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Classic Zelda:


The Legend of Zelda:

This is the very first Zelda game ever created. It is a strange game in several senses. The first is that it has this weird overhead view that was very original for its time. It was practically an open-world that you can explore even way back in 1986. People say that true open world came with games like Morrowind and Skyrim. I love those games and they are amazing in their own rights. The Legend of Zelda in my humble opinion was the first true open world exploration adventure. Of course, it had huge limitations back in 1986. The games became even more evolved later on but always kept that same exploration and adventure idea that made the series a legendary success. I feel Zelda is truly meant to be re-created in it's full form with the now upcoming Breath of the Wild game.

In another way, the game is strange, very strange as I feel the Nintendo was somewhat experimental. This, of course, is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Being the first true Nintendo system in America and the first Zelda game. I feel Nintendo was still testing out just exactly what they wanted to do. This is what made the NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System ) so excellent. It later became the Golden Age of gaming in many gamers opinions when these NES games were glorified with the SNES ( Super Nintendo Entertainment System ). The original legend of Zelda was created around the same time as another amazing Nintendo gem called Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus was also really strange! Let's also throw Metroid into the mix and of course Mario. Mario can stand alone and was evolved upon in the early NES days but the engine changed little. Nintendo had the jump mechanic down pat and people loved it, but what else could they do?

Kid Icarus included the jump mechanic and had the side-scrolling with a slight twist. You could also scroll through the game world up and down! This was similar to Metroid except Metroid focused on exploration and backtracking rather than stages like Kid Icarus. Then back to the topic, we have Zelda which first had the overhead view. In the second game the Adventure of Link it was side-scrolling. Only later with a Link to the Past to revert back to the overhead view. The overhead view eventually led into the realm of 3D and a limited but open world with the revolutionary OoT ( Ocarina Of Time ). The overall concept has not changed must since then. Perhaps the only unusual Title was skyward sword which had a more stage-like and linear way of playing the game. Strangely that was the latest "big" Zelda to date.

The moral of the story is that Nintendo was seeing what worked best. They were releasing title after title with the NES. It was a huge success and if any game proved to be a Legend or most critically acclaimed game it was Zelda. Punch-out, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Donkey Kong these all made their returns and were done well enough. However, the Legend of Zelda is where Nintendo has shined. It seems to be their most beloved franchise and that is why it is solely created by them, this includes Breath of the Wild. The only other game and once again my opinion that has ever rivaled the Legend Of Zelda is probably the Mario Franchise which is beloved by many if not all gamers! However, is it the same as the Legend of Zelda?

In conclusion, Nintendo eventually took the ideas from the other games and focused more and more on the Legend of Zelda. Perhaps too much focus? we will find out, but I have very high hopes for Breath of the Wild. I will be updating this section before the release of Breath of the Wild and possibly after it. For now, let's delve into a little bit of the gameplay of the Original Classic. The Legend Of Zelda....

( Excerpt Written by HeroesofXanadu ) -Japan-

The Legend of Zelda games feature a mixture of puzzles, action, adventure/battle gameplay, exploration,and questing. These elements have remained constant throughout the series, but with refinements and addition.Later games in the series also include stealth gameplay, where the player must avoid enemies while proceeding through a level.Although the games can be beaten with a minimal amount of exploration and side quests, the player is frequently rewarded for solving puzzles or exploring hidden areas with helpful items or increased abilities.Some items are consistent and appear many times throughout the series.Bombs can be found around Hyrule, and can be
used both as weapons and to open blocked or hidden doorways, boomerangs, which can kill or paralyze enemies, or locked doors, magic swords, shields, and bows and arrows, while others items are unique.Though the games contain many role-playing elements (Zelda II was also the only one to include an experience system), they emphasise straightforward hack and slash-style combat over the strategic, turn-based or active time combat of games like Final Fantasy. The game's role-playing elements, however, have led to much debate over whether or not the Zelda games should be classified as action role-playing games, a genre on which the series had a strong influence for many years to come.Every
game in the main Zelda series has consisted of three principal areas: an overworld in which movement is multidirectional, allowing the player some degree of freedom of action; areas of interaction with other characters (merely caves or hidden rooms in the first game, but expanding to entire towns and cities in subsequent games) in which the player gains special items or advice; and dungeons, areas of labyrinthine layout, usually underground, comprising a range of difficult enemies and bosses.Each dungeon usually has one major item inside, which is usually essential for solving many of the puzzles in that dungeon and often plays a crucial role in defeating that dungeon's boss as well as progressing
through the game. In nearly every Zelda game, navigating a dungeon is aided by locating a map, which reveals its layout, and a magic compass, which reveals the location of significant and smaller items such as keys and equipment. In later games, the series also included a special 'big key', that would later in the game unlock the door to battle the dungeon's boss enemy.In most Zelda games, the player's life meter is represented as a line of hearts. The life meter is replenished a number of different ways, including picking up hearts left by some defeated enemies, fairies or springs located in specific locations, or using an item such as a potion. Most games feature "heart containers" or big red "piece of heart".

TLOZ Banner Bosses Added
In the above banner, I have added all of the unique bosses of the original Legend of Zelda game. Some of these bosses repeat in later dungeons in the game. This is the only Zelda that had such a trait as far as I can remember. It increased the difficulty of each dungeon and may have been either lazy by the developers at Nintendo or more likely that they ran out of time. Regardless it did not ruin the gameplay of the first Zelda classic.

The green white horned dinosaur on the far left is Aquamentus. Aquamentus is the first boss of the game and is found at the end of the Eagle Dungeon. Later on Aquamentus will also be found in the demon dungeon as a mid-boss. The 2nd boss is the red shorter dinosaur on the far right. This is the classic Dodongo boss! He is one of the most fun bosses in the game as you should defeat him with bombs as always. Dodongo is a legend and has made an appearance in not only this Zelda but the Ocarina of Time on the N64 as well. The 3rd boss is the blue boss to the left of Master Ganon. It has four extended parts resembling a cross slightly. This boss is named Manhandla and It has been re-polished in several ways since the original Zelda game. I don't recall the exact enemy type in many other games in the franchise.

Next boss would be the large semi-headed dragon looking enemy to the left of Dodongo. This bosses name is Gleeok and there is some great deviant artist work on the character around the web. Gleeok seems to be that little rare gem of a boss that many fans of the original game love. I must admit his sprite animation for its time was quite ambitious and looks really good even looking back on this game today. Digdogger is the orange and red eye enemy above Aquamentus. He is susceptible to the Flute tool/item and is a strange boss indeed. Digdogger can be located in the demon and lizard dungeons of the game. To the right of Gleeok is Gohma and Gohma is probably the most reoccurring boss in the history of the Legend of Zelda series. Gohma is weak to the bow and arrow and can be located in the dragon and lion dungeons. Patra is the last regular boss of the game which will make around 7 bosses in total. Don't forget new game + and of course the pig in the middle none other than the legendary evil Ganon!

The Adventure of Link
Heroes Of Xanadu - I just love this game so much... The game over screen of Ganon still haunt me to this day. Back when i was a kid Zelda 2 had the most intimidating soundtrack of all the game i played in the 80s. Zelda 2 had some great combat system for a game released January 14, 1987 in north america.
Watch Heroes of Xanadu explore and conquer the fantastic world of this awesome adventure! The first part of the run was hard,surviving on life level 2 for a long time, especially 11:49 death mountain without any candle but i usually play better and upgrade my gaming when the difficulty goes insane and that exactly what happen in the death mountain caves and later on. The same thing happen with death valley without 1:32:39 any candle or cross as you will see later in this video.I show a strategy that can be use to handle the first Fokka 1:37:57 "blue Bird Knights"in the great palace.Overall,Fokkas are widely considered to be the most difficult regular enemies in the game.They are also immune to the Spell Spell. Consequently, it is safest for Link to flee from them.The Degu Bubble yes the big one! 1:38:27 and also
the Bot Master 1:40:15 are uncommon and cute but they also do a tremendous ammount of damage to link.Sloth handle them without any trouble.I got all the link 1-up doll except the one close by the haunted graveyard.Water palace 1:06:01 is big and my least favorite palace of the bunch.Watch me jump on the kid head and stab him with my sword at 50:22.I use the fairy many time in this run to help me go through keyhole and save some time. Look like a football match at 1:32:48.Drop for killing six big or small foes - exp point or magic.Western continent end at 49:11 - Eastern continent start at 49:17. Often considered the Zelda series black sheep, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link gets a lot of undeserved hate. Many players complain that the game is too difficult, too large, or that it strayed much too far from the original zelda.
Despite these issues, Zelda II’s legacy is filled with many overlooked features that should redeem its status among even its staunchest haters.If there’s one thing the original Legend of Zelda was lacking, it’s definitely non-player characters. Sure, you have Link, Zelda, and Ganon (Gannon), but outside of the occasional old man in a cave, there’s not much else. Zelda II rectifies this problem by giving players numerous populated towns that house items, spells, side quests, health-refilling hotel visits, and more. These towns, named Rauru, Ruto, Saria, Nabooru, Mido, and Darunia (cleverly recycled as the names of Ocarina of Time’s sages 10 years later), frequently tasked the player with exploring the town to acquire a new power before heading off to the next dungeon. This may be commonplace in the
Zelda series today, but it’s worthwhile to look at the larger picture and appreciate what a big step this was for the series overall. Of all the changes Zelda II made to the original’s gameplay and design, the most controversial is shifting the primary action to a 2D plane. While the original Legend of Zelda featured brief side-view sections in its dungeons, mostly when picking up a new item, Zelda II shifts all of its awesome non-overworld action to the 2D side-scrolling plane. This meant every town, dungeon, and enemy encounter was played out in this new fashion.Link can attack forwards and backwards, as well as above and below him. Compared to the original Legend of Zelda, and even A Link to the Past, the player only needs to consider the overhead angle of attack, Zelda II makes the player focus on vertical space.

