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Stal Enemies

 Stal Enemies:
Stal Bokoblins:
Stal Bokoblins are a bit tougher than some basic club-wielding Red Bokoblins. If the Bokoblins travel in packs and have more gear, such as bows with arrows and shields watch out! Stal Bokoblin's come out only at night from what I have seen thus far. They are very susceptible to the Boko Club weapon. I would guess that the geniuses at Nintendo developed a good system when it comes to "bash" damage.

It makes sense that a sword would do less damage do a skeleton enemy that a smashing club right? This is why the Boko Club despite possibly having lower damage than say the Traveler's Sword is more effective. Stal Bokoblin's once again come out at night in the Great Plateau Region of the game. They can drop Boko Bow and arrows. They may drop Boko Clubs and most importantly they drove the highly breakable and eerie Bokoblin Arm which has 5 base damage.

Stal Lizalfos:
Stal Lizalfos only come out at nighttime just like the other stal enemies in this game. Unlike the bokoblins these Lizalfos can not be found on skeletal horses at certain locations in the game. Remember that you can mount a skeletal or stalhorse. For the strategy on beating these enemies, you may want to use the Radiant armor set. This will let link blend in with all undead type or stal enemies. You in this case can just avoid them rather than do battle.

Stal enemies in general are very susceptible to bomb attacks. A basic or cube bomb attack can explode a whole pack of stal lizalfos. The trick is as usual you must also blow up their heads when removed from their skeletal bodies. In this case, simply switch to the unused bomb and toss again, make sure to target correctly and these enemies will be toasted.

Stal Moblins: These enemies are found in many areas of the game at nighttime. They can pack a ton of power but they fall pretty simply in combat. That is of course as long as you can get a hit in with a power weapon on their heads after knocking the head off. These guys usually drop bigger weapons and travel in packs of 2-3. Soldiers Set is an option because you don't need much speed but defense is all the more your friend.

Bokoblin OrangeBokoblin PurpleBokoblin GreenBokoblin Grey

Bokoblin enemies are easy if they are solo or lone wolves even at the very start of Breath of the Wild. They can drop Boko Clubs in this case. If you see them at one of their bases they can be much tougher. This goes Double if they have watch towers and a horn man Bokoblin at the watchtower. The Hornman Bokoblin can shoot arrows as well as sound off the horn alerting all other Bokoblins in the area. You can lose a few hearts this way and this could be tough for a 100% speed run. They are susceptible to swords mostly but many other weapons are effective. Bokoblins can drop the Boko Bow and arrows as well as the Boko Shield. They can also drop a few materials that I will cover later on one of which is the Bokoblin Horn.

Bokoblins come in four major forms. The red which are the basic bokoblins and usually much weaker than the rest. The blue which usually seems to lead the red forces. The black which are the tougher ones. Finally, the silver bokoblins which are the hardest and could be very dangerous if they come packed with a power weapon. They are even more dangerous with a powerful or semi-powerful spear such as a dragon bone spear. Be careful of the silver ones, however killing them has good rewards such as tons of rolls for good gems including the precious diamonds.

The artist of the drawing inside the banner also did a great job. I would love to give them credit here but I can't seem to be able to link to their deviant art page. I apologize for that and if they do see this artwork, thank you but please email me if possible just so I can give you credit, its amazing work thanks again.

MoblinsBlack Moblin

Moblins are larger enemies that can be found near the Outpost Ruins East. They are also apparently in several other locations in the West Necluda Region. These enemies can be sneaked up on easily for a one shot kill with virtually any weapon type. They are even easier to sneak attack if you are wearing the Sheikah Stealth armor set which will increase your overall stealth abilities. These enemies pack a punch as well though so be careful. They can drop Moblin horns and fans which can be crafted to make elixirs or sold for Rupees. They also drop a giant club weapon that is two handed but only deals 6 damage.

Blue Moblins:
Blue moblins are easier to take out and much less abundant later on in the game. If you encounter them earlier they can be a major problem. You may want to avoid them in packs until you familiarize yourself with the games flow and mechanics better. If you have the moblin mask from Kilton's fang and bone shop. The player can essentially avoid moblins at all times as long as the mask is worn. This may also be useful to have other enemies attack each other, or for first strike attacks.

Black Moblins:
These enemies are much tougher than the moblins you will find near West Necluda Region. They have much more powerful weapons are harder to sneak up on and travel in packs or sometimes with electric Chuchus. If they are with Chuchus you can stun them with electricity. However, I have tested out ice arrows on them and they work pretty nicely. Try shooting them with an ice arrow then follow up with a mildly powerful sword or slashing weapon.

Silver Moblins:
This is the most powerful form of the Moblin. They may even have an increase to Gold status/color in the future DLC update #1. However, this is just a little rumor for now these guys aren't as bad as say a Silver Lynel for the obvious reasons. However, they still pack a punch if they do happen to hit Link. This makes the soldier's gear a good option to use when facing one of not a pack of Silver Moblins and other enemies. It will take more than three Urbosa's Fury to take down some silver moblins so you may want to not use that divine power at all. I really suggest have a spear and using Daruk's Protection. Just zone in on one silver moblin at a time or take out the smaller or lesser minion types first with Urbosa's Fury. Finally focus in on the silver moblins.

Yiga Foot SoldierYiga Blademaster

Yiga Foot Soldier:
At first these enemies are few and far between. There are some locations that have travelers in disguise and when you talk to them they show their yiga clan form. One of these locations is south of scout's hill in the west necluda region. The Yiga "traveler" is near the broken down wagon cart. This one in particular will drop a vicious sickle. If your looking for the Duplex bow from these enemies your going to have to defeat Master Kohga and the archers will appear as well. Once defeated they drop the bow, some rupees and always mighty bananas.

After defeating Master Kohga you may find several Static Location Yiga Clan Members. These are sometimes found around broken down highway carts and they are disguised as normal travelers. If you approach and talk to these NPC's they will transform into Yiga Clan Foot Soldiers. There are two differences with these foot soldiers. The first is that they are tougher than the basic yiga foot soldiers. Secondly, they hold the Demon Carver hand weapon that has a base of 40 damage. This makes there attack power higher than normal as well as the possible defense buff.

Yiga Clan Blademaster:
These enemies have 600 HP ( hit points ) and huge defense when you meet them at the Yiga Clan Hideout. It is pretty much instant death so avoid them by sneaking for that section of the game. After defeating Master Kohga these enemies will be more tolerable on the world map with random appearances. They drop and wield the mighty windcleaver sword which is awesome. ( shoots gust of wind and is a katana ). The Yiga Blademaster has 400 Hit points but much lower defense. They still have high attack power and their earth quake attack should be dodged by running at all costs.

