The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Walkthrough & Guide: Divine Powers
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Divine Powers:
Urbosas FuryMiphas GraceDaruks ProtectionRevali Gale

I love the idea with these Divine Powers and mainly their animation as well as how to acquire them. Nintendo did a great idea with these making this one in particular very powerful however it has a 12 minute real time cooldown. You can also disable it if you feel it is too much, which is a key option for certain types of players or playthroughs. Nintendo continues to surprise me in this game and there is much more to go and too come!

Urbosa's Fury is a huge area of effect lightning damage attack. Urbosa comes forth and cast her lightning fury on all enemies shocking them and stunning them as well as dealing tons of damage. the amount of damage is not sure just yet but it is large enough to take down a Hinox at gerudo canyon bridge in 3 hits classic Zelda numbers. You can acquire this after completing the Gerudo regions main dungeon Vah Naboris and defeat Thunderblight Ganon. The ability has 3 charges and once all 3 charges are used up it goes on a cool down. You must use your charge attack with the "Y" button to execute the power move. It will also only start a recharge once all 3 uses have been depleted.

Mipha's Grace: This is a very useful Divine Power that will not only restore all your hearts upon passing out but it will give some extra recovery hearts as well until you lose them. It has a huge cool down time at around 25 minutes and you only get one charge of this at a time. I can see why because it is pretty powerful. It is also fun to have enabled and to time yourself for when you really need it mostly.

Daruk's Protection:
This is one of the best looking of all the Divine Powers and I also find it pretty useful. I just think maybe we could or should have gotten a few more charges out of it at a time. Maybe even a lower cool-down ratio or time limit would've have improved it's usefulness. In a nutshell this will automatically block and stun an attacker up too three times before going on cooldown. You may want to save it for some tougher enemies such as Lynels. You can disable it at anytime in this case. However, it will not recharge while being disabled at least too my recent knowledge. Once again though it is simple to use by just holding the block button with a shield and it looks very gorgeous.

Revali's Gale:
Arguably the most useful of all the divine powers. This one has the lowest cool-down time at less than 6:00 minutes. It will create a current of wind that Link can glide-up using his trusty paraglider. This is exceptionally useful when climbing large mountains and of course when farming for Korok Seeds. I honestly would get this ability first if I didn't start with the Desert or Gerudo region dungeon in my first playthrough. It would save tons of time getting this one first in a second run and is probably once again the most viable of all the Divine Beasts rewards.

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