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Korok Seeds:

Korok Seeds Great Plateau
There are a total of 900 Korok Seeds in the game. With that being said I will also be going for them all. On my save file as well as this guide. Since they are quite insane to not only collect but explain in text form I did need some help. Thanks to GSG - Gamingsincegaming , This is the best set of Korok seeds on the web no doubt. I will still be updating the checklist from GSG's videos but the video is most important so enjoy! Some of these are filled in by youtube creator Terminator_8464 as well! thanks terminator and enjoy!

I might be writing up descriptions for all 900 korok seeds now. This is because even with a map or even videos, I feel we need a good descriptive list. I am having trouble finding them all even with maps and videos. I like to read something with a description and also have bad sense of direction. if you find yourself going to the same locations over and over again, then you will probably find this useful. We will start with the Great Plateau once again. Using mainly Terminator8464's images, so thank you again terminator.

Images have been removed, as I feel they weren't useful for the look of this guide. Instead I will be listing them all and of course we still have terminators video. When done this list will serve as a very nice Korok seed checklist. Thanks for your patience - codebreak. Also, please just reference the video and follow the playlist for now. I apologize but it is going to take time to make that list! Thank you for your patience.

 The Great Plateau:

#1. Shrine of Resurrection:
This korok seed is inside the shrine of Resurrection. It is located right inside the resting chamber of Link. The tip here is that it is only available to acquire after getting the paraglider and leaving the Great Plateau for the first time.

#2. Mountains West of Hopper Pond:
To the west of Hopper Pond will be some mountains. Atop those mountains you should notice a metallic block puzzle. Use magnesis on the blocks to solve the puzzle. This will lead to the second korok seed of this guide in the Great Plateau.

#3. Forest of Spirits:
Inside the Forest of Spirits you may notice a small swirling mountain with some patches of green grass on top of it. Climb or glide to the top of that small mountain and there will be a small gray boulder. Underneath the boulder will be the third korok and it's seed.

#4. Forest of Spirits:
Inside the forest of spirits you may notice a hollow log that is rather huge. Right at the start of this log will be a yellow flower. Walk and touch the yellow flower. Follow each one that appears until you find the next korok and acquire it's seed.

#5. Forest of Spirits:
The Forest of Spirits will hold a large gnarled tree with a pile of brown and red leaves underneath it. Shoot this leaves with a fire arrow. This will reveal one lone boulder that you can pick up to acquire the fifth korok and it's seed.

#6. Forest of Spirits:
Outside the Forest of Spirits exterior, you may notice less trees. This is still considered the Forest of Spirits and near this area is a strange shaped rock formation. Underneath that rock formation is a boulder with the sixth korok and it's seed.

#7. Forest of Spirits:
The next korok is to the east of the 6th korok seed. We are still at the Great Plateau region inside the Forest of Spirits area of the sheikah slate world map. You may notice a bog or swamp in this area. If you look around there will be a short standing hollow log. This log also has a chain coming out of it with a ball or piece of metal attached to it. Use magnesis on the object that hangs from the chain. Put this object into the hole of the short standing hollow log. This will reveal the 7th Korok and it's seed.

#8. The Great Plateau:
The next seed is located right inside the heart of the Great Plateau. There is a body of water with a circle of flowers inside the water. If you jump into that circle of flowers into the water the next and eight korok seed will appear.

#9. Temple of Time:
The Temple of Time korok seed could be a little tough to acquire. You may need some stamella shrooms for an extra stamina boost. Head to the Temple of Time at the Great Plateau region. Climb the larger remaining part of the structure and walk towards it's northern end. You should see some odd swirling flowers or sparkles. This is a Korok in spirit form. Examine the Korok's spirit for the ninth korok seed of the Great Plateau. As an extra side note, this Korok seed is at the highest pin-point of the Temple of Time.

#10. Eastern Abbey:
The tenth korok seed is located near the two guardians and the shrine inside the Eastern Abbey area on the world map. Avoid or defeat the guardians, depending upon you're skill level, or game progress. Head over the ruined wall and you should see a metallic door on the ground. Move that door with the magnesis rune and under it will be a gray boulder. Pick up the small gray boulder or rock and this will reveal the 10th korok and it's seed.
#11. Eastern Abbey: *
This korok seed is also under a metallic door that you will need to use the magnesis rune on. Use it on the door and pick up the boulder revealed underneath the door for the korok. Please note, this is considered to be the eastern abbey and the great plateau, technically. Some may consider this area west necluda or the Dueling Peaks tower region. I have marked this one with a few asterisk as a warning if using this guide.

