the ice block and eventually carried it to the hole. In a nutshell just throw the ball into the water and use cryonis.

The rest of the area is pretty easy, defeat enemies, stay alive and find resources. Once again save that urbosa's fury for the Hinox, it could be quite a challenge. Once you place all the orbs in the orb holders, the shrine will rise from the ground atop the highest peak of eventide island. Complete the shrine as it is a blessing shrine, for a nice gold rupee worth 300 rupees!

Metal Connections
This shrine is located at the very edge of the West Necluda Region near the second horse stable you may encounter. Head inside and open the easy to access sheikah chest for a minor reward by using all 3 blocks ontop of each other. Afterward, keep the blocks together all stacked and lift them with magnesis over to the left side so you can climb up to the higher point near the Sheikah Eyeball symbol. You can totally ignore the long flat metal piece as it seems to be pointless. Instead move the 3 blocks from the bottom floor to the higher floor once you are up top. If done correctly you should have a nice 3 block stack to climb on. Climb up to the highest block and run then jump off too paraglide too the Monk for the next spirit orb.

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