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WoodAppleBlue Chuchu JellyRed Chuchu Jelly

Wood can be farmed and used in a few ways in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. If you have a wood cutter's axe you can cut down various trees in the game. Sometimes you must first cut the tree down, then break up its log and you will acquire some wood. Wood can be dropped down on the ground and then ignited to make a campfire. At a campfire Link can pass the time of day from morning, noon, and finally night. This is one of the many materials in the game and there may be more uses and ways to farm it so stay tuned for updates.

 :::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::

A portable bundle of wood. You can use this to make a campfire if you have something to light it.

Apples can be found growing on trees especially early on in the Great Plateau region of the game. There will be more locations as I progress so bear with me. For now, if you consume or eat an apple, Link will gain 2/4 or two-quarters of a heart. So if one heart is half full and you can fill up the heart again with one apple. If you drop an apple right near a campfire and wait a few moments you will see it change. It actually changes on screen and makes an odd noise. When it is complete and after the smoke clears, Link will have acquired a baked apple. Welcome to crafting in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::

A common fruit found on trees all around Hyrule. Eat it fresh, or cook it to increase its effect.

Blue Chuchu Jelly:
Blue Chuchu jelly can be found or farmed off of Blue Chuchu enemies in the Great Plateau Region at nighttime. When you defeat a blue chuchu sometimes this will appear. If you use this Material with another element such as fire it can become red chuchu jelly. To transform it from Blue chuchu jelly to red, just drop it near a campfire and wait a few moments until it changes.

 :::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::

A gelatinous substance that came from a Chuchu. It's unusable in this state, but applying a bit of elemental stimulation will change its form.

Red Chuchu Jelly:
Red Chuchu jelly can be crafted by dropping after farming blue chuchu Jelly at a campfire. Once the blue chuchu jelly is dropped it will shortly after transform into Red Chuchu Jelly. Red Chuchu Jelly can be a potent explosive. You can drop it in place and then throw any object at it to detonate. It is a ton of fun and would make for great Land Mines. To top it off you can lead enemies into them and be more successful with these once you acquire your first bow and arrow set.

 ::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::

A jiggly substance that normally comes from a Fire Chuchu. It constantly gives off heat. If struck, it will explode in a ball of flame.

Courser Bee HoneyHearty Durian
Courser Bee Honey: Can be farmed all over the world of hyrule from bee hives. Make sure to shoot the bees twice with a bow and arrow after shooting the honey comb down. They can really annoy the player if you don't. Courser bee honey can be used to enhance many food recipes. It has a great stamina restoring effect when cooked alone or with other ingredients.

Hearty Durian: These can be located in the Faron region of the game. I will have a better location soon. For now you may need them for a particular quest just one of them to be exact. They are sold at the merchant right inside Gerudo Town and these items are really powerful for not only restoring hearts but giving extra hearts!

RushroomHylian ShroomStamella ShroomIron ShroomSilent ShroomChill ShroomZap ShroomSun ShroomRazor ShroomEndura Shroom

Rushroom items can be found South East of the Temple of Time and in the wooded area near the Old Man's Cabin. They grow on very large unbombable boulders that Link can climb to acquire the item. They can also spawn in many other areas like this in the game. At base, they restore half of a heart but if you cook them in a pot they will turn into a meal. This meal is called the Hasty Mushroom Skewer and it will increase your run and overall movement speed for One Minute.

 :::::::: LORE :::::::::

A mushroom that can grow almost anywhere but prefers ceilings and sheer cliffs. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your movement speed.

Hylian Shroom:
Hylian shroom items can be found right after exiting the Shrine of Resurrection. However, I have found them much more abundant near the Old Man's Cabin area in the Great Plateau Region. This item will heal half of a heart when eaten raw. If you cook them in a pot they will become a Mushroom Skewer and heal more hearts depending on how many Hylian Shrooms are used. The more shrooms used the more potent the healing will be.

 ::::: LORE ::::::

A common mushroom found near trees around Hyrule. Eat it to restore half a heart.

Stamella Shroom:
Stamella shroom resources can be found near the Old Man's Cabin growing on the sides of his cabin as well as the dark pine trees nearby. This is in the Great Plateau region of the game a bit south-west from the Eastern Abbey. Link can cook these and create a Hasty Mushroom Skewer which will increase with potency depending on how many shrooms are used. The skewer will increase Link's running and walking speed.

 ::::: LORE :::::

A green mushroom that grows near trees in the forest. It's chock-full of natural energy. Cook it to release its stamina-restoration properties.

Iron Shroom:
Iron shrooms have amazing defensive properties and can thus increase Link's defense with each one consumed if cooked in a pot. If toasted they will regain a very small amount of Link's heart containers. Cooking three of these and possibly more will create a Tough Mushroom Skewer Recipe. This Recipe will increase your defense up to 3x the base amount. This is depending upon how many Iron Shrooms are used. Thanks to Scott K for letting me in on the information. These can be farmed in the Forest area near the Dueling Peaks and its stable where several Wild Horses roam.

 :::::::: LORE :::::::::

The cap of this mushroom is very hard. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that increases your defense.

Silent Shrooms:
Silent shroom mushrooms can be found near the Great Fairy Fountain in Kakariko Village. It is possible that they only can be farmed at nighttime. These are used to create food items that heal hearts as well as give a boost to your stealth abilities. There are an abundance of these the top mountain of Kakariko Village near the first shrine.

 :::::: LORE :::::::

A strange mushroom that glows quietly in the forest at night. Cooking it into a dish unlocks the nutrients in its cap, resulting in a meal that will allow you to move stealthily.

Chill Shroom:
These can be found abundantly in snowy areas near pine trees. However there is an amazing location for these that respawn fast as well. The location is the Naydra Snowfield down the peaks of Mount Laynayru. It is located in the Hateno Tower region or East Necluda. If you run around this area you will pick up tons of these, maybe 40-50 at a time. They also seem to respawn rather quickly. These shrooms will increase your resistance to the heat and keep Link cool. I am pretty sure they give a level one resistance to cold but it may be higher, regardless this is still useful if you don't want nor have certain armors.

 ::::::: LORE :::::::::

Often found at the base of pine trees in cold climates, these mushrooms are cool to the touch and can be used to cook dishes that allow you to stay cool even in arid regions.

Zap Shroom:
I have not found the best or most abundant location for these yet, however I would assume it is somewhere in the Gerudo desert or highlands region, possibly in warmer climates. This mushroom will give very vital resistance to electrical enemies and damage. I am not sure if it works on lightning bolts, it probably lowers the amount of health you will lose. Like most other perks/buffs you can have up too level three lightning resistance. However, this may be increased with certain other items like Gerudo Jewelry.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This mushroom grows wild in the Gerudo region. The cap is naturally insulated, so when used in cooking, it will offer protection against electricity.

Sun Shroom:
You can find these abundantly if you go too the location during the Sunshroom Sensing side-quest. There is a small forest in that area with tons of these. They also will appear in forest at other warmer locations in the game's many regions.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A bright red mushroom that grows in hot climates. Imbued with the power of heat, they can be used to cook dishes that will allow you to endure the bitter cold.

Razor Shroom:
These shrooms are pretty rare, and I have not found a really good farming spot for them just yet. You may be able to buy these off some of the traveling merchants in the game. I have found a few in average climates near trees and pine tree forest a little more than often. Apologies for not having the best location, once I find one I will update. Keep you're eye out for these as they raise attack power excellently. If anyone finds a nice location contact me via email at the top of this guide.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This mushroom is known for the natural slice in its cap. Eating it fosters your competitive spirit. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that will increase your strength.

Endura Shroom:
Endura shrooms can be purchased at some of the shops in the game. The rito village shop comes to mind. They can also be found but pretty rarely in some forest areas in the game. For some reason I find them a bit more often near one of the stables in the game. I will get an exact location soon enough, for now buy them if you can! These fully restore all your stamina by just using one and add extra bonus stamina in yellow style.