The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past:

Armos KnightsThe first true boss of a Link to the past. These guys come in a pack of six members. They form easy enough patterns. Such as a circle and an armored line barrier. Use the bow and pick them off one by one. The last Armos Knight will turn red. Take him down with the BOW as well. It will take more shots then the Blue knights.

The 2nd Dungeon Boss. The Desert Palace. More trouble and difficult then the Armos Knights. Still now too much of a problem. The Boss will have 3 heads and body parts. They come out from the pool of sand beneath. The best tactic to use is sword strikes to the head. IF you have some bombs handy and are skillful with them. Use the bombs they do a ton of damage to Lamolas if they connect!

The 3rd Boss of the game. Leader of the Tower Of Hera Minions. Moldorm definitely cranks up the difficulty of the games bosses at this point. His arena in itself can prove to be a note worthy challenge. This doubles when going for time, no damage etc.Moldorm can knock you off the arena. This will RESET the entire battle. The hearts you can lose will also NOT be replenished. It would be wise to use the pots of hearts in the lower level when you feel most comfortable.

Use the spin slashes by holding down the attack button. His weak point is Moldorms tail. It also gets faster with each hit as moldorm nears his demise. It takes more then 3 hits to take Moldorm down however. In total in takes about 8 consecutive strikes to beat Moldorm. This is if you don't fall off the arena. Once again if you do the battle will reset.

Ahganim if the 4th Boss of the game. The major problem with Ahganim is that it takes long to get to him. If you die you will restart at a difficult check point. You should have a BOTTLE or two at this point. They should be filled with red or blue potion for healing. This will ensure you make it to Ahganim safely.

The battle itself will consist of a ping pong match up. Link will have to reflect Ahganim's bolts with the Master Sword. He will also have to dodge and watch Ahganim's Moving patterns. Ahganim has about 3 patterns of lightning type bolt attacks. Get used to them ALL by watching the video, If you plan on being a master The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past.

Helmasaur King
The Helmasur King has many similarities to other Zelda Bosses in the franchise. Similar to the Helmaroc king from the legend of zelda Wind Waker. In similar you have to break both of these bosses mask first. Using the Skull Hammer from wind waker. In a Link To the Past, we have the Magic Hammer!

Use the Magic hammer on the mask of the Helmasur King. He actually is not as tough as he looks. Moldorm was a harder battle in the codebreak opinion. Once the mask is down you can use high powered master sword strikes.Utilizing the beam of the master sword if you still have enough hearts.You may also choose to bomb the Helmasur King. This causes more damage, although eats away your bombs. You may also hit yourself. This is due to the size of the Helmasur King and the small arena in comparison.

The Boss of the water palace. Since we have acquired the Hookshot we will be using it for this boss battle. Use the Hookshot to grab off his balls. Each one can be removed with the hookshot. Only one of his balls can be removed at a time. Once all of his balls are removed you can follow up with the Master Sword at his core. This boss has many similarities to other Zelda Bosses. Mainly ones where the Hookshot is used. Some that come to mind would be Molgera from the Wind Waker. Also there was a boss like this in OoT (Ocarina of time).

Mothula of the Skull Woods. Mothula can fly into the air with it's wings. Hitting Mothula is impossible at this point with your Master Sword. One exception would be the beam strike from a fully charged master sword attack! The Fire Rod can be used VS Mothula. You obtain it in the Skull Woods Dungeon prior to the battle. This is the best method of attack. Although it will eat magic and eat it quickly. Be sure to either have magic refill potions or some nice aim.Burn the wings of Mothula off then you can follow up with strikes from the Master Sword to it's weak point/ core.

Blind is one of the most difficult boss battles in the game. To get him with NO - DAMAGE would be a little extreme. Even in a speed - run this can be a great challenge. Heck ! Even running VS Blind normally can be tough. He is probably the Hardest Boss next to Ganon. Some consider Blind to be even more difficult then the latter. Blind's moves are random or seem to be. They are very dangerous and even put out nice damage to Link. Blind will literally spin around the room with his own head removed!

The head will spew out fire balls that bounce towards Link. Get used to dodging the fire balls as well as the pattern's that Blind moves in. This will take much practice. It would be good to have your Master Sword and hearts fully charged prior to the battle. Launching the charged Master Sword beam strikes and then focusing later if you get hit with charged spin attacks on his head.

Kholdstare calms down the difficulty level when compared to Blind and even Moldorm. He will drop ice from the ceiling down on Link. This must be dodged all the while blasting it's frozen area with the Fire Rod. Kholdstare will spilt up into 3 eyes afterwards. Each can be hit with the Master Sword. Best to use your spin attacks here and if you have power left over or red potion you may consider. Although with a good amount of hearts the battle is really simple.

Vitreous is one of the best looking bosses in the game. Also in being so cool looking, one of my favorite. I also feel the battle is underrated and slightly overlooked. This is when compared to more popular bosses such as Moldorm, Ganon, and even Blind. Vitreous will blast lightning at LINK. Best to stay in the bottom left corner. Come out and slash away at the eyeballs. Do this until you can to the main eyeball and slash away for the victory!

TrinnexA Very threatening looking boss although he is actually quite simple. Use the ICE rod on the Red piece of his body. Then follow up with a few Master Sword strikes. Do the same for the blue piece except use the Fire Rod. Charge up Master Sword for the Center of the Body. Finally it will Spin around like Moldorm. This is the hardest form to take NO-DAMAGE in. Although you still must be able to hit it with Powered Spin Attacks from the Master Sword. Good Luck!

In my opinion an excellent final boss. In pig form Ganon is one of the most difficult bosses not only in this game, but in the Entire Zelda series. You will PROBABLY need all your hearts all containers and tons of bottles filled with blue potion. If you have had a ton of practice in A Link to the Past or Zelda experience it may be easier. If not it will still take a large amount of practice to take down " Pig " Ganon.

Zelda Banner
Zelda The Great Deku Tree
The Ocarina Of Time Intro will start off in none other then Link's tree home in the classic Kokiri Forest. The beauty of the forest and it's glowing faries still holds strong today. This guide was created in 2016 around 20 years since the release of the ORIGINAL ocarina of time. First you should talk to most the people in the forest. Get familiar with the games controls. It controls much more stiff then the newer installments of the Legend of Zelda. However the hitbox being bigger then normal makes the stiffness somewhat not so bad. For example when smashing pots you don't have to really control a direct hit.

Get used to Z - targeting. R to put up your shield. On the Wii U get used to hitting R instead of the ZR button. Your going to need a sword and shield to enter the forest area where Mido is blocking. To get the sword of the Kokiri, head up the hill. You should see a maze of brown short fences. Jump over them and locate a hole near the area. Hold R and crouch down and climb in. You should also be cutting plants and collecting every rupee you can along the way. They re-spawn when you go in and out of the houses I THINK.

Head inside the maze with the Boulders. Collect rupees and explore the entire area. You will need to get 40 rupees to buy the Deku Shield Shortly. Eventually you will come to an unlocked chest. Open the chest to reveal the Kokiri Sword a heirloom and secret to borrow of the Kokiri !