Huge Blue ChuchuBlue Chuchu

Huge Blue Chuchu: This enemy can be found at the Floret Sandbar location in the 2nd Region of the game or West Necluda Region. If you walk along the path without stepping on the flowers Link may see a radish at the end. The Huge Blue Chuchu will jump out at this point. Quickly defeat it with a decent bow around 12+ damage to avoid stepping on the flowers. When it goes down it will drop several blue ChuChu Jellies. This is also a good spot to farm Blue Chuchus. Thanks for the artwork too Looneycat55 on deviant art.

Blue Chuchus: These can be found even near the Shrine of Resurrection however they are more abundant in other areas of the game. One of which is the Floret Sandbar. These enemies are some of the easiest to kill in the game with very low health. However, they have a tricky jump attack and sometimes it is very difficult to avoid.

LizalfosFire Breath LizalfosBlue LifalfosElectric Lizalfos

Lizalfos: These enemies are classics that have been in many games with the name Zelda as it's title. I recall them becoming more evolved when Zelda first took off in the new 3-D era of gaming with the Nintendo 64. The critically acclaimed masterpiece Ocarina of Time. Fighting a Lizalfos has evolved ever more since then and even more so in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Lizalfos come in many forms and we will talk about all of them in this section. First let us start with the basic Lizalfos enemies. You can find these guys along swampy waters at the regions end of south of West Necluda. They are masters of camouflage especially in their natural habitats such as swamps and deserts. They drop the Lizalfos Horn as well as multiple versions of their tail depending upon which Lizalfos color Link has defeated. The Lizalfos have several attacks and the evolved or colored Lizalfos add in one if not two new attacks with each color type. They also have weaknesses and these will prove to be ever useful in future speed-runs of the game. Yes, speed runs will be covered in this guide and I will be running one myself. Also, low damage or even the nigh impossible no damage run will be covered so stay tuned daily.

The green or Lizalfos is a very fun combatant to wage battle against. They are a major problem when grouped with enemies like Moblins or arrow shooting bokoblins. We will get into the pack analysis later. For now let us talk about the mono e mono. The Lizalfos has very tricky patterns and they are fast moving. There tail swipe is something to really look at for. It does a large amount of damage despite not being an actual weapon damaging attack. You can dodge it well however and follow up with 5 flurry attacks in slow-motion. The trick to dodging the tail swipe is to wait for the Lizalfos to close in on Link or vice-versa. It is quick but it can result in a flurry attack with a well-timed backflip. If you do this correctly it is probably the most affordable way of taking out a Lizalfos.

Electric Lizalfos can come armed with various types of weaponry. Archer Lizalfos that shoot lightning arrows are especially dangerous. This goes triple when they are at a Lizalfos enemy camp and packed with another enemy like Moblins. Even basic archer or boomerang Lizalfos are something to be feared on the battlefield especially the Gerudo Wasteland. If you are planning on storming a Lizalfos camp, most specifically the Leviathan Dragon Bone camp west of Gerudo Town. Come well prepared. For one you should equip The Thunder Helm. This is an amazing area to farm Lightning Arrows which would serve as great use against Moblins in the area including this campsite specifically. Link can farm up to 20 lightning arrows with every blood moon if you farm this spot well enough. Possibly even more you will also rake in on several monsters parts for sale of rupees or to craft in elixirs.

The Electric Lizalfos can be devastating without electrical resistance. The Thunder Helm prevents there amazingly awesome and quite graphical Pulse Burst attack. This is one of the best looking attacks in the game and it can also be devastating in a fight and cause a gameover. This doesn't sound major to some players but to others who love the 1 death challenge this is quite critical. For the few and the proud you want to either have a Thunder Helm, topaz earrings or some prepared electro simmered fruit food. You can make electrical resistant fruit by purchasing volt fruits around the town of Gerudo as well as Volt Fruit cactus plant farming.

Other than the Pulse Burst attack, Electrical Lizalfos are among the toughest of the Lizalfos crew. This is mainly because they are not weak to fire, ice, or lightning. If there is a way to one shot these enemies let me know, because after farming 100's I still can't find an amazing or best method. Spears however, may be your best option. It offers the reach to still perform a flurry attack if the Lizalfos hops from side to side then tries to stab Link with it's razor sharp tongue attacks. This attack from the Lizalfos is one of the easiest to dodge and recover with a flurry attack counter, once you get used to it one on one vs Any Lizalfos should be rather simple. The problem is you will need a power weapon or some mighty elixir to take one down fast.

Blue Lizalfos are masters of combat and the art of camouflage. They are weak greatly to fire attacks which is a huge positive as many weapon in the game can have fire capability. This makes the Blue or Ice Lizalfos one of the easier combatants simply because we have more resourceful methods of attack against them. In this case fire. Some methods would include and are not limited too. Red Chuchu jelly mines afterwards, exploded with an arrow shot. The Flameblade of course and for the obvious reasons. Finally, fire arrows which can be purchased in bundles at the Curios Quiver in Kakariko Town.

Fire breath Lizalfos have the absolute most difficult rare attack to dodge. If your fire resistance is low it can also deal lots of damage. The special move of the Fire breathing Lizalfos is fire breath. It sounds obvious but it also has a very fast active time and is hard to see coming. It is going to get many players to die in a one life run. It is going to slow down players in a speed run and if you don't keep your distance or your strafe jumps on it will kill you. The best method I have discovered is to strafe if you get caught in it. They like to blast this attack at mid-range. However as always ice attacks can 1-2 shot kill these enemies after a freeze and ice arrows are a lady's man.

In conclusion this is the first enemy of this bestiary that I have really broken down. I love the differences between the elemental variations of the species. The Lizalfos is a classic as well and a joy to fight in previous Zelda games. However, even more so with the beautiful mechanics, graphics and creative methods of combat in Breath of the Wild. There will be more like these to come if you enjoy stay tuned daily for updates and hit that recommend button or just comment asking for more.

Black Lizalfos:
These lizalfos aren't as bad as you would think, especially when you are stacked with nice weapons later in the game. They have no elemental weaknesses, but they are pretty susceptible to any strong weapon type. As a matter of fact, Urbosa's Fury as well as a really powerful bow can make quick work of these enemies all the while you focus on the more interesting and rather difficult silver lizalfos.

Silver Lizalfos:
Lizalfos are pretty tough in general especially near the start of the game. These are the current maxed out versions of the Lizalfos. These enemies are fast and have many of the basic Lizalfos attacks. Use urbosa's fury to weaken them then follow up with an attack amplifying potion and nail them with the strongest weapons you have. Daruk's protection is nice here and also sword and shield fits better to me vs the quick lizalfos than any two hander. The bow and arrows are options like the sword, but these guys jump too far away to a consistent spearhead attack to be effective.