 ::::::::: LORE ::::::::::

A rare yellowish-orange mushroom. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your stamina limit.

Blue NightshadeSwift VioletWarm SafflinaElectric SafflinaCool SafflinaHyrule HerbSilent Princess

Blue Nightshade is used in various sneaking elixir's when cooked with some critters. It can be found near the Great Fairy Fountain at Kakariko Village. However, I found a great spot for this right on the mountain top in Kakariko Village near the towns first shrine. There are possibly 15-20 Blue Nightshades here and I believe they respawn after a few in-game days or of course after a blood moon. I could use some confirmation on the respawning.

 :::::::: LORE ::::::::::

A plant that grows in quieter areas of Hyrule. At night, it gives off a soft glow. Cook with it to increase your stealth.

Swift Violet: This is an amazing resource and one of my current favorite flowers in the game. You can use it to make a hasty elixir that increases movement speed to level three when consumed for 5:40 seconds. You must cook five of them for this duration. The flowers spawn location is on the cliffs right near the Dueling Peaks Stable' Shrine. Be sure it isn't raining or you will waste time climbing the cliffs. You may also need an energizing elixir or skewer ( food ). to collect them all more quickly. The speed boost is really good though. It increases Climbing, walking, running and paragliding speeds. It also stacks with the Climber's gear.

 ::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

This vitality-rich flower blooms mainly on cliffsides. When cooked into a dish, the nourishing compounds increase your movement speed.

Warm Safflina:
Near the Gerudo town there is a set of ruins, these ruins are infested with fire breathing Lizalfos as well as stalfos. Around this area and many other areas of the Gerudo Desert region grows the Safflina plant. The safflina grows in various races of herb. Warm Safflina is pink in color and can be cooked to increase Link's resistance to the dreaded cold nights of the Gerudo deserts.

 ::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

This medicinal plant grows in hot regions, such as the Gerudo Desert. It's warm to the touch and increases your cold resistance when cooked into a dish.

Electric Safflina: This is the second race of the safflina herb mentioned in this strategy guide. This plant stores an energy that it gains from the burning sun of the Kingdom of Hyrule's Gerudo Desert Region. This energy offers resistance against electricity. In fact it can resist several types if not all electrical attacks whether it be nature or beast. The electrical resistance is limited yet can be empowered to higher levels depending on the amount of this electric safflina is used in a cooking pot.

 ::::::: LORE :::::::

This medicinal plant grows abundantly in the Gerudo Desert. Its peculiar fibers conduct electricity, which will increase your electricity resistance when cooked into a dish.

Cool Safflina: This is pretty easy to find at least for me. I have found tons of these in the Gerudo Highlands and Desert. These are also good to farm whenever you make a trip to the Great Fairy at the Gerudo Desert. There should be several growing near the Hawa Koth shrine which is literally next to the fairy. These safflina can also increase your heat resistance which make them great for traveling the desert in many forms of clothing or armors.

 ::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

This medicinal plant grows in high elevations, such as mountains in the Hebra or Gerudo regions. When cooked into a dish, it will temporarily increase your heat resistance.

Hyrule Herb: This herb is slightly less common than most. It can be found pretty much in any region in Hyrule. The catch is that it is usually found one herb at a time. I rarely ever see packs of it and have no really solid location. Just be on the look-out for them often and always take one. They make a really good vegetable dish that can restore your hearts.

 ::::::: LORE ::::::::

This healthy herb grows abundantly in the plains of Hyrule. Cook it before eating to increase the number of hearts it restores.

Silent Princess: This flower will increase your stealth when cooked into a meal. I have found them very abundantly at the first great fairy location near Kakariko Village. There are several of these flowers in other areas as well. They also seem to respawn quite often at the location near Kakariko.

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::

This lovely flower was said to have been a favorite of the princess of Hyrule. Once feared to have gone extinct, it's recently been spotted growing in the wild.

Raw Bird DrumstickHightail LizardRaw MeatSunset FireflyWarm Darner
Raw Bird Drumsticks are fun to acquire and to get them you should be sneaky with your Bow and Arrows. Use basic arrows because one shot on the gray pigeons will drop 2x of theses items. You can farm these birds near the Old Man's Cabin in the Great Plateau Region. They will form the Meat Skewer when cooked and are handy for long journeys.

Hightail Lizards are similar to farming the gray birds that drop the drumstick. They are a bit smaller and one shot from your bow and basic arrows will defeat them. Be sure to be in stealth mode when attacking as they are found in grassy areas of the Great Plateau Region and near the Old Man's Cabin. Mix them with monster parts to create a speed boost elixir.

Raw meat can be farmed off of Boar critters in the Forest of Spirits area of the Great Plateau Region. The creatures are quite abundant in this area however, they take one good head shot with basic arrows to take down. Most bows especially the boko bow won't do it on a body shot. They will drop raw meat when defeated and this is used to get the Warm Doublet. You can also use the Raw Meat in several other recipes.

Sunset Fireflies can be farmed near the Temple of Time and the Old man's cabin on warm nights. They are also abundant in other places in the game at nighttime. They are very beautiful to look at in the game as they are in real life. To catch some just be sure to be in sneak mode and hit the take button when close by. They can be used to make certain elixir's

Warm Darner is a species of Dragon Flies and they can be found throughout the Hyrule Field in Breath of the Wild. They are commonly caught near the Outpost Ruins and Scout's Hill of the West Necluda Region. They are useful in making stamina based recipes.

 ::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

This dragonfly has a special organ that causes it to sweat profusely. Cook it with monster parts for an elixir that will raise your core temperatures so you can resist the cold.

Restless Cricket
Restless Cricket: These critters are hard to catch and can be used for stamina enhancing elixirs. They are even harder to take a picture of and get into the Hyrule Compendium of Creatures. I found a decent location for the camera shot near the Stone Talus at the Cliff's of Quince, try around that area as they are abundant in lower grasses. You can also find an abundance of these by just cutting the grass often using a regular or spin slash. They should pop up every few cuts, just press the action button fast too grab some.

 ::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::

A very energetic cricket. Cook it with monster parts to create a stamina-recovery elixir.

Hyrule BassMighty PorgyHearty BassStaminoka Bass

Hyrule Bass can be found all over the land of Hyrule and in many ponds in the Great Plateau Region of the game. To catch one of these fish, jump into a smaller pond so you don't exhaust your stamina meter and lose hearts or you may die. Use the dash command while near the fish and quickly hit the appropriate take button to capture the fish. If you cook these in a cooking pot you will gain up to 6-7 full hearts with only three fish. This is called a Fish Skewer Recipe. If you eat the fish solo without cooking you will gain only one heart back.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::

An ordinary fish that can be found all over Hyrule. Can be eaten raw, but cooking it amplifies its healing benefits.

Mighty Porgy: This fish can be found deep in the waters south of Hateno Village. You can farm them from the shrine on the island every so often. They make a very strong attack recipe and I will be cooking them shortly with more information. On an extra note I found more of these fish as I went down the Zora river near the Zora's domain. Once more regions are open up they seem more common, but you would have to like fishing for them a bunch.

 :::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::

This ocean-dwelling fish comes with one rude attitude. The compounds in its flesh elevate your competitive spirit when it's cooked into a dish, thus increasing your attack power.

Hearty Bass: These fish are a bit limited to come by but they are great for not only returning lost hearts but refilling and giving Link extra hearts as well. When cooked into a dish they will replenish and give extra hearts. You can even toast these on an open fire for more taste and more heart replenishment. You can find a nice pool of these fish that respawn south of the Firliy Plateau and east of the Ebon mountain. This would be considered the Hateno region of the game. If you find the pool there will be around 5 Heart bass at a time so be sure to mark it on your map if your interested in these kinds of fish.