Leave the area and continue to explore the forest until you have 40 rupees. Head into the Kokiri shop and only buy the Shield to save time. Then talk to Mido and enter the Deku Tree area. Kill the boko baba plant enemies and you should receive a Deku Stick. These are used to make torches to see better or solve puzzles. They WILL burn out over time. You can also burn webs with them. Boko babas may also drop Deku Nuts, Deku nuts will be very useful in this dungeon. They can stun many enemies including the Dungeon Boss.
Deku Tree
Talk to the Great Deku Tree, eventually after the conversation he will let Link inside by opening his giant mouth. Head inside to start the games first dungeon of 9.... Inside the Deku Tree. The Above banner will cover the ENTIRE level. It will net 100% Completion, including compass,dungeon map and Skulltula's. There will NOT be a no damage run or speed run by me at least. Remember to click the banner for video and if you want more text or content on OoT Let me know thanks. Once you enter the dungeon, it is actually much smaller and easier to navigate then it seems. I will give a quick run-down of what Link needs to net 100%.

Skulltula Tokens x3 : The hardest one to get is probably in the first room, however you must head through the door upstairs by climbing the vines. Go into the first door that is UNLOCKED upstairs in the big first circular room.Inside will be a quick puzzle and the dungeon map to solve the puzzle just light the torch and cross to the other side revealing the chest with map. To the LEFT is a big hole in the wall. Hanging will be a giant skulltula. Kill it and head in deeper, to find the gold skulltula.The next two are right after breaking the web in the big room. Fall down and use the slingshot on the skulltula near the water and the gate. The next one is to the right and on the VINES a bit higher up. Use the slingshot to take it out then climb the vines to collect.

For this battle the Deku Seeds are your best bet all the way in my opinion. I have not checked the speed running tactics in a while however I can't see not using these for your first run through in a long time. Also we are going for 100% not speed. Damage or NO damage is still a good reason to use the stunning Deku seeds that will STUN queen gohma.After throwing down a seed she will be stunned.

Follow up with a JUMP sword attack into a ton of button mash sword attacks. She will climb up the wall again and drop 3 eggs. The eggs can hatch and turn into very annoying mini gohma babies ! Throw a seed right when the 3rd egg drops and BEFORE they all hatch. This should get them all at once.From that point rinse and repeat. If you nail the Jump attacks it may be over in 2 rounds or possibly less... Remember the Sling Shot can still be used however the seeds are more fun and better in my opinion. The choice is yours we will be right back with MORE Ocarina Of time...

The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker:

The Legend of the Zelda the Wind Waker is one of my favorites in the series. It's hard to say which Zelda is the best or my personal favorite, however, this one really stands out as I have probably put the most amount of time into it. Having around five or six playthroughs and a guide or two I would like to say I have a little bit of knowledge on the game. The game really broke some barriers in my opinion. We had OoT ( Ocarina of Time ) which was pretty wide open. However, it ran on the N64 engine and I personally don't feel it aged as good as many people say it has. That is at least the original version of Ocarina.

Wind Waker brought a whole new engine and graphical design to the table. Many fans even here on this site were very worried about it. I was maybe around 15 years old at the time possibly younger and even I was upset at a small point. People wanted a mature Link and they got the complete opposite. The result was a risk by Nintendo but ultimately showed that sometimes even the fans don't know what they want. The Wind Waker is still one of the most beautiful games I have ever looked at. It is almost surreal and alive to me at times. The game received just as good if not better with it's HD installment on the Nintendo Wii U. I must admit that it was fun every single time I played it.

I remember the intro sequence to the game but the one really cool thing that stands out was this. I wanted the game so badly when I saw it at Best Buy. It was being displayed for what seemed to be months on the gorgeous Samsung new flat screen Televisions. I played it and was drooling. I remember collecting my first rupee and the way it looked on screen with the flawless sound effects had me amazed. I had to get not only the game but the TV as well! I started working just to save up for both then when I had enough I got them both and it was worth it.

The Character design in the game is wonderful. One character that stands out the most is Ganon. Ganon was just done so well in this game. I swear this game has magic in it and despite being cell shaded and geared towards kids and adults Ganon stood strong. Ganon was still cool looking, it almost made me wish he was a playable character. His swords, his awesome robe and the pure power you felt from the guy. I really think this was Ganon at his best and that included the final battle. If you haven't' played the game I won't spoil it. But those that have well, they probably will never forget.

Dragon Roost
Let's talk about the dungeons of the mighty Wind Waker starting with Dragon Roost Cavern. Firstly, I really enjoy the flow of this game compared to other Zeldas. It either flows faster from dungeon to dungeon or I just beat it so many times I know exactly what to do. Regardless once you reach Dragon Roost you will shortly enter the dungeon. This is where many people started the game in stores like GameStop and best buy. This is how I got hooked and still standing this day as one of my favorite Zelda Dungeons. It is a fire dungeon and I can't see it being otherwise. You will gain the awesome and unique to only the Wind Waker, the Grappling Hook. I can't recall this item being in any other Zelda title unless it was in the handheld games. In the Wind Waker, this item flows brilliantly and I may cover it more if I do an item section for this game below so stay tuned daily for updates!

The Grappling Hook will be used to get through this dungeon. Now, many people are always looking up with to do in Zelda games because despite what people say most of the time, Zelda is actually quite tough without a guide. it's not really the combat that is tough, but some situations can leave you scratching your head. With that being said I like to look at the dungeons puzzles more like obstacles rather than a jigsaw piece. I also feel the dungeons had a huge leap in entertainment mainly starting with the Wind Waker. This dungeon is also very beautiful in not only graphics but overall design. It is fun even after 15 or more years since release and was just as good in the recent HD version of the game.

One thing I would've liked to see in this game would have been the lantern. The lantern was classic and ace in Link to the Past ( LTTP ). Later on, in TP ( Twilight Princess ), it was even more enjoyable because they made more uses for it and evolved upon the base idea. I just felt it could have been implemented easily into this game. After all, we already had an animation for it, because you can see the Moblin's holding them early on at the Forsaken Fortress. Furthermore, why give us the torch when we could have had a full functioning lantern with an oil meter or something to work with it. I guess it would have been too many meters.Wind Waker had the magic bar that hasn't been seen in a few later installments of the game. I for one like meters and some limitations on games so I think this would have been a good idea. I liked in TP that you could run out of lantern oil. I even liked the idea that I might run out of magic in the Wind Waker. With that being said, I would love to see both return in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

You as Link will be fighting Moblins, Bats, Goblins and the like in this area. You will have to sidle through narrow paths that have a huge gap pitfall. If you fall you lose hearts and restart at the previous checkpoint which is usually very close by. Remember that you can interact with many of the objects in the game. This is a huge part of Zelda and one of the things that make it stand out among other games. For example, you can smash pots or jars. Pick up rocks, cut grass, cool lava with water, even use the water on enemies! Those are some little things in this dungeon alone that are found throughout the entire game. It makes experimenting with the tools or items and even obstacles and objects worth it. Nothing is useless in the Legend of Zelda series for the most part and that is why Nintendo is just that good.

Finally, we will talk about the epic boss battles a little bit. The first of which is the drawing I made and then went over in Microsoft Paint back in 2014. Link Vs Gohma the one-eyed beast that has appeared in many of the Zelda games. This time Gohma is a fire scorpion beasts and still retains a solo giant eye as its weak point. To defeat Gohma, Link must use the grappling hook and manually connect a shot to Valoo the spirit dragon's tail above. This will make the wall come crashing down on Gohma's outer shell. Link or the player must do this three times in old-school Nintendo fashion to break Gohma's outer shell. I remember this being easier as a kid although that may have been because I wasn't trying to do it without taking any damage back in my rookie days of gaming.

To actually beat Gohma, taking no damage can be quite tough! The biggest thing to worry about is her claw attacks. These can get you easily if you do not lock on fast enough manually to Valoo's tail. If you get the lock-on consider it a success and get to the top wooden bridges above. Gohma can't reach Link easily from above so it is best to aim for Valoo's tail again and again. Basically, rinse and repeat this tactic until the outer shell breaks. Once it is broken you will have to drop to the ground and fight Gohma heads up. use the Grappling Hook on her eye and follow up with your best sword attacks. It can take up to three rounds of this normally. However, speed runners can do it in less as well as veterans to the game. Once Gohma is defeated, she will wither away in a victorious fashion leaving behind the most prized reward which is a piece of heart. Also, you can now receive Din's Pearl from Prince Kamali as a token of friendship and gratitude from the Rito people.