Lynel OrangeLynel Grey

Red Lynel:

Some people will find this method cheap, but I think it will be used in a speed runs if there are no limitations. There may be a faster method as well because I have not beaten the game.Basically, all you need is the 3 charges of Urbosa's Fury then follow up with any attack from a decent bow or weapon and a basic mane Lynel will go down without a fight. You could even combo the Urbosa's Fury 3 times in a row and it will continuously stun the Lynel. Also for people without Urbosa's fury or rookie players not feeling too confident just yet wear the Soldier's Armor as it is one of the most defensive sets in the game at the moment for me. It also can be purchased very early at Hateno Village armor shop.

Next is the melee method without Divine Powers such as Urbosa's Fury. Use the Barbarian set, Level 3 mighty food or elixir and the most powerful weapon you can find. This may possibly take longer in the long run due to finding the barbarian set and a power house weapon as well as the food. However, if you are good at the flurry dodge you can crush him this way.

As for Lynel's attacks, His charge is probably his most deadly. However, you should quickly switch to your shield in this case and parry with the A button. It is an easy parry and you can even deal damage if using a bladed shield like the Lynel Shield specifically.Flurry attacks are best when you are in close quarters with the Lynel. Use the back-flip before he strikes and you can chain together several flurry attacks this way. His fire breathing attack is tough and you can side-step out of it if you time your jumps right. However, it may be a better idea to just run and hide. Finally, his most dangerous attacks are when he is using the Lynel bow. This is why you can not get too far away from the Lynel. Not only will it cause massive damage, you will drop your weapons if they are metal. Furthermore, he calls down lightning from the sky with his arrows and they can hit you just about anywhere in a huge radius.

White Maned Lynel:
This is a tougher version of the basic red Lynel. This one can be found near Mount Lanayru. If you jump and paraglide from the mountain tops of Laynayru there are some broken down green grassed ruins to the North East. The White maned Lynel will be waiting in this area as well as a long treasure chest. Get your mighty potions ready and do battle with this mystic monstrosity. Clash for clash claw and steel the White Maned Lynel charged forward at Link. Link with the courage of the green Goddess back flips and slows down time itself with the Courage of the hero's of old. Relentlessly flurrying mighty blows of the spear to the heart of the White maned Lynel. However that was not enough to stop the beast.

The White maned Lynel struck back at our hero, felling him hardly into the ground. Shaking the control stick at all angles the hero spits and picks himself up. The white maned Lynel with it's half horsed body gets ready to charge forth with a Savage Lynel blade in it's right hand. The hero, Link quickly creates a fuse and prays for no rain or air that is too hot. The bomb arrow goes directly into the face of the savage Lynel, stopping him in his tracks. Link sipping a Hasty Elixir quickly runs to the Lynel and mounts it using the "A" button. Atop the Lynel! The White maned Lynel uses all of it's back power to muscle Link off, to no avail! It is mortally wounded by the hero's Royal Broadsword's blows and eventually meets it's demise. This is the tale one of the many tales of the Hero of the Wild..... Link Vs the White Wolf.

Blue Maned Lynel:
These lynels may be hard to find later on in the game. I personally found one in the Mount Lanayru Region near the memory and waterfall area. Take a picture of it if you find one as they may not appear at all later on in your playthrough. If you miss the picture you can always buy hyrule compendium photographs from the hateno technology laboratory. However, you may not get the exact shot that you like or perhaps you want to see this one and fight it for yourself. This lynel is pretty basic but I do have some footage in my video playlist below. Be sure to check that out and type in Lynel in the search box.

Lynel Silver
Silver Lynel:
This is probably the toughest basic enemy type in the game! There are tons of methods on how to take one down and several viable ways in this case as well. The first is what I would like to call the Official Method. This method was created by The Official Lynel Slayer. He is a member of the board here on and needs no further introduction. His method is to first parry the beast with a shield, then fire a bow and arrow shot to it's head to stun the creature. Next mount it's back and attack with your most powerful weapon. From this point you can rinse and repeat. However, there are many other viable ways to take down this creature. You will acquire tons of great rewards especially Lynel parts which will be used to upgrade gear and armor sets such as the Barbarian armor set. Soldier's armor set will also need some Lynel parts to upgrade. Lynel parts also do for great rupee making recipes and recipes with great time length or power in general.

Furthermore, you can kill a Lynel or better yet a Proud Silver Lynel in one shot! To do this you will need a Savage Lynel bow 32x5! exactly. That's right one Savage Lynel bow with 32 attack power and the ability to fire off 5 arrows at once. This method may be possible with a weaker combination but this is what I know to use and I am a baller now in this game so you should be too! Next, you want to have just one ancient arrow, carry more if you have bad aim. Then paraglide up with revali's gale to slow-focus your timing and shot and fire away with the bow and ancient arrows. The silver lynel will die in one shot, however you will acquire no rewards/drops or spoils. This is due to using the ancient arrows.

Beard Bear's method is also really awesome, but it does take some planning to accomplish. First cook using 1 endura shroom at a time and make 5 or more enduring mushroom meals. You only need to use one Endura Shroom to get all your stamina back plus some bonus or yellow stamina. Once again one of each and cook at least five of these. Next head to Tarrey Town and buy as many arrows or bomb arrows as you can specifically. Thanks to The Official Lynel Slayer we have learned that all Bomb Arrows deal out a flat 50 damage and this stacks with multiple arrows or your current bow's damage rating.

Finally, you can head to the Coliseum Ruins and fight the Silver Lynel if you are late enough in the game. Use revali's gale or jump from above and Time-Focus to slow everything down while aiming the bow and arrow with bomb arrows equipped and the savage lynel bow 32x3 or 5. Begin firing away at the head of the Lynel for more damage, the quick you fire the faster it will go down, but aiming for the head deals more damage. This makes it a little skillful as well as immensely fun! When you see your stamina about to crash, quickly hit pause to open your inventory. Select the endura shroom mushroom meal we made earlier and do this to hang tight in the air until the Lynel goes down. It's an uber cool and fun method but it can eat tons of your precious time rewarded resources.

Tactics - Seth Nunya - The Official Lynel Slayer:

Lynel (Crusher):
-Heavy weapon only: At the outset of the fight make sure to avoid the explosion. As the Lynel charges you, make sure to dodge the attack. When the Lynel does stop, stand in front of him, and wait for him to lift his crusher. At this point start walking towards his side to avoid any of his attacks. This does work with the larger shockwave. While doing this go ahead and start up a charge attack. If the Lynel does his triple slam, you can get more than 10 hits in on him doing this. Make sure to spin your way back to the front of the Lynel to continue this.

Lynel (Sword):
-Heavy weapon only: Heavy weapons fall off here in comparison to polearms or one handed weapons. You cannot do the same strategy for crusher Lynels as sword Lynels. Sword Lynels can turn much tighter, and swing horizontally instead of vertically. You will get hit attempting the spin to win. The best thing to do is dodge each of his attacks and flurry rush him with the most powerful option you have. Just like any other Silver Lynel make sure to avoid the explosion at the outset, and when they have half health.

Lynel (Spear):
-Heavy weapons only: Spear Lynels are the easiest to kill. They have no close range attacks at all. Every attack done by a spear Lynel requires significant start up, and or attacking from far off. Unlike the other two Lynels, this one uses fireballs and explosions more often. The fireballs can be avoided by power walking. The explosion obviously requires you to run. Another attack to avoid is the jump attack. In order to avoid it, start running to where the Lynel jumped. His shockwave doesn't cover behind him. To inflict damage on the Lynel, I recommend using the spin to win as much as possible when he leaves himself open. Otherwise one initial hit, and a jump attack, can get three hits off very quickly.

Cheese tactic:
-Spam arrows at a Lynel's face. You can get three shots in as he's down. After that he'll get up and shake his head. Shoot
him in the face again just after he shakes his head. Repeat the process.

-Another tactic is to shoot a Lynel in the face, inflict damage as he's down, then mount him. You can get five hits in with any weapon. Choose your most powerful option and attack him for free damage. This doesn't consume durability.
I started up some of your Lynel stuff

Guardian Stalkers:
These enemies are the ones displayed in the banner above. These are the most common of the guardian enemy types as well as the most dangerous. You can defeat them in many ways and the best way would be one simple ancient arrow to the eye with any bow and arrow combination. However, that can get boring or perhaps even pricey so let's talk about other ways to defeat these enemies.

Know that you can cut off their tentacle legs and this will stop them from moving for a short time. If you cut off all of their legs the enemy will become completely immobile. At this point they are very similar to the "decayed guardian" variation that is found among the few spots near Ja Baij shrine inside the great plateau region. Remember a shot to the blue eye which is the guardian's critical hit point, this will deal more damage then a body or tentacle shot.

These guys are located throughout many areas in the game. Hyrule Castle has literally tons of all types of guardian enemies. It has both decayed guardians, as well as skywatchers and of course your basic stalker guardian. However, I don't believe I have run into a guardian scout inside or even at the exterior of the Hyrule Castle Dungeon. They are also located west of Tarrey Town, two of which can be found at the Torrin Wetlands area. There is one sitting on the shore near Puffer Beach to the south of the text on the world map. This one is useful for taking a picture of to complete the nearby shrine quest.

As stated before you can find some more near the Great Plateau, these guardians are generally decayed and have less drops/spoils. However they go down much easier than a fully healthy stalker guardian outside the Great Plateau. There is also a lone one lingering near a large tree inside the west necluda region. be careful as there is a korok at the top of the tree in this area and if you go for him you might get zapped by the Stalker Guardian. You got three or four guardians lingering around the Gerudo Highlands mountainous areas.

There are tons more in the game but most importantly Hyrule Castle is the best place to look for them. It just could be really hard so go inside the castle with high defensive armor sets like the soldier's set. Bring plenty of ancient arrows, and yes I know this may take glitching, or preparing beforehand. Personally i haven't glitched or cheated at all and I don't expect you to either! So go out there and get those parts/arrows legit please! It is more fun than anything else right?

In conclusion, this is a great "focus" type enemy in the legend of zelda breath of the wild. I hope we see a future return of the guardians in a few installments from now. I like how Nintendo and the Zelda developers alter or evolve enemies such as the Lynel. Think of the Lynel from the original legend of zelda title and what it has become as a legend that is, in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Guardian Scouts:
Guardian scouts can often be found in dungeons of the divine beasts as well as some of the shrines. These Guardian Scouts are very rarely if ever seen in the overworld of Hyrule. They range in difficulty from minor, to modest, and then to major for the most part. They can carry basic guardian weapons and then mid-tier guardians weapons. Finally, the major guardian scouts will wield ++ guardian weapon types which are among some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Guardian scouts have a laser beam whirlwind attack that is really hard to dodge. They fire strong laser beams and the major ones especially are very difficult for beginners. You can shock them with shock arrows and then follow up with any attack. I feel shock arrows are the absolute easiest way to take down these enemies due to the shock affect. However, people have different methods as always in such a unique game, with tons of possibilities. Try using your parry from a high parry or powered shield. Perhaps you want to flurry attack, or simply blast them in the core or their eye with some nice blue ancient arrows.

Sky Watchers:
These guardians are very difficult, and I usually save my ancient arrows for them. Personally I don't have a good strategy for them other than the parry which is rather obvious of it's laser beam or of course one shoting their core with some ancient arrows. Like I said, all guardians are pretty tough, but these ones are especially bad. Hyrule castle is filled with them and they are rumored to have a better percentage chance to drop the famed ancient and giant ancient cores. Proceed with an ancient shield, ancient arrows or be really good with your parry if plan on hunting/farming these sky watchers.

Bluepee FairyWater Buffalo

Bluepee: These mystical little rabbit like creatures with golden horns like to make there stay around the Great Fairy Fountain near Kakariko village. The harder that Link can hit them with an attack the more rupees they will drop. Be swift when attacking and when taking their picture with the camera.

Fairy: These small mythical fireflies can be found at or near any of the games four Great Fairy Fountains. They can be a bit hard to catch so walk up to them very slowly then grab. They will restore 6 hearts of health to Link when he falls in battle. Be sure to take a good picture of them and always carry some around before hand if a battle seems to tough. The best Fountain for these is Kakariko Village in my opinion.

Water Buffalo: This is a rare one to encounter and I only found one once around the forest areas of Mt Rozudo at the East Necluda Region. It was wandering in the forest and sadly I shot him in the head with my duplex bow. The reward however, was gourmet meat as well as some prime meat so get your crunch on!

Wasteland Coyote

Wasteland Coyote:
These creatures are pretty common if you travel around the Gerudo region often enough. Hunting them can be tough if they travel in packs. One time I ran into about three of these wolves and I was cursing at the screen because I almost died add to the annoying knock down animation time. Well, needless to say they are now in Link's stomach.

Stone TalusHinoxMolduiga

Stone Talus Header

The Stone Talus Great Plateau:
This enemy may be categorized under bosses a bit later. For now, he is still pretty tough and seems to be some sort of mid-boss. You can find the enemy between the forest of spirits and hopper pond areas in the Great Plateau Region. Stone Talus will arise from the earth and get ready to do battle with Link. To defeat Stone Talus Link must attack the crystal on his back. You can do this by locking on and firing off arrows at the crystal. You should only do this after Stone Talus has tossed both of his arms at Link. When he tosses both boulders be sure to dodge them with side steps. Stone Talus will then dig himself into the earth and be vulnerable for a few moments. This is when you should use your arrows. I used the bomb arrows that we found earlier in one of the Treasure Chest. See bomb arrows in this guide under equipment for exact information and location.

As an Alternative Link can also climb up the rock that is Stone Talus and aim for the Crystal head on. If you are doing this I suggest weakening Stone Talus first with some arrows or bomb arrows. Afterward, it would be nice if you have a high attack powered weapon. I used the Soldier's Broadsword which can be found off a green captain Bokoblin near the River of the Dead. See Soldier's Broadsword for more information. This weapon has a high attack power for this battle at 14 attack damage. It can take off almost 75% of Stone Talus health meter so this is how I won the fight.

When Stone Talus goes down and even during the match-up he will be dropping Amber or Opal materials when you attack its crystal. If you are out of weapons try not to panic. You can farm the Stal Bokoblins that spawn around Stone Talus for their arms to use as weaponry. You can also load a previous save with your weapons intact if you have died. If that doesn't please you enough know you can walk around and farm some weapons and arrows again if you would like off the various respawning enemies in the game. Finally, be careful of not only Stone Talus attacks but also the enemies that spawn around him. When Stone Talus is defeated he will drop more ambers, opals, and most importantly some ruby materials. Be sure to pick all of these items up as we will get into their usages later in this guide.

Lake Hylia North Stone Talus:
This is a very tough enemy in my opinion. He becomes easier if you listen to my strategy and note I took him on very early in the game taking no damage at all with just basically a soldier's bow and basic arrows. I had around 35 arrows for the fight and it's also in video if you need the extra help. Type in Lake Hylia Stone Talus on youtube if your interested the video guide is at the bottom of this walkthrough.

At first I thought this was terrible boss design by Nintendo and I was very upset. However I still had the thought in mind that I am just a mere gamer and Nintendo wouldn't mess a battle like this up. So i figured I was doing something wrong. I was correct a bit in that sense, because the problem with this battle seems to be the camera angle. Most importantly it's hard to Lock-On to the crystal weakpoint without the camera getting messed up. It's not the best designed fight in the game but my tactic ended up working.

Keep in mind that Nintendo isn't too dumb and I hate to say it but actually try when your fighting this guy. You must be a bit fast and on your toes even with my strategy. Lock-On to the Stone Talus but keep a short distance from him. His falling debris of rocks can damage Link greatly without a shield in use. This is why we keep a short distance. Also keep distance to make sure you don't get a bad camera angle. When you get the hang of that part keep the Lock-On to the crystal. You want to wait for his left arm to move so he kind of slams into the ground. At this point get under his left arm you may want to use the strafe jump command. Just be quick and always hold the Lock-On. If you time it correctly you will be right behind the Talus. He will be in the ground with the crystal spot revealed. Quickly begin to fire off arrows with the Soldier's Bow we acquired at the Temple of time. You may also use Melee Jump attacks with a longer range weapon if you run out of arrows. Remember to be quick and you may even want to throw badly damaged weapons at the Talus crystal. It's tough but you will be rewarded with tons of materials including Luminous Stones.

Cliffs Of Qunice:
This is another location of an easy Stone Talus battle. The location of the crystal is right on top of its stone head so it is much easier to climb in this case and attack. Remember that weather especially the rain can affect Link's ability to climb areas and this includes certain enemies like the stone talus. If this is the case you may want to wait until the rain has come to a halt before farming or even encountering one of these bosses.

South Taafei Hill ( Gerudo Desert ):
This stone talus is a brownish color and has a luminous colored crystal on it's back. Sadly it is in the hard to reach or hit area that the above Lake Hylia north stone talus has. You should follow the same tactic as above unless you have Urbosa's Fury which will take out the boss rather quickly. You will get a better chance or guaranteed chance of Luminous stones dropping from this boss battle. Also, and once again these bosses of the overworld respawn with a bloodmoon rising.

Mapla Point ( Hateno Tower ):
This stone talus is located near the beaches of the Hateno Tower or East Necluda region. When you walk over towards some water near mapla point it should awaken. The only problem in this area may be that the rain could be a problem when climbing the talus. Also the water is not too deep so you can still dodge the arm attack and lock on to the back annoying crystal with the bow and arrow. This was hard at first, but by now we should be a little bit more used to the game's mechanics.

Igneous Talus of Darunia Lake:
This stone or Igneous Talus will not do too much damage when he throws fire at link with both arms. That would be only if you are equipped with a Two Star Flamebreaker Set. If not you may be in for more trouble. Truly come prepared as fireproof lizards will once again rank up your Flamebreaker Set and they are easy to acquire. Most importantly, or most dangerously is the Igneous Talus' body slam attack. It is still absolutely devastating and even more so when he is in fire or Igneous Talus form. It can obliterate around 10 hearts if not more or less. The good thing is the Talus stone is on his head and he is easy to climb. Once again it is only safe to climb this Talus with the Flamebreaker Set. There is a small time when the Igneous Talus will completely cool down. An Ice Arrow to the body can possibly help with that, but I am not 100% positive. Regardless that would be the best time to attack this particular Stone Talus or Igneous Talus.

Igneous Talus of Lake Darman:
Much like the previous Igneous Talus this one can do tons of damage with it's head smash attack. It's crystal is located on top of it's head just like the previous stone talus as well. You can find this Talus at Lake Darman. Use stasis from a high point and some of the molten lava should glow around the area. This is the talus, so glide down to it and get ready for battle. Once defeated you will have another talus notch under your belt.

Frost Talus of the Coldsnap Hollow:
The Frost Talus is located exactly inside Coldsnap Hollow. The Frost Talus can freeze Link, so I recommend getting fire arrows earlier or before heading to the monster. Use the fire arrows to cool it down and than climb it's back and attack the crystal too defeat it.

If you are having trouble or are out of Fire arrows, try using either a meteor or fire rod to melt the ice around the Frost Talus. You can also use your Urbosa's Fury technique to take down the beast. If all else fails and your out of any means of fire. You can try the original under the arm swipe tactics and attempt too hit the crystals with arrows. This may be more wasteful than anything else so your best bet would be just too stock up on some fire arrows. You can find several at many towns in the game. Kakariko Village's Curious Quiver shop comes to mind simply enough for fire arrows.

Frost Talus of the Laporah Mesa:
At the Gerudo Highlands Region, if you head to the top of the Laporah Mesa you will meet this icy stone talus. You can get there pretty quickly via the Region's Tower to the Northeast. Battle the Talus and it will drop a variety of gems, mainly sapphire's being of coldness in it's nature.

Stone Talus of the Tabantha Hills:
This Stone Talus is located at the Tabantha Hills. More specifically, the Stone Talus is near the huge water area that is the Hebra Plunge. If you travel near Toma, or Tomo lake. I apologize for forgetting the correct spelling, you should run into the large rocks on the ground. This talus is just like most of the other ones and seems to be a basic stone talus. It will level up in strength as you progress through the game. I have noticed it usually would take less Urbosa's Fury to take down a Talus earlier on in the game. I could be wrong and need to make a new confirmation.

Frost Talus of Pikida Stonegrove:
This Talus was very strong for me and dealt tons of damage. It was the first Talus I did battled with since beating the game, so maybe that has something too do with it? Regardless have a Mipha's Grace handy here and better too save you're game before fighting the stone beast. Have some fire arrows as well too cool this thing down and Urbosa's Fury can make you're life much easier. Like I said he was pretty tough for me and took out tons of health with one shot. This Frost Talus will also have Frost Pebblits around him in a small pack. Be sure to get rid of those as well, or you may end up with a Gameover.

Stone Talus of the Deya Lake:
Deya Lake holds this green and mossy stone talus which is west of the Lake Tower in the Lake Hylia Region. This is pretty easy to locate on the world map by simply heading to Deya Lake or the Deya lake ruins. Once at that location look for a larger green protrusion or rock in the water and the stone talus should rise up. This is one of the weaker stone talus enemies so one Urbosa's Fury even later on or end-game will take it down.

Hinox Header

Hinox Digdogg Suspension Bridge:
This guy was much easier than I thought he would be, yet still a bit of a challenge. He is a total cakewalk after getting Urbosa's Fury as it only takes 3 charges to take him down completely. It is a great way to farm him for his decent moonlight scimitar drop as well as the Hinox body parts and some bass food items. However, you may not have Urbosa's Fury or you may feel it is too overpowered. In this case if your limiting yourself on your 2nd run through which I like your style! Best bet is to go for shots on the eyeball and avoid staying too close at all times. I wouldn't go against this guy without arrows at least for now. His stomp or crush attack has good AoE ( area of effect ) damage and can one shot you even with several hearts and nice defenses. ( More to come ).

Hinox West Losho Harbor:
This hinox is located by the hateno village south of it. There are plenty of ore deposits in the back of the Hinox to farm. He is pretty simple at later stages in the game especially if you are stocked up on arrows and have Urbosa's Fury. He will drop what seems to be random mid-tier weaponry at times, but I have found moonlight scimitar's too be most abundant.

Hinox of the Purifier Lake:
At the Hateno Tower region and north of Nirvata Plateau is the Purifier Lake. This area is also west of the huge Mount Laynayru. Laying on a small piece of land is the Hinox. This one is really easy if you have the arrows. Link has a huge advantage due to the terrain and the distance we can keep from the Hinox. Be sure to reap the rewards after it falls.

Hinox of Ralis Pond:
This is pretty simple if you have killed Hinox enemies before. Head to Ralis pond which is located a bit south-west of Zora's Domain on the world map. The only problem I came across in this fight was that this was the first Hinox that had trees around him so he can throw them and swing them at my face. I also had a problem because I wanted to use the Meteor Rod with a huge attack boost on him. That was a mistake due to all the grass and things in the area that can catch on fire. Overall though it is still very simple if you have arrows. If you don't be sure to stock up at Curios Quiver in Kakariko Village or of course the Hateno arrow shop. Zora's Domain has a few as well if you like cold ones. Just blast the Hinox in his eye than finish it off anyway you would like. Return to the Zora Torfeau on the 2nd level of Zora's domain for your reward.

Hinox of Ja Abu Ridge:
This Hinox is located in the Laynayru region. Near Zora's Domain and if you have completed the Divine Beast Vah Ruta it is on the next set of land directly east. He will be at the lower part of the mountain and this area is in the middle of four texted locations on the map. I don't know if you can discover this area just yet as I have not seen it pop up on my map or in the game. If I can get a better name and location without pictures I will add it here thanks.

Hinox of Kincean Island:
This Hinox can also use tree trumps to his advantage and is located on Kincean Island which is towards the eastern side of the Lanayru Wetlands. I battled him mainly with the Giant Boomerang which was pretty fun! I am not sure if you can hit him in the eye like you can with arrows to stun him and deal extra damage. The problem with the boomerang vs the Hinox is that you're going to have to keep running to pick it up then rinse and repeat hit and run tactics. This is due to the fact that the boomerang will connect to the huge Hinox target it will deal double damage because it is thrown. Although, it will bounce off the Hinox and hit the ground, rather than returning directly to Link so Link can catch the boomerang.

Hinox of the Talus Plateau:
[ Lanayru ] Being a Hinox you should always encounter these guys while they are sleeping. Do this to land it a few first strikes. You may also want to take an attack amplification meal or potion to boost up your power and shorten the length of this battle. As always this Hinox is weak when shot in it's yellow eyeball. Remember it will cover it's eyeball after 1-2 direct hits on it. Hinox are invulnerable to being frozen by items like the frostblade or blizzard rods. This Hinox can use tree's too attack Link and too his advantage. Overall it is still easy later in the game especially and the location of the Talus Plateau is a bit west of the three lingering islands on the coast of Lanayru.

The Giant's Forest Hinox:
This Hinox is a dark colored brown variation. He is found sleeping at the Giant's Forest location on the World Map which is in the Central Hyrule Region. There are a large amount of Wild Horses near this area. You may also come across a guardian or two before the fight so I personally was wearing some ancient gear, or at least a diamond circlet. This Hinox can pick up trees to his benefit and toss them or use them as a weapon against Link. Take him out like all other Hinox enemies just beware the trees he swings with his mighty force!

Hinox of Thyphlo Ruins:
Thyphlo ruins is located in the Great Hyrule Forest region of the game. It is directly north of the Lost Woods and Korok village. However, to get there you will have to take the bridge that lies too the west of the Thyphlo Ruins on the world map. The Hinox can be found easily if you are attempting to complete the shrine quest and the shrine inside the ruins. It is dark in here though, so you may want to save some Urbosa's Fury for this particular Hinox. If not arrows and the like will work, you should just probably light as many bird statue sconces as possible so you don't die or take too much damage vs this Hinox.

Stalnox of the Hyrule Castle Lockup:
This Hinox is actually and technically a stalnox. The battle is completely different than your basic Hinox. Urbosa's Fury works excellent here, but it case you don't have it, or don't want to use it listen up. First the Stalnox is located on the lower eastern side of the Hyrule Castle Dungeon. You must shoot it's eye ball which is it's core and knock it out of the Stalnox. Follow up with attacks until the entire eye's red energy meter is fully depleted. The Stalnox should go down after this and revealing access to the treasure chest with the mighty Hylian Shield.

Stalnox of the Icefall Foothills:
This is the same idea as the previous Hinox, except it is located near the shrine and this Stalnox will be laying like a sack of bones on the ground. The Stalnox will awaken or at least did for me around 12:00 am once again as reference this means nighttime. Be sure to be close enough too 12:00 am or the Stalnox may not awaken. Defeat the Stalnox just as we did the one previously at Hyrule Castle underground. This stalnox will always drop a frostblade, because it is stuck in it's head.

Stalnox of North Aris Beach:
This stalnox is located west of the Lurelin Village along the shores of Aris beach north. The stalnox is a bit hidden and has a great flameblade among some other weapons stuck into it's old bones. If coming from the south be sure to turn your camera right a little bit, his domain leads to a dead end of mountain side. Once you defeat the North Aris Beach hixnox/stalnox another one of these 40 bosses will be notched under your belt.

Hinox of Eventide Island:
Eventide Island holds a shrine quest and you will need to defeat this Hinox in order to complete it to collect the orb around it's chest. This Hinox could be extremely long or tough if you don't especially have Urbosa's Fury. If you plan on going at it without Urbosa's Fury you should save the beast until you have explored much of Eventide. Make sure to acquire tons of items and arrows off of the various enemies on the island. Once you are ready take this Hinox out, once again I don't recommend fighting it without the Divine Powers.

Molduga Header

Molduga of North Dragon's Exile:
This is the overworld boss at the Gerudo Desert area of the game. However, you will have to beat this boss as a side-quest to get some of it's Molduga guts as well. It is rather simple to defeat if you already received Urbosa's Fury. x3 Urbosa's Fury should take out the Molduga quite easily. However, you may want to beat it legitimately like I did. Note there may be a better way then my method however these were the tools I had at my disposal for the time being.

For starters you should probably level up your bombs to remote bombs + at the Hateno tech lab for 3 ancient shafts. Ancient shafts are slightly rare but can still be farmed and re-farmed off of guardians that are in-active. The + bombs have a bigger blast radius and do more damage this is a plus vs Molduga. First get up on the hill so Molduga can't hit Link then toss a bomb to make a ? mark appear above it's head. This will draw it's attention towards Link. Next wait for it to jump out of the sand and then bomb it with an explosive. Use remote bombs well timed or bomb arrows. It will then lie on the ground vulnerable for a few moments.

This is when I like to use the under appreciated boomerang. A forked or tri lizal one is ideal here because they are common in this area. Remember that boomerangs deal double damage when Link throws them! If you get a critical hit it could be x3 or x4 damage but I am not sure on that one. Regardless with this method and some well timed attacks and catches Molduga will be dead as well as a more enjoyable battle. Molduga is located passed the electric lizalfos campsite of dragon bones. It is once again at North Dragon's Exile on the world map.

Molduga of the Arbiter's Grounds:
This molduga is located at the Arbiter's grounds. It can drop several Royal items including the Royal Shield in black and gold. This Molduga may be harder to defeat than the previous due to limited space to stand on top of. If you are on the floor of the desert try getting to higher ground quickly or you will lose tons of hearts and procurement items. The arbiter's grounds is easily found on the map of the Gerudo Desert region.

Molduga Southern Oasis:
This is probably the easiest of all the Molduga's due to the terrain. You have plenty of locations to get to higher ground so just wail away at it. Don't forget to restock on arrows if you end up using those and running short. However, I haven't noticed the loot after beating the Molduga in this location as good as the other locations such as arbiter's grounds.

Molduga Toruma Dunes:
This molduga can be hard to find, but if you found all the shrines it won't be too bad. Also I suggest having defeated Vah Nahboris as the sandstorms will be less frequent and probably not cover this entire area. It is located at the North western part of the Gerudo Desert region and there is also a hidden shrine in this location. You may see two strangely lit torches along the way standing off a plateau peak. In the distance this Molduga will appear and you can defeat it from the torches.

I suggest alerting the molduga with arrows as bombs don't travel as far. When it get's close bomb it and when it jumps hit it with a hard arrow shot or bomb arrow to make it fall to the ground. Follow up with attacks afterwards. The problem is there are only four places to stand in this area other than near the two torches so be careful. Afterwards, light all four torches around all the rocks in the area and the hidden shrine will rise from the ground. This shrine is not a shrine quest but it does not appear or sound off on the shrine radar, making it a secret shrine.

Molduga Medal of Honour
Molduga Medal Of Honor:

This medal of honor is a key item, that has no real use other than novelty or bragging rights. It only takes the four easy to locate Molduga's above to acquire this item. However, the game's main story and it's quest must be completed in full to acquire this from Kilton. You must have defeated Calamity Ganon and must have defeated all four Molduga's of the Gerudo Desert Region. Once you have completed the latter, talk to Kilton and ask him about monsters, ask him about the hinox, molduga, and talus monsters. Ask him a 2nd time and possibly a 3rd time. This should prompt you're monster boss statistics or count with Kilton. Talk to him one more time and mention the Moldugas and he will reward Link with this medal.

Master Kohga

Master Kohga:
This guy is the boss of the Yiga and you can find him at the center of the Yiga Clan hideout. He is actually very easy however, speed runners and no damage players might have a harder time and I will update tactics for both of those here as I go along. For now the base tactic to know is that he has three phases. You want the ball to hit Master Kohga in the head for tons of damage. This will also stun him and leave him open to a few sword attacks.

For the first phase and actually all phases might be faster with the bow and some arrows, shoot him with the bow in the head. You must wait or get behind his blue shield but this is easy to do as he cast the magnetic ball at Link very slowly. Do this at the correct time and the ball will drop on his head leaving him open to attack and more damage. Do this until phase #2. In phase #2 he will hover over the pit in the center of the arena. Shoot him with a precisely timed arrow so one of the two magnetic balls drop on his head. Once again follow up with some weapon attacks for extra damage. Finally, phase three consist of you having to use the Magnesis against Master Kohga's Magnesis. Take control of the metal ball with Magnesis and just line it up with his head once again, from there rinse and repeat. It is an easy battle for now, but may be difficult to master for speed runs and no damage. No damage being far easier than speed tactics.

Thunderblight Ganon
Thunderblight Ganon:
Thunderblight Ganon was the first major boss or dungeon boss that I took on in the game. He is very fast and killed me several times. It would be a little difficult to go for a no damage here. Speed running will also be covered a bit later on in the month. For now since he is tough I will just get into defeating him normally. First of all he can be flurry attacked. This is if you dodge his speed warps final strike, I like to dodge it with a back flip. Hopefully you have a nice powered up weapon for this fight. If you don't and your lacking power try some mighty food or mighty elixirs. If they still doesn't work you should farm some higher powered weapons.

Iron shrooms for defense are also a good option as well as anything that gives heart recovery. In fact having more hearts is always better. You might want to consider sleeping at the spa when you are ready for this battle. You could also eat some foot that gives a heart bonus. Big hearty radishes come to mind when cooked. Finally for your armor setup I would say the Topaz earrings are a must have for Thunderblight Ganons most obvious electric damage. I forgot to put them on a few times and he could pretty much one shot me with his electrical attacks.

Thunderblight ganon basically has two phases. The first is the warp strike and the thunderbolt projectiles. After he is down on his luck or health he will start making conduits that are magnetic in the area. It could be tough to get him at this point. So for phase one you are basically just attacking to break his shield. Best option is either farming, and consuming good foods. The other option is getting good with the flurry attack to break his defenses and lower his health. The 2nd phase consist of bringing the conduit when struck with lighting to Thunderblight Ganon. This will cause him to take some damage more then several of Link's attacks. It could be a little challenging but nothing too crazy don't forget to use the magnesis on the conduits. When you are done, you can enjoy some good story scenes as well as earn Vah Naboris, Urbosa's Fury, which is very awesome.

Waterblight Ganon
Waterblight Ganon:
People are saying this fight is tough but I am guessing that may be because this is the first boss battle they encountered. I really suggest following my guide and completing Thunderblight gannon first at least for now until we get into speed runs and other types of runs. Urbosa's fury will annihilate this guy easy and all you really have to do is shoot him in the eye with a bow and arrow from afar. A Triple shot bow like the Lynel bow works even better because it is easier to target the eye due to the obvious three arrows.

Phase #2 can be harder because of the water and of course no damage and speed running this guy may be the toughest one but lets just beat him for now. In phase #2 just stay on the block furthers away and fire arrows. It seems to take too much time to actually swim to him or he will annihilate you if you are on the same block as him. If your out of arrows your in trouble and should probably go buy some in town.

Overall I am a bit disappointed with this boss battle. The reward at the end seems decent but I just don't like the design of the enemy in general mainly because he looks so similar to the previous boss. I get this is crucial to the story, but I feel Nintendo wasn't at the top of there game for not only this dungeon but this boss especially. The games dungeons are ok but pale in comparison to that of the classic style Zelda games and it truly shows here. Don't get me wrong it is still fun and I love the game all the way but the game shines in other areas much more.

Fireblight Ganon
Fireblight Ganon:
This battle is very easy at this point in the game. Mainly because we have so many hearts to spare and tons of weapons at our disposal. On top of that the tactic to beating this guy is pretty simple as well. His sword strikes can be tough but if you shoot him in the eye with a bow and arrow shot he will go down for a bit. You can dodge his sword strike and go in for a flurry attack, but it's much safer to keep your distance as you need to time it well and his sword packs a punch.

Phase #2 seems tough at first but all you really need to do is throw a regular bomb while Fireblight Ganon is absorbing the energy fields around him. When the bomb is thrown be sure to detonate it just in time so you hit Fireblight Ganon and not Link himself. This will do damage to Fireblight and possibly knock him down. While he is down I would just follow up with powerful bow and arrow attacks. No damage might be a bit tougher but speed runners probably won't have much of a problem especially at this point in the game. Being that fireblight Ganon is so easy he may be the potentially best choice for first dungeon boss to take on in a speed run or even one life run.

Windblight Ganon
Windblight Ganon:
Watch the video if you would like and search using Vah Medoh dungeon last terminal. That should help you locate it better if you decide to check out my playlist. Once completed you can access the main terminal on the body of Vah Medoh and get ready for an easy battle at this point vs Windblight Ganon. These bosses are very bad compared to many other Zelda games. We are missing a huge Zelda piece of formula in this game. It is still very awesome and new-age but I just wish it had more Zelda implementation. Maybe I am just crazy though?

Moving on, we can use bomb arrows to stun this guy and that is probably the best way to beat it. It will also start shooting tornadoes at Link as well as some homing missiles or something similar in phase two. Bring some procurement items and anything that can full recovery Link as well as increase maximum hearts. It should be really easy regardless as this is the last divine beast of the guide. When you are done enjoy a few cut-scenes. We will also acquire the next divine power that is very useful for exploring and Korok Seed hunting. Finally talk to the elder to complete the quest than we can talk to Impa in the next segment which should fully complete the Four Divine Beast and give us the next Main Quest.

Calamity Ganon
Calamity Ganon:
If it is you're first time facing off against the Calamity Ganon, then you should come prepared. Calamity Ganon is very tough and seems to have 2-3 phases. First, if you have all the divine beast freed you will enjoy a very thrilling and emotional cut scene. In this scene the four champions will aid Link vs the Calamity Ganon. It is a rather highly emotional scene and not only is the scene enjoyable, Calamity Ganon will take a devastating blow. If you have all four Champions and Divine Beasts freed, Calamity Ganon will lose a full half of his health bar. This should make Calamity Ganon go directly into phase #2. For other runs, such as speed runs or no damage runs, I will update those later on below, specifically in our bestiary section of this guide.

Next up, you should have a Mipha's grace and Daruk's protection will also help. Actually all the Champion Divine Powers will help, with the exclusion of Revali's Gale being the least potent. Even Urbosa's Fury can dish out some nice damage vs the Calamity. Also as preparation, take tons of gold/yellow heart restoring items. Having the maser sword is a huge plus for a constant 60 damage per-hit as it will be glowing against Calamity Ganon and his aura or malice. Next, tons of food items and either attack or defensive boosts. I would go with defensive boosts if it is you're first time vs Ganon.

Finally, for the tactics, in Phase #2 Calamity Ganon will be invulnerable at times through-out the battle. When Calamity Ganon is glowing gold he is invulnerable. Try shooting the blue parts on Ganon, or waiting until he is no longer glowing. You can also ride the air gusts of wind and use a focus shot with some arrows to do some nice damage to Calamity Ganon. All in all with the preparation above you should still land-slide him. However, this does not mean it isn't a tough fight, because it is one of the toughest in the entire series. It's just that we are so prepared. If it's too easy try no damage, or speed runs to enhance the challenge. Overall it is quite the amazing Final Boss battle in the sense of gameplay. Stay tuned for updates on the speed run and no damage run once again below thank you.

Darkbeast Ganon
Darkbeast Ganon:
Darkbeast Ganon returns in a full final battle utilizing the Bow of Light, horseback and some more breath of the wild mechanics. Sadly, I found this too be very simple compared to the very tactical Calamity Ganon boss fight. Zelda will be speaking too Link often in this segment and eventually pass over the new Bow of Light. Perhaps the Bow of Light will become a future staple in the Legend of Zelda series, they seem too be making a big deal of it.

All you have to do is shoot the huge golden circles that have the mark of the Triforce on them with the infinite arrows of the 100 damage light arrow shooting, bow of light. You can not keep the Bow of Light after the battle, although many are attempting too do so through glitches. Like stated beforehand this is a rather simple battle especially if you are prepared and have a Miphas Grace, just in case.

After you deal the final blow on Darkbeast Ganon, you can watch the ending cut scene. The Destroy Ganon quest will complete. When the credits show up you can skip them and get one more final and very Zelda like emotional scene. Overall the story came together rather well. Zelda and Link's relationship is much more intact but somehow I wasn't as emotional at the end as most Zelda games. Zelda herself is the most beautiful she has ever been in the series, topping the cuteness of her in Skyward Sword. I rather not spoil the ending for everyone but it is interesting and leaves the door open for more content and the future of Zelda.

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