 ::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::

This large fish lives near the shoreline. Its sizable body can restore a lot of nutrient. When cooked into a dish, it will temporarily increase your maximum hearts.

Staminoka Bass:
These fish are an excellent recipe for cooking, especially for all the stamina enhancers out there in the Zelda world. The staminoka bass can be found all over various locations in Hyrule. However I have found a good abundance in several places. The easiest one that comes too mind is the Kakariko Village area, which would be the water and waterfall right near Impa's house. Check out that spot and fish some up, then make a nice stamina recovery meal!

:::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::

This Hyrule bass got to be the biggest fish by never getting caught (until now). Its long life results in a cooked dish that will restore a lot of stamina.

Armored PorgyArmored Carp

Armored Porgy:
I have found an abundance of these types of fish near Puffer Beach which is located at the Lake Hylia Region's tower. They are located inside the smaller pools of water that surround the beach, rather than the ocean itself.

 ::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::

This porgy's body is covered in armor-hard scales. The compounds in its scales, when cooked into a dish, fortify your bones and temporarily boost your defense.

Armored Carp:
Armored Carp fishes are found also near beaches and more specifically the deeper waters of the game. Note they do not appear as often at cold rivers or lakes. This is a more exotic type of fish and they are commonly find near other types of carp. A good place to fish for these ones would be near eastern hateno beach area or East Necluda which is near the Hateno Tower region and it's shores.

 :::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::

Calcium deposits in the scales of this ancient fish make them as hard as armor. Cooking it into a dish will fortify your bones, temporarily increasing your defense.

Chillfin Trout Stealthfin TroutVoltfin Trout

Chillfin Trout:
This is a pretty rare trout fish that can be purchased at the general store inside Zora's Domain at the Mount Lanayru region of the game. They can also be found in the wilds, at colder lakes and river areas throughout Hyrule. Being a rare fish it can make some interesting dishes compared to most ordinary sample plates.

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

This blue trout prefers cold bodies of water. Its skin contains enzymes that keep its body cool, and when cooked into a dish, it will temporarily boost your heat resistance.

Stealthfin Trout:
Stealthfin Trout are among the most prestigious of fish in the game. They can or at least I have only found them around the waters of the Great Hyrule Forest Region. Head to lake Saria inside the Great Hyrule Forest and fish some up. These can be used to most importantly upgrade your sheikah armor set. However, they also have several other usages, whether it be for cooking or the possible side-quest. Save as many as these as you can, and try not to just cook them as sole food.

 :::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::

Consuming the bioluminescent compound that makes this fish glow in the dark will increase concentration. Dishes cooked with it will suppress noise when consumed.

Voltfin Trout:
Voltfin trouth are also rather rare if not very rare. This item will be necessary to complete a certain recipe or possibly for a side-quest. If you are looking for them otherwise or even for the sub-quest, they can be found in the waters around or near the Hebra region. The hebra region would be the best place as it has cold fresh water lakes, these are the locations these fish commonly spawn around.

 ::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::

This trout makes its home in the freshwater lakes. Its scales have an insulating compound that, when cooked into a dish, offers resistance to electricity.

Ancient ScrewAncient GearAncient SpringAncient Shaft
Ancient Screws
can be found off of the inactive stone machine type enemies in Breath of the Wild. These items may respawn and may be random at times. I personally found my Ancient Screw near the Shrine of Ressurection.

 :::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::

A screw used in ancient machinery. It's made of an unknown material, and no matter how many times it's turned, its threads never seem to show signs of wear.

I also found my first Ancient Gear near the Eastern Abbey which is near the bombs shrine. This area is also infested with Active laser spewing machine enemies that are immobile.

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::

A gear used in ancient machinery. Despite being incredibly old, its build quality is leaps and bounds above anything built using current technology.

The Ancient Spring is another strange item found off of the what I now know as Guardians. You can farm them off of the In-active ones in the Great Plateau. However, I am not sure if the items respawn after a blood moon event. I will keep this section on note. One more thing is that I have yet to defeat a Guardian. I would not be surprised if an active defeated guardian dropped the latter items if not something extra.

 ::::::::: LORE ::::::::::

A spring used in ancient machinery. It is light and buoyant enough to float on water, and no matter how many times it's compressed, it never loses tension.

Ancient Shaft's can be found off the drone enemies that you see in certain combat specific shrines. They also can be farmed off of in-active guardians and they respawn with a blood moon. These can be used to power-up the Stasis Rune at Hateno Tech Lab in Hateno Village.

 ::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

A machine part used in ancient machinery. It's incredibly sturdy, and it's not made of any recognizable material. It may come in handy someday.

Ancient Cores:
These are very valuable items in Zelda Breath of the Wild. They will be used too not only purchase certain very powerful ancient weaponry, but armors as well. Ancient cores will be required to fully upgrade you're ancient armor set. These can be farmed off of guardian enemies and they drop pretty rarely. They can also be found in treasure chests. Scattered across sheikah chests in shrines and certain dungeons in Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Be on the look-out for them and try not to sell them.

 ::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::

This crystal was made using lost technology. At one time it was the power source for ancient machines. This item is very valuable to researchers.

Giant Ancient Cores:
These may be even rarer then ancient cores, however you will not generally need as many of them. Giant ancient cores can also be found in sheikah treasure chest. They can be farmed off guardian enemies just like ancient cores. Furthermore, you will want these too upgrade certain gear, as well as purchase the awesome ancient shield, that can automatically reflect guardian beams. The ancient bow, which is the most accurate 44 damage bow in the game, can also be purchased with a Giant ancient core, among a few extra rupees and ancient materials.

 :::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::

A giant energy crystal made using lost ancient technology. Cores this large are an extremely rare find. A researcher would probably know how to use this.

Moblin FangMoblin Horn

Moblin Fang: Can be found as a very common drop off of Moblin enemies. It is used with insects or critters to make more potent elixirs. It also has some sale value for rupees. More to come as I am still experimenting with the crafting.

Moblin Horn: These can also be found as common loot from defeating large red Moblin enemies. It is used with insects or critters and can make more powerful elixirs. It also can sell for some rupees. More info to come.


Campfire FruitCampfire VegetablesCampfire MushroomsCampfire MeatCampfire EggsCampfire Fish

 Campfire Fruits: This section will consist of all the foods that you can roast at a camp fire. This does not include anything cooked in a pot with more ingredients than one.

Baked Apples: can be crafted or cooked if you have some apples farmed. It only takes one apple to create a baked apple at a campfire. However, you can bake up to five apples at a time. Just drop them by a campfire and roast them until the smoke and odd pop noise comes up. Once they are ready pick them up to hold in Link's inventory. They will restore 3/4 quarters of a heart by just consuming one of them. If you have 1 quarter of a single heart left, eating one baked apple will fill it right back up to full.Heart 3 Quarters

 ::::::: LORE ::::::::

Direct heat has softened and sweetened this apple. Eat it to restore three quarters of a heart.

Baked Palm Fruit: This delicious fruit can heal 3/4 of your heart from your heart meter back when cooked over an open campfire. They are commonly found near the Hateno beach in palm trees as well as many other beach type locations. They are also sold at many vendors throughout the world of Hyrule.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::::: LORE :::::::

This palm fruit was broiled with direct heat, resulting in steamed flesh inside the rind. Best served at the moment the juices emerge while roasting.

Charred Pepper: These peppers grow near the lower portions of Mountains. Some good locations are right before the snowy mountains or Mount Hylia at the great plateau. They are also common in the Gerudo Canyon and possibly highlands. They heal 3/4 of a heart when charred at an open campfire.Heart 3 Quarters

:::: LORE :::::

A pepper that's been gently caressed by an open flame. It's much less spicy now.