Grappling Hook: Wind Waker

The grappling hook is one of my favorite items in the entire Legend of Zelda series. It has a great sound animation feels smooth when used and also has many mechanical uses. You can defeat the boss Gohma of the Dragon Roost dungeon with it. The player can hit enemies on the head stunning them for a moment and even "hook" spoils from them. You can also swing from various objects in the game and climb up and down the rope of the Grappling Hook. At first, you may have thought it was a new variation of the famous Hookshot that has appeared in many Zelda games before and after the Wind Waker. The Grappling Hook, however, is a completely different and unique item that may be exclusive to Wind Waker alone. I personally have played every console version of the Legend of Zelda and several hand-held versions. I can't recall any item quite like the Grappling Hook.

Yellow Boomerang: Wind Waker

The Boomerang in the Wind Waker can be found in the giant Treasure chest in the Forbidden Woods Dungeon. You will have to beat the Mothula which is a great mini-boss and later basic enemy in the game. The Mothula shoots out those sticky spiky balls that can slow Link down. Mothula can fly and are susceptible easily to the Boomerang. However, you will not have the Boomerang for the first encounter with these guys. The Mothula is a beautiful looking enemy and probably one of the most stand out basic enemies in the Wind Waker or even the entire Legend of Zelda series.

In the Wind Waker, the Boomerang is probably one of the most useful items in the entire game. It can lock onto five targets at once. You can use this Lock-on technique to hit switches even in a certain order. You can also lock-on to five enemies at once and this is exceptionally fun when ripping through keese and fire keese later on in the Labyrinth. The sound effects of the item/tool are also just spot on and it really makes you feel like your wielding a Boomerang. The tool was evolved upon and actually in my opinion perfected in the Wind Waker. The only way to top the yellow boomerang was making the Gale Boomerang later on in TP ( Twilight Princess ). Nintendo had to make a tornado come out of the boomerang to top this one. Even after the tornado has cleared I still think the classic Yellow Boomerang of the Wind Waker may be the best one in the series. That is next to the original classic of course as well as Link to the Past.

Zelda Magic Armor 1Zelda Magic Armor 2
Magic Armor: Wind Waker

This is a strange tool in the Wind Waker. I love it however as it also is a little odd to acquire. You must start and complete 3-4 trades with the Eskimo looking trader in Windfall Town. This later becomes one of the most interesting and fun side-quests in the entire series. I later realized in one of my later playthroughs of the game just how many flags there were to collect in this game. They all look original and cool as does the magic armor. The magic armor original used your magic meter for complete invulnerability to enemy attacks. In the HD version of the game, it consumes Rupees just like in Twilight Princess ( TP ). This item has this really cool looking purplish pink smoke or glow envelopes around Link. It's a strange item like I said in both acquisition and actual use. I am a big fan of this one.

Hero's Charm: Wind Waker

I mentioned how I felt the magic armor was strange above, but this item is just as unique and weird at the same time. I find it strange in the overall look of the item. I also didn't expect them to throw something like this in the game at the time I played. It was a little surprise that not every Zelda player has probably even acquired. The item can be acquired after doing several good deeds for the teacher in Windfall. Once you give her enough Joy pendants and perform some other tasks/chores you can be rewarded with this piece of equipment. You may turn it on or off via the equipment screen and yes Link wears it like a helmet/mask! It also allows Link to see the enemy HP gauge. It's a really cool item and something unusual to the entire Legend of Zelda series.

TLOZ Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess:

Twilight Princess ( TP ) has become one of my personal favorite Zelda games. It has a ton of dungeons compared to some of the other games. Wind Waker and even the later installment Skyward Sword come to mind. It seems because there are more dungeons that it is more action packed! It also still has a nice focus on exploration and I think it is one of the best Zelda games right up there with the Wind Waker. Sadly, I never beat the original version of this game. However, I was glad that I got to get into and complete it fully when it was released on the Nintendo WiiU in full HD. I was hooked immediately and although it has a long intro sequence and a ton of dungeons this one is still one of the best.

You may think that Nintendo would have slowed down as you progress deeper into the game, but they kept coming at the player with dungeons just as good as where we started in the Forest Temple. The dungeon design is incredible with fun obstacles and puzzles. They have great enemies amazing items and excellent bosses. The items in the game are also amazing and it seems that Twilight Princess has one of the largest arsenals in the history of console Zelda games. The player can also tinker with certain items in the game slightly. For example, you can get the Hawk mask and combine it with your bow and arrow to be able to zoom in like a sniper on enemies or objects with the bow. You can also combine bombs to your arrows for bomb arrows. There is also a bomb shop with three types of fun bombs to craft and use.

The items or tools are exceptional and this goes double for the newer ones. There are several completely new items to the series in this game. The ball and chain come to mind which can be found in the 6th dungeon of the game and it is awesome! It controls awesome feels like you are swinging a real ball and chain with the devastation that comes with it! Next, you have the spinner which is an ancient spinning device that let's Link ride on top of it and use the ancient rails found in the game for faster movement. You will even have an entire and one of the best boss battles in Zelda history with this tool. They upgraded the boomerang to the Gale Boomerang which now has a wind element as it leaves a Tornado as it passes through the game screen. The iron boots also return and are tinkered much more than the Wind Waker's version. However, I must admit I don't like the look on them too much in this game. However, they are still fun to use and a nice complete edition to Twilight Princess. There are several more awesome items and little trinkets as well, that I may mention a bit later in this guide.

Once again back to the dungeons and their design. They are so awesome and creative looking! From the outer worlds or over worlds to the deep woods into the Forest Temple, all the areas change well graphically making everything pleasing to the eye. After the Forest Temple is the Goron Mines which is basically another fire type dungeon but it has several twists. The Lakebed Temple is the games water dungeon but it is actually fun this time around and is one of the most memorable dungeons in the game. Arbiter's Grounds is arguably the best dungeon in the history of The Legend Of Zelda. It looks amazing, has great music is amazingly fun to explore with a good boss and tool reward to top everything off. Then you have the snow peak ruins, into the temple of time, through the city in the sky! Afterward, there is even more as you have the 8th dungeon which is the Palace of Twilight. Finally, Hyrule Castle which is a stranger dungeon in design but it still counts. That is nine full dungeons and Nintendo barely slacked on any of them. The verdict is that if you haven't played this game you are greatly missing out. Get the HD version for sure as it is even better than the original.

Exploration in Zelda games is also always a key element and Twilight Princess has it. The overworld has plenty of things to do and fun side quest. It may leave the player asking for a bit more which we should get from the upcoming Breath Of the Wild game. However, what we already have is excellent. There are little caves to explore for rupees or Poe souls. You can use your rupees to buy awesome items like the Magic Armor or use Poe Souls for special trinkets. They even added a new item called the Ghost Lantern into the game specifically for the HD version of Twilight Princess.

I mentioned the Magic armor in the latter and man is it awesome! I read a few popular writers and content creators on the web didn't like this item too much. However, it saved me royally in one of the boss fights later on in the game. It looks so cool too with all the Hyrule symbols and crests. It also consumes rupees and makes the wearer invulnerable just like the magic armor in the Wind Waker. The coolest part is that there are 3 armors in the game. These armors are your typical skin makeovers like most new age games. They are also not your typical statistic changes. These armors play a huge role in not only the story but the gameplay of Zelda TP as well. That's what makes them so awesome. They look cool and they do cool things. Why everyone doesn't follow this trend I don't know. Sadly, Nintendo only put three armors in the game. But I will take awesome when I get it and this is one of the best ideas for Zelda series ever.

Gale Boomerang
Gale Boomerang:
The Gale Boomerang can be located in the games first dungeon which is the Forest Temple. Like the Wind Waker version, it can still lock-on to several targets at once. The twist is that this one has a wind element to it and can fire off a Tornado every time you throw it. The same great mechanics are still there just like in previous installments of the series. One gripe I have about it is the look somewhat. I am just not too crazy about it, but this is a ridiculous nit-pick here. The thing is awesome and can be used in tons of unique ways. It can also be used vs the first boss and you will need it to get the boss key for the Forest Temple.