#12. Old Man's Cabin:
This korok seed is located near the cabin where you probably have met the old man chopping down some wood earlier on in the game. You will have to climb up to the roof of the cabin and examine the floating leaves, which is the korok in spirit form. Examine the korok for the 12th seed.

#13. Mount Hylia:
This korok seed is located along the exterior of some ruins very south of the Mount Hylia text on the world map. It will be found underneath a gray rock. Pick up the boulder for the next korok and it's seed.

#14. Mount Hylia:
To the west of the previous Korok seed, you will have to glide down a bit. Glide down the mountain side until you see a stone door on one of the cliffs. Use stasis on the door to reveal a small boulder. Pick up the boulder to reveal the 14th korok and it's seed.

#15. Mount Hylia:
This Korok puzzle is a circle of rocks formation. It is located a bit south west of the Mount Hylia text on the world map. Complete the Korok puzzle by placing the nearby boulder in the empty slot within the circle. This will reveal the 15th korok and it's seed.

#16. Mount Hylia:
There will be a metallic block near the North west part of the text Mount Hylia on the world map. Pick up the block with magnesis and solve the block puzzle nearby for the next korok and it's seed.

#17. Mount Hylia:
Very north west of Mount Hylia area is an ice block standing on a rook of some old ruins. Shoot the ice block with fire arrows, or any type of fire you can find to melt the ice. This will reveal the 17th korok and it's seed.

#18. River of the dead:
Off the docks there will be a korok seed in spirit form. You will have to form a way using the cryonis ability to grab it. You may want to watch the video above for this one. Once you grab it, examine it for the 18th korok seed.

#19. River of the dead:
To the west of the gray bridge on the world map and west of the previous korok seed. Drop down a bit and the waterfall should be located on your right. There will be a formation of rocks in the water. Some boulders that you can throw into the formation nearby as well. Throw a boulder into the circle of rocks to have the 19th korok appear. You may want to use a little bit of cryonis for future puzzles like these.

 West Necluda/Dueling Peaks:

#1. Bridge of Hylia:
Climb the top of the Bridge of Hylia northern side in the west necluda region. Shoot an arrow through the first torch to the torch on the opposite side of the bride top towers. This will reveal the first korok of the west necluda region.

#2. Scout's Hill: *
There is a waterfall to the south of Scout's Hill. If facing the waterfall head east and find the metallic metal block. Use magnesis and bring it over to one of the rocks in the water. Place it there for a while then take out Cryonis. Use cryonis to form a stairway projecting out of the waterfall. Place the metallic block on the highest cryonis block. Climb up to the cryonis block with the metallic block. Look up on the western side of the waterfall now and place the metallic block inside using magnesis. This one is tough and probably often overlooked.

#3. Scout's Hill:
To the northwest of the Scout's Hill text on the world map is a cave. Head inside the cave and there will be some yellow flowers. Run through the yellow flowers in numerical order from smallest to largest. This will make the next Korok and it's seed appear.

#4. Scout's Hill:
On the world map you should see the text of Scout's Hill. The Korok seed is located in some ruins atop the hill. The seed and the korok are located underneath the boulder in these ruins. Pick it up to collect your reward.

#5. Scout's Hill:
There will be a large boulder north and slightly east of the Scout's Hill text on the world map. Have Link roll this larger boulder into the hole below. This will make the 5th korok and it's seed appear.

#6. Hylia River:
North of the Hylia River text on the world map is a pillar of rocks in the water. Grab the nearby boulder and throw it into the circle pillar of rocks for the next korok and it's seed.

#7. East Post Ruins:
Southeast of the east post ruins text on the world map. There is a large flagpole, climb the large flagpole and examine the korok in spirit form at the top to collect it's seed.

#8. Proxim Bridge:
Underneath Proxim Bridge, drop down from atop the center of the bridge near the letter "G" on the world map. You should see an easy lone boulder below. Pick up the boulder to reveal the next korok and it's seed.

#9. Proxim Bridge:
Directly south of the Proxim Bridge text on the world map. There will be a Korok underneath a gray boulder. You may want to use the video for this one. It is right next to Korok seed #10 and since they are so close together you can possibly miss it or miscount.

#10. Proxim Bridge:
Use the magnesis rune to solve the metallic block puzzle south of proxim bridge. Another hint would be on the shore side of the Hylia River.

#11. Hills Of Baumer:
This one is located west of the Deya Village Ruins. It is atop the hills of baumer which is to the Northwest if you are looking for the text on the world map. Remember we acquired a Memory at this location. There are two "offering" statues here and behind the statues will be a korok in spirit form. Examine the Korok to claim it's seed.

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