Roasted Hydromelon: These are commonly found throughout the hot deserts of the Gerudo Desert area. They heal 3/4 of a heart when roasted by a campfire.Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE :::::::

This hydromelon was roasted whole for a very soft and flaky inner flesh with a rather intriguing flavor. Now this is your money melon!

Roasted Wildberry: Found in the gerudo highlands on top of the higher mountains in the region. There are some other locations as well and I will list them as we grow into this guide. They heal 3/4 of a heart when eaten after being roasted.Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE :::::::

This wildberry was prepared over an open flame to alter its sweet taste. It recovers more health than if eaten raw.

Roasted Acorn: Found commonly in forest areas of the game these can heal 1/2 of a heart when roasted at a campfire.Heart Half

 :::: LORE :::::

An acorn cooked with direct heat. Its nutty aroma has been amplified.

Roasted Hearty Durian: Can be purchased in Gerudo Town. Can be found in regions south of the West Necluda area growing on trees in deeper forest. It will heal 4.5 hearts. Or four and half heats.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Half

 ::::::::: LORE ::::::::

This hearty durian was roasted whole inside its hard shell. Unfortunately, roasting it did nothing to remove its distinct odor. Eat it to recover a lot of hearts.

Roasted Chikaloo Tree Nut: These can be farmed by killing those very small birds that populate many greenish fields of Hyrule. They will heal 1/2 of a heart when eaten after being roasted.Heart Half

:::::: LORE ::::::

A tree seed roasted to amplify its fragrance. Gives more hearts than the raw variety.

Roasted Mighty Banana: Mainly found off of any Yiga Clan enemy for every time you defeat one of them. These will heal 3/4 of a heart when roasted.Heart 3 Quarters

:::::::: LORE ::::::::

These mighty bananas have been roasted whole. Cooking them through has turned the fruit into a sticky, rich, aromatic syrup.

Roasted Fleet Lotus Seeds: These are bit more rare and found more in wet swamp like areas. Some are located near the fairy looking symbol on the map at the West Necluda region. We also found some water buffalo in that area if you are reading this guide through and through. They will heal 3/4 of a heart container when roasted and eaten.Heart 3 Quarters

::::: LORE :::::

Flame-roasted fleet-lotus seeds. Peel the skin back to get to the soft and flaky center.

Roasted Voltfruit: These are found in the Gerudo Desert off of the various cactus that grow wild. It will restore 3/4 of a heart container after being consumed when roasted.Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE ::::::

This voltfruit from the Gerudo Desert has been charred to really bring out its sweet and sour flavors.

Roasted Armoranth: I am not sure what these are exactly. However, they can be given as a quest reward at Zora's Domain for a very short sidequest. I also found a few of them near pine trees on Tingel Island. I will update this section later with more updates. If you roast one of these at an open campfire it will heal 1/2 of a heart container.Heart Half

 ::::::: LORE :::::::

Simple, roasted armoranth. The heat has frayed the hard, chewy fiber just enough to make it easy to eat.

Roasted Mighty Thistle: If you roast one of these at an open campfire and consume it, you will gain 1/2 of a heart container.Heart Half

 ::::::: LORE :::::::

Lightly toasted mighty thistle. It has no special effects, but now that it's been grilled, the pointy ends go down smooth.

Baked Fortified Pumpkin: Baking a pumpkin over an open fire will heal 3/4 of a heart container when consumed by Link. Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE ::::::

This fortified pumpkin has been roasted whole. The hard rind serves as a container for the steamed pumpkin flesh inside.

Roasted Endura Carrot: This is an excellent item to roast! It will heal 3 whole hearts when consumed if cooked near a campfire.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 ::::: LORE ::::::

This flame-kissed endura carrot makes for a truly extravagant single-item dish. The fire really brought out its sweetness.

Roasted Big Radish: I rather save radishes for full and complete meals. However, this will heal 6 full heart containers when cooked and than eaten from a campfire.5 HeartsHeart Full

 :::::: LORE :::::

A roasted big hearty radish. To take such a precious vegetable and put it to the fire is decadent in a way.

Toasty Silentshroom: Toasting one of these relatively common mushrooms will heal link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

 ::::: LORE :::::

A whole, toasted silent shroom. High heat may have destroyed its soft glow, but it's now fragrant and tasty.

Toasty Razorshroom: Toasting a harder to come by razorshroom will still heal link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

::::: LORE :::::

A razorshroom that's been exposed to direct heat. Its sharp exterior has softened considerably. Restores a bit of health.

Toasty Ironshroom: Toasting an ironshroom will heal Link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

::::: LORE :::::

An ironshroom exposed to an open flame. Its once-tough exterior is now crunchy and tasty. Restores a bit of health.

Toasty Zapshroom: Toasting a zapshroom will heal Link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

:::::: LORE ::::::

It's not very shocking that this fully roasted zapshroom is delicious. Eat it to recover a bit of health.

Toasty Sunshroom: Toasting a sunshroom will heal Link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE ::::::

It's always a good idea to keep a fully roasted sunshroom or two on hand just in case. Eat it to recover a bit of health.

Toasty Chillshroom: Toasting a chillshroom will heal Link 3/4 of a heart container when consumed.Heart 3 Quarters

 :::::: LORE ::::::

A fully roasted chillshroom. It's evenly toasted and tastes a lot better than when eaten raw. Eating it will restore a bit of health.

Toasty Hearty Truffle: Toasting a hearty truffle will heal Link 3 hearts when consumed.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

::::: LORE ::::::

A hearty truffle with a toasted, crispy outside and warm, gooey inside.

Toasty Big Hearty Truffle: Toasting a big hearty truffle will heal Link 4 and 1/2 hearts when consumed. Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Full

::::: LORE ::::::

A hearty truffle with a toasted, crispy outside and warm, gooey inside.

Toasty Stamella Shroom: Toasting this will heal Link 1 and 1/2 of a heart container when consumed.Heart FullHeart Half

::::::: LORE ::::::::

This toasted Stamella Shroom doesn't grant any special effects, but it will restore one and a half hearts.

Toasty Hylian Shroom: Toasting and eating this mushroom will heal Link 1 and 1/2 of a heart container when consumed.Heart FullHeart Half

::::: LORE :::::

A Hylian Shroom toasted to perfection. The taste and fragrance are amplified, restoring more health to its consumer.

Toasty Endura Shroom: This rare mushroom will heal Link 1 and 1/2 of his hearts when consumed after being cooked at an open campfire.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE :::::

A toasted endura shroom. It doesn't grant any special effects, but boy is it tasty!

Roasted Whole Bird: Finding a whole bird is a little rare and I have discovered fat white birds in the mountains will drop the raw whole bird. Cooking it will increase the heart recovery when consumed too 4 and 1/2 full hearts.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Half

:::::: LORE ::::::

This raw whole bird has been tickled by an open flame to bring out its flavor. Less is more, as the lack of additional seasoning allows its natural taste to shine.

Roasted Bird Thigh: This is a bit more common than the later and can come off medium sized birds. It will heal 2 and 1/4 of a heart container when cooked and than consumed.Heart FullHeart FullHeart 1 Quarter

:::::: LORE :::::

Prime meat that's been flame-seared to perfection. The outside is crispy, but the inside is juicy. Eat it to recover hearts.

Roasted Bird Drumstick: Roasted bird drum sticks are the most common of the bird meats too cook and will heal 1 and 1/2 of a heart container.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE :::::

Raw bird drumstick that's been cooked to a crisp, skin and all. It's devoid of seasoning, but it has a simple, accessible taste. Restores more hearts than the raw variety.

Seared Gourmet Steak: This mighty meat will heal Link 4 and 1/2 of your heart containers when cooked and eaten.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Half

::::: LORE :::::

The highest quality raw gourmet meat, just kissed by an open flame. No additional seasonings have been added, which lets the natural flavor of the meat really shine.