What Nintendo did here was basically combine the boomerang with the wind element. This shows how the game has evolved over the years truly and especially in Twilight Princess. You will find upgrades like this to several items in the game. One other item that was seen in a Link to the Past is the Lantern, possibly my favorite items in TP. It has evolved very well and I hope to see it in BoTW ( Breath of the Wild ). To acquire this item the player will have to defeat the white baboon, I always forget his name but he can be pretty tough especially if you are going for a complete no dungeon run of the Forest Temple, which I pulled off. You can see some of these in the Legend of Zelda videos below in our video section. For the videos, I may combine the Twilight Princess run with Breath of the Wild. Let me know what you would like to see just send me an email thanks!

The bombs and Barnes bomb shop is arguably one of the best aspects of the game Twilight Princess. It was fun to fill your bomb bag with bombs and even wait for a letter to see what the latest Installment the bomb shop would bring to the table. You have your basic bombs to the left of the banner these can also be combined with your bow to make bomb arrows. Bomb arrows can be fired from the bow from afar dealing tons of damage and breaking certain rocks or obstacles to solve puzzles. Next, we have the Water Bombs that are essential to progressing through the story and can be used mainly in the water temple. However, there are tons of other areas that may require the Water Bombs to be used. This makes carrying several bomb types albeit necessary in the game. The game rewards Link with several bomb bags as you progress through side-quests and the game's main quest.

The Bomblings are on the far right and they are the coolest bomb in my opinion. These act like the Bomb-Chu items from Ocarina of time, except they are a bit faster and compliment the other bomb types. They also look very awesome as well as are the most expensive of all the bomb types. I just wish or would like to see more control over the bombs. We have the technology for games now that should make a nice remote control bomb easy to do, especially for Nintendo. I played a game called Rage: Anarchy edition once and they had remote control bombs and it was uber fun. I don't see why Nintendo couldn't have implemented this or at least have it in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

In conclusion, these are still some of the coolest items and ideas going in the History of not only Zelda, but in Videogames. It stands out so much as a surprise and should fill a player with Joy knowing Nintendo almost always goes above and beyond with their games, especially the Legend of Zelda console versions. You will find many things like this if you're new to the series in Zelda. In Twilight Princess stuff like this is more abundant which is why I highly suggest playing it and not giving it a pass because it is older.

The Spinner
The Spinner:
This is one of the most unique items in the history of not only the Zelda series, but in videogames. It's amazingly implemented as well! There is also an epic boss battle with the item as you use it against the boss of the Arbiter Grounds. You can also find it in the dungeon's big chest as the item reward. The spinner moves on tracks, however, you can use it anytime you like. It just moves faster and is inclined to be used on the tracks put in the game. This is just a super nit-pick, but I do wish you had more freedom of speed with the item. It's still designed amazingly, but I would find it even more fun if you can free roam with it a bit more. Let's also note Breath of the Wild shield surfing may seem similar, but it has nothing on the overall control of the spinner.

This will remain one of the most unique items in the history of the Legend of Zelda series. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is the first and only appearance of a tool such as this. I wish we could have seen something like this in Breath of the Wild, but perhaps we can all wish for it in the next open-air Legend of Zelda title! One more note, please make dungeons old school again, if possible, Thanks Nintendo!

Heart Pieces The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD - Heart Pieces

( See my Zelda Twilight Princess HD Playlist on youtube )

Heart Piece #1 : This can be found in the Faron Woods Cave. It is in the same area where the small key is located to get into the entrance to the Forest Temple. You must light the torches with the Lantern tool to have it appear. Remember to click the links here if your having trouble, they lead to videos. This one is located around 1:00:00 - One hour video time.

Heart Piece #2 : Found in the Forest Temple Dungeon. See the video at link to the left. 6:55 You must use a walking bomb plant and throw it into the enemies that can swallow LINK. there are 2 of them in this room. Drop the bomb down and let it explode on the enemy, pick up the heart piece in the chest afterwards.

Heart Piece #3 :Found in the Forest Temple Dungeon as well see video once again. 8:45 Use the Gale Boomerang to extinguish all of the torches in the room with the Worm Tile enemies. This will LOWER the 3 platforms and behind them is a treasure chest with the heart piece.

Heart Piece #4 :Found In Goron Mines at link to left video time ... 9:45 Located when you are "flipped" on the blue magnetic ceiling. Walk the long path to the heart piece. Iron Boots needed.

Heart Piece #5 :Found In Goron Mines again at video link to left ... 18:20 Located across the blue magnetic walls after Obtaining the Iron Boots. There are also 2 Beamos in this room.

Heart Piece #6 :Found in cave near Kakariko will need bombs light all torches ... 6:00 I Suggest exploring the Entire cave. Light all torches along the way. Be sure to have Oil OR defeat the Yellow chu chu for some Oil. He is located in the cave as well.

Heart Piece #7 :Scale the Tower At Kakariko And Play the Bow game .... 0:00 Make sure to hit the pole near Talo. This is easier said then done. You will have infinite tries however, but NO hawkeye at this point.

Heart Piece #8 :Bomb wall in Kakariko near Spirits Fountain ... 0:00

Heart Piece #9 :Flight By Fowl Mini-Game 2nd Highest Treasure Chest ... 0.00 Use the IRON BOOTS to descend from the cuccoo faster. Make sure to land at least on the 2nd chest and open it as quickly as possible.

Heart Piece # 10 :Lakebed Dungeon : Chandelier Top : 55:30 This is located at the top of the Chandelier in the main center room. You will need the clawshot to get it. Stand on the highest floor.

Heart Piece # 11 :Lakebed Dungeon : Secret Chest : 1:04:00 This one is rather hard to get. In the room with the rotating platforms you must have the water flow into that area for the 2nd time. Be sure to use the Clawshot in the main center room to let it flow. Then this will raise the WHITE bridge and you can cross to the heart piece.

Heart Piece # 12 : This is found in the Sacred Grove. Blow up the brown rock with a bomb. Reveal a poe and defeat it with wolf. Afterwards use Wolf Sense and DIG in the dirt to go below a HOLE. Defeat all the boko babas and a treasure chest will appear with the heart container. Gale Boomerang helps.

Heart Piece # 13 : Round up all of the goats again at Ordon Ranch. Do this after beating dungeon #2 Goron Mines or better yet after obtaining the Master Sword. Your reward will be a Piece of heart.

Heart Piece # 14 : In Kakariko above the bombable wall you should see a piece of heart near a dead tree. Use the CLAWSHOT and get close enough to grab it. Also past the bombable wall will be access to the Spirit Fountain. Go below with water bombs, iron boots and Zora Armor to reveal a Purple Rupee that RESPAWNS behind the bombable rock.

Heart Piece # 15 : Donate to the priest in Hyrule Castle Town. You can donate in increments of 30 or 50 rupees. There will be a hidden counter on your donations you can NOT see. However we know that when you hit 1000 rupees or more a piece of heart will come down from the sky.

Heart Piece # 16 : - Near the poe except you should see it HIGH on a lone tower like hill in Kakariko area Eldin Province. Must have clawshot to get it.

Heart Piece # 17 : - First donate 1000 Rupees to malo mart in Kakariko. Then Talk to the shaman sitting OUTSIDE the malo mart. Then head to the bridge and talk to the Goron the needs the water. Head back after a day and talk to the shaman again. You will then get the barrel. QUICKLY bring it to the goron at the now fixed bridge and he will return with a heart piece. NOTE ** The 2nd goron hot water quest will only lead to a short cut from hyrule castle town to faron woods.

Heart Piece # 18 : - Complete and fully explore Lake Hylia cave. Make sure to have out your Lantern, use the yellow chu chu for Latern Oil and LIGHT ALL TORCHES along the way to make the chest spawn at the END with this heart piece.

Heart Piece # 19 : Complete the Bird Flight Mini-game near Zora River get 10,000 Points ! Talk to plumm the bird in Wolf form and be sure to howl to call the bird.

Heart Piece # 20 : Located In the Main room with the Poe Soul Sconces or Torches. It is on the LEFT side in Hero Mode open the chest for the piece of heart. Arbiter Grounds.

Heart Piece # 21 : Located after getting the Spinner in Arbiter Grounds Dungeon Basement 2.

Heart Piece #22 : - Located in Snowpeak Ruins Dungeon. Break the floor with a bomb and drop down.

Heart Piece #23 : Located In Snowpeak Ruins Dungeon. Cross the Swinging Platforms with Chain and Ball.

Heart Piece # 24 : NORTH of Hyrule Castle is another part of Hyrule field. Hook EAST and find some Lizalfos and Tekkites. Dispose of them and blow up the ROCKS to the NORTH. This will lead to a cave with 3 block puzzles similar to those in Snowpeak Ruins. You will need ball and chain here. Complete the 3 puzzles and get the heart piece as a reward in the chest.

Heart Piece # 25 : Clawshot near the small goron on death mountain trail. Drop down the hole and pick up the heart in the chest.

Heart Piece # 26 : At Hera's fishing hole. Rent a boat and use the fishing rod to "hook" in the heart piece on the small green mountain.

Heart Piece # 27 : in HERO MODE go north east of Hyrule Castle. You should see some lizalfos. There is a path then leads to a bunch of spinner tracks. Use the spinner to get across each side eventually to a chest with the heart piece.

Heart Piece # 28 : Inside the Temple Of Time Dungeon Solve the puzzle using the Guardian Statue.

Heart Piece # 29 : Inside the Temple of Time Dungeon Move the 2 Small guardian statues onto the switches in the room where the stamp , bugs and armos are located.

Heart Piece # 30 : The Temple Of Time entrance area. Use the Dominion Rod on the Owl Statue.

Heart Piece # 31 : Near the Hidden Village ENTRANCE outside in Hyrule field is a spinner location. Use it then dig the hole in wolf form. Defeat the enemies [stalfos x3] inside for the heart piece.

Heart Piece # 32 :Near the owl statue in Hyrule Field, near the bridge of Eldin. There is a marker to clawshot. Use the clawshot and follow the pathway to a cave. Overcome the obstacles inside the cave and receive the heart piece in a chest at the end.

Heart Piece # 33 : Head back to Snowpeak Mountain top after completing the dungeon. Beat Yeto in the sledding game. Next beat Yeta. To beat Yeta use the shortcut she uses. It's pretty tough mini-game so hang in there.

Heart Piece # 34 : In Gerudo desert right before the Arbiter grounds entrance is the bublin fort. There should be a roasted pig/warhog on a fire. Destroy it with the Master Sword for another heart piece.

Heart Piece # 35 : City in the Sky Dungeon : Lots of platforming Involved here. The entire dungeon is pretty difficult so be sure to check the video link.

Heart Piece # 36 : City In the Sky Dungeon. Near the dungeons end, wrap around the area where you see the blue chest to go through the door on the other side. [ see link ]

Heart Piece # 37 : Palace Of Twilight : Requires Double Clawshots

Heart Piece # 38 :Palace Of Twilight Ride the blue glowing platform

Heart Piece # 39 : Using the clawshot, get to the chest in Kakariko Gorge .

Heart Piece # 40 : Head to the Hidden Village. Talk to the cuccoo leader near the howling stone. Then find ALL 20 cats WITHOUT leaving the area. Not too hard, just time consuming.

Heart Piece # 41 : Bridge Of Eldin, Use the dominion rod to move the statue across the bridge.

Heart Piece # 42 : Faron Woods Near Coro's Shop. Move the Owl Statue with dominion rod into the hole. Then use WOLF form and JUMP with Midna's help to the chest.

Heart Piece # 43 : Lanayru Spring, in Lake Hylia. Go inside the spring with the clawshot. Then clawshot up to the door. Light the two candles and loot the chests if you would like. Inside is the heart piece.

Heart Piece # 44 : Faron Province, over the small bridge up on a tree branch.

Heart Piece # 45 : Use the bomb arrows and clawshot to get to the blue chest on the ledge in Eldin Province.

Forest Temple
( Excerpt from old guide )

For the Forest Temple, I have broken in down into a few segments. First the plant enemy or giant boko baba.I have a video tactic on taking him out. More importantly there is a better way in a later video, so I can just explain the tactic here.There is a wooden circular floor around the Boko Baba. If you stand outside the floor and charge a spin attack you can not take any damage and still hit the Giant Boko Baba. It may take a little patience but it is worth it, if your on Hero Mode or going for NO DAMAGE.

......GIANT BOKO BABA VIDEO ...........

Next up would be the big white baboon mini boss. To defeat this enemy, all you have to do is run into the totem polls and roll. Knock him down. Then follow up with a spin attack. Sometimes this can take 4 rounds. However if you land in 2 spin attacks you can do it in 3. Possibly even 2 rounds if your really good. Although... the NO DAMAGE tactic is a bit more challenging. First 2 red boko babas will come at Link. Spin attack these two quickly. Then there will be a 3rd. Dispose of it with thrust strikes. Now you should have about 3 rounds before the Boko Babas Return. Just make sure not to get hit by the white baboon's gale boomerang.

Also note that if you hit the boomerang specifically with a SPIN attack it will reflect back at the baboon. This is something I learned after running the dungeon 3-4 times. I got lucky figuring it out and it may be of use.

..... White Baboon MINI - BOSS VIDEO ......

The Big Key or the Boss dungeon key is next. There is an order you must hit the windmill's in to open the gate. If you look at the ground in the area. There is a backwards Z carved into the floor. That is how you should hit each one. If your still having trouble see the video link below.


Next up is how to get the major important chests in the Forest Temple Dungeon. To do so I have also included all the small chests as well. These contain rupees mostly. Stamps and Heart Pieces are all accounted for. See the time stamp in the script of the video at the Link below.

... Forest Temple Dungeon - All Stamps All Heart Pieces All Chests ......

Finally I went through the dungeon losing only 1 heart in hero mode. I got hit twice and I was going for no damage with analysis on all enemies and how to tutorial. The tutorial in video will still explain how I personally would go about doing no damage. Click either the banner above or the link below and get ready for the Boss !

Forest Temple Dungeon ..... No Damage Tactics Analysis ... HD ...

First get out your boomerang and keep a fairy in bottle just in case. Next you want to aim your boomerang at the plant bombs and then target a mouth of the boss. Do this to both left and right plants.The main boss will appear however no bombs in sight. A Few moments later the white baboon will appear. Lock your boomerang onto his bombs then onto left and right plants. Finally on the core plant with yellow eyeball.

When the core plant falls attack with sword strikes. It could be hard to get power attacks like jump and spin in. So just stick with the basics if your good you can beat it in 2 rounds. Good Luck and click the artwork above for the video in HD Hero Mode

Goron Mines
First you want to get the Hylian shield for 200 Rupees from Malo Mart in Kakariko Village. To farm the rupees quick head to the Kakariko graveyard then head to the back.Kill all the ravens and around 25 rupees will appear you can do this infinitely. Also attack the bee hive to pick up bee larvae for health. Link is below for HD video.

. Farm For Hylian Shield Rupee Farming HD . Video .
After that head into the dungeon. You may remember sumo fighting. The Mini-Boss is similar except there is a new trick or two.You must attack with the sword to stun him into a roll that you can then grab. Spin attack works best. Get close in for the grab and close to edge to finish him off 3 rounds of this you will defeat him. Watch the video at the link below.

Goron Mines Mini Boss
Goron Mines Mini-Boss Battle How To ..
Next up i want to POINT this out before you go to far, because it can drive you a bit crazy. There is an INACCESSIBLE chest near the end of this dungeon. To get it you MUST get the clawshot later on then come back. We will have its reward and contents listed here later but for now just to save you the aggravation see the video link below.

For the Entire Dungeon this next segment completes the dungeon taking NO DAMAGE. Certain things to be very afraid of, is the Mini-Boss. Be sure to stay close and grab CLOSE is crucial yet still near the edge of the arena. Once you get the Bow use it as often as you can. Snipe out goblin archers and enemies from a distance. Try and keep the run time worthy as well. I finished in around 24:00 Minutes beat my time no damage if you can! Below is the video link to the nice run it is also in the goron mines banner above. Enjoy share it if you liked and give a thumbs up ! More information here possibly soon.

:::::::::::::::: GORON MINES BESTIARY :::::::::::::::::

  • -Beamos- These enemies are actually easily taken out once you get the heros bow. I find them MUCH easier then the Windwaker variation of beamos. Especially here in the goron mines.
  • - Bulbin - These are your typical goblin creatures they have been around since the start of the game. Some are archers and must be taken out from a distance. Others can be beat easily with melee. They can be tough in large groups or packs.
  • - Dodongo - I really dislike fighting these type of enemies. The tail is hard to hit for me especially without Backslice technique. Goal is to beat their tail down until they are disposed.
  • - Fire Keese - Just your basic keese that are on fire. Don't use ORDON shield here or you will take extra damage in contact. They have the same amount of HP as normal keese.
  • - Fire Slug - This dungeon is FULL of these enemies. They are actually quite dangerous. Be sure to check ceilings often or they will drop down on Link causing damage. The bow works useful for this, but until then you just have to be extra careful.
  • - Red Tiktite - Same as it's blue counterpart except perhaps a bit less HP or [ Hit Points ] best advice is to use the sword. Or better yet stun with a sling shot if you can and blast them with THRUST attacks from ordon blade.
  • - Fire and Water Toadpoli - The fire one is hard to notice but it is near the start of the goron mines. If you played skyward sword these enemies were larger and more abundant. However there is also 2 very very nasty water versions in this dungeon. You MUST keep your distance to avoid being hit. I really think it's best to avoid them all together. However they are ranged as well so good luck.
Twilight Igniter Fyrus
Finally we have the BOSS #2 battle against Twilit Igniter FYRUS ! It's pretty confusing at first. Shoot him in the glowing spot on his forehead with an arrow. Quickly run behind him. Equip iron boots then quickly grab the chain. Pull in OPPOSITE direct of Fyrus and he should fall. Follow up with a spin attack and a jump attack 2x Rounds. For the last round if ALL previous hits connect.... FINISH HIM with FINAL BLOW FTW !!! [ For The Win ] See video link below for HD action.

This is just a little bit of information on my Skyward Sword runs and mini-guides that I attempted in the past. These guides will not be in full, but I hope I point out enough interesting notes to keep the readers enjoying this game and guide. I have put this all into one guide, because I felt there aren't too many HTML guides on older Zelda's and we really could use some here on I might start doing that in the near future, however, they wouldn't be very large in file size. The next idea is to take the next installment of a big series and do just like I am doing with Final Fantasy XV and Zelda - Breath of the Wild.

Skyview Temple
Skyview Temple - Excerpt From my Old guide

Great Dungeon ! Remember there are several ways to run this level. The First being the basic not knowing what the heck is going on so I will mainly be doing that. The next is the Collect everything and farming. Finally some speed run and no damage tactics.

Parts you may be stuck on : #1 When you see the Boko Baba at the first hall way top. You may be confused. Use the slingshot on it to STUN it. Then quickly run up and either kill it or just hit the switch. In the next room for the EYEBALL hold the sword Skyward and rotate in a circle 4x times. This will open the door.

From this point you will be in a main room. Kill the green bokoblin and head straight over the bridge. Shoot the FIRST switch crystal and head into the door that opens. Inside just ignore the Skulltula biggies and jump down. Head into the SMALL HOLE. Once inside hit the crystal and climb up the vines, exit the room. Next could be harder. There is a switch in the water. Jump in the water on the west or left side of this room. It's kind of hidden and is directly across from the green vines. Head through the next door.

Now you have two choices here after killing the green bokoblin. You can hit BOTH green rope vines or just one. * SPEED TACTIC * - Hit the first green vine, jump on it then rotate and make a well timed jump onto the small bridge behind the skulltula. Afterwards shoot the crystal and exit the room. Normal tactic would be to hit both green vines. jump across both. Defeat the skulltula with THRUST strikes from the back at it's core. Then hit the switch, ignoring the other Skulltula. Afterwards head through the next door and pick up the dungeon map on the tree branch.

With both water levels raised at max, head into the main room. Notice and log to the right of this room's entrance floating on the water. Jump on it and jump onto the vines. Beware the mini-skulltula. You can either shake them off at the cost of stamina, or shoot them with the deku seed. After wards continue onward until the next door, go inside and you will see another Adult Skulltula. To defeat it, Slash from left to right or Horizontally. This will reveal it's core on it's back THEN thrust attack it TWICE. Finally rotate the control 4x times on the 2 eyeballs. Grab the small key, exit and use it on the small key door.

This is the BIG center room or 2nd part of the dungeon. It's longer then the first. Start off by shooting the pink crystal above Immediately if your speed running. Run inside and meet the first Stalfos. Here is the trick on beating him. He has two attacks one faster then the other. But were going for * NO DAMAGE * so best to have your shield out. Once he wiggles ever slightly he is about to attack BLOCK push with shield to stun then counter with, LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT slashes INTO SPIN ATTACK. You may also find an opening or two when he is holding his swords. However best to BLOCK him again and repeat it may take 3 rounds of this.

For the speed run it's the same thing except a bit harder. You got to start off with some hits watching his OPEN areas. Then do the slashes into spin attack. Hit him when OPEN again and he should go down in 2 rounds rather then 3. Also note I have not tested the vertical attack or the up down attack it MAY be more powerful.

Finally for the newbies. Keep some potions you should have 2 bottles by now. Hopefully one has a fairy in it. Revitalization Potion is a major plus in case your shield breaks or is damaged. TRY to get used to his attacks and blocking into counter with the shield. From here you will Acquire the amazing awesome flying remote controlled BEETLE !

You may notice a heart piece in a cage. To get it use the Beetle and fly to the top and look for the aclove. Hit the crystal before the beetle runs out of juice. Next up you should use the Beetle to fly through the walls with Holes above. There are many of them and some contain rupees and relics. The one we are looking for has a switch. It has WHITE plants on it, so shoot beetle through that one. Hit switch open the door.

Kill the Adult Skulltula inside this room. You must FLIP him over then fatal blow his core. So point the wii mote down then swing up motion to do so. Next move the block up top and push it down the ledge. Move it inbetween all the EYES, then rotate skyward sword 4x times and get the small key inside. To exit the area hit the PINK CRYSTAL with the BEETLE.

Next go through the small key door, defeat the boko babas with the BEETLE, then tight rope to the door. Inside kill the 3 headed beast and head through the next path and door. Defeat the bokoblin, launch beetle at the Adult Skulltula and jump across. Hit the pink Crystal to open a short cut to the main circular room. Next you will see a green bokoblin on a tight rope. Make sure he gets on the tight rope and shoot him with the Slingshot to continue with * NO DAMAGE *. Finally hook right and keep using the slingshot and vines until you get to the Big Key or the ancient carving. Use it to open the door.

TLOZ Earth Temple
Click the banner above for the full run through of the Earth temple. There is not to much interesting to collect in this level. However it is an amazingly fun dungeon ! It's probably my favorite in the game and one of the most entertaining to speed run and no damage. Here are some more tips,First for LIZALFOL'S Swinging your sword in the opposite direction of their shield will cause them to TAUNT link.

This is your huge chance to defeat them FAST. Pending on which way they are blocking LINK must perform an either UP or DOWN spin slash. After landing that, follow up with the FATAL BLOW ! Note it's easier said then done and may take some practice. At the start of the level after releasing the draw bridge down. Use the sling shot BEFORE the Lizalfol's can get to you. Shoot it at the bomb. Further more If you want to be prepared for this level have 5-10 deku seeds maybe more pending on your AIM/ACCURACY for this part.

TLOZ Earth Temple Digging Mitts
Remember the cracks in the walls. There will be 2 in total that are mandatory to complete the level, hard to see and pin point in text as well however a noticeable black line is close to a wall. You also have decent radius with bombs to blow it up. Not to mention short fuse explosions due to the lava. When hitting the two switches with the ball. There is a speed run tactic where you only need to ROLL into one switch, then jump before the cut scene. This is pretty tough for newbies so i suggest practicing by ROLLING into both switches, then on the 2nd switch Jump before the cut scene. This saves time is much easier and can help you on your way to speed running like a pro !

Next you will be on the higher levels. This is honestly easy enough. No damage is hard but this isn't bad + At this point even with no damage your home free JUST ABOUT, because no more enemies, until BOSS.

- Lizalfos .
- Fire Keese .

The above 2 are major nuisances in the Earth Temple run. Especially for time and no damage. For this next segment just keep running up hiding in the aclove's on the left sides of the walls. For the 2nd hill, head into the small hole. Grab bombs dig up wind gust and then throw the bomb on the GREY AREA and let it roll down breaking the boulders. Then run up again and rest in that aclove. Wait for rocks to drop then continue onward up the spiral steps to the BOSS KEY ! Take it then finally run all the way down reversed camera angle until you reach the center platform. Finally put the key in the door. Leave dragon head in lower right corner.

TLOZ Scaldera
There are 2 ways to beat Scaldera. The Normal method and the Speed Method. Both can be difficult.First the video banner will show the normal method so click on it if interested. To beat Scaldera, you must FIRSTLY take out it's outer shell. To do this throw a BOMB at it.However if the Shell is Sparkling then you can not hit it with a bomb. You must wait for it to stop sparkling/glowing and or crackling.

After hitting the outer shell successfully. Link must then Throw a BOMB quickly into the MOUTH of Scaldera. This is a limited opening or you will have to crack the SHELL again. If successful, Follow up with your most powerful sword attacks. The Eye moves so be quick to get it correctly.If you run to the TOP of the arena, there will be about 10 hearts for you to restore your energy and life. There will also be several BOMB FLOWERS to pick up extra needed bombs. However these are not necessary although important for the newbie player.

Some other things to note : Towards the end of the battle Scaldera will RUN up the hill be sure to dodge this by going under his legs. He will then hit the BOMB FLOWERS up top and roll back down. This must be dodged with a ROLL to the side to avoid damage and DoT. ( fire Damage Over Time .)

After that however he is susceptible to ANOTHER bomb void toss to the mouth. Which can be followed up with Sword attacks to the CORE which is his eyeball. Please USE my segments of video to better inform you by clicking the artwork banner to the left once again and thanks for doing so.Next for the Speed Run Tactic. So we went over Scaldera's Attacks and how to beat him like normal. Well the Speed Run is more difficult. However it is the overall most efficient way to not only land no damage, but to also do it in timely style.

Here is a video LINK from an amazing gamer and youtuber called Paraxzero. He speed runs Zelda games and did a great job here vs Scaldera. Please watch it as I will then go over his tactics. To start the battle, The player should start off with a Bomb to the shell. Then following up with the bomb inside Scaldera's Mouth. Immediately after begin to CHARGE your Skyward Strike. Now this is the hard part and it's going to take practice. You must nail the eye with that skyward strike.

Note that EVERY TIME you hit Scaldera's eye with the Skyward strike it will DO damage and it will also leave the EYE open for more attacks. Also add in how the Skyward Strike is the most powerful attack we have at our disposal at this point, if not the entire game. Once again it's easier said then done. Note when you have the eye open use THRUST attacks and Over head SPIN attacks to keep centered on the eye. IF you hit the surrounding armor or debris on Scaldera you will lose time, and your ability to take him down. This can also result in taking damage.

Final note and conclusion, it should take 2 rounds of this if your REALLY good and lucky. Two rounds and one final skyward strike should do the trick vs Scaldera. Overall however it is another satisfying boss battle. Quite epic original and fun and with these game play ideas worth doing it again making it one of the good ones!

Hook Beetle
The Beetle:
Little bit of a rant here, I was really thinking that this Zelda game would have tons if not all of the previous Zelda items in series. I am talking about Breath of the Wild, it has the controls to make every item that was in previous Zelda titles work and work effectively. Also, there would be tons of uses for them and it would just make them game even better than it already is. Time constraints maybe, or perhaps just wanting to finally get this amazing game on the market. Whatever it was or may be, the Beetle is missed.

The beetle is one of the items that made Skyward Sword stand out among many other Zelda titles. This goes hand in hand with the little yet very entertaining farming required to upgrade your items. It's the little things that Skyward Sword had that many people overlook the beetle is one of them. It is simply one of the best if not the most underrated tool or item in the entire series. It is my personal favorite and I don't think it can be topped.

The slingshot will later become the awesome scattershot in the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword once you upgrade the tool. The tool is found right before the games first true dungeon called skyview temple. Look, I may bash Wii controls often but it's not the control that is usually my gripe. It's just hooking up the controllers and them not reading the Wii and so on.Skyward Sword is going to be wonderful if Nintendo remakes it for another Nintendo Console, I will surely be playing it again.

After that note, the Slingshot/Scattershot controls wonderfully! It really fits this Legend of Zelda title in particular. Upgrading the slingshot too scattershot doubles the fun. It is very fun to use and rewarding when landing a shot. Try hitting the crows/ravens in the Faron Woods region early on in the game. They will drop nice items including the occasional red rupee. Be sure to get them before they poop on Link's face, it's very fun to farm them down for this!

The Slingshot actually changes in appearance after upgrading the tool, this is an added touch by Nintendo. It's a complete skin change and of course the tool now will scatter several shots off instead of one at a time. This will increase the radius and overall chance to hit with the Scattershot. Most importantly, most games just add a simple stat boost to let's use accuracy as a fair example. Nintendo goes the extra mile, not only giving you the skin change and stat change, but a whole new animation for the tool/weapon as well. It's just the extra work that makes a game like Breath of the Wild and the Zelda series shine. This is one reason why I am still going strong with this guide particularly.

You will acquire the Slingshot shortly after finding all kikwi's for the elder at the first time you go to Faron woods. Surprising to me to see it here in this game. The Slingshot works great with the wii remote and nunchuk. This is the second time both the slingshot and bow appeared in one Zelda game if I am correct.I also like that you can not only upgrade it to the scattershot,but also upgrade the satchels. The ammo is actually a bit more rare to come by making hunting for it more fun as well.

It is very interactive. Shoot enemies and stun them for a short time. Defeat enemies with one shot on smaller baddies. Shoot beehives and even distract enemies. There are just tons of ways to use the games items or tools in Skyward Sword,making the experience of this slingshot one of the best in Zelda History.

Big Bug Net
Bug Net:

You can acquire the Bug Net from beetle's airshop in Skyloft. However you first must have the Slingshot to ring beetle's bell in Skyloft. He will then lower his rope which you can grab to enter the shop. Once inside the first thing you should purchase in my opinion would be the bug net. It can later be upgraded to a BIG Bug Net. More information to come. One of the most memorable items from a link to the past returns finally in Skyward Sword. It's more fun then ever this time around. There are literally a dozen bugs to collect among other ideas to pick up in the world below skyloft. You can even upgrade your bug net to this version!

Gust Bellows
Gust Bellows:

The gust bellows is great little item much compared to the version in the Legend of Zelda the Minish cap. Much more different looking in appearance however in both games.This one can be found here in Lanayru Mining Facility. It has many interactions on enemies as well as puzzles and obstacles through out the game.

Some gripes I have is that it can not be upgraded. The item also has a good original artstyle however not as good as previous games ideas like the wind waker. I also am nit picky to say but displeased that the blue gust make me confused whether I am shooting water or wind ? Regardless it is still really fun to use and I love blowing wind at the yellow enemies and making them wolly wolly!

Hylian Shield
The Hylian Shield:

Look, this shield was awesome in Ocarina of time. It was a bit better in the Wind Waker, as it was technically the Hero's Shield in that game. It just seemed to have more Lore and emphasis put upon it in that game. In ocarina of time or OoT, it was just a shield that was used by Hyrule Soldiers. In later games which include the last three big Zelda titles. This is the top tier shield! It's awesome but why not the Mirror Shield! I am a huge mirror shield fan since Link to the Past and it was classic in Wind Waker as well. The Mirror Shield should be the ultimate shield, not the Hylian!

Once again this is just a bit of a rant and nit-pick. It's not a huge deal and I just don't really see the logic behind it. We could really use more rare type shields in breath of the wild. No mirror shield at all is a horrible idea! Also, the fact that the Hylian shield in BOTW ( Breath of the Wild ) is the only unbreakable shield. Sure the ancient shield can reflect guardian beams without having to parry. Aside from those two and defensive number stats does it really matter what shield we use? Other than cosmetic appeal of course. There were so many options that they could have done with the shields. Maybe a few of the Lynel shields do damage on a parry, that is cool.

The bottom line is we could've or Nintendo should consider takings a little deeper route on the shields, like they did on the armors. Wouldn't it have been cool if one of the shields could restore hearts overtime while equipped? This shield could be breakable or even unbreakable. We would just need a respawn location. It would've been nice to farm it every now and than. Just in my opinion, people don't have to be overpowered as long as the option to not be is given. Dark souls is a game that offers this. Castlevania games offer this, some of them at least. Even metroid, super metroid comes to mind which is a Nintendo game. Simply because if you want to be less powerful, don't use all your beams. The option is crucial to make different ways to play for every player/fan around the globe.

TLOZ Bombs
The Bombs:
The Bombs are gained after receiving the bomb bag. You will get the bomb bag as the Earth Temple treasure chest reward. Some things about bombs is that they are almost identical to bomb flowers. The only difference is actually the bomb bag. The bomb bag allows you to store bombs. You can purchase bombs at the Bazaar. You can also collect bomb flowers until you have no more room in your bomb bag.

Bombs are used in a variety of ways. This goes double for skyward sword. They grow for one, the can break cracked walls. They can be picked up with the HOOK BEETLE. Then can be thrown tossed and curved into rolls even. They are also a nice way of defeating or even scaring off enemies. Bombs have been in the Zelda series since the original game. They are still fun as they evolve throughout the Zelda series. I don't think we won't see bombs less often in Zelda. They are a true staple and one that should go out with a BOOM!

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