Seared Prime Steak: This meat will heal Link 2 and 1/4th of a heart container when cooked and consumed at a campfire.Heart FullHeart FullHeart 1 Quarter

::::: LORE ::::::

Raw prime meat cooked over an open flame. The outside is perfectly browned, while the inside is mouth watering and juicy.

Seared Steak: This common steak is often found on a large cooking stick at bokoblin camps. It will heal Link 1 and 1/2 hearts when consumed.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE :::::

Raw meat cooked over an open flame. Cooking it has increased its flavor and the number of hearts it provides.

Campfire Egg: Eggs that when consumed after roasting over an open fire will heal Link by 1 and 1/2.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::::: LORE ::::::::

Roasting a bird egg whole in its shell like this helps retain water, making the egg a bit chewier than usual.

Blackened Crab: This common crab will heal Link 1 and 1/2 hearts when toasted over a campfire.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::::: LORE :::::::

A whole crab slow-roasted in its shell. The soft, flaky flesh pairs nicely with the scent of the charred shell for a meal that assaults all five of your senses in all the best ways.

Blueshell Escargot: This shelled fish will heal Link 4 and 1/2 hearts when toasted or roasted at a campfire.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE :::::

The shell of this hearty blueshell snail acted as a tiny slow cooker as it was roasted. Some people love the trademark bitterness of its tail meat.

Sneaky River Escargot: Another shelled fish that will heal only 1 and 1/2 heart containers when toasted.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE ::::::

Sneaky river snail roasted whole in its shell. The meat is soft and a little chewy. Pulling all the meat from the shell in one go fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

Roasted Porgy: A larger fish that will heal Link 1 and 1/2 hearts when consumed after being roasted at an open campfire.Heart FullHeart Half

 :::: LORE ::::

The soft and fluffy texture of this seafaring fish has been enhanced by roasting it over an open fire. The crisp, aromatic skin is particularly delicious.

Roasted Carp: Another fish that will heal Link 1 and 1/2 of his heart containers after being cooked under a campfires flame.Heart FullHeart Half

 :::::: LORE ::::::

Roasting this freshwater carp helped to suppress some of its stench, making it easier to stomach. You can really sink your teeth into the thick, meaty flesh.

Roasted Trout: A less common fish that will still heal 1 and 1/2 heart containers for Link after being roasted at a campfires flame.Heart FullHeart Half

 :::::: LORE ::::::

This trout can be found all over Hyrule. Served river-to-table, it's simply cooked for a soft and flaky flesh with a mild flavor.

Roasted Hearty Salmon: This salmon is very nice when roasted and tasty as well. It is so delicious that it will heal Link 4 and 1/2 hearts with once consumption.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Half

 :::: LORE ::::

An open flame has crisped the skin of this hearty Salmon to perfection. It's a sizable portion and contains just the right amount of fat to create an exceptionally tasty dish.

Roasted Hearty Bass: Another nice and fresh tasting fish that can heal Link 3 full hearts when consumed after roasting over a campfire.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 :::: LORE :::::

An open flame has crisped the skin of this hearty bass to perfection. It's a sizable portion and contains just the right amount of fat to create an exceptionally tasty dish.

Roasted Bass: A common fish and sticks dish that heals 1 and 1/2 of Link's heart container when toasted and consumed.Heart FullHeart Half

 ::::: LORE ::::::

A bass that's been cooked whole over an open flame. It's flaky and savory smelling. Offers more hearts than the raw version.

Frozen Food:

Frozen Whole Bird: Leaving this item in extremely cold temperatures will freeze it. You can then consume it for heat resistance as well as 3 full hearts.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 :::::: LORE ::::::

This raw whole bird may have been frozen solid, but its flavor remains intact. Eating it will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.

Frozen Bird Thigh: This item will raise your resistance to the heat. Consuming it will heal Link 1 full heart of his heart container.Heart Full

 ::::::: LORE :::::::::

High-quality, frozen bird meat. It's so solid it looks like it could be used as a weapon. Eating it will restore some hearts and cool you down, but don't break your teeth on it.

Frozen Bird Drumstick: This item will raise your resistance to the heat. Consuming it will heal Link 1 full heart to his heart container.Heart Full

 ::::::::: LORE ::::::::

It's as hard as a rock but is supposedly edible. It restores a small number of hearts and has a cooling effect.

Icy Gourmet Meat: Freezing this piece of gourmet meat will heal Link 3 full hearts and add tolerance to heat when consumed.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 :::::: LORE ::::::

This raw gourmet meat has been frozen for easy traveling. It's kept its flavor through the freezing process. Eating it as is will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.

Icy Prime meat: This frozen meat will heal Link 1 and 1/2 of his hearts and raise resistance to the heat.Heart FullHeart Half

::::: LORE ::::::

High-quality, frozen animal meat. Doesn't restore many hearts, but it can lower your body temperature.

Icy Meat: This meat will only heal 1 full heart from your heart container, but it will also raise heat resistance for a short time.Heart Full

 :::::: LORE ::::::

A frozen slab of animal meat. If you can manage to chew it up and swallow it, you'll restore some hearts and lower your body temperature.

Icy Hearty Blue shell Snail: This less common snail will heal 3 hearts when consumed after being frozen. It will also raise your heat resistance.Heart FullHeart FullHeart Full

:::: LORE :::::

It takes a skilled chef to get the meat out of this frozen hearty blue shell snail. Eating this will provide a temporary increase to your heat resistance.

Frozen River Snail: This smaller snail will raise heat resistance as well as heal 1 full heart.Heart Full

::::: LORE :::::

The distinct glow of this sneaky river snail has diminished after it's been frozen, but eating it will provide a temporary increase to your heat resistance.

Frozen Crab: This common crab will increase your heat resistances and heal Link 2 full hearts.Heart FullHeart Full

:::: LORE :::::

Doesn't provide as much companionship as an unfrozen crab, but it won't spoil during your travels. Eat it to gain a temporary boost to your heat resistance.

Frozen Carp: This carp fish will heal Link a full heart container and increase the resistances to hot and dry places like Gerudo Desert during the daytime.Heart Full

::::: LORE :::::

The crunchy, icy texture of this chilled carp is quite the delicacy. Eating it will temporarily increase your heat resistance.

Frozen Trout: Cold trouts will heal Link one full heart and increase heat resistance.Heart Full

 :::: LORE ::::

Being frozen has condensed the taste of fish inside this trout's body. Eating it will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.

Frozen Hearty Bass: This item will increase Link's heat resistance as well as heal him 4 full hearts!Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 :::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

That's one cold fish. Eating it won't restore many hearts, but it will lower your body temperature a bit.

Frozen Bass: Finally, the frozen bass gives 2 hearts to recover as well, but can also increase heat resistance.Heart FullHeart Full

 :::::::::: LORE :::::::::::

That's one cold fish. Eating it won't restore many hearts, but it will lower your body temperature a bit.

Fruit Meals:

Creamy Heart SoupCreamy Heart Soup:

This is an interesting soup or meal that you can create with fresh milk as the main ingredient. It is not one of the best meals perk wise, but it is a unique and interesting dish for the crafters out there. You will need 1x of any radish, 1x fresh milk, 1x rock salt, 1x Hydromelon, and 1x Voltfruit. You may get a different result of the amount of hearts healed depending on which radish you choose to use. That would be between big hearty radish and regular hearty radish. I got around an eight heart increase with my small radish choice.5 HeartsHeart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Full

 :::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::

Enjoying this sweet soup with another person will bring you closer together.

Apple PieApple Pie:
Using some Tabantha Wheat, goat butter, cane sugar and an apple, you can make this delicious cultural pie at any cooking station. Tabantha Wheat is once again purchased at the Rito village and some traveling merchants in the game. The goat butter can be purchased at Hateno Village and several other locations. Apples are found all over the Hyrule map and cane sugar can be purchased at the Goron City.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The crispy, flaky pie crust and sweet apples are a match made in heaven.

Energizing Honeyed AppleEnergizing Honeyed Apple:
This is a sweet recipe that Link can create by cooking the Hyrule common apple in a cooking pot, along with some Courser Bee honey. Courser Bee honey can be a little rare, because it is sometimes annoying to farm the hives with it's swarm of bees. However, if you shoot usually two arrows at a set of bees they will fly off, or expire. This should leave the courser honey comb behind. They are abundant in forest areas and I have personally found many in the East Necluda forest areas.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A juicy sweet-and-sour dish combining newly ripened apples with honey.

Fried Bananas Fried Bananas:
You can make some fried bananas with some Mighty Bananas which are dropped after defeating members of the Yiga Clan. The Yiga clan members will spawn randomly after defeating Master Kohga during the Vah Naboris line of quests. You can also find these in abundance at the Yiga Clan Hideout, there are literally tons of them. Some Yiga Clan will be along roads and other areas on the world map disguised as casual NPC characters. If you talk too these Yiga Clan members in disguise, they will attack Link. They will drop mighty bananas as well as the demon carver. Tabantha Wheat and Cane sugar is also required with Mighty Bananas for the recipe to work.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Children love fried mighty bananas. The trick is frying them over very high heat.

Fruit and Mushroom MixFruit and Mushroom Mix:
This is an easy recipe to create, simply use any type of the various fruit materials found throughout Hyrule. Combine it with any type of the various mushroom found in the land as well. The statistics on the recipe may vary, however you will usually get a Fruit and Mushroom mix, as the main dish.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This dish contrasts the sweetness of fruit with the savoriness of mushrooms.

Fruit PieFruit Pie:
Making a fruit pie will cost the player to use one of any type of fruit, minus an apple. You will also need one tabantha wheat, one goat butter, and one cane sugar. Put one of each ingredient inside a cooking pot and wait a bit. The result should be this deliciously fruity pie!

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A celebration isn't a celebration until this fruit-filled crust hits the table!

Fruit CakeFruit Cake:
This recipe can be created at a cooking station with one apple or wildberry plus one of any type of fruit. Add in one tabantha wheat and one cane sugar and you got yourself a nice fruit cake for the holidays!

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Making ample use of fruits found all over Hyrule, this cake is a must for celebrations.

Honeyed FruitsHoneyed Fruits:
You can make this sweet and sour recipe by combining any fruit except for an apple, plus one courser bee honey. Do this at the nearest cooking station too make the Honeyed Fruits recipe/dish.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A dish that combines the thick sweetness of honey with the acidity of sour fruits.

Hot Buttered AppleHot Buttered Apple:
One of my personal favorites, I enjoy this idea so much I might just make one of these myself one day! Simply put an apple and some goat butter, one of each into a cooking pot and enjoy after a few quick moments of heating.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The apple's sweetness has been enhanced by smothering it with butter and baking it.

Simmered FruitSimmered Fruit:
Simmered Fruit can be obtained by cooking two or more apples in a cooking pot. You can find a cooking pot close to the start of the games first tower. It is directly south of the Magnises Trial Shrine and near a Bokoblin Campsite. For every apple you cook in the pot you will gain an extra heart when consumed. The maximum hearts you can heal with five apples is five full hearts. On a side note, you can break the crates in this area with a Wood Cutter's ax and most of the contents of the crates if not all will have apples.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This sweet dish is made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering until tender.

Copious Simmered FruitCopious Simmered Fruit:
Like simmered fruit, except with four different types of fruit one of each. Put one of each of you're favorite fruits, up too four in total inside a cooking pot. Let it simmer and than enjoy this copious meal.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The flavors of the various fruits in this simmered dish exist in perfect harmony.

Steamed FruitSteamed Fruit:
Craft this healthy recipe by, putting one of any fruit and combine it with any herb, flower, or vegetable in a cooking pot. The result will be a nice and healthy steamed fruit dish.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A regional dish made by steaming near-ripened fruits in the leaves of fragrant plants.

Wildberry CrepeWildberry Crepe:
This is an amazing and albeit rare desert to create. You will first need too find a wildberry. Wildberry's will grow in colder areas near pine trees. Try the gerudo highlands or the snowy areas of Mount Lanayru. You will also need one tabantha wheat, one fresh milk, and one cane sugar. Finally, throw in a bird egg for good measure. Bird Eggs can sometimes be found atop trees in bird's nests. You can also purchase bird eggs off of various merchants in the game and certain town stores. The result will be a wild Wildberry Crepe desert dish.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sweet, tart wildberries are folded into thin, springy dough to make this dessert.

Fish Meals:
Crab Omelet with RiceCrab Omelet With Rice:
Hylian rice is sold at some shops and possibly Hateno Village general store. Crabs can be found all over the shores of Hyrule and even near Zora's Domain. You will also need some rock salt as well as an egg, one of each will make this fish dish treat.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::

The fluffy crab legs pair perfectly with the rice for a truly scrumptious dish.

Crab RisottoCrab Risotto:
Making crab risotto will consist of one Hylian Rice, one of any type of crab, one rock salt and some goat butter. Mix these ingredients one of each, into the cooking pot to create this dish. It's pretty good, so go ahead and enjoy while it is hot!

::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

An everyday stable of seaside villages, the secret to its delicious flavor lies in crab fat.

Crab Stir FryCrab Stir-Fry:
I love stir-fry, don't you? Well I never had any crab stir-fry before, but this recipe from Zelda, surely has gotten me interested in trying it! That delicious one dose of Goron Spice, plus the mixture of any type of crab you desire may keep you're belly happy for a day or more!

 :::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Goron spice used in preparing this crab pairs perfectly with the flavor of the meat.

Creamy Seafood SoupCreamy Seafood Soup:
Making this recipe possible will be any seafood ingredient or material. Add in any vegetable type ingreident. Next, you can add in some Rock Salt and one serving of fresh milk. Afterward, throw these ingredients into a cooking pot and enjoy.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Thick-cut chunks of seafood and stock provides a satisfying savoriness.

Fish SkewersFish Skewers:
Fish Skewers can be created in a cooking pot and the recipe will be more than two Hyrule Bass. You can catch Hyrule Bass all over the land of Hyrule at small ponds. I specifically farmed several of them in the Great Plateau Region of the game early on. They are great for a long trek or journey as they heal plenty of hearts. The more fish you can cook ( five maximum ) the more hearts you will heal. I personally cooked 3 and can acquire 7 whole hearts back!

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A simple dish made by cooking chunks of fresh fish on a skewer.

Copious Fish SkewersCopious Fish Skewers:
This dish of delicious fish can be crafted at a cooking station by using one each of four different types of Hyrule fish. Pick you're favorites then let me them sizzle and enjoy the rewards.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

It's just a whole heap of stuff shoved on to a skewer, but it's still a pretty tasty dish.

Fish and Mushroom Skewers Fish and Mushroom Skewers:
Link, can create this dish at a cooking station simply by mixing any one fish and any one mushroom in the cooking pot.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A simple dish made by cooking skewered, fresh fish alongside fragrant mushrooms.

Fish PieFish Pie:
Oh, molly! This recipe sounds and looks uber tasty/delicious. I can't wait too try this one out at least once in my lifetime! For on Tabantha Wheat, one rock salt, one goat butter and you're choice of one seafood item. This dish will be made after cooking it perfectly inside the cooking pot. For some strange reason it tastes even better when cooked on the shore.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A mainstay in any fisherman's home, the crisp crust pairs well with the fishy flavor.

Glazed SeafoodGlazed Seafood:
Using courser bee honey, which can be found in the forest areas of Hyrule, and any type of fish, one of each. You can create this nice glazed dish of the seafood of you're choice.

 :::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A seafood dish that you can actually wolf down whole!

Gourmet Meat and Seafood FryGourmet Meat and Seafood Fry:
You can make this recipe with any gourmet meat and any type of seafood, one of each into the cooking pot. Gourmet meat, may be a little bit rare, but you can hunt larger and rarer types of animals for this precious prime. Seafood is pretty common especially since any type of seafood will work for this heart recover meal.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A marriage of the choicest cuts of meat and seafood. As delicious as it is filling!

Hearty Clam ChowderHearty Clam Chowder:
Clam chowder is one of my favorite dishes of all time! It is excellent that I can now cook and consume it digitally as Link in the latest Zelda installment. The unusual thing about this recipe is that it needs one material of an exotic hearty blue shell snail. If you do not use the Hearty blue shell snail, the recipe will fail or make something else. You will also need one fresh milk serving. One goat butter, and one tabantha wheat. See our materials or video sections for locations. The locations are also mentioned several times in this food/meal section of the guide.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The nutritional value of hearty blueshell snail combines with butter and milk in a rich soup.

Hearty Salmon Mueniere Hearty Salmon Mueniere:
Link, will need too create and learn this recipe too complete one of the tougher shrine quest in the game at the Rito Village. The meal is tough too make because you will need a hearty salmon. Hearty salmon are a very rare red salmon fish. You may find one or two in the small pools of water around the Rito Village. If not, be on the look out for them in fresh water areas of the game. The hearty salmon it self rewards Link, with extra recovery hearts, in certain dishes and heals quite a bit on it's own. It is a very useful fish, so you may want to save it for other recipes in the game. You will need, one hearty salmon, one goat butter, and one tabantha wheat to create this dish.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The crispy skin of this fried hearty salmon puts its texture in a class all its own.

Pepper SeafoodPepper Seafood:
Pepper and seafood sure can mix well together under a superb chef such as Link! This recipe is a bit handy and can be created at a cooking station. You will simply need just one of any type of seafood. The last ingredient will be just one spicy pepper. Go ahead and cook up this spicy,fishy dish and enjoy!

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The pepper seeds grilled with this seafood draw out its taste and pleasant aroma.

Porgy MeunierePorgy Meuniere:
With one Tabantha wheat and one goat butter as the side ingredients. Link can create this recipe by following up with any type of Porgy fish. Porgy fish are rare when compared too the very common Hyrule bass. However, they can still be found around plenty of water spots in the game. You may find an abundance of bomb fishing fun near the shrine on the island near the Hateno Village and it's beach area.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Popular among residents of coastal regions, this juicy porgy is a delicious dish.

Prime Meat and Seafood FryPrime meat and seafood fry:
This dish can be created by hunting wild mid-sized animals and cooking there meat into a pot with any type of seafood. Mid-sized animals can be found all over Hyrule, the most common would most likely be a boar or possibly certain weaker wolves.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This comfort dish is made with choice cuts of meat and seafood.

Salmon RisottoSalmon Risotto:
Once again we will need to find some of the rare hearty salmon for this dish/meal. You will also need some of the very common rock salt. One of each ingredient will work, as well as one hylian rice and one slab of goat butter. Hearty salmon once again is rather rare, but you can find them near the viciously cold waters of the Hebra Plunge, as well as other locations.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The rice used in this rich risotto permeates the light flavor of the salmon.

Salt Grilled CrabSalt-grilled crab:
This is an easy recipe too make if you like to go crabbing like I do. Just throw any type of one crab into a cooking pot with just one dose of some freshly mined rock-salt and you can acquire the salt-grilled crab dish.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Nine out of ten fishermen agree: crab is best enjoyed grilled and with just a bit of salt.

Salt Grilled FishSalt-grilled fish:
Another rather simple recipe to create at the cooking pot. Just grab any type of fish in Hyrule or any type of Hyrule snail. Mix it with one rock salt and the one fish/snail of you're choice and you will create this nice salty fish dish.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A simple dish made by rolling a whole fish in natural rock salt before grilling it.

Seafood CurrySeafood Curry:
This hefty dish will cost some rare ingredients too create at the cooking station. For one of each, a goron spice, any porgy or hearty blueshell snail, and hylian rice. This recipe will be crafted into a very nice and spicy meal.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This dish brims with treasures from the sea. Its spice packs a kick, so it's not for kids.

Seafood Fried RiceSeafood fried rice:
Using a hearty blueshell snail, one rock salt, and some hylian rice you can craft this awesome fish and fried rice dish. Who doesn't love fried rice, especially fried rice made out of the finest fish in all of Hyrule!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Various seafood has been sauteed with rice. The stronger the flame, the tastier the dish!

Seafood MeuniereSeafood Meuniere:
Crafting this dish can be easy, just use any type of seafood except for the porgy or salmon types. Then mix in one tabantha wheat helping, and one slab of goat butter. The following two ingredients can be purchased at Rito Village. The goat butter can be found off various traveling merchants, as well as the Hateno General store.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Rich butter flanks fresh seafood. The secret ingredient is lots and lots of love.

Seafood PaellaSeafood Paella:
Seafood Paella's can be created at a cooking station. Use one hearty blueshell snail. Then use one of any type of porgy. Follow it up with one hylian rice and one goat butter. Finally, top it off with the salty seasoning of some pink colored rock-salt.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

No fisherman's birthday bash would be complete without this top-shelf seafood dish.

Seafood Rice Balls Seafood Rice balls:
These look a bit like sushi too me, in-fact it looks pretty delicious and makes me want to order some! This recipe can be created at the local cooking station for one Hylian rice and one of any type of seafood. It's a great tasting and satisfying recipe that doesn't fill you up too much.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Stuffed with aromatic seafood, the flavor can vary by ingredients but never disappoints.

Seafood SkewerSeafood Skewer:
This fantastic dish can be made using one of any type of crab or snail ingredient. It is a nice fish on a stick dish, too fill Link up on the road/journey.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The natural water in this medley of seafaring creatures makes for a delicious broth.

Steamed FishSteamed Fish:
A quick fish dish that can be created using any vegetable type with one of any seafood type. It is healthy, rather light and too the point.

 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A refined dish made by wrapping a fresh fish in fragrant wild greens and cooking it.

Mushroom Meals: Mushroom Meals

Cream of Mushroom SoupCream of Mushroom Soup:
This tasty soup can be created with any mushroom + any herb or flower, + Fresh milk + Rock salt.Heart FullHeart FullHeart FullHeart Full
This is an interesting meal to find or create. There may not be very much in-game information about it and it really has no other special effects other than the static +4 heart recovery. For those looking for something different or to collect all the meals in the game this one is for you. You can use Hyrule Herbs or any other flower type ingredient to make this. The only real problem is the milk. The milk is sold in bundles of three at Hateno Village. However, I feel it is not abundant enough and I am pretty sure there is no other way to farm milk.

 ::::::: LORE ::::::::

The creamy mushroom and vegetable soup is so chunky it eats like a meal!

Hasty Mushroom SkewersHasty Mushroom Skewers:
Can be created with just one Rushroom. These can be found off very large gray climbable boulders in the game. I found several of these near the Old Man's Cabin in the Great Plateau area. The more Rushroom that you can cook the longer the duration of the speed boost will last.

Mushroom SkewerMushroom Skewer:
Recipes can be crafted by cooking Hylian Shrooms in a cooking pot. These can be found in many places in the game and are very abundant in wooded areas like the Old Man's Cabin. The more Hylian Shrooms that are used the more potent the Mushroom Skewer becomes healing up too 5-7 full hearts.

::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::

This simple mushroom-packed skewer has its colorful presentation to thank for its appeal.

Meat Meals:
Creamy Meat SoupCreamy Meat Soup:
Like the other creamy soups, this one will restore a few hearts. The exception is that you can mix and match 1-2 pieces of the recipe with this one. It will take 1x any meat, 1x any herb or flower, 1x fresh milk, and 1x rock salt. This leaves an extra ingredient you can experiment with. Experimenting with different ingredients can result in a different effect such as electrical resistance if you used an electric safflina. You can also increase duration of the effect by substituting and adding that extra always potential ingredient.5 HeartsHeart Full

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::

This nutritious soup contains portions of, lightly-braised meat and many vegetables.

Meat Skewer recipes can be crafted by hunting and farming the gray birds that fly in the Great Plateau Region near the Old Man's Cabin and the surrounding woods. If you cook the drumstick this recipe or meal will be created which is more potent.

Monster Meals:

Monster Cake Monster Cake:
This delicious cake is a required recipe for one of the games side-quests in Tarrey Town of the Akkala Region. It is a novelty recipe that does not restore many hearts or add any special effects. It is quite a treat however and interesting to make for those interested in crafting all the games recipe items. You will need one of each of these items: Monster Extract, sold from the Fang and Bone shop. Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, and Goat Butter. All of the final three ingredients can be purchased at Rito Village general goods store.

 :::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::

It's said that once you have a taste of this cake, you'll never forget its sweetness.

Monster Curry Monster Curry:
If you use some Hylian Rice, monster extract and the slightly rare Goron Spice you can create this meal. You probably already know where to get the first two ingredients. Goron spice can be purchased in goron city general store so be sure to pick up as much as you can as often as you would like. Hylian rice might be a little rare but if you cut down certain grasses areas this item will sometimes drop as well as it is sold near Hateno Village rice field and general store.

 ::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::

This unusual take on curry uses monster extract and doesn't rely on spices.

Monster Rice Balls Monster Rice balls:
Once again you will need the obvious monster extract for this recipe. Rock salt is the second ingredient that is also quite common. Finally the Hylian Rice which was mentioned in the monster curry piece above. All of these recipes once again are mainly just to check out or for novelty purposes. They don't heal many hearts and have no special affects.

 :::::::::::::::: LORE ::::::::::::::::::::

Rice balls flavored with monster extract. Their unique aroma is not for everyone.

Monster Soup Monster Soup:
For some Tabantha Wheat as well as Fresh Milk and some goat butter you can create this recipe. You will also of course as this is a monster recipe need the monster extract from Kilton's Fang and Bone shop. Remember if you need monster extract you must complete the Shady Customer sub-quest which is in our side-quest section above. Be sure to check it out as well as the video section below.

 ::::::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::

Using monster extract as a base, this soup's distinct gaminess is either loved or hated.

Monster Stew Monster Stew:
For any meat combined with any seafood and some monster extract off of Kilton from the fang and bone. Link can create this dish via the cooking pot. Once again all the monster meals are nothing too special, except for the monster cake. The monster cake is required for completion of a certain side-quest.

:::::::::::::: LORE :::::::::::::::::

Meat and seafood simmered in monster extract. A savory dish despite its ingredients.

Hasty ElixirHasty Elixir:
This item can be crafted mainly from using any reptile or at least hightail lizards and hot footed frogs with a monster part. I am not exactly sure how the formula works just yet but I do know the more parts the better. This Elixir is great for increasing not only movement speed, but climbing speed as well as your dash. You can find Hightail lizards in both Great Plateau forest areas as well as West Necluda forest areas. They like to hang out on trees. The frogs are more abundant in the waters of the West Necluda Region.

If you cook some swift violet which can be found right near the cliffs of the dueling peaks stable. You can create a high level movement speed potion at level 3. Mixing 5 swift violet's will create a hasty elixir that last for 5:40 seconds with level three power. The speed boast is incredible and doubles with the climbers bandana. Also, your speed is tripled when paragliding.

Energizing ElixirEnergizing Elixir:
This item can be crafted with stamina inducing items and some monster parts. Some food items such as Stamella shrooms will also increase your stamina meter even when climbing walls. They are great if you wish to scout high places or get over a large mountain. They would work even better when combined with the climbing speed increase of the climber's bandana. Use this near Boonooru's stand and scale the mountain near Korok #11 in this guide. There are also some traveling merchants along the way hinting to do this.

Spicy ElixirSpicy Elixir:
These items can be crafted by farming some summerwing butterfly and mixing it with a monster part like bokoblin fang. I have two of these in my inventory one heals hearts and the other does not. Both have the warming effect with a duration of 4:20, However they are the same exact recipe of Bokoblin Fang + Summerwing Butterfly.

Mighty ElixirMighty Elixir:
The mighty elixir can be crafted using Bladed Rhino Beetles and monsters parts such as Bokoblin Horns or Moblin fangs, you can even combine those two together. The result will be a low-level might effect that increases attack power with all weapons with 1 beetle, 2 horns, and 1 moblin fang the effect should last for 5:00 minutes.

Sneaky ElixirSneaky Elixir:
Can be crafted by using some Sunset Firefly's with a monster part such as a Moblin Fang for more time extension. You will be granted a low level stealth effect with this elixir and be able to move undetected by animals and monsters. With three firefly's and 2 Moblin Fangs Mine lasts for 9:40 seconds.

Tough ElixirTough Elixir:
This Elixir can be created by using a tough type critter and mixing it with any monster part. Remember too experiment, the more or different types of monster parts that are used can change the overall statistics of the potion. This includes the amount of critters used it takes too make the elixir or food item. I will be listing some really interesting recipes in a unique section a bit below this probably soon enough. Some recipes are even worth over 2,000 rupees a piece which is nice for those that like to max out their rupee wallet.

Hearty ElixirHearty Elixir:
This Elixir can be crafted at a cooking station. If the player uses a hearty animal such as a Hearty Lizard, or Hearty Snail this potion should be created. I will be testing out some of these potions tonight, so I should be updating this section with more ideas. Generally this is because people seem too attract towards hearty potions and food items. They are very useful and I love them myself.

Fireproof ElixirFireproof Elixir:
The Fireproof Elixir is mainly used too cure the heat and fire situation when traveling near or at Death Mountain volcano. These are sold by the merchant at the foothill stable. Alternatively, you can create them at a cooking pot with either a fireproof lizard or possibly a smotherwing butterfly and some monster parts. This is a useful recipe to always have handy, my reasoning for this is if you don't feel like wearing the Flamebreaker set. If you use a Fireproof Elixir, you will then be capable of exploring the Eldin Region's volcanic area without any piece of the flamebreaker armor set.

Enduring ElixirEnduring Elixir:
This is one of my favorite potions in the game. I always feel that extra stamina is wonderful. This potion and it's similar food items, will not only restore all you're stamina but give some extra yellow meter stamina as well. You can create this and all types of variations at a cooking pot with enduring type critters and a monster part. Tireless frogs are a critter that comes to mind when willing to craft an enduring elixir potion/recipe.

Electro ElixirElectro Elixir:
Electrical resistance elixir that can be crafted with electrical type critters. A good example is the thunderwing butterfly which is slightly uncommon. However, you can purchase them off of the merchant Beetle at certain locations in the game. These critters also appear during rainstorms and lightning storms, be sure to get as many as you can. These potions are great in the Gerudo Desert region, due too so many electrical lizalfos. Thunderblight Ganon will also have a harder time with Link if this potion is consumed for it's bonus.

Fairy Tonic Fairy Tonic:
This tonic can be made if you use a fairy with any monster part. You will also get this tonic for combining a fairy with other critters, food items, or monster parts. The level of hearts and various other possible effects/statistics may change or vary. At base this will make a fairy lend a helping hand when cooking and the result tonic offers recovery hearts